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Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Love in the Time of Wax Sculptures" 1 217

The season opens with the servants still in England. Maris goes on a warpath when she notices a tiny flaw in her wax sculpture at the Madame Tussauds museum. The servants are consequently forced into sculpture-making lessons to replicate a new figure sans the error and Tommy is horrified when he is volunteered as the model for a human body study. At the same time, Ben and Eve are coming to terms with their newfound relationship. Deciding that secret office romances never work, they announce it to everyone and are dumbfounded when it receives a lukewarm reaction. Kelly reveals that their get-together was as predictable as the sky is blue, making Eve worry that their relationship will be doomed to predictability. Ben and Eve wind up having a big argument which culminates with Ben deciding to accept a job offer from his father to stay in England and work in the family business. Meanwhile, Sara's attempts to make sure no one does any inappropriate ogling over Tommy drives him insane and makes him fear that their marriage has already descended into monotony.

  • Ben Cook's last appearance as a main character.
"Multitasking for Maris" 2 218

Maris hires a new chauffeur for the mansion; the nervous, socially awkward Adam Hale. Adam soon proves himself as highly multi-skilled, and the others get jealous of the praise he receives from Maris, in fear of losing their own jobs to him. Eve decides to give Adam a chance and get to know him and is surprised to learn that he is a genius; however, after months of solitude he has decided to take a "lesser" job to develop better socialisation skills. It is clear that no one else will be able to match his multi-tasking ability, but that doesn't stop Tommy and Leo going to the most extreme lengths. Eve agrees to help Adam interact with the others but must first convince him to drop some of his more annoying genius-related qualities. Meanwhile, Sara and Kelly squabble over who was responsible for getting their luggage lost on the flight home from England.

  • Adam Hale becomes a main character.
"From Here to Fraternity" 3 219

Eve is upset when she discovers Ben has met another woman in England and has had his secretary send a break-up letter. She decides to hit the town with Kelly and Sara, hoping to drink to her miseries, and the trio winds up having a wild night out with a college fraternity. The next day, they are surprised to learn that, in their drunken state, they were initiated into the fraternity and are now official members. The girls hit the campus in an attempt to get out of it when they realise the early stages of initiation comes with numerous public embarrassments and pranks. Kelly flirts with a college boy but is dismayed to learn he is involved in a bet to see who can bag the wealthy daughter of Maris Crane. Back at the mansion, Tommy and Leo become determined to make Adam break out of his shell and be their right wing man for the pranks they plan on impressing the fraternity leader with; fulfilling Tommy's childhood dream of being part of a popular college organisation. It's boys v. girls when Eve, Kelly and Sara are put through another embarrassing ritual for their "out-itiation" and have to endure whatever pranks Tommy, Leo and Adam have planned.

"Adam and Adumber" 4 220

Adam becomes despondent when he struggles to fit in with the other guys at the mansion, and on Eve's suggestion, he decides to dumb himself down a little. However, Tommy and Leo are among the male employees offended at the implication that Adam has to lower himself to their level. They become determined to prove they're smart and through Maris' connections, they manage to get themselves a place on Wheel of Fortune. When it is apparent that the prize is a lot better than they thought it would be, Tommy and Leo are faced with a choice: ask Adam for help thus risking their exposure as idiots, or to gamble everything and go on without him, which will make them look stupid anyway if they lose. Sara and Kelly, meanwhile, are torn between providing support for their nerve-stricken friends and the two available tickets to U2 in the studio next door.

"Reliving Las Vegas" 5 221

Tommy and Sara decide to re-enact the Vegas trip they took a year ago, hoping to ignite some spark back into their marriage. However, they run into several obstacles along the way. The chapel they impulsively got married in has been tented for termites; the priest is in jail charged with illegal wedding ceremonies, and the bartender they owe their drunkenness to has been replaced with a generic robot of a man who continually fails in the flavour department. Desperate, Tommy seeks assistance from his friends, who take a first class flight to the city on Maris' expense. In Vegas; Leo teaches the new bartender to mix drinks, Adam puts one of his many skills to good use by acting as the priest's lawyer to negotiate his release, and Eve and Kelly try to convince the termite company to provide everyone with gas masks and appropriate clothing so Tommy and Sara can get married in the same chapel. As all this is going on, Sara begins to wonder if the chaos is worth it for something she is starting to think is unfixable.

"You Bet Your Wife" 6 222

Tommy and Sara reveal to the servants that they are getting divorced as they have decided they are incompatible as a couple. However, they are annoyed when nobody acts surprised by this news, so they set out to investigate why. Tommy is stunned when he discovers that, for the past year, Leo has been the proprietor of a betting organisation and the length of his marriage to Sara was the big money-maker. Sara is initially moved by Tommy's "outrage" until she realises he is only peeved that he didn't get the idea first. Meanwhile, when it turns out that Adam's culinary skills are less than appetising, it is decided that a new chef will be hired. Kelly, determined to prove her use, is delighted when she is asked to interview the candidates, but when it becomes apparent that most of them are qualified to cook to Maris' impossibly fussy standards, she organises a cook-off with Eve. While Adam is still determined to make the perfect meal, Kelly and Eve oversee the contest and eventually hire Nicolas, an opinionated but lovable chef from France.

  • Nicolas Baudin becomes a main character.
"Guess Who's Coming Out" 7 223

Leo is delighted when he realises his obligations to fill his father's role at the various social events in Seattle will be coming to an end soon. However, before he can celebrate, he must throw one more party - a "coming out" ball for the socialites' daughters to make their debut. He asks Nicolas to cater the affair, but Nicolas is unfamiliar with the tradition and mistakenly thinks it's the other kind of "coming out". When it becomes apparent that Nicolas' choices won't meet well with this type of crowd, the servants step in to help fix the catastrophe. Meanwhile, Kelly is afraid Maris will want her to debut at the ball; and Sara is jealous when she discovers Tommy has already gotten a new girlfriend.

"Desperately Seeking Sara" 8 224

After her break-up with Tommy, Sara enlists Eve and Kelly to help her remove his things from her apartment. Through all the unpacking, Sara is dismayed to realise how much she changed while living with Tommy, and she becomes determined to get back to her natural roots. They decide to go for a weekend of roughing it in the outdoors, and they embark in the large acre of woodlands behind the mansion. When the girls don't come back on Monday morning, Tommy begins to worry, and he encourages Leo, Adam and Nicolas to help him look for them. However, he doesn't anticipate just how useless they are in an outdoor environment. While privileged Leo isn't used to having to fend for himself, Adam spends his time researching rather than experiencing, and Nicolas won't stop complaining. Tommy tries to boost their spirits though it's certain they are no A-Team. As all this is going on, it is revealed that the girls have stopped at a first class hotel and Sara is still determined to prove she is her old self by not using the complimentary soap.

"Always the Model, Never the Bride" 9 225

Kelly is asked by Maris to appear on the cover of Seattle Socialite Monthly, a new magazine owned by Maris and several others in her social circles. Kelly is initially flattered until she realises it is a bridal edition, and she is expected to put on a wedding dress for the photo shoot. This makes Kelly see how much she desires a husband above all else, and she gets into a depression when she realises she has never been in a long-term relationship before. Tommy, Sara, Eve and Nicolas try to persuade Adam to set Kelly up with one of his many eligible bachelor contacts, hoping her completion of the photo shoot will get them space in the magazine for their own benefit.

"The Italian Bistro Job" 10 226

Nicolas receives a free farewell meal for him and his friends at a local Italian bistro after handing in his resignation to work at the mansion full-time. However, he is overcome with guilt for leaving his old friends behind when he realises the cooking is terrible without him and is likely to destroy the business. Nicolas decides to give them a few pointers in the kitchen and winds up agreeing to stay there a few weeks longer until they get back on their feet. Pretty soon he is balancing between two chef jobs, and after cooking Maris a large Italian meal fit for a family, he realises he must make a decision – that is if Maris doesn't fire him for providing the food for her latest binge. Meanwhile, when the bistro's caricaturist comes down with food poisoning, Adam volunteers to fill in for him. Unfortunately, no one has the heart to tell him that his drawings stink and a sympathetic Eve enlists Tommy and Leo to replace his caricatures with professional art at closing time every night.

"Adam and Eve Are Banished" 11 227

When Eve begins to get lonely without a boyfriend, the servants are shocked to learn she has applied for a live-in position in Maris' guesthouse. Maris accepts, and she moves in. However, Tommy and Leo are unhappy with this development because they have been using the place as their "clubhouse" for the last few months. They set out to find a new clubhouse; while Eve settles in and develops a surprisingly close friendship with Maris. The rest of the servants feel betrayed when she invites Maris to their annual Friday night bar trek, and Eve is outraged when she is "banished" from the group. Adam, feeling sorry for her, decides to join Eve in her banishment and the duo becomes a trio. Pretty soon though Eve and Adam remember Maris is still Maris and it's not long before they are regretting their decision to side with her. Meanwhile, Tommy and Leo manage to get themselves locked in the meat freezer while searching for a new clubhouse and it's up to Nicolas to come to their rescue. Unfortunately, Nicolas is pre-occupied with Kelly, having an argument about the right to express an opinion after she belittled his famous lobster salad.

"The Trouble with Tommy" 12 228

Still reeling after Kelly's lobster salad comment, Nicolas decides to join a cooking class at the local YMCA. At the centre, he is surprised to see Tommy entering a class, but a mix-up in signs makes him think that he is a recovering paedophile. Nicolas, not wanting to betray his trust, decides to keep it quiet but when several servants including Eve bring their kids to the mansion he struggles to keep it under wraps. As all this is going on, Tommy is actually attending his old group for sex addiction, which returned after his break-up with Sara. He is surprised to run into Izzy, his former classmate and lover, and her transformation to a quiet, sexually repressed young woman makes him re-think his decision to join the class again. Meanwhile, Leo finally says goodbye to his social obligations and winds up shanghaiing Adam, Eve and Kelly into helping him avoid their traditional farewell hazing ritual.

"Tricks Are for Adults" 13 229

Kelly's 21st birthday is approaching, and she reluctantly hands over the preparation of her party to Maris. While all Kelly wants to do is go out with her friends and drink legally, Maris is determined to make her birthday the social event of the millennium. However, she soon realises that she doesn't know her daughter very well, so she seeks advice from her friends. Kelly is mad at her friends when she finds out they are helping to create what will undoubtedly be the most humiliating evening of her life. Annoyed with Kelly for not appreciating their efforts to throw her a party she'd like, they advise Maris to hire clowns, magicians and various other forms of kiddie entertainment. As the party gets underway, Kelly's embarrassment reaches dangerous new heights when she's made to participate in a humiliating trick with a less-than-competent magician. In the meantime, Nicolas struggles to prepare a birthday cake exactly to Maris' ill-advised specifications, and he enlists Tommy and Leo to help him find the unusual ingredients required.

"Won is the Loneliest Number" 14 230

In a heated discussion with the guys, Adam is dismayed to realise that he has never used his genius for anything selfish, and they prompt him to spend the day doing stuff that benefits him only. Adam, an amateur in such antics, enlists Tommy and Leo to help him. They hit the local amusement complex and discover that Adam is a great gambler, and they spend the rest of the day splurging on useless junk with the profits they made. However, Adam becomes despondent over his genius because he has never been able to enjoy such activities since his brain always takes over. Tommy and Leo try to remedy this by getting him lightly hammered, which gets them more than they bargained for when Adam turns out to be somewhat of an inexperienced drinker. Meanwhile, Sara and Eve embark on a night of speed-dating, and when they get tired of meeting disgusting men, they decide to create different identities, so things will be more interesting; unfortunately, an undercover police cop who happens to be speed-dating is led to believe they are convicts who have escaped from death row.

"The Secret Lives of Veggies" 15 231

Tommy is jealous when he notices Nicolas and Sara have been spending a lot of time together lately. He shanghais Kelly into helping him spy on them to find out what they're doing. While Kelly is initially reluctant to spy on one of her best friends, she soon realises the benefits as she has developed a crush on Nicolas. As all this is going on, it is revealed that Nicolas and Sara are actually trying to market his custom-made vegetarian dish and they are debating how to approach the topic with Maris, who they need funding from. With a slight push from Sara, Nicolas reveals he is gay, which is bad news for Kelly as she prepares to make a move. Meanwhile, Leo becomes convinced that Maris' library is haunted after spending the night there researching Russian novels to impress Eve, who has become somewhat enamoured with Adam's endless encyclopaedia of knowledge.

"Hold Please" 16 232

When Maris' internet, phone and cable suddenly stop working, the servants are forced to make several impossible phone-calls to the providers to get it fixed. During this time they realise they despise hold music and when several servants give up without achieving success due to the irritating tunes, Adam encourages everyone to create the ultimate hold music song. Adam's dictatorship reveals itself during the experimental stages. Kelly is dismayed to find she doesn't have any rhythm. Eve regrets prompting Nicolas to get out his old piano from high-school when he turns out to be awful. Tommy, after discovering Sara has a new boyfriend, is overcome with jealousy, and he sets out to get his own segment in the song devoted to his affection for her. Leo shanghais Sara into joining him in visiting his distant mother to get the sufficient funds for the recording. When it's apparent that she will only dish out money to her married sons, Leo and Sara are forced to pretend they are engaged.

"You've Been Maris Craned" 17 233

The servants pitch ideas when ratings start to fall on Maris' TV station, and they are horrified to realise that Maris has tricked them into signing contracts to appear on an America's Funniest Home Videos-style TV show, detailing their most embarrassing moments. Tommy, of course, seeks a profit when it transpires that the show is awarding $5,000 to the best filmmaker. When Sara and Eve get fed up with him purposely creating embarrassing situations for his own personal gain, they decide to teach him a lesson by subjecting him to the most humiliating thing imaginable – and putting it on the air. Before they know it, a war of the cameras has broken out at the mansion, and Maris is beginning to regret ever commissioning the show in the first place. Meanwhile, Adam and Nicolas become determined to prove they have a good sense of humour when the others make light of their distaste for the show.

"The Docile Delinquent" 18 234

Eve is dismayed to learn that her 17-year old son Louis has been sent to a juvenile correctional facility for stealing a car. She wants to support him and maintain a relationship but quickly realises she has a fear of setting foot in the place after a marathon of prison movies she had with her cousins when she was young. Adam agrees to accompany her, intrigued by the justice system and hoping to find inspiration for his latest novel. Eve gets annoyed with Adam when he seems more interested in his own gains and they both get into trouble when an argument they have is blamed for inciting a prison riot. Meanwhile, the others find ways to "break into" the facility, all vying to give Eve the support she needs. Nicolas gets a job in the kitchens; Tommy becomes the warden's personal assistant; Sara takes care of the "fragile" prisoners, and Leo argues with Kelly over whose family should provide a generous donation that will hopefully put things in Louis' favour.

"Maris: The Ride" 19 235

Maris is dismayed to learn that her popularity is dwindling as she hasn't been pulling enough controversial stunts this year. She calls in a favour from one of her oldest friends in Hollywood and announces that a ride will be opened at Universal Studios based on her life. The servants, of course, are sent to help organise the grand unveiling. Leo tries to convince Adam to let loose, and feel guilty when he is blamed for activating the ride before it's ready and destroying a priceless ornament. Tommy is shocked to run into Gabriel, who is funding the event and is surprised to find just how much Hollywood has changed him. Eve tries to get to the bottom of Nicolas' reluctance to appear in public and discovers that he worked in Hollywood for a brief period as a 21-year old "it boy" with an older TV star. Kelly assists the ride directors in designs but finds herself pestered for dirty secrets about Maris. Sara tries to get over her fear of rollercoasters.

"Welcome to Cook County" 20 236

Nicolas is devastated when a restaurant critic expresses his dislike for the cooking at Maris' latest social function, believing it to be bland and uninspired. Nicolas heads back to the YMCA to re-join the cooking class, and after complaining that the lessons aren't good enough, he is surprised when he is offered to teach a cooking class of his own. However, Nicolas gets more than he bargained for when he discovers that his students are misbehaved, inner-city teenagers. To his surprise, he soon finds that their outlook on life helps him to create more unique dishes, but Maris isn't pleased with his source of inspiration. Meanwhile, Tommy, Adam and Leo compete to get their jokes printed in the Seattle Times, and are outraged when Eve uses their antics as the primary basis of the long joke she received the $200 prize for.

"Brian's Got Talent" 21 237

Adam isn't looking forward to a visit from his older brother, Brian, who is smarter and better looking than him. The servants struggle to believe that anyone could be smarter than Adam, but they are soon proven wrong when Brian arrives. Adam is left writhing with jealousy when everyone gives Brian attention and wants nothing more than to find out why he decided to visit and get him out of the picture. Adam's world comes crashing down when Brian reveals he has broken up with his girlfriend and needs a place to stay for a few months. Adam reluctantly agrees to let him move in but is driven to the brink of insanity when he realises that the invitation extends to Tommy and Leo, Brian's new followers. Meanwhile, after seeing a picture of Brian's ex, Kelly decides to get a makeover in the hopes of winning him over and winds up competing with Sara and Eve at the mall for a free makeover from famous fashionmonger Franco Belmont.

"The Amazing Screwed-Up Headline" 22 238

Nicolas reveals he has been dating the editor of the Seattle Times, Rupert Hunt, and that Maris has been expressing interest in buying the newspaper. The servants are not pleased with this news since Maris has never been good at handling her assets and buying out another large company will likely result in cutbacks and someone getting fired. Tommy winds up orchestrating a plan to make it seem like the newspaper is failing, and they enlist the help of Rupert, who turns out to be surprisingly cooperative as he doesn't want to be thrown out of the company his family's worked at for generations. However, problems occur when Rupert keeps trying to get a headline featuring Maris for the Sunday paper, and naive, jealous type Nicolas mistakenly thinks there is a spark between Tommy and Rupert. Meanwhile, Kelly is stunned to learn that she will be inheriting only one of Maris' businesses in the event of her death and tries to decide which one she'd like. Kelly ends up going undercover with Sara as a proper servant, a TV star and a news reporter to gain a real perspective on the three businesses.

"If I Die Before My Wake" (Part 1) 23 239

The servants come to believe that Maris is dying when she gathers everyone up and starts handing out her possessions, telling everyone to get them out of her sight. When Kelly reveals that a couple of weeks ago Maris was talking about which business she will inherit in her will, everything comes into place, and the servants are surprisingly despondent as they face their boss' mortality. Kelly enlists the help of her friends to organise a fundraiser for Maris' terminal disease, though nobody thinks to ask what it might be. Pretty soon it's apparent that no one wants to donate their hard-earned money to an "unknown but deadly killer". Out of options, Kelly is left devastated, and Tommy steps in and suggests they have a premortem wake for Maris. Meanwhile, Leo tries to contact his fugitive father to inform him of Maris' possible illness.

"If I Die Before My Wake" (Part 2) 24 240

Maris doesn't show her face at the wake, so the servants start it without her, feeling that it is more for Kelly's benefit anyway. When the servants start opening the packages Maris gave them, some are moved; while Tommy and Eve are among those who know Maris better and are convinced that she is only protecting her most valued possessions from the IRS. Sure enough, the men in blue show up and it is revealed that Maris hasn't been paying her taxes. Sick and tired of Maris' betrayals, Tommy tells them everything he knows, which is backed by Alexander Kingsley, a surprise informant in exchange for his freedom. Sara's suggestion that the servants sell off the hidden possessions and buy the mansion themselves is met with anger from Kelly. Meanwhile, Nicolas is stuck in the kitchen as all this is going on, struggling to come up with a menu in Maris' honour. His reasoning is that she wouldn't be around to demand disgusting food, so there's no need to have it in her wake. Adam is feeling guilty when he is unable to muster up a few tears for Maris and fears he is dead inside when he can't remember the last time he cried.

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