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Season 15 of Maris contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"The Dog Show Must Go On" 1 335

When a dog show is held at the club, Yuri and Svetlana have a surprise reunion with their old dog Biscuit. However, they are disheartened when Biscuit snaps at them and realise her new owner has trained her to hate the working class. Nicolas' allergies lead him to befriend a sweet hairless dog, and he faces a difficult decision when he is asked to adopt it as its hair will grow back eventually. Jeremy has concerns about the food he is serving when he discovers Misty's Korean mentor is paying her a visit. Deciding she wants to own dogs again, Maris impulsively buys a litter of greyhound puppies then goes out of town, forcing Kelly and Lisa to take care of them. Flynn hits on attractive dog owner Adele, only to find out she is Rex's ex-wife.

"Sword is Mightier Than the Pen" 2 336

When Flynn takes up fencing as a way of relieving stress, Rex reveals himself to be an enthusiastic fencer, and the two enjoy sparring. Rex is furious to discover Flynn got the idea from Adele as they had been taking steps to reconcile their differences. Flynn promises his friendship with Adele is platonic, but Rex refuses to listen and challenges him to a duel. The duel is over almost as quickly as it began when they inadvertently demolish a priceless antique mirror Maris had delivered to the club, forcing them to put aside their conflict while they come up with a solution. Elsewhere, Lisa is surprised to learn the new bread deliveryman is an ex-boyfriend who dumped her just before senior prom, and irritates Misty as she seeks vengeance.

"Start Shredding the News" 3 337

A photographer arrives to take pictures of Bear Creek for a magazine. Rex hopes that the publicity will attract new members, but is disappointed when the magazine decides not to publish the article. His spirits are lifted when the photographer sells the pictures to a newspaper instead. Bear Creek subsequently enjoys an influx of new members, leading Rex to discover that the photographs were actually sold to a seedy British tabloid and feature Maris sunbathing topless. While Rex panics over what kind of place Bear Creek may become, Kelly is taken aback by her mother's new free-spirited attitude. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Nicolas clash over their respective cultures when Nicolas makes a snide remark regarding British sensibilities.

"Sneaking with the Enemy" 4 338

Concerned by Maris' recent behaviour, Kelly convinces Svetlana to join her on a stakeout and follow her wherever she goes. Maris eventually emerges after midnight and drives to a seedy motel, where they are shocked to see her in a romantic embrace with her rival, Harris Bane. Kelly becomes convinced that Harris is trying to seduce Maris into selling her shares, but worries that warning her will affect their already fragile trust. Meanwhile, when Yuri is assigned to caddy for Rex's ex-wife Adele after she becomes a club member, he feels awkward after she inadvertently lets slip that she has developed a crush on Flynn.

"Survival of the Witless" 5 339

Rex reluctantly grants Flynn's request to date Adele and keeps his mind occupied with the preparation of a dinner party for Maris and Harris Bane. However, he fails to remember that Adele is an old friend of Maris' and has a nervous breakdown when she shows up at the party with Flynn. Kelly and Lisa must do whatever it takes to keep the party running smoothly, while Rex retreats to the woods behind Bear Creek where he attempts to survive in the wild. Feeling guilty, Flynn enlists Jeremy and Yuri to help track Rex down. Meanwhile, with a whole host of Maris' relatives attending the party, Nicolas finally gets the opportunity to prove his skills to Misty when she is stumped by their eccentric dietary requirements.

"Pawn Stars" 6 340

The former servants have a surprise reunion with their old co-worker Adam, who has become a somewhat famous chess prodigy and is staying at the hotel with his travelling chess troupe. Jeremy and Yuri enjoy catching up with Adam but are dismayed to discover he has forgotten his servant roots when he talks down to them in front of his fellow chess players. Elsewhere, Nicolas has reunited with Theo, the actor he briefly dated. Jeremy and Yuri then get the idea of having Theo pose as a brilliant Russian chess prodigy in an attempt to shake Adam's confidence, but get more than they bargained for when Harris Bane impulsively bets a substantial sum of money on their so-called sure win.

"Under New Mismanagement" 7 341

Rex is advised by his therapist to take an extended vacation, but he struggles to find someone to fill in for him. Busy in meetings all week, Harris Bane appoints Maris to take Rex's place. The reason Maris has always had someone to manage her businesses quickly becomes apparent as she proves to be completely inept in handling the day to day operations of a country club. Kelly agrees to help her mother out when Maris reluctantly admits that she doesn't want to let Harris down, but Kelly soon finds her inherited instincts taking over as she and Maris become increasingly drunk with power. Unwilling to live under their tyranny any longer, Flynn and Lisa embark on a quest to bring Rex back from vacation.

"Fight Golf Club" 8 342

Harris assigns Yuri to caddy for Donald Sugar, an entrepreneur known to give sizeable donations to businesses he likes. Yuri struggles to keep a straight face when Sugar turns out to be awful at golf, leading to him having a major tantrum and throwing his golf clubs into the lake. Yuri subsequently has to convince the infamously difficult hire shop manager Tobias to lend some new golf clubs to Sugar, but he is in no generous mood and refuses to explain why. Meanwhile, Jeremy must mediate a dispute between a notoriously stubborn diner and her equally stubborn chef, Misty.

"Imperfect Getaway" 9 343

Yuri and Svetlana go to a spa for their anniversary, where relaxation in the steam room becomes an awkward affair when they witness Harris getting friendly with a much younger woman. Upon their return to Bear Creek, Yuri and Svetlana debate whether to break the news to Maris, who is head over heels in love with Harris and treating the staff much better as a result. Meanwhile, Misty and Nicolas are tense when a food critic visits the club's dining room to write a review for the Seattle Times, and worry about potential health hazards when Kelly—tasked with babysitting Yuri and Svetlana's young son—inadvertently lets him loose in the kitchen.

"Cranes, Banes and Automobiles" 10 344

Maris invites Kelly to a dinner she's hosting for Harris and his parents, and the night is a disaster as the Banes openly berate Maris for not living up to their family's standards. Kelly seeks refuge in the kitchen and is overcome with guilt for not supporting her mother when Harris decides to break things off with her. When Kelly's attempts to talk to the Banes are rebuffed, she is ready to give up until Nicolas reveals that the Banes—impressed by the food served at the dinner—have hired him and Misty to cater a gourmet evening on their estate. Kelly persuades Misty into letting her go undercover as their maid, and the charade quickly gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Svetlana purchases a decaying family vehicle with the intent of having Yuri fix it up but soon realises his mechanic skills have gotten a little rusty.

"Lisa Has Two Daddies" 11 345

As Flynn and Adele's relationship starts to become more serious, Adele admits she regrets walking out on Lisa at an early age. Flynn takes it upon himself to settle their differences by organising a day of shopping, and it appears to be a success when Adele and Lisa make plans to spend more time with each other, and Lisa gets to know Flynn a little better. However, Rex is convinced he's being usurped as Lisa's father and hurls a torrent of angry remarks at Flynn, who subsequently panics over being a "step-dad" to Lisa, despite her being a fully-grown adult. Meanwhile, Jeremy debates the ethics of breaking the customer confidentiality rule when he spots his ex-girlfriend Cecily dining at the club with a member notorious for his adultery.

"The Fast Food and the Furious" 12 346

Jeremy is chagrined when his workload is effectively doubled after Rex implements a fast food delivery service for the golf club, in which he is expected to deliver food to golfers. After being repeatedly sent back and forth by a particularly demanding golfer, Jeremy decides to go on strike. He gains support in Yuri, who is tired of having to drive him across the golf course several times a day, as well as Nicolas and Misty, who object to their dishes being used in such a way. Rex invites the foursome to negotiations with himself and Harris, and Jeremy is faced with a difficult decision when Harris—impressed by the competence he displayed in organising the protest—offers him a job managing a country club he owns in Cornwall, England.

  • Jeremy Cook's last appearance as a main character.
"A Tents Situation" 13 347

A small kitchen fire breaks out in the middle of the night, forcing hotel guests to sleep in tents on the golf course. Hoping to diffuse their anger, Rex makes the staff lay on a midnight feast. Yuri and Flynn find fame in discreetly getting guests the items they need by sneaking into the rival country club. Nicolas is overwhelmed with guilt over the possibility that he left the stove on and tries to retrace his steps with Misty, only to have paranoia consume them both. Lisa worries that the pressure in keeping everyone satisfied will set back Rex's therapy, so she and Svetlana set up a relaxation tent with the hope of getting him to fall asleep. Meanwhile, Kelly has a traumatising experience when she catches Maris and Harris canoodling in their tent and later learns that they have gotten engaged.

"The Wife Dramatic" 14 348

Svetlana encourages Lisa to sign up for a matchmaking service. To their surprise, the matchmaker turns out to be Harris' ex-wife Lynne, who started the service after their marriage came to an abrupt end. Svetlana and Lisa debate whether to take the news to Kelly, who is tearing her hair out as she and Rex attempt to organise a glitzy engagement party that lives up to Maris' impossible expectations. Meanwhile, Flynn is shocked when Adele reveals she was engaged to Harris for a brief period and worries she still has feelings for him after she urges Flynn to RSVP for the engagement party.

"Breaking Ad" 15 349

Rex announces plans to film a commercial for Bear Creek. Concerned that it will be seen as selling out, Maris recruits Kelly as the creative director, and Kelly soon realises she is little more than a proxy for her mother's radical ideas. In the meantime, Nicolas requests that his actor boyfriend Theo is given a role in the commercial. Nicolas feels awkward when it becomes apparent that Theo's skills are less than proficient, as he's only had experience acting in children's pantomime. Meanwhile, Svetlana and Lisa decide to shed a few pounds when they are selected as background extras for the commercial, and regret asking Flynn for help when he introduces them to his tyrannical exercise regime.

"Exit Through the Golf Shop" 16 350

When hire shop manager Tobias has a mental breakdown, Yuri is enlisted to fill in for him. He soon realises he is in over his head and enlists the help of Svetlana, who promptly puts her stamp on the shop by filling it with scented candles, trinkets and more, infuriating the club's golfers in turn. Svetlana admits she went overboard as she has grown tired of being a maid, leaving Yuri to make a difficult decision between his wife's happiness and that of the members. Meanwhile, Harris forces Rex to conduct interviews with the staff to determine whether anyone else is at risk of having a mental breakdown. Mad at Lisa for making Harris remove veal from the dining room menu, Misty concocts a plan to convince Rex that his daughter has lost her marbles.

"Pale Side of the Moon" 17 351

The staff are chagrined when Harris announces pay cuts all round, especially when he makes several extravagant purchases in anticipation of a very important visitor coming to the club. Flynn encourages the guys to join him in making a protest, and they agree that they will all moon the visitor during his arrival. When Nicolas and Yuri learn that the visitor is actually the mayor of Seattle, they change their minds but fail to inform Flynn of their decision, who promptly makes a fool of himself mooning the mayor on his own. Overwhelmed with guilt, Nicolas and Yuri must do whatever it takes to save Flynn's job and convince the mayor not to press charges. Meanwhile, Svetlana helps Lisa as she tries to land a date with the handsome mayor's assistant.

"Let Them Cheat Cake" 18 352

Kelly enlists Lisa and Svetlana's help in auditioning cake makers for Maris' wedding. Their first auditionee is the abrasive Cheryl, whose cakes turn out to taste awful. Kelly is about to let Cheryl down gently when Yuri inadvertently smacks her around the face with a bag of golf clubs he is carrying, causing her to have a nasty scar. Kelly worries about the legal ramifications when Cheryl, sensing that her cakes were poorly received, hints that she may sue if she isn't hired. Meanwhile, Misty is disappointed that she wasn't chosen to make the cakes for the wedding, forcing Nicolas to admit that sweet food isn't her forte. Stunned by this revelation, Misty enrols in a late night cooking class in an attempt to brush up on her skills and shanghais Nicolas into attending it with her.

"Emergency Dining Room" 19 353

Misty is asked by her mother Ethel to throw a wake at the club for one of her historical society friends, but trouble arises when the dining room gets doubled booked with Maris and Harris' rehearsal dinner. Not wanting to let Ethel down, Misty tries to find a way of balancing the two functions, but soon realises that Maris won't compromise on her special evening. As a result, Misty has her work cut out for her as she attempts to convince Maris' guests that the historical society ladies are distant relatives, and vice versa. Meanwhile, Svetlana is determined to give a police commissioner guest a piece of her mind after receiving an unjust parking ticket, and Flynn, who was forced to be a waiter for the evening, must do whatever it takes to keep her from making a scene.

"Trophy Boyfriends" 20 354

After a stressful day at work, Flynn is surprised when Adele suggests he quits his job and lets her take care of him financially. As a result, Flynn contemplates becoming a "trophy boyfriend", and decides to do some research at the club before making his decision. During his investigation, he is surprised to learn that Nicolas was once a trophy boyfriend for a Seattle politician. Nicolas admits that it was ultimately a hollow existence and that working proved to be much more fulfilling, and Flynn decides not to quit after all. However, one of the most trying working days of their lives—setting up Maris' wedding canvas to her exact specifications—soon has them reconsidering their views. Meanwhile, Misty is desperate for Maris to give her the go-ahead for catering the wedding.

"Maris at the Wedding" (Part 1) 21 355

Kelly has several disasters to contend with on the day of Maris and Harris' wedding: her father Alexander Kingsley has shown up after finding out about the engagement and reveals he is still in love with Maris, forcing Kelly to keep him distracted. At the same time, Maris has a nervous breakdown and locks herself in a freezer—fortunately, she's coldblooded—in a desperate attempt to recreate the comfort of her old sensory deprivation tank. Caterers Nicolas and Misty have to improvise when Maris' intrusion leaves them unable to access the food they need. Meanwhile, Harris is nowhere to be found, so Svetlana and Lisa must search for him throughout the various businesses he owns in Woodinville.

"Altar Egos" (Part 2) 22 356

Svetlana and Lisa's search for Harris leads them to the matchmaking service, where they learn his ex-wife Lynne has turned him into the police for bigamy. Back at the club, an unknowing Kelly convinces Maris to walk down the aisle. When Svetlana and Lisa break the news, the staff fear the consequences and try to come up with a solution while Maris waits impatiently at the altar. Alexander steps up to the plate and agrees to marry Maris in Harris' place. To everyone's relief, Maris goes through with the ceremony. At the reception, Rex and Flynn are shocked when Adele proposes a ménage à trois to settle their differences, Yuri desperately tries to repair the limousine before Maris embarks on her honeymoon, and there is one last surprise in store for Kelly when Maris privately admits that she is pregnant with Harris' child.

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