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Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"There Goes the Neighborhood" (Part 1) 1 289

Maris is the sole hold-out when the Lillian Corporation reveals their intentions to demolish every mansion on the estate and build a gated suburban community in their place. The servants remain steadfast in their support of Maris but change their minds when a neighbouring butler tells them the severance package offered by Lillian could provide everyone with enough money to retire. The servants subsequently do all they can to convince Maris to change her mind, and Kelly faces a dilemma when a Lillian representative informs her she has power of attorney over her mother's decisions after she was declared mentally unstable during the Alexander Kingsley ordeal.

  • Svetlana Petrov becomes a main character.
"There Goes the Neighborhood" (Part 2) 2 290

When Maris discovers Kelly has approved the sale, she chains herself to the gate and refuses to move. Maris subsequently becomes the main attraction in a block party being thrown by her neighbours. Kelly is left doubting her decision when she witnesses the spectacle her mother is making. Elsewhere, the gang mingle. Jeremy is disheartened to find the servants from neighbouring mansions are still expected to wait on the party-goers hand and foot and encourages them to rebel. Nicolas and Svetlana bond over their disdain for the store-bought refreshments and Yuri is peeved when Svetlana reveals her pregnancy to the gossipy Nicolas. Eve's attempts to get over Jeremy result in her getting embroiled in an infamous neighbourhood love triangle.

"Izzy Come, Izzy Go" 3 291

Izzy returns to the mansion in search of Tommy. Jeremy hits it off with Izzy and winds up arranging a date with her. Eve warns Jeremy that Izzy is a sex addict, but he fails to see the downside. Jeremy and Izzy are seated in the restaurant's VIP room due to Izzy's history of bringing guys there. Later, a nurse arrives at the mansion looking for Izzy; Izzy has escaped from her court-appointed rehab for sexual addiction. Eve and the nurse head to the restaurant, but are unable to enter the VIP room. In need of her social connections, Eve reluctantly turns to Maris to pull some strings but soon regrets getting her involved. Back at the mansion, Adam and Nicolas inadvertently lose Svetlana's ultrasound picture and must hide the truth from Yuri.

"Lost and Found in Translation" 4 292

When Yuri and Nicolas stumble upon an old lost and found box, Kelly suggests inviting some of the mansion's former servants and giving the items back to them. The gathering quickly turns into an awkward affair when it becomes apparent that the box's contents are actually items that were stolen by Maris' first maid Marta, due to the low wage Maris initially paid her. Kelly must find a way of salvaging her mother's shattered reputation when a former butler and decorated war veteran discovers his medal of honour to be among the items. Meanwhile, Jeremy is convinced that Marta hid more loot throughout the mansion and turns to the intuitive Adam for help in finding it, but they have differing ideas on what should be done with any discoveries.

"Running Checkmates" 5 293

Adam persuades Maris to hold the upcoming state chess tournament on the grounds of the mansion, and she commissions a life-size chessboard for the event, complete with actors dressed as the pieces. Jeremy correctly surmises that Adam is hopeful of reuniting with the beautiful chess prodigy Lara. Adam admits he is right and despite how much he wants to win the tournament, the hold Lara has on him is too great for him to focus. Jeremy agrees to teach Adam how to keep his cool around Lara, but they run afoul of one of the knights, who happens to be her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Eve is disgruntled when the builders pave over one of her side projects for the chessboard, and Nicolas tries to land a date with the handsome actor playing the role of a pawn.

"Maris: The Game III" 6 294

Yuri gets his first smartphone and becomes addicted to downloading apps. Realising how much money Yuri is willing to shell out for certain games, Jeremy convinces Adam to design and build an app together, using Yuri as their test subject. Initially stumped for ideas, they are inspired by Maris' banshee-like behaviour to make a game featuring her as the antagonist. As a result, Kelly must do whatever it takes to convince Maris to approve her likeness in the game. Meanwhile, Svetlana becomes concerned by the bill Yuri is racking up on his smartphone and considers getting his credit card cancelled. Eve warns her that this will only anger Yuri and after reaching the realisation that neither of them knows how to communicate with men, they attend a YMCA class for help with the matter.

"Extreme Makeover: Homeland Edition" 7 295

Maris asks Kelly to spend a weekend with Alexander Kingsley after hearing rumours that he is planning on getting back into the urinal cake market. Hoping to finally bond with her father, Kelly accepts Maris' request and returns the following Monday acting strangely out of character. Worried Alexander has turned Kelly, and that she is planning a massive act of sabotage against the family urinal cake business, Maris turns to Adam for help in investigating Kelly and provides him all the resources he needs to get the job done, starting by outfitting the mansion with cameras. Meanwhile, Nicolas grows suspicious when his new sous chef appears determined to avoid the cameras, and Yuri irritates Svetlana when he develops a sympathetic pregnancy.

"Of Dogs and Men" 8 296

Biscuit, a greyhound belonging to Maris, gets loose in the mansion and settles in the guesthouse. Yuri and Svetlana quickly become enamoured with Biscuit and see her as a test for when they become parents, but are dismayed to learn that Maris only wants her back as she is planning on selling her to esteemed breeder Marcus Blythe. Blythe later shows up alongside his wife, whom Eve is surprised to recognise as Kitty, Maris' former dog walker. Yuri and Svetlana do all they can to keep Biscuit's presence hidden and wind up roping Eve into helping out, but she is reluctant to go up against an old friend. Meanwhile, Nicolas is chagrined when Jeremy has a one night stand with the grocery supplier, who refuses to set foot in the mansion after he fails to call her.

"Whose Wine is it Anyway?" 9 297

Maris announces her candidacy for president of the wine club and invites several of its members to the mansion for a tasting. Jeremy and Adam are tasked with shifting several crates of wine from the cellar but end up jeopardising Maris' chances when they inadvertently drop a case of her most vintage, sought-after wine. Enlisting the help of Nicolas and his superior palate, Jeremy and Adam desperately try to recreate the taste by mixing wine from other bottles but fail to remember the first rule of wine tasting: spitting it out after sampling. Elsewhere, Yuri and Svetlana must keep Biscuit under control after she gets drunk on the spilt wine, while Eve and Kelly try to keep Maris' guests entertained as they impatiently await the arrival of the wine.

"Maris, Queen of the Desert" 10 298

The estate begins to resemble a barren desert when the other mansions start getting torn down. Maris had hoped that her long-time friend Margaret Putter would stand her ground but is dismayed to find she has sold her own mansion to the Lillian Corporation as well. Downtrodden, Maris retreats to her sensory deprivation tank. Kelly worries when she doesn't return by the following morning and becomes convinced that she has gotten lost in the "desert" as the tank often leaves her feeling delirious. Eve and Svetlana agree to help Kelly look for Maris. Meanwhile, Biscuit digs up a bone from the former site of another mansion, leading Yuri to fear that the estate sits on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.

"Keeping Down Appearances" 11 299

Maris is upset when her manicurist Candi passes away and makes a huge scene at the salon where she worked, forcing Adam and Kelly to pick her up. Kelly feels sorry for Maris until she realises that she is only mourning the loss of a skilled manicurist, and not Candi as a person. As a result, Candi's family forbid Maris from attending the funeral. Taken aback, Maris becomes determined to prove that she values her servants as people. As well as this, she stops maintaining her appearance to show that there are more important things to her than looks, prompting mixed reactions amongst the servants. Meanwhile, Jeremy's barber is sick, so Nicolas takes him to the salon he frequents; Jeremy enjoys being worshipped as a god by the predominantly gay client base, but Nicolas grows frustrated by him stringing them along.

"Robbin' Motherhood" 12 300

When Bree and Roger return to the mansion to celebrate Clara's birthday, Maris insists on throwing a lavish party for them. After the party, Maris becomes oddly fixated on Clara. She eventually confesses to Eve that she regrets never taking the time to raise a child, having put Kelly up for adoption after she was born. Kelly mistakes this for criticism and thinks Maris is unhappy with the way she turned out, subsequently launching a teenaged style rebellion in response. Elsewhere, Yuri and Jeremy try to baby proof the guesthouse, while Nicolas helps Svetlana shop for those all-important appliances that he feels every parent's kitchen needs.

"Adam's Family" 13 301

Adam begins to feel unfulfilled after receiving a round robin from his mother detailing how successful and happy the rest of his brothers and sisters have become. After Maris asks him to perform yet another menial task, Adam begins to reconsider his future and invites his mother to the mansion to ask about joining the family business. To his dismay, the rest of his family arrive alongside her. After they rub his nose in every aspect of their lives, he pretends that the mansion is his and Maris works for him. The rest of the servants agree to help Adam keep up the pretence, but struggle to get Maris onboard. Meanwhile, Kelly is inspired to write her own round robin for Maris' family, and soon realises she knows next to nothing about them.

"All the Kingsley's Horses" 14 302

Kelly is surprised to find that Maris has named her recently purchased horse after her. Kelly winds up developing a bond with her namesake but faces losing her new friend when it is discovered that she is ineligible to race due to a health condition. Kelly turns to Alexander Kingsley for help, and he agrees to buy the horse from Maris. Kelly is touched by her father's charity but later believes he is up to his old tricks again. Maris grows jealous over their closeness and is mad that her decision to name a horse after Kelly has gone unthanked. Elsewhere, Eve is taken aback after being flirted with by a handsome jockey and becomes determined to prove that she isn't superficial about appearances, while Yuri and Svetlana turn into betting obsessives.

"Maris Jr." 15 303

When Yuri and Svetlana's car breaks down, they are surprised when Maris grants them permission to let Adam drive them around in the limo. After returning from their latest ultrasound, the surprises continue as Yuri and Svetlana find that Maris has taken the opportunity to redecorate one of the guesthouse's spare rooms as a nursery. Yuri subsequently becomes concerned that Maris is trying to finagle her way into running their baby's life, having missed the opportunity to raise her own child. Svetlana doubts his claims at first until Maris decides that the baby should be named after her if it's a girl. Meanwhile, Eve and Nicolas agree to set each other up on blind dates, but it soon becomes apparent that while Eve doesn't know any eligible gay men, Nicolas doesn't know any straight ones.

"Goldboy" 16 304

Eve's 20-year old son Louis makes a return to the mansion and promptly sweeps Maris off her feet. Doubting his feelings towards Maris are sincere, Eve's fears are confirmed when she realises Maris' urinal cake business has just announced record profits, and she comes to the realisation that her son is a gold-digger. Eve asks Jeremy to teach Louis that there is more to a woman than money, which brings the revelation that Jeremy used to be a gold-digger himself and his initial interest in Eve began when he found out she had the highest paycheque. Meanwhile, Adam, Yuri and Nicolas grow intrigued by who has the second largest paycheck. Tired of their arguments, Svetlana approaches Kelly about giving them equal pay, forcing them to make a difficult decision as it'll mean pay cuts all round.

"Challenge of the Supermarket" 17 305

A cost-cutting supermarket opens nearby, and Maris forbids the servants from going there, still bitter about the estate being turned into a gated suburban community. However, when her accountant informs her that she has been haemorrhaging the urinal cake company's recent profits, Maris is forced to reconsider her stance, and she reluctantly sets foot in the supermarket. This doesn't last long as Kelly receives a phone call from the store manager asking for someone to pick Maris up as she has had a nervous breakdown in the cereal aisle. The servants head to the supermarket, where Kelly attempts to make amends with the manager. Nicolas takes control of the shopping and struggles to work within the confines of the budget, while Adam has doubts when Jeremy gets them both dates with a pair of pretty cashiers fresh out of high-school.

"It's Not Izzy Being Green" 18 306

The servants decide to start carpooling together when Maris is informed that her mansion's carbon footprint is among the highest in Seattle. Eve quickly grows frustrated by how messy her friends are in her car and bans the consumption of food. Jeremy proves himself to be a reckless driver and has the other servants clinging to their seats for dear life. By contrast, cautious Adam infuriates everyone by doing half the speed limit, while Nicolas' teeny convertible proves to be a tight squeeze for everyone. The servants are forced to put their differences aside when the unstable Izzy lets herself into the car one morning, and it becomes apparent that she has been stalking Jeremy. Back at the mansion; Kelly, Yuri and Svetlana join forces to teach Maris a lesson when they discover she hasn't changed her own environmentally unfriendly lifestyle.

"Let Your Guardian Down" 19 307

When Bree and Roger finalise arrangements naming Kelly the legal guardian of Clara in the event of their deaths, Eve and Yuri decide they should select a guardian for their own kids. Realising he may never settle down and have kids due to his tomcatting ways, Jeremy tries to prove to Eve that he is capable of acting maturely, so she'll consider him as Katie's guardian. While discussing guardians, Yuri and Svetlana get into an argument when they realise that Svetlana always assumed they would move back to Russia when the baby is born, while Yuri wants to stay in America. Meanwhile, worried that he won't have kids to pass down his secret recipes to, Nicolas agrees to teach some of them to Adam.

"World Meets Boy" 20 308

When Yuri and Svetlana have another argument about where their baby should be raised, Svetlana makes the decision by herself and drives to the airport. With the rest of the servants out of town, the unlicensed Yuri has no choice but to ask Maris to drive him to the airport. Unfortunately, Maris' history of smuggling illegal beauty care products into the country gets them detained at the check-in gate, just as Svetlana goes into labour in the departure lounge. Meanwhile, the rest of the servants are busy undergoing etiquette training after Maris took umbrage at a comment Eve made a few days earlier. Eve surprises Jeremy when she reveals the reason why she acted so cavalier towards Maris: she has accepted a job offer to work for an esteemed garden show in England.

"The Goodbye Girl" 21 309

The servants throw a bon voyage party for Eve where things quickly get out of hand. Jeremy gets increasingly drunker as he wrestles with his feelings for Eve. Yuri and Svetlana introduce their newborn son Eduard to everyone and get into several arguments when Yuri is unable to forget an article he read about babies being swapped in the hospital. Kelly and Adam interview for a replacement gardener, only to find Maris' name has been blacklisted by most employment agencies. Nicolas is frustrated when Biscuit relieves herself on the banzai tree he bought for Eve as a leaving present. Finally, Maris acts bizarrely ambivalent about her longest-serving employee leaving and throws a tantrum in the garden, forcing Eve to deal with one last Maris crisis before she leaves.

  • Eve Summers's last appearance as a main character.
"Taking the Biscuit" 22 310

When Biscuit starts barking into the night and keeping Maris awake, Yuri and Svetlana determine she is reacting to the unfamiliar presence of Eduard. After an ill-fated consultation with a dog psychiatrist who turns out to be a quack, Yuri and Svetlana realise they have no choice but to give Biscuit up for adoption and start interviewing candidates. Yuri proves impossible to please, necessitating an Apprentice-style competition. Nicolas is among the contestants after he tries out an experimental drug to combat his dog allergies, but the side effects turn his skin orange. Adam takes the opportunity to try and get over his fear of dogs, just as Kelly brings in her father's huge Great Dane to play with Biscuit. Elsewhere, Jeremy had a one-night stand with Izzy to commiserate over Eve's departure, and now she won't leave him alone.

"Blighted States of America" 23 311

Yuri is infuriated when Svetlana invites her parents to the mansion in the hopes that they will convince him to move back to Russia. Determined to get his point across, Yuri dresses Eduard in stereotypical American attire and parades him in front of Svetlana's parents, who leave angrily. Svetlana realises Yuri is happy living the American dream and tries to embrace the culture herself during the servants' Independence Day party. However, complications arise when Svetlana's parents return alongside a vast number of their Russian friends, and a clash of cultures ensues. Meanwhile, Kelly and Nicolas discover that Maris has an entire wardrobe full of baby clothes she once hoped she and Niles would use someday, and subsequently become addicted to dressing up Eduard in various outfits.

"Country Club Dread" 24 312

The servants are stunned when Maris announces that to save her urinal cake company, she plans on selling the mansion and moving into the Bear Creek Country Club Hotel in Woodinville. Kelly manages to persuade Maris into pulling some strings and getting them all jobs at the club. Adam declines the offer and decides it is time to move on. The servants' first day proves trying as Nicolas gets demoted to kitchen porter, Kelly and Svetlana become maids, Jeremy works as a waiter and Yuri becomes a golf caddy. Meanwhile, old staff members—outspoken head cook Misty, charming activities manager Flynn, world-weary club manager Rex and Rex's preppy receptionist daughter Lisa—aren't happy that Maris is staying permanently and take it out on the new arrivals.

  • Adam Hale's last appearance as a main character.

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