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Title Season # Series #
"The Fall of the House of Maris" 1 265

Maris is distraught when the mansion is deemed too old-fashioned to appear in an esteemed home decor magazine. She commissions a drastic renovation, and the servants are roped into helping out. Eve must take on several additional roles following Sara and Tommy's departures. The pressure proves too much for Eve when she sheds her clothes and gets lost in the construction site. Kelly spent the summer vacationing with Maris, Bree and Roger, and their newborn baby Clara. Adam notices she has picked up a few of Maris' less desirable traits and tries to get rid of them. Nicolas struggles to get any cooking done amid the chaos. Jeremy is chagrined as his family have decided that he needs to spend another year at the mansion.

  • Jeremy Cook becomes a main character.
"Separation Anxiety" 2 266

With renovations underway, Maris decides she isn't getting her money's worth from the servants and assigns them to work for some of her friends. Eve is assigned to the head of the Seattle Opera board, who is entering senility. Nicolas and Jeremy are assigned to an exclusive catering club, but a mistake in communications results in them switching roles. Adam must tutor the son of the kennel club president. Meanwhile, Kelly is sent to recruit Russian mechanic Yuri Petrov for the mansion's improved garage but has her work cut out for her as the somewhat naive mechanic remains unwaveringly loyal to his current employer.

  • Yuri Petrov becomes a main character.
"A Day at the Races" 3 267

Adam receives tickets to the Seattle dog tracks from the kennel club president and decides to take his friends with him. Jeremy regrets convincing everyone to bet on a supposed surefire win. Nicolas is determined to adopt an affectionate greyhound that is about to retire but refuses to admit to anyone that he has severe allergies to the dog. Kelly and Adam continue to dance around the possibility of romance. Unable to overcome his nerves around women, Adam slips out of sight and gets trapped in the kennels. Eve attempts to bring new mechanic Yuri up to speed on various aspects of American culture, and his eagerness to adapt transforms him into an insufferable flag-waving patriot.

"The Daughter Also Rises" 4 268

Maris decides to turn the mansion's reopening into a glamorous event. The servants are forced to lend a hand in its preparation. Kelly and Adam get into a heated argument when Adam accidentally implies that Kelly's job isn't important. Determined to prove him wrong, Kelly appeals to Maris for more responsibility and becomes her publicist. She soon realises the near impossibility of keeping her mother liked by the public. Yuri must get Maris' limousine up to scratch, but his work lacks artistic flair. Eve and Nicolas agree to help, but they neglect to work within the boundaries of Maris' strict conservative taste.

"Sunday in the Park with Maris" 5 269

As part of her latest Maris Cares venture, Maris tasks the servants with organising a canned food drive in the park. The servants are quick to succumb to various distractions. Jeremy enters a paddle boat race and soon proves himself as the most ruthless competitor, getting thrown out of the race after he is caught drilling holes in the other boats. All Yuri wants to do is relax on a bench and feed the ducks, but his dream is threatened by a persistent swan who won't leave him alone. Kelly and Eve are lumbered with running the food drive, but a few Bloody Marys later there are no signs of getting things started. Adam gets stuck in an eternally long game of chess with another genius, and Nicolas tries to put together the ultimate classy picnic.

"Failure to Relaunch" 6 270

On the night of the mansion's relaunch party, Yuri is enlisted to greet the guests and guide them to the central staging area, but the confusing new layout gets them all lost. Kelly and Nicolas deal with an emergency in the kitchen: Maris' seafood supplier has found out that she met with one of his rivals to compare prices, and is refusing to offer his services. Nicolas is forced to prepare a large amount of shrimp found in the back of the freezer that may be past its expiration date. Tired of waiting for the guests, Eve and Yuri goof off in the staging area. Meanwhile, Maris has a nervous breakdown and seals herself inside her sensory deprivation tank, and the servants take turns trying to coax her out.

"Fools Russian" 7 271

Yuri's wife Svetlana stops by the mansion and is under the assumption that Yuri is the head servant. Yuri asks everyone to play along so that Svetlana won't worry about their financial security. The situation gets out of hand when Svetlana witnesses Maris yelling at Yuri and encourages him to confront his employer. Yuri is faced with the impossible choice of standing up to Maris or telling his wife the truth. Jeremy is convinced Svetlana was a woman he bedded during a sojourn to Russia in his teenage years and attempts to conceal his identity. Meanwhile, Adam thinks the home really should have a head servant and nominates himself for the role.

"Bree on the Couch" 8 272

Bree pays a visit to the mansion after getting into an argument with Roger. Frightful over Clara being the product of a broken home, Kelly takes it upon herself to council Bree but makes the situation worse when Bree becomes enamoured with the idea of emulating Kelly's swinging single life in the city. Adam picks Roger up and learns that he and Bree have been fighting because she has been gradually becoming more like Maris. When Kelly finds out, she worries she is doomed to turn into her mother too. Meanwhile, the rest of the servants are busy organising Jeremy's birthday party. Yuri gets the idea of fixing up Jeremy's classic car but a communications breakdown results in him transforming it into a Pimp My Ride style eyesore.

"All Hail the Taskmaster" 9 273

After watching a documentary on Henry VIII, Maris starts emulating the behaviour of the famed monarch, right down to making the servants perform the smallest, most menial tasks. When Maris' latest request has Adam running for the hills, Eve encourages the servants to go on strike in protest over Maris' tyrannical behaviour. Yuri faces a conflict over becoming a scab worker as he can't afford to go without pay during the strike, while Jeremy and Kelly earn Eve's ire when they skip out on participating in the picket line, using the opportunity to get in line for concert tickets. Elsewhere, Maris orders Nicolas to put together an elaborate banquet and the chef is stumped when several of her demands include extinct animals.

"Homeless for the Holidays" 10 274

Yuri and Svetlana get kicked out of their apartment a week before Christmas, so the servants persuade Maris to let them move into the guesthouse. At the same time, Kelly helps her mother organise a lavish dinner party for Maris' relatives. Adam is tasked with sending out the invitations but encounters a problem when he realises no one knows what Maris' maiden name is. In the meantime, Yuri and Svetlana quickly settle down in the guesthouse and plan on having a Christmas celebration of their own, inviting an army of Petrovs to join the festivities. Kelly worries about Maris' reaction over the mansion being filled with noisy Russians and must keep both families from colliding as the dinner party begins. Meanwhile, Eve and Jeremy are both feeling lonely and separately question if the other person is dropping hints about rekindling their romance.

"In the Garden of Eve" 11 275

After rekindling their romance, Eve and Jeremy take to engaging in trysts around the grounds whenever they get the opportunity. Disaster strikes after fooling around in the middle of Maris' elaborate hedge maze when their clothes unexpectedly go missing. Eve and Jeremy are subsequently forced to make their way to the exit while protecting their modesty, which proves to be a difficult task when several of the neighbourhood children arrive to do the maze. Elsewhere, Adam sets out to unravel the mystery of why the bedsheets keep getting crumpled in every guest room, while Nicolas struggles with making snacks for the kids, having never catered to children before.

"Salt and Battery" 12 276

Nicolas is chagrined when Svetlana insists on helping him out in the kitchen and quickly gains everyone's favour with her Russian home cooking. Determined to put Svetlana in her place, Nicolas over-salts her latest dish. However, he is mortified when it gets straight to Maris, who shrivels up like a snail when the salt reacts to her latest round of botox treatments. Maris is immediately on the warpath, determined to find out who is responsible, and Nicolas is overwhelmed by guilt. Meanwhile, after gorging themselves on Svetlana's cooking Adam and Kelly elect to go on diets, but when they're unable to shed the weight they decide to try out each other's usual methods and are surprised by the results.

"Guesthouse of Horrors" 13 277

Bree and Roger return to the mansion and their relationship appears to be back on track. Bree reveals the reason Maris invited her was because she has the flu and needs someone to assume her place in her social circles until she recovers. Bree and Roger subsequently find themselves forced to share the guesthouse with Yuri and Svetlana and the tight living conditions leads to the two families hating each other. Eve and Jeremy take it upon themselves to mediate the dispute and uncover many family secrets in the process that were better left unheard. Meanwhile, Kelly is bitter that Maris didn't think of her to take her place and gets revenge by sabotaging her co-workers' attempts to take care of the bedridden socialite.

"London Calling" 14 278

Jeremy's parents Maxwell and Elsa pay a visit to the mansion while they're in Seattle on business. Jeremy is determined to convince them that he has matured and is ready to return to the family business back in London. Eve is disappointed that Jeremy is so eager to leave as she felt their fling had the potential to lead somewhere, and subconsciously tries to sabotage Jeremy's chances in several instances where she makes him look like a foolish man-child in front of his parents. Jeremy recruits the servants to sing his praises, but Adam's performance is less than convincing, leading him to try and improve his acting skills in the mansion's seldom-visited play room. Nicolas tries to put together some English delicacies to butter Maxwell and Elsa up.

"The Smart of War" 15 279

Jeremy takes Adam to a singles bar after he rants about how he hasn't had a date in months. Adam lucks out and meets two desirable women; Lara, who is incredibly smart and Rachel, who is exceedingly stupid. Eve is concerned when Jeremy encourages Adam to juggle them both. Adam follows Jeremy's advice but panics on his first date with Rachel and pretends he is as dumb as her. As a result, he is forced to maintain two facades with both women and the pressure quickly becomes too much for him to handle. Meanwhile, Nicolas takes Kelly to unwind at a gay bar, and they wind up competing over a handsome bisexual man who appears to be interested in both of them.

"Mini Maris" 16 280

Furious when Maris once again overlooks her, Kelly quits the mansion and moves into a nearby condo. A week later, she invites the servants to a housewarming party. Upon their arrival, they are mortified to witness her emulating her mother's lifestyle and personality to a tee, so much so that the other tenants have petitioned the landlord to evict her. Kelly's behaviour gradually worsens throughout the party to the point where Eve gets into an argument with her, calling her worse than her mother. At the same time, Maris' own behaviour seems to worsen as well. Adam realises Maris and Eve are symbiotic, relying on each other to keep their worst traits under wraps, so he and Eve set out to reunite the feuding mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Yuri must settle the latest feud between Nicolas and his wife, this time over party snacks.

"Hair of the Dog" 17 281

Maris gets a hangover after a night of drinking at a charity function. As a result, the servants are forced to conduct their usual duties extremely quietly. Nicolas enlists the help of Adam to create the ultimate hangover tonic, hoping to curry Maris' favour with it and get some time off for a vacation. Yuri misinterprets the old saying "hair of the dog" and takes it upon himself to help Maris by getting a hair off one of her greyhounds, who are less than accommodating. Kelly is feeling rebellious after having to move back into the mansion and sets out to make some noise, forcing Eve and Jeremy to take up posts outside Maris' bedroom door and stop her in her tracks.

"Car Cry" 18 282

Jeremy becomes determined to test-drive Maris' latest classic car, but Yuri forbids him and says that even he's not allowed to drive them. Jeremy correctly surmises that Yuri is lying because while he is more than capable of fixing vehicles, he has never learnt to drive them. Jeremy agrees to teach Yuri but soon comes to learn that he is an impossibly difficult student. Adam has trouble believing that someone who can't drive could be a skilled mechanic and subsequently becomes nervous at the prospect of having to chauffeur Maris in the limo that Yuri has repaired on several occasions. Meanwhile, the guesthouse is being repainted, so Svetlana takes the opportunity to spend the day with Eve and Kelly and get to know them.

"Don Jeremy" 19 283

When Maris catches Eve and Jeremy canoodling in a guest room for the third time, she is furious and accuses them of being sex addicts. Eve and Jeremy dispute her claim but wind up being forced to attend a sexual compulsives group at the local community centre. To their surprise, the support group is headed by former servant Tommy, who became a councillor after quitting his job at the mansion. Jeremy winds up Tommy, accusing him of being a prude, and there may be truth to Jeremy's teasing when Tommy confesses to Eve that he is an "all or nothing" kind of man, and it is adversely affecting his relationship with Sara. Back at the mansion, Yuri sets out to resolve Nicolas and Svetlana's differences once and for all at the yearly servant's barbeque.

"Phantom of the Opera Board" 20 284

Nicolas reunites with his old flame Rupert Hunt, who arrives at the mansion to interview Maris about her long-awaited appointment to the Seattle Opera board. They resume their relationship, but things quickly become awkward when Nicolas realises that Rupert is planning on a character assassination of Maris as she was picked over him for the position. Worried about the impact being slammed in the Seattle Times will have on Maris' demeanour, Nicolas turns to Kelly for help in placating Rupert by getting him another position on the opera board, and Kelly is determined to prove that she can be just as powerful as her mother.

"Virgin Heir" 21 285

Svetlana begins urging Yuri to start trying for children, and Yuri turns to Jeremy for advice. Jeremy initially thinks Yuri is sceptical about having kids, until Yuri reveals the truth about why he's so worried: despite being married he and Svetlana are still both virgins, coming from strict conservative backgrounds in the old country. While Eve and Kelly think it's sweet, Jeremy urges Yuri to get the act over and done with, and Yuri regrets ever asking for help in the first place when it becomes the talk of the mansion. Meanwhile, Adam reunites with the beautiful and smart Lara at his weekly chess club and soon finds that her beauty has a profound impact on his skills.

"Son of Esteban" 22 286

Kelly's hot new romance with suave Italian Roberto hits a roadblock when she discovers he has come to America on a mission of revenge - to find the unscrupulous socialite responsible for killing his father, Esteban. Kelly tells the story to Eve, who surprises Kelly with the revelation that Maris is known to be responsible for offing Esteban, allegedly in self-defense. Kelly is horrified by the news that her mother may be a murderer and prepares to break up with Roberto until he reveals he only plans on looking his father's killer in the eye and has no intention of committing violence. As a result, she is forced to make a decision about where her loyalties lie. Meanwhile, after learning about Maris, Yuri becomes fascinated with the world of criminals and serial killers.

"The Wedding of Maris Crane" 23 287

Eve's nineteen-year-old son Louis pays a visit to the mansion, revealing he has lost his job in Texas and is in need of a place to stay. Eve reluctantly agrees, annoyed by the fact that he flits in and out of her life and only shows up when he has no other choice. They wind up getting into an argument, and Eve is horrified the next day to witness Louis emerging from Maris' bedroom in his underwear. Louis admits he and Maris found common ground in the difficulty of parent/child relationships, and one thing leads to another after a night of drinking. When Maris seems eager to continue seeing Louis, he is determined to make a quick exit and Eve is disappointed by his callous attitude towards women. Determined to teach him a lesson, Eve tells Louis that he has gotten Maris pregnant and that he'll have to marry her, roping the servants into putting together a fake ceremony on the grounds of the mansion.

"Maniac's Mansion" 24 288

A blackout on a dark and stormy night prompts the servants to gather around and tell each other scary stories. Most of the stories are lame until Jeremy frightens everyone with the tale of a bloodthirsty maniac who stalks ritzy estates on nights just like these. The blackout seals Maris in her sensory deprivation tank and Kelly is forced to help calm her down, giving them the opportunity to come to terms with their troubled relationship. Eventually, Kelly finds an emergency release latch, and Maris is freed, however in her confused state she winds up roaming the halls, scaring the servants half to death as her groans lead them to believe that she is the maniac. Eve and Jeremy have their first argument when Eve derides Jeremy for scaring everyone. Elsewhere, a case of mistaken identity in the dark leads to Adam finding out Nicolas has a crush on him, while Svetlana tells Yuri that she is pregnant.

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