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Season 1 of Maris contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Pilot" 1 1

Ben, a 21-year old college graduate from England, comes to work for Seattle socialite Maris Crane as her new chef. He soon finds that his three years of training and working at restaurants around the globe was not enough to prepare him for the "eccentric" Maris. Maris' long time maid Marta shows him the ropes around the mansion and is shocked to find that he is enjoying his new job because Maris' bizarre demands present him much more of a challenge than he's used to. In his first week, Ben manages to get on the good side of Maris, much to the jealousy of the other servants. He even experiences love at first sight, in the form of attractive dog-walker, Kitty. Meanwhile, Maris' chauffeur Gabriel and her butler Tommy hatch a plan with the other servants to get Ben out. This coincides with a ritzy cocktail party thrown by Maris, forcing some improvisations. When Marta finds out about their scheme, she tells Ben, and it's revealed that laxatives have been put in the crab-cakes he just sent out to everybody. Ben is upset that people have responded to him this way, but Kitty puts everyone in their place when she says that any problems with the party will likely result in everyone getting fired. Gabriel and Tommy reluctantly accept, and agree to help Ben, Kitty and Marta retrieve the crab-cakes and get the party back on track. In the process, Ben gets to know Kitty and finds out that she is engaged, while Gabriel and Tommy admit to each other that Ben isn't as bad as they first believed.

"The First Time I Saw Maris" 2 2

Kitty experiences post-traumatic shock after seeing Maris for the first time, and the others try to help her get through it. Gabriel's thirst for money is revealed as he is inspired to shoot a film of Maris and send it to a trashy magazine show, claiming it to be an extraterrestrial. Kitty is upset when her mortified reaction is included in the film and demands that Gabriel gets rid of it. However, it turns out that he has already sent it to Hollywood. Ben then gets everyone into trouble after inadvertently telling Maris about the recording, and faced with losing their jobs, the servants are forced to high-tail it to Hollywood and retrieve the tape before it gets on the air.

"Rule of Thumb" 3 3

When Ben discovers a thumb in a can of tomatoes, Maris' team of lawyers are dispatched to the mansion and instantly start work on a lawsuit. Ben reveals a phobia of blood and finds himself unable to open any more cans of food after the thumb incident. Kitty agrees to help him get over it, but by the end of the day, all the cans in the house have been opened. On Maris' insistence, the servants are forced to eat every last ounce of food, so nothing is wasted. Things go from bad to worse when Marta suffers an allergic reaction from chilli peppers, and Tommy is forced to drive her to the hospital in a golf cart. A lawyer follows them to the emergency room and finds that everyone has something bad to say about Maris. Unfortunately, to win the lawsuit, the servants are forced to come up with good things to say about Maris instead, so she comes off as a nice person in front of the jury. This proves to be a difficult feat for everyone; in more ways than one for Marta, whose tongue has become rather swollen from her allergies. Meanwhile, Gabriel soon tires of chauffeuring lawyers around.

"The Card is Always Greener" 4 4

When Marta's green card expires, she is forced to re-take her citizenship test. The servants rally to help her learn everything about America. Tommy discovers that the biggest collection of literature on American history is in Seattle. Gabriel becomes convinced that it is somewhere in the mansion as Maris is a huge history buff. He and Kitty start searching for a hidden entrance to the "lost" library and soon realise it is accessed through Maris' bathroom. They tell Marta, but when Maris' schedule suddenly changes, Marta accidentally walks in on her naked and experiences hysterical blindness. This puts a crimp on Marta's efforts to renew her green card, and Kitty and Ben must appeal for an extension of her time limit. Later, they get locked in the library and almost share a kiss before rescue comes.

"Maris Be Damned" 5 5

The servants are annoyed when Maris implements a swear jar in the mansion. Ben, in particular, struggles to get through the day without dropping a few F-bombs in the kitchen. Despite losing a quarter each time, the servants continue to swear, until Kitty discovers that Maris is using the money from the jar to pay off her parking tickets. Determined to give Maris her just desserts, Kitty tells everybody about Maris' scheme, providing them with a real reason to quit cursing. However, a visit from Maris' snooty friends presents them a greater challenge. Meanwhile, Marta realises she can't identify curse words and asks Tommy to teach her them.

"Chasing the Kitty" 6 6

Ben hires a plumber to fix a leak in the kitchen and is shocked to find that the man who was sent is Kitty's fiancée, Jim. Ben confides in Tommy that he is worried about the marriage; revealing that Jim kept referring to his other half as "the shrew" and complaining about the costs of a wedding. Worried that telling Kitty his concerns would be overstepping his boundaries, Ben enlists Tommy's help to expose Jim for the jerk he is without implementing themselves in the scheme. Soon, they have Jim facing the wrath of Maris after his "tinkering" with the plumbing left her without steam in the steam room. Ben's happiness sinks when Jim tells Kitty he doesn't want her working for someone like Maris, but this gives her some perspective on their forthcoming marriage. They decide to break off the engagement but keep dating, and they thank Maris for pushing them in the right direction. Ben is not pleased. Meanwhile, Gabriel tries to find out why Marta hasn't been cleaning his limo.

"Dog Eat Dog World" 7 7

Ben suffers immense pressure from Maris when she goes on her yearly eating binge and is forced to enlist the help of Kitty, Tommy, Gabriel and Marta to help him get all the food prepared. In his efforts to keep control of the kitchen, Ben discovers that he is not a very good leader and asks Tommy to teach him how to be assertive. However, Ben's newfound assertiveness lands everyone in hot water when he snaps at Maris over the phone after she calls asking where her surf n turf is for the hundredth time. Meanwhile, Kitty is horrified when she discovers the dogs have disappeared, and desperately searches the mansion. She soon comes to believe that Maris may have eaten the dogs in her latest binge, and a bloody trail from the kennels to her bedroom only complicates matters.

"Freaky Forum" 8 8

Gabriel is delighted when he is asked to appear on Freaky Forum, a local radio show devoted to the paranormal. When he discovers the other guests will have lots of stories about their bizarre encounters, Gabriel desperately tries to come up with something, so he won't look stupid. The servants listen to the show in the break room and are horrified when Gabriel starts talking about Maris. Gabriel's Maris stories soon become a big hit in Seattle. That is until Maris finds out about it, and buys the radio station out to broadcast embarrassing stories about her servants. Meanwhile, Tommy's phoney British accent is revealed. Marta fears that Maris will drag up something from her own past until she realises that she's done nothing to be embarrassed about, which consequently makes her want to rebel. Ben's brief brush with the law back in England makes people weary of eating his food.

"How the Chef Stole Christmas" 9 9

The servants endure back-breaking labour to get the mansion prepared for its annual Christmas party. As the most recent employee, Ben must plan the party, but Marta, who is mad that her usual duty has been taken away, neglects to tell him about Maris' expectations. On Christmas Eve, the servants are more than willing to keep working as it's double time. The party has been planned, complete with giant inflatable Santas and "common" hors d'oeuvres. When Marta's treachery is revealed, Tommy must stall the guests while the others attempt to restore the party. This culminates in another party being thrown on the second floor, with the servants struggling to keep the balance between the two. At the same time, everyone is fighting to get the generous Kitty as their secret Santa.

"The Ice Cousin Cometh" 10 10

The servants prepare for a visit from Maris' cousin Randall. They expect him to be a cold-hearted, demanding pest like Maris but are pleased to find that he is a very likeable, outgoing guy. Randall impresses the servants when he modernises the staff room and gets a better union. However, Marta inadvertently lets slip that Maris has never mentioned a cousin Randall to her before, and it soon becomes apparent that Randall has only come to distract everyone while Maris slashes their paycheques and moves their accounts off-shore. Ben is elected to lead a strike against Maris with the union Randall provided. The servants enjoy goofing off around the mansion, but stubborn Maris refuses to listen to their demands, or take on any of the chores herself. Everyone is disgusted by Marta's "betrayal" when her impulsive desire to clean gets the best of her. Ben struggles with his new leadership duties and tries to come up with a speech to boost everyone's morale as Maris' negotiation tactics grow considerably more hostile.

"Mine's Harder Than Yours" 11 11

While the servants start debating whose job is the most important, Maris is busy having one of her classic moods. Coincidentally, she forces everyone to switch jobs for the day, craving fireworks: Ben walks the dogs, Tommy takes over the kitchen, Gabriel goes to driving school to renew his license for limo-driving, Kitty cleans, and Marta becomes the new butler. This gives everyone new perspectives on how hard each other's jobs are. That is until Marta reveals she wants to keep working as the butler. Fights break out over who gets what job; until everyone's forced to put their differences aside and fix the chaos that has arisen as a result of their inexperience.

"How I Met Maris" 12 12

A new arrival results in the servants thinking back to their first days at the mansion. In flashback: Kitty remembers her first week as the dog-walker; at first, there were no dogs, making her question her use until Maris found something for her to do: be her sun umbrella by the pool until her new one arrived. Tommy arrived at the mansion after betting his friends that he could get work in something posh; however maintaining a British accent and Maris' initial demand for him to do his work naked made him re-consider his new career. A young graduate from Guatemala, Marta arrived in America with bold dreams, which were instantly shot down when she came to work for Maris as a maid. Marta elected to stay when Maris helped her take every penny from her jerk husband. Gabriel's first day as the chauffeur was a disaster when he knocked over a scout troop's cookie stall, but he was relieved to find that Maris hated the scouts and found himself in her good books.

"Food, Fanciful Food" 13 13

Ben is forced to do the grocery shopping when Maris refuses to come out of her bedroom. Kitty agrees to go with him, but she has ulterior motives after being told by the other servants that they want "less fancy" foods. Ben is upset to learn that his excellent cuisine isn't appreciated by anyone, but his feelings are put aside when he and Kitty wind up being held at the supermarket by security because Maris has a history of paying with fraudulent credit cards. This proves to be a useful opportunity for Ben when he and Kitty are told to work off the debt in the kitchens, as he wants to show everyone that he can make any food delicious. Despite everything, Ben and Kitty find themselves enjoying their time together in the "real world". Back at the mansion, Gabriel and Tommy get involved in a series of escalating dares.

"Tommy Jumps the Shark" 14 14

Tommy is jealous when Maris brings in another butler, Adrian, who is younger and more handsome than he is. Tommy reveals he has always had a fear of losing his looks, and that he can't stand anyone being cooler than him. Ben, who was never very popular in school, is determined to find the secret to Tommy's success, and can't help but laugh when he discovers Tommy modelled himself on Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli from Happy Days. Tommy decides to take a page out of the Fonz's book and challenge Adrian to a drag race around the grounds to determine who will be the permanent butler, and Kitty begins to feel like she has gone back to high-school.

"Speed 3" 15 15

When Ben realises his love life has been non-existent since he came to work for Maris, Tommy takes him on a speed dating evening. While Tommy hits it off with the first person he sees and ditches the joint, Ben finds himself enduring the longest five minutes of his life with several bizarre women. Ben is even more horrified when he spots Maris at the opposite side of the room. Determined not to let her see him, knowing full well he'll never hear the end of it, Ben manages to slip out, and he winds up hitting it off with a confident lawyer and fellow escapee, Sandy. A few weeks later, the servants are getting sick of hearing about nothing but Ben's new girlfriend, and demand that he introduces her to them. Sandy proves to be a hit among the servants; however Ben is reluctant to admit that they met on a speed-dating course. The relationship is further tested when it turns out that Sandy's biggest case was depriving Maris of her step-father's large inheritance. Meanwhile, Kitty experiences an emotion over Ben's relationship but refuses to admit to anyone that it is, in fact, jealousy.

"Wake Up and Smell the Cocaine" 16 16

When Maris goes out of town, the servants decide to go on a road trip to Canada. Tommy is reluctant to let them use a limo because he made a bet with his friends that he'll last in his job for at least a year. He eventually caves in after some convincing from the others, but the trip is a disaster when Marta is accused of smuggling cocaine across the border; Ben obsesses over whether he left the oven on in the kitchen, and Gabriel tries to convince everyone to stop off at a science fiction convention. When Ben notices Kitty flirting with a border patrol guard, he begins to wonder if she has broken up with Jim. Kitty must use her chemistry with the guard when it turns out that Marta really is a drug mule because she mixed up the words "coffee" and "cocaine". As the day comes to an end, the servants are faced with the horrid possibility of relying on Maris to save all their skins; and Tommy sadly realises he'll be saying goodbye to $200.

"Six Feet Over" 17 17

The servants have mixed reactions to Maris' decision to have her great-aunt Muriel's coffin mounted on the ceiling in the mansion's grand entrance. Kitty reveals that she's always had a phobia of ghosts and spirits. Ben, Tommy and Marta try to help her get over it by spending one night in the mansion. Gabriel brings out his "authentic" ghost-catching device but questions his belief in the paranormal when it fails to pick anything up. One of the dogs brings in a bone from the garden, and everyone comes to believe that Maris murdered her aunt. Things only get worse when Maris' probable murder of her foreign lover Esteban is revealed.

"I Don't Really Give a Flying Puck" 18 18

Kitty announces that her wedding to Jim is back on, and passes invitations around the mansion. Ben is surprised when he doesn't receive one, and he becomes determined to find out why. Kitty explains that, after they had met a few months earlier, Jim remembered Ben when they faced off in traffic court together. Jim lost, and has hated Ben ever since. Ben decides he wants to get on Jim's good side, for Kitty's sake and invites him to a hockey game. However, the plan is a disaster when Jim gets hit in the face with a hockey puck. Jim soon forgives Ben though when it turns out to be worth hundreds of dollars, and he has the right to sell it on eBay. The two strike up an inseparable friendship; Kitty is pleased until Jim starts spending more time with Ben than with her. On top of things, Jim would rather spend the money he's made on a quad bike instead of her dream wedding. Meanwhile, after playing around with the puck, Gabriel and Tommy do their best to hide the damage from the other servants, fearing reprimands from Maris.

"The Show Where Roz Shows Up" 19 19

Roz Doyle comes to the mansion, hoping to use Maris' connections with the Seattle elite for an art show on KACL. However, her visit is poorly timed as Maris is busy having another facelift. Roz agrees to wait around until the end of the day so she can speak with Maris then. The servants seemingly ignore Roz at first, until it becomes apparent that she knows more about Maris than anybody. When Roz accidentally lets slip that Maris' riches stem from urinal cakes, all hell breaks loose as the servants debate what to do with this information. Everyone is surprised when Ben jumps to Maris' defence, saying that she's given them all jobs and deserves a bit of respect. Kitty agrees and helps Ben stop the servants from putting a load of urinal cakes all over the house. Meanwhile, Roz is shocked to see that Tommy is a one night stand from a few years earlier. Tommy re-considers his treatment of women when he remembers that Roz never called back despite the promise she made. However, Roz doesn't want this announced as she and Bulldog were close to getting back together at the time.

"Never Mind the Botox" 20 20

While fooling around with Tommy, Gabriel accidentally stumbles into Maris' botox room and destroys her entire collection. They replace it all with water but soon realise that they will be found out soon since Maris usually has an injection every few days. They try to convince Maris not to get her next injection so they can have a truckload of botox to be delivered. However, this presents them with a challenge: they must compliment her looks! Meanwhile, Ben is dismayed to learn that Marta has befriended a rat who lives in the pantry and tries to make her get rid of it. When the rat's name is revealed as Maris, the servants find that it makes the perfect substitute for telling their employer just how they really feel.

"Dumping Ground" 21 21

Ben is mortified when his girlfriend Sandy breaks up with him out of nowhere, and it has a profound effect on his culinary skills. Because of this Maris is unable to provide her frequent guests with the food they like, and she takes it out on the servants. Unable to deal with her bad moods any longer, Kitty, Marta, Tommy and Gabriel try to help Ben out in their own ways. While Kitty believes that an open and honest conversation will give Ben the closure he desires, Marta suggests that he "cleans his troubles away" like she does after a loss. Tommy wants to take Ben to a strip club, claiming that it is all the medicine a guy needs after a rough break-up, and Gabriel tries to set him up with his shockingly available sister. At the same time, everyone is forced to juggle between their own jobs and helping out in the kitchen.

"Guy's Night In" 22 22

Tommy takes up a new position as the night guard after Maris has a very minor incident with someone she thought was a burglar. Tommy soon becomes bored spending the night in the mansion alone and asks Ben and Gabriel to keep him company. He doesn't anticipate that their ideas for fun are very different to his, so he tries to teach them how to let loose and be spontaneous. However, their new zest for fun results in them taking a joyride in one of Maris' limos. As Gabriel was behind the wheel, he finds his driving license revoked. The next day the three of them nervously await Maris' response for their recklessness, only to find that she wasn't informed because the police couldn't connect the limo to anyone. The guys are happy that they have escaped a potentially cataclysmic situation, but are faced with coming clean when Gabriel is told that Maris will need a ride to her plastic surgeon at the end of the day. Meanwhile, after hearing about the limo, Kitty discovers that Maris hasn't insured a lot of things, including the dogs – which makes her very wary of taking them for their walks.

"Aisle Be There for You" 23 23

The servants prepare to attend Kitty and Jim's wedding. Ben is pleased when Kitty asks him to escort her down the aisle as her father has passed away, but he continually fluffs his rehearsals. When his clumsiness results in Kitty replacing him with Tommy, Ben seeks help from Marta, who proves to be a surprisingly good ear for his problems. Marta tells Ben that she thinks his problem stems from the fact that he doesn't want to see Kitty go down the aisle. Ben refuses to believe this and just wants to do something kind for his friend. As the wedding finally gets underway, it's up to Gabriel to distract Maris so that she doesn't ruin the ceremony with her usual flair for drama. Ben must make a decision about his future with Kitty, and he elects to remain friends.

"Mansion Away from Mansion" 24 24

After buying another mansion in Hawaii, Maris announces that she will be taking her favourite servant with her. The desire for a place in the sun proves immense for the servants, and they battle it out, hoping to win Maris' affections and gain the position. Marta is upset that she isn't the top priority, as she has been with Maris the longest. Kitty must make a decision about her future, and her new marriage, when Jim prompts her to fight for the job. Jim has just been fired from the plumbing company, and Kitty isn't best pleased with the idea of having a layabout "house-husband". Tommy is forced to feign romantic interest in a crazy ex-girlfriend, hoping to use her connections with the city and get Maris an hour with the best plastic surgeon in Seattle. Gabriel is attending traffic school after his recent driving suspension and has to pass quickly if Maris is to consider taking her chauffeur to Hawaii. Ben is seemingly the only servant who likes his job in Seattle and wants everything to remain the same. He makes a stand by not cooking anything for Maris' "big announcement" party, but he gets nervous at the last minute and fixes everything with an emergency McDonalds order. At the party, the decision is delayed further when one of the guests has a heart attack from the alleged "fine cuisine". Everyone follows the ambulance, and after hours spent bickering and back-stabbing, the servants are horrified to learn who will be going to Hawaii: Candi, Maris' faithful manicurist. Ben is noticeably pleased. In a private moment together, Kitty confesses she didn't want the job either, and she shares a spontaneous, awkward kiss with him.

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