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"How to Be a Servant Without Really Trying" 1 241

Maris is preparing to fight her charges of tax evasion in court; while the servants are struggling to complete their usual jobs as the IRS has repossessed much of Maris' assets. Tommy is soon dismayed to learn that everyone holds him responsible for the mess because he ratted on Maris' shady financial history. Tommy tries to make it up to his friends by getting them the stuff they need for their work. Nicolas is praised by environmentalists after stocking up on plates and cutlery made of recycled objects. An influx of babies means trouble for Sara when she can't find any beds or soft pillows for them to sleep on, and she concocts a bizarre solution that involves them sleeping on the bellies of the more rotund servants. Adam tries to prove he can be a handyman so he can build some furniture for the break room and Eve struggles to get through the day without her espresso machine coffee. Kelly and Leo, meanwhile, try to find out what caused their father to leave Sandy Stone and become a mole for the IRS.

"Radioance" 2 242

Maris is due to appear on the radio to plead her case, and the servants decide to help her out so that things can get back to normal. However, Leo is surprised to learn that the DJ who will be interviewing Maris is his immature best friend from high-school, Randy, who never quite grew up. Worried Randy's juvenile antics will make Maris seem worse, Leo tries to talk some sense into him before the show, but when that fails he is forced to enlist the help of Tommy to somehow incapacitate him. Meanwhile, Eve and Sara are dismayed to find that the IRS took several items from their lockers mistaking them for Maris'. They are consequently forced into a painstaking process at the post office after applying to get their stuff back, and to make the long wait more enjoyable, they make crank calls to Alexander Kingsley at the prison, whom they deem responsible for the debacle.

"You Have the Right to Remain Stranded" 3 243

Maris is placed back under house arrest, but she is soon driven crazy without a socialite lifestyle. She manages to get her tracking device removed thanks to Adam's technical skills, and she forces the servants to take "shifts" wearing the device, so local police are none the wiser. Adam feels guilty for helping Maris break the law and reveals he stole a candy bar as a kid and has been cautious ever since. Sara, on the other hand, can't wait for her next shift because it gets her away from the stress of child-minding; until she reveals a fear of confined spaces, that means she can't enter the sensory deprivation tank. Worried that this change in routine will arouse the police's suspicion, Sara has to find someone to fill in for her, quick, or else they'll all be in trouble. Meanwhile, Nicolas must improvise when Eve points out that Maris would never stay in the kitchen for so long; and Leo is convinced that his father's newest lawyer is Sandy Stone in a crude disguise.

"Leo the Lion" 4 244

When it seems Alexander Kingsley's case can't be won this time, Leo turns to Adam after he reveals he has a law degree. As they work out their defence, Adam is surprised to see how much Leo is bullied by his father and urges him to confront him. Adam gets more than he bargained for when Leo winds up having a big argument with his father which culminates with him refusing to have any involvement in the case. A slave to his ethics, Adam agrees to continue to represent Alexander; a decision which is met by anger from the servants who see it as an act of betrayal. Leo decides he has had enough of his family and realising that he'll never be out of their lives, he quits his job at the mansion to travel the world. Adam realises he'd rather have friends than ethics and dismisses himself from Alexander, who is left to fight his case with the disguised Sandy Stone. The servants then share their goodbyes with Leo at his farewell party. Meanwhile, Sara and Kelly try to set Nicolas up with another guy after he is dumped by Rupert.

  • Leo Kingsley's last appearance as a main character.
"The Ins and Outs of Juries" 5 245

Tommy and Sara are surprised when they receive jury duty for Alexander Kingsley's trial. Tommy tries to get out of his obligations by claiming he is biased because Alexander is the father of a friend. However, this proves to be unsuccessful, so he instead sets out to prove he is physically incapable of being a member of the jury. When he notices a spark between Sara and another jury member, it prompts mixed feelings, and he is forced to find a way back onto the jury after his initial request was accepted. Meanwhile, Nicolas discovers the servants are willing to pay top buck for his delicious packed lunches, and enlists Adam as his financial advisor. Unfortunately, chaos ensues when Adam is unable to practice what he preaches after revealing that he is allergic to caviar, the main selling point.

"Just Another Manic Maris" (Part 1) 6 246

Kelly starts taking the scenic walk to work and is horrified when she spots someone who looks remarkably similar to Maris, only with longer hair and less disturbingly thin. Rumours begin to spread that Maris has a sister, and the servants are horrified at the possibility of having another crazy woman on their hands. Kelly and Eve decide to look into her family history and later discovers that the woman is indeed Maris' sister, Bree, and to their surprise, she happens to be a somewhat famous country music star in Texas. Kelly and Eve meet up with Bree, who wants to ask Maris to carry her baby because she and her boyfriend can't conceive. Kelly points out that Maris is a bit too old for such a procedure, but gets more than she anticipated when Bree asks her to carry the baby instead since she is her niece. Kelly must make a life-changing decision and Eve tries to find out what caused the 20-year rift between Maris and her sister. Meanwhile, Sara is convinced there has been a “baby boom” in Seattle when her workload suddenly becomes tripled. Desperate, she enlists Adam as her partner but is jealous when the kids appear to like him more.

"Just Another Manic Maris" (Part 2) 7 247

Kelly decides to grant Bree's request to carry her baby, and the preparations get underway. Kelly asks to meet Bree's boyfriend, Roger and is conflicted when he turns out to be a jerk who seems more interested in gaining the financial benefits of being an unemployed father than raising a family with Bree. When Bree refuses to listen to Kelly's concerns, Kelly enlists the help of Tommy and Eve to go undercover and find evidence of Roger's bad lifestyle. When they can’'t find anything to suggest wrongdoing on Roger's part, Kelly decides to go ahead with the insemination as she knows the baby will have a loving mother. However, all hell breaks loose when Maris finds out about the whole debacle.

"Let Them Eat Urinal Cakes" 8 248

Maris' trial is unexpectedly dropped when she announces she has gotten back into the urinal cake business, and the IRS will be receiving 40% of the profit in her first two business years. Of course, in typical Maris fashion, she insists on throwing a party to celebrate. Nicolas is asked to cater the affair, but he struggles to figure out what sort of food to serve. After Nicolas makes an inflammatory remark towards Tommy for butting in, Tommy decides to have some fun and suggests that Nicolas orders everybody's favourite "dessert": urinal cakes. Suffice to say the party guests aren't too happy with the selection of hors d'oeuvres and Maris is sent spiralling down one of her infamous warpaths. The party spins out of control when a guest chokes on a cake. Meanwhile, after an excruciating day of waiting, Kelly is pleased to find out that the insemination was successful and she struggles to get her good news heard in all the chaos.

"A.I.: Artificial Insemination" 9 249

With Kelly pregnant, expectant parents Bree and Roger continually visit the mansion, driving Maris to be more irritable than ever. When Bree and Maris have a big argument, Maris stuns everyone by stating that anyone who wants to make a significant change to their body must first get her permission. This coincides with Adam discovering he needs his appendix out and when Roger blabs all to Maris, he must convince her to let him get the surgery without losing his job. However, she is in no charitable mood due to her feelings of resentment towards Bree. Eve believes Maris is jealous of Bree for successfully moving on in life and attempts to resolve the feud between the sisters before Adam's time runs out. Meanwhile, after humiliating himself with his lack of knowledge on the subject, Nicolas rents A.I. mistaking it for a film about artificial insemination and winds up getting addicted to sci-fi movies.

"Pen Pals" 10 250

The servants are shocked to discover that Maris has rekindled her old flame with the imprisoned Alexander Kingsley. Determined to secure Alexander's release by spreading the good word, Maris starts making donations to the prison and signs every servant up for the prison pen pal program. Predictably, things don't go according to plan when the mansion becomes the victim of a letter bomb, which blows up the entire east wing. Fortunately, nobody is hurt, but the cost of repair is high, and Maris isn't too pleased. Sara and Eve are stunned when Maris refuses to cancel the pen pal program and set out to break her and Alexander up when they realise he is affecting her judgement. In the meantime, Adam and Nicolas unknowingly become the pawns in their pen pals' break-out attempt; Tommy finds himself stalked by the money-hungry girlfriend of his pen pal, and Kelly enlists the help of an outspoken prisoner to get her true feelings across to the ridiculously intrusive Bree and Roger.

"Space Needle Oddities" 11 251

With repairs to the east wing underway, the servants are rattled by the noise, driving them to skip work and spend the day on the Space Needle. Nicolas is surprised when he is offered a job at the SkyCity restaurant after the owner learns of his skills, and must make a decision by the end of the day. Meanwhile, Tommy and Adam get tipsy after crashing a wine-tasting club and accidentally destroy a prized replica of the Space Needle. To pay off their debts, they are forced to work in the gift shop. While on the observation deck, Eve is driven crazy by her paranoia and keeps thinking she sees Maris. Peeved at how much of an impact Maris has on not only her life but her mind, Eve tries to let loose. However, her carelessness results in the maitre d' informing Maris of her servants playing hooky since she is his best customer.

"No Country for Maris Crane"

12 252

After going to the unveiling of a new technology museum, Maris becomes addicted to the new marvels of modern technology and starts getting several useless devices installed in the mansion. However, a new automatic door system results in the servants getting locked out. Bree shows up for her annual visit and starts playing country music songs to entertain the servants while they wait to get back inside. Adam fears that he is losing his intelligence after failing to recall the re-entry code, which he saw the installation crew input. Later, the charade attracts a media circus and a hungry Tommy's demeanour combined with Bree's country songs results in them thinking it is a hunger strike against technological advancement. Meanwhile, on Roger's insistence, Kelly crashes a homeless shelter with Eve and Sara, so she doesn't have to stand out in the cold exposing her baby. While there, Eve feels guilty for getting free food, and Sara tries to convince the cafeteria staff to provide more vegetarian alternatives.

"One Night Misunderstand" 13 253

The servants are shocked when Ben's brother Jeremy shows up at the mansion to work as the new cleaner. Jeremy reveals he was somewhat of an irresponsible rebel back in England and has been sent by Ben to straighten himself up and fly right. Eve is surprised to hear that Ben still thinks fondly of his time at the mansion, and decides to take Jeremy under her wing to get him accommodated. However, things become awkward when their one-night stand back in England is revealed. Meanwhile, Kelly enlists Adam's help to negotiate maternity leave with Maris; and Nicolas feuds with Sara when she re-arranges the kitchen to combat her boredom.

"State of the Reunion" 14 254

When Roger dumps Bree, the servants join forces to bring them back together when a miserable Bree starts playing her dreadful country songs around the mansion all day. Kelly, in particular, wants the reunion because she feels guilty for bringing a baby into the world without a father around. This drives her to visit her father, Alexander Kingsley, in prison, to find out why he was never a part of her life. Kelly is delighted when she starts to build a relationship with him until she realises he has been using her to smuggle in contraband items. Meanwhile, the servants set the scene for Roger and Bree's reconciliation. Nicolas struggles to accommodate to Roger and Bree's "common" tastes, forcing Adam to sneak out to get some McDonalds. Sadly, delays are caused when Adam runs into Maris, who is out making enemies on her latest binge.

"East Wing and a Prayer" 15 255

The east wing of the mansion is about to be re-opened, but Maris is out of town, forcing the servants to oversee the final stages of construction. Panic strikes when Adam notices that the colour the wing has been painted is a slightly different cream to the one Maris specified. This drives the servants into an emergency re-painting session, and Adam feels guilty that his intelligence has once again caused a catastrophe. To make matters worse, Tommy struggles to tell the difference between colours at the local DIY store. Meanwhile, Kelly is touched when she discovers Maris had a new nursery built in the east wing and shanghais Eve into helping her find a thank you present. However, when Eve points out that the nursery won't be used for the baby she's carrying, Kelly becomes despondent and worries that she won't be able to hand the baby over to Bree and Roger when the time comes.

"The Maris Who Came to Dinner" 16 256

Nicolas is delighted when he is asked to take over a friend's restaurant while he is having heart surgery, unaware of Maris' strict anti-moonlighting rule. Sara, who needs some extra cash to pay her increased rent, agrees to come on as a waitress when three of Nicolas' staff walk out in support of their absent boss. However, chaos ensues when Nicolas discovers that a health inspection will be held in three days, and he enlists the help of the rest of the servants to get the restaurant up to scratch. Things get more complicated when it turns out that the health inspector is Nicolas' latest boyfriend, who is also prominent in one of Maris' social circles. Sara is peeved when she once again gets stuck babysitting the kids, and rallies for the restaurant to be adults only. Adam is convinced that Nicolas' friend stuck him with the failing business on purpose by faking heart troubles and heads to the hospital to confront him. There, he is shocked to find that the moonlighting rule is being broken all over the place as Tommy has taken up a part-time job as a hospital clown.

"Date with Dentistry" 17 257

When Kelly makes a light-hearted remark about British dentistry, part-time cleaner Jeremy takes it to heart and gets mad at her. Eve reveals that Jeremy wasn't aware of the stereotype and believed it was a crack about the fear of dentists he's had since childhood. Kelly becomes determined to make it up to him and tries to help him get over his phobia. However, when that proves unsuccessful, she instead goes to Roger and his new hypnotherapy business, which proves to be disastrous for everyone. Meanwhile, Adam and Sara argue over whether hypnotherapy is a con. They decide to bet on it, with Adam listening to a tape designed to boost confidence, and Sara trying out French lessons on tape.

"Just as Nature Intended" 18 258

Sara is dreading a visit from her unbearably controlling mother, revealing that she is extremely "in touch" with nature. She admits to Tommy that she never told her mother that they divorced and unwilling to deal with her mother's criticism, Sara persuades him to keep up the illusion of a perfect marriage. However, he gets more than he bargained for when her mother insists they renew their vows in front of the whole family. Tommy reluctantly agrees to go along with it, for Sara, but as preparations for a fake wedding ceremony get underway, Sara realises it won't be long before Tommy finds out that he is expected to walk down the aisle in the nude. Meanwhile, Nicolas is delighted when he is asked to cater the wedding, but his choice of desserts could prove fatal when Eve notices that it looks remarkably similar to a part of the human anatomy that they'll be seeing a lot of on the big day.

"Karaoke Kid" 19 259

When Maris goes on a warpath after discovering Alexander Kingsley is marrying a woman who visited him in prison, the servants escape to the new karaoke bar down the street. After a night of embarrassingly bad singing, Nicolas is the only one not to have gone up on stage. With a push from Tommy, Nicolas surprises everyone when he reveals a talent for harmonics. Nicolas is delighted when he is asked to join a travelling choir club and enlists Tommy as his manager, with Eve and Sara following as their "groupies". However, Tommy turns out to be a rather poor manager when he completely changes the image of the group and gets them child-entertaining gigs where they are forced to dress up as giant food. Eve and Sara soon find that the groupie lifestyle is not for them when they meet the other members of the choir club, and they seek refuge in a Christian tambourine group by posing as nuns.

"The Paternity Trap" 20 260

Tommy and Jeremy are jealous when Kelly goes on a four-month long maternity leave. They decide to pretend they are about to become fathers to get paternity leave but their request has Maris thinking they are gay and trying to adopt. To their surprise, Maris is oddly accepting of their lifestyle choice and agrees to help them get the child they want, but they become convinced that it's all an act to look good in front of her social circles. Jeremy begins to worry that Tommy is taking the scheme too far when he signs whatever papers Maris sends his way. Jeremy eventually steps in and confesses to Maris that she made a mistake, but in a moment of panic, he is forced to pretend that he is actually expecting a baby with Kelly. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite thought this through when Maris invites both him and Kelly for a formal dinner so she can introduce him to the family. This stirs even more confusion for Bree and Roger, who believe that Kelly is trying to take their baby away from them, and sooner or later someone will have to tell the truth to Maris. As a consequence of Tommy and Jeremy's actions, Sara, Eve, Nicolas and Adam are clueless over what to do with the 12-year old Chinese boy that has been delivered to the mansion.

"Pin the Tail on Maris" 21 261

Eve is preparing for a visit from her son Louis, who has been released from juvenile hall and is about to turn 18 years old. She is dismayed to learn that Seattle is merely a stop-over before he heads to Texas for a prison job program. Realising Louis has become truly independent, Eve decides to throw him a birthday party before his departure, hoping to repair their fractured relationship in the little time they have. She enlists the help of Jeremy to get everything sorted when he reveals he was an expert at throwing wild parties back in England. Eve doesn't anticipate his highly costly choices, and low on funds, she is forced to improvise using the stuff she bought for her daughter Katie's fourth birthday. Suffice to say, Louis isn't exactly happy with his "kiddy" party and everyone fears for their jobs when Jeremy's "pin the tail on Maris" game becomes a smash hit. Meanwhile, Sara enlists the help of Kelly to take care of several kids while the parent servants attend the party. Kelly is pleased when she develops a rapport with the children and is confident in herself as a mother, forgetting once again that she will be expected to hand the baby over to Bree and Roger. This consequently makes her feel sad, and the parents aren't happy when they come back and discover their children have adopted Kelly's miserable persona.

"Remembrance of Servitude Past" 22 262

When Maris starts becoming over-reliant on Tommy to perform tasks outside his job description, he takes it positively, thinking that Maris appreciates him the most. His boastfulness results in a dispute amongst the servants, who all argue over which of their duties is the most important. The discussion leads them to reminisce about the various job-related troubles they've encountered in the past through a series of clips. Meanwhile, Bree, Roger and Kelly spend the day bartering over whether they should find out the sex of the baby.

"The Unbearable Lateness of Kelly" 23 263

Kelly becomes irritable with everyone when the baby is overdue, which isn't helped by the various remedies the culturally diverse Bree and Roger keep recommending. Desperate to just get the baby out, Kelly promises anyone who can put her in labour $5,000 from her family bank account. This prompts a competition amongst the servants. Nicolas tries to re-create a famous family recipe that instantly put his sister in labour with quadruplets. Tommy and Jeremy think that sexual arousal is the key, and set on finding a male stripper. An argument over the final two candidates results in them splitting ways and making a different bet: the person whose stripper doesn't put Kelly in labour has to do an erotic dance of their own. Adam tries reasoning with the baby; while Eve and Sara pull together to come up with their own idea to split the money – but neither of them can think of anything. It soon transpires that no one can put Kelly in labour, until Maris goes off on a crazed tirade about sharing the family money, breaking her waters at last.

"Labor Day" 24 264

The majority of Maris' family gather at the hospital after Kelly goes into labour, and Maris calls in the servants to wait on them hand and foot. Eve is annoyed that they can't support Kelly as friends in her time of crisis, especially when she is "banished" to the staff room with everyone else. They soon realise that many of the doctors, nurses, etc. have been dreading Kelly's labour day because Maris has been nothing but trouble for them in the past. Tommy encourages the hospital staff and servants to join forces and teach a lesson to the tyrannical socialite. It soon transpires that the hospital workers have it in for Maris more than anyone and Tommy and Eve are left worrying that they will take things too far. Meanwhile, Adam puts his way with words to the test as he "interrogates" Maris' family, hoping for clues to the location of Kelly's delivery room. Jeremy pushes Nicolas into helping him crawl through the air ducts, and when they get themselves stuck, Nicolas' fear of confined spaces rears its ugly head. Sara is forced to deal with the unbearably nervous Bree and Roger.

  • Tommy Butler and Sara Fielding's last appearance as main characters.

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