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Season 14 of Maris contains 22 episode ideas.


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"The Golf War" 1 313

As Bear Creek prepares for a golf tournament, Kelly finds herself divided between indulging the needs of her demanding mother and performing her new duties as a maid. Now that Maris isn't their employer, Svetlana encourages Kelly to cut ties with her, but the resulting tantrum from Maris puts everyone's new jobs at risk. Meanwhile, Jeremy invokes Rex's irritation when he takes on bets for the tournament, Yuri panics when he loses the keys to the golf carts, and Nicolas' attempts to prove his culinary skills to Misty repeatedly end in disaster.

  • Lisa Grayson, Rex Grayson, Flynn Slater and Misty White become main characters.
"Up Bear Creek Without a Paddle" 2 314

Tired of people assuming she got her job because she is the manager's daughter, Lisa's abilities are put to the test when Rex goes out of town for the weekend, leaving her to run Bear Creek on her own for the first time. Meanwhile, Flynn convinces Nicolas that Misty's aggression towards him is actually misplaced affection, and Nicolas' attempts to let Misty down gently result in Flynn having to pose as his boyfriend.

"Poolside Effects" 3 315

Kelly's innocent flirtation with the handsome lifeguard results in controversy when it turns out he is fifteen years old and the son of one of Bear Creek's most influential members. Meanwhile, Jeremy is assigned to wait on the pool members and struggles to deliver food to them without it getting soaked by their bratty kids.

"Make Room for Caddy" 4 316

When Yuri's co-worker calls in sick, Yuri finds himself unable to use the golf cart because he never got his driving license. Flynn agrees to give Yuri lessons, but his carelessness behind the wheel results in the golf cart plunging straight into the lake. Meanwhile, Kelly and Svetlana are assigned to room service just as Maris goes on her latest eating binge.

"Presenting Lisa" 5 317

Lisa is due to make her debut at a society ball held at the club and Rex is determined for things to run smoothly, but Kelly accidentally puts Lisa's designer dress through the trouser press, and a comment from Maris spurs the kitchen staff to go on strike. Svetlana steps in as cook and her secret Russian recipes yield a mixed reception, while Kelly searches high and low for a replacement dress. Meanwhile, Yuri, Flynn and Jeremy campout in the woods behind Bear Creek.

"Klepto Abysmal" 6 318

When Lisa receives several complaints about items going missing from rooms, Jeremy and Flynn live out their fantasies of being old-fashioned gumshoes and investigate. Svetlana is conflicted when she discovers Kelly is responsible for the thefts, having developed kleptomania as a result of the stress Maris causes her. Svetlana agrees to help Kelly return the items to the rooms, but with Jeremy and Flynn on their tail, it proves challenging. Meanwhile, Misty makes Nicolas wait in the blistering heat for a food delivery when the doorbell stops working.

"Feelin' Pot Pot Pot" 7 319

The staff prepare for the arrival of a group of old ladies from the historical society who meet at the club once a month. Nicolas is surprised to witness a softer side to Misty when her elderly mother turns out to be a part of the group, and the surprises keep coming when he realises Misty regularly gives her mother pot brownies to share amongst her friends as a way to alleviate their aches and pains. Meanwhile, Yuri fills in for Lisa at the front desk when she embarks on typing lessons.

"Lights, Camera, Affirmative Action" 8 320

Nicolas and Yuri discover a passion for golf and consider becoming club members to play more often, but Rex rejects their plea. Later, Nicolas and Yuri are surprised when Rex reverses his decision, and they are made members until it becomes apparent that Rex is only acting on the advice of the club's attorney and accepted them to fulfil a minority quota. Meanwhile, Flynn puts together a morning yoga class for the staff, and Svetlana gets into a contest with Misty to see who can achieve inner peace first.

"A Microwavable Thanksgiving" 9 321

Bear Creek's traditional Thanksgiving celebration is a disaster when all the turkeys expire, and Misty is forced to find alternative food. Hoping to get on Misty's good side, Nicolas enlists Flynn and Yuri to help him sneak into a rival country club on the opposite side of the lake to get more turkeys. Finding only live ones, they are faced with herding them across the lake one at a time in a canoe. Elsewhere, Jeremy and Rex contemplate serving microwaved turkey burgers to guests while Kelly and Svetlana must help Lisa get over her fear of poultry as the turkeys begin to arrive.

"Bad News Bear" 10 322

Panic strikes the club when a lone bear wanders onto the golf course. Yuri is left hiding in a golf cart but manages to drive his way to safety. After the bear is removed, Svetlana demands to Rex that he implements more effective safety measures and becomes the scourge of the golfing community when the course is shut down by the inspector she summoned. In the meantime, Yuri feels emasculated after the incident. Keen hunter Misty encourages him to join her in hunting the bear to get it out of his system, much to the dismay of animal lover Lisa.

"I Married Maris" 11 323

Jeremy is surprised when he runs into an old girlfriend at the club, an unpleasant gold-digger named Cecily who dumped him for a wealthy older man. Still bitter about their break-up, Jeremy pretends to be married to the next wealthy socialite he sees: Maris. Kelly manages to persuade her mother into playing along, and Jeremy is mortified when Maris appears to display a genuine romantic interest in him afterwards. Meanwhile, Rex worries that Lisa is destined to become a gold-digger when she seems to be impressed by Cecily.

"Stop, Hammered Time" 12 324

Kelly and Svetlana take Lisa out to celebrate her 21st birthday, where her inexperience with alcohol gets her drunk after just a few drinks. When Lisa realises she left her apartment key at the club, Kelly and Svetlana drive back there with her, only to find Rex has thrown her a ritzy surprise party. Kelly and Svetlana do all they can to hide Lisa's drunkenness from Rex and the guests, as well as their own. Meanwhile, Misty and Nicolas are mortified when Rex elects to hire independent caterers to save money.

"In it to Flynn It" 13 325

When Rex asks Flynn to put together and run a water aerobics class, Flynn is faced with admitting he is unable to swim. Jeremy agrees to give Flynn lessons at night so he won't feel embarrassed; however, rumours of their supposed pool tryst quickly escalate when the nightwatchman spots them from afar. Meanwhile, after hearing the tales, Nicolas and Yuri become determined to do something spontaneous themselves.

"The Golf Ball Conspiracy" 14 326

When Rex is informed that most of the budget is blown on replacement golf balls, he rents a scuba diving suit for Yuri and asks him to retrieve the balls that have amassed at the bottom of the lake. In the meantime, Kelly learns that Maris has recently entered the golf paraphernalia market and an apparent conspiracy to replace the old golf balls with ones from Maris' new company is slowly unravelled. Meanwhile, Flynn admits to Jeremy that he has never met Maris as all the stories he's been told over the years have caused him to develop a slight phobia of her.

"Recipe for Disaster" 15 327

Tired of never being permitted to flex his culinary muscles, Nicolas rebels by slipping a ratatouille he made onto Jeremy's tray just as he is taking it out. To Nicolas' delight, the diner loves the ratatouille and wants to franchise it, offering him a hefty sum of money and his name on the cover. However, Nicolas has a crisis of conscience when he realises he has robbed Misty of her life-long dream to franchise one of her own recipes. Meanwhile, Svetlana is forced to bring Eduard to work when the babysitter cancels and Lisa becomes infatuated with the baby.

"Houseworkaholics" 16 328

Kelly and Svetlana are confused when an eccentric guest asks to watch their cleaning routine. Flynn informs them that there is a whole string of fetishists who enjoy watching women do housework. Having recently been unable to afford a few essentials, Svetlana has a change of heart after her initial reaction and winds up getting into a major feud with Kelly when she starts filming their room cleaning with a webcam for an off-kilter pay-per-view website. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Yuri discover they can make extra cash from female guests as long as they wear the right trousers.

"The Birthday After Tomorrow" 17 329

When the staff are forced to bring Maris' birthday forward two days early, they compete over getting the best gift for Maris in the hopes of receiving a day off but soon find themselves unable to figure out what to get for the woman who has everything. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana are chagrined as the rescheduled party coincides with their son's own birthday.

"Stash of the Titans" 18 330

Nicolas is surprised to find the kitchen staff have uncovered Misty's secret pot stash and regularly partake in the drug to help themselves deal with her abrasive personality. Worried about the ramifications, Nicolas urges the staff to stop but accidentally reveals the truth in front of Misty. Shocked by how her staff see her, Misty embarks on a drastic personality change, causing the kitchen's productivity to decline dramatically. Meanwhile, Flynn enlists the help of Lisa to keep him up with the latest trends when he embarrasses himself in front of his younger than springtime new girlfriend.

"The Tell-Tale Heartthrob" 19 331

Kelly has the Valentine's Day from Hell when the fifteen-year-old lifeguard she inadvertently flirted with returns seemingly infatuated and intent on winning her heart. Elsewhere, Rex bans all forms of Valentine's decor believing it to be unsuitable for an upscale country club, and almost fires Svetlana when she accidentally dyes the bedsheets pink. Meanwhile, Jeremy's old flame Cecily returns, forcing him to continue the charade that he is married to Maris. However, when Cecily says she has divorced her husband, Jeremy pretends he is in the midst of divorcing Maris himself and regrets it when Cecily insists on getting her cutthroat attorney involved.

"First Days of Our Lives" 20 332

Rex, Lisa, Flynn and Misty's first days are revealed through flashbacks. Rex's management expertise is put to the test as he encounters the one thing he can't manage: Maris. Lisa gets her first job as the new receptionist but still has a lot of growing up to do when her friends get drunk and steal a golf cart. A mix-up results in the arrival of Flynn, a children's entertainer, who does all he can to prove he is capable of being the new activities director as he has become fed up with working with kids. Finally, Misty combats the club members' dramatic resistance to change when she overhauls the entire menu upon her arrival.

"Bad Will Hunting" 21 333

Lisa and Misty clash again when Misty decides to organise a gathering of hunting enthusiasts at Bear Creek, and Misty accuses Lisa of being a spoilt brat when she convinces her father to cancel the event. Later, Lisa and Nicolas worry that Misty has snapped when she refuses to take off her hunting clothes and become convinced that she is planning to hunt her co-workers instead. Meanwhile, Kelly and Jeremy swap jobs for the day following an argument over whether being a maid or waiter is more difficult.

"Oil Scandal" 22 334

Builders strike oil while digging a new sand trap on the golf course. Maris winds up arguing over who it belongs to with Bear Creek's seldom-seen majority shareholder Harris Bane. Kelly, Nicolas, Jeremy, Yuri and Svetlana fear for their jobs when Bane threatens to kick Maris out of the club, along with her staff. Later, the argument appears to settle, and Maris celebrates her apparent victory by allowing her former servants to make several extravagant purchases. Meanwhile, Bane grants Rex, Lisa, Flynn and Misty the same luxury. Everyone soon realises Maris and Bane left the meeting with differing assumptions, and battle lines are drawn between old staff and new as neither side is prepared to give up on their dream purchases.

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