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Season 16 of Maris contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Baby Fibbers Club" (Part 1) 1 357

As the wedding reception continues, Kelly has trouble hiding the news that Maris is pregnant when she indicates that she plans on sleeping with Alexander during their honeymoon to dupe him into thinking that the baby is his. Overcome with stress, Kelly regresses into her kleptomania and it's up to Yuri and Svetlana to stop her when she embarks on a wild crime spree. Rex and Lisa frantically try to arrange a last minute pre-honeymoon suite for Maris and Alexander. Flynn decides to break up with Adele after realising they have little in common but struggles to go through with it when he discovers she got left at the altar at Harris' last wedding. Nicolas and Misty fight to take credit for the wedding's unique food spread when a wealthy guest expresses interest in launching it as a healthy eating range.

"Suite Dreams" (Part 2) 2 358

As the wedding reception winds down, the gang end up converging on the pre-honeymoon suite for a variety of reasons. Looking for somewhere to stash her haul, Kelly discovers Rex and Lisa preparing the suite and starts hiding things without their knowledge before Yuri and Svetlana show up to confront her. Flynn tries to avoid Adele after she grows increasingly clingy and seeks refuge in the suite. Rex feels awkward, mistakenly thinking that Flynn has taken up Adele's suggestion for the trio to have a threesome. Later, Alexander shows up in an excited mood and Kelly worries that Maris has put her plan in motion earlier than expected. Elsewhere, Leo pays a surprise visit to the club after hearing about his father's impromptu nuptials and gets wrapped up in settling Nicolas and Misty's dispute.

"Crimes and Miss Demeanours" 3 359

Kelly feels abandoned when Svetlana applies for a permanent position in the hire shop, and they get into an argument. Unable to handle maid duties on her own, Kelly recruits Beth, a seemingly innocent high-school graduate. Concerned by his wife being alone all day, Yuri asks Rex to hire a security guard. As Beth's training begins, Kelly notices several items going missing from rooms. Likewise, Svetlana finds much of the shop's stock has disappeared. It soon becomes apparent that Beth and the security guard are father/daughter partners in crime, and Kelly and Svetlana must face up to reconciling their differences to handle the pair. Meanwhile, Flynn does everything in his power to avoid going home to Adele, who has taken to spending all her time in his apartment.

"Mystery Seance Theater" 4 360

Flynn decides to consult a psychic for advice on his quandary with Adele, who turns out to be Misty's identical twin sister Amy. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff receive word that Harris has died in prison after being struck by a mysterious ailment. With Maris and Alexander away on their honeymoon, Kelly and Rex must perform his last affairs at the club. Harris' death increases Adele's affection towards Flynn, much to his displeasure. Misty warns Flynn that Amy is more interested in making money and her advice cannot be trusted. Misty's estimation proves correct when they drop by Amy's office only to find her planning her escape. Misty forces Amy to help Flynn out and they get to work on organising a seance to trick Adele into thinking that Harris' restless spirit wants her to move on and forget about him.

"The Inedible Sulk" 5 361

Nicolas and Misty decide to split the kitchen in half and work separately after a heated recipe-related argument. When it becomes apparent that the quality of the food suffers without their collaboration, Lisa must do whatever it takes to resolve their differences before Rex arrives with a potential new investor. Further problems arise when Nicolas and Misty's refusal to communicate with each other leads to an over-seasoned platter being sent to the dining room, resulting in a major sneezing fit amongst the diners. Ultimately, Lisa manages to settle the feud by deciding that Nicolas and Misty will alternate weeks as head chef, and Misty reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Flynn enlists the help of Yuri to stand his ground when Adele seems intent on swiping everything of value in his apartment after their breakup.

"Judge, Yuri, Executioner" 6 362

Yuri and Svetlana are shocked to find an old family friend of theirs from Russia is on trial for murder. Later, Yuri caddies for Gideon Albright, a member who turns out to be the judge presiding over the case. Albright proves himself to be a generous tipper and Svetlana couldn't be more pleased as Eduard has just got accepted into a pricey pre-school. However, Yuri has a crisis of conscience when he discovers Albright is in possession of a substantial amount of cocaine. As a result, he is forced make a difficult decision between ensuring the financial security of his family or supporting an old friend. Meanwhile, Nicolas takes pity on Lisa after she brings a cheese sandwich to work and starts making lunches for her, but he quickly grows to resent the arrangement when Lisa's fussy side gradually unravels.

"Ponds Have More Fun" 7 363

When Lisa discovers ducks on the nearby pond are becoming morbidly obese due to the high amount of visitors feeding them bread, she sets out to raise awareness. The problem gets resolved when she erects warning signs, but Misty is irritated by this and rants at Lisa about her hippie activist ways. Rex confronts Misty, who admits that she frequently fed the ducks as it reminded her of time spent with her mother, an activity which has since ceased due to her deteriorating health. Misty agrees to apologise but soon finds that her words have had a profound effect on Lisa, who ditches her hippie-inclined wardrobe in favour of wearing more conservative clothing and starts snacking on beef jerky while she works. Rex takes it upon himself to settle Misty and Lisa's differences once and for all.

"Kid in a Caddy Store" 8 364

Yuri and Svetlana are forced to bring Eduard into work when their baby-sitter cancels. Knowing that Rex frowns upon having children at an upscale country club, they do all they can to keep Eduard out of sight. Difficulties arise when Eduard manages to pull the hire shop's fire alarm, and everyone is forced to evacuate. Rex demands to know who is responsible and out of desperation, Yuri takes the blame, pretending his marriage to Svetlana is on the rocks and that he pulled the alarm in a spiteful attempt to empty her shop of its customers. The lies quickly escalate when Svetlana gets involved, and they start contradicting each other's stories. Meanwhile, Kelly inadvertently instigates a power play between Nicolas and Misty when she asks Nicolas to make hors d'oeuvres for the guests while they wait outside.

"Everybody Flirts" 9 365

Nicolas is left in charge of the kitchen when Misty goes out of town, and he faces up to ordering stock for the first time. Nicolas soon realises the stock supplier is taking advantage of his inexperience and enlists the help of Kelly to flirt her way into getting him a generous discount. The plan is a success and Nicolas promises to return the favour should the need ever arise. It's not long before their agreement comes to pass when Kelly discovers that a club member is selling the car she's dreamed of owning ever since she was a little girl. Kelly winds up causing the member offence when she asks Nicolas to flirt with him into getting a good deal, under the assumption that he is gay. Meanwhile, Lisa baulks at the prospect of men being able to flirt with her to get what they want, until Flynn points out that she lets it happen all the time.

"Fraternal Flynns" 10 366

Flynn is surprised to learn that Rex and Adele have gotten back together. As the days pass, it soon becomes apparent that Adele is gradually moulding Rex into a doppelgänger of Flynn in an attempt to recreate their relationship. Flynn quickly begins to feel like he is losing his identity and becomes determined to get Rex back to normal after several members comment on how he is just like the manager. However, Rex denies the accusations, forcing Flynn to take drastic measures. Meanwhile, Kelly is surprised to receive a substantial payment in a letter from Maris, who will be returning from her honeymoon soon. She concludes that it is hush money in exchange for concealing the truth about Maris' baby, and is left debating the ethics of spending the money alongside the equally cash-strapped Yuri and Svetlana.

"In the Name of the Mother" 11 367

Leo asks Kelly to dinner at the club so they can catch up before he goes out of town. At the same time, Nicolas is put to the test as his first week as head chef officially begins. He is soon forced to contend with several complicated orders, leading him and Misty to conclude that Maris has returned from her honeymoon a few days early. Nicolas and Misty quickly grow irritated when they are forced to make several substitutions, resulting in Nicolas rushing into the dining room to speak his mind. To his surprise, the offending customer is, in fact, Kelly; who is horrified by the revelation that her demanding food habits have become just like her mother's. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana separately counsel Lisa and Flynn as they try to come to terms with their recent kiss.

"Father of the Lied" 12 368

When Maris and Alexander return from their honeymoon, Kelly feels guilty about concealing the truth from her father. Kelly reaches breaking point when she sees how excited Alexander is about becoming a father again and enlists the help of Svetlana to keep her mouth on a figurative leash. The greater challenge comes later on, however, when Maris and Alexander invite Kelly to a homecoming dinner party, forcing her and Svetlana to compromise after Maris insists on it being family only. In the meantime, Rex and Lisa ready Maris' suite in anticipation of Alexander moving in, but encounter difficulty in comprehending Maris' bizarre pre-written instructions. The afternoon quickly turns into an awkward affair when Flynn is enlisted to do some handiwork, and his recent kiss with Lisa comes to light in front of Rex.

"The Woodinville Wives" 13 369

In the wake of Alexander's departure, Maris sets out to gain complete ownership of the club and is shocked to discover that Harris' shares have been divided equally between several of his ex-wives. Kelly, Nicolas, Yuri and Svetlana accompany Maris to a meeting with the wives, only to find they formed a weekly social club after learning about Harris' bigamy, where they meet, drink and trade marriage anecdotes. As Maris gets to work on convincing the wives to hand over their shares, the gang get themselves caught up in a conspiracy when a series of innocuous comments lead them to believe that the group were responsible for Harris' sudden death in prison. Back at the club, Misty suffers through another visit from her annoying twin sister Amy and is somewhat uncomfortable when Flynn starts flirting with her.

"Twin, Lose or Draw" 14 370

Misty feels awkward as Flynn continues to date her twin sister, Amy, while Lisa feels jealous as she had hoped her recent kiss with Flynn would lead somewhere. Realising they share similar goals, Misty and Lisa put aside their differences and attempt to split Flynn and Amy up. Their plan soon gets underway, with Misty outfitting herself in hippie clothes akin to Amy's, leading to Flynn planting a kiss on her in front of Amy and Lisa. Amy breaks up with Flynn on the spot and leaves. Lisa is overcome with guilt when she realises that Flynn genuinely felt something for Amy and encourages Misty to help her correct the mistake. Meanwhile, Maris indulges in yet another eating binge as a coping mechanism for Alexander leaving her, sending the kitchen into overdrive as Nicolas struggles to keep on top of her demands.

"Silent Mistreatment" 15 371

As Maris continues to deal with the heartbreak of Alexander's departure, she pins the blame squarely on Kelly and starts giving her the silent treatment. By coincidence, Flynn ends up doing the same thing to Lisa and Misty after they sabotaged his relationship with Amy. With both silent treatments occurring at once, Yuri begins to feel like he has stepped into a silent movie, a genre enjoyed by himself and Svetlana when they first came to America. In a fantasy sequence; an evil moustache-tweaking baron (Maris) attempts to build a railroad through the club, and it's up to a gutsy young cowboy (Yuri) and his eager associates (Nicolas and Rex) to save the day, while dealing with the baron's repeated attempts to tie damsels in distress to the railroad tracks.

"Caddyshackled" 16 372

Tired of never commanding any respect as a caddy, Yuri tenders his resignation and starts searching for another job. After several days of coming up empty, he begins to feel like he has failed as a provider for his family until Svetlana takes pity and tells him that Maris has agreed to let him do janitorial work in the hire shop. Though it feels like a step-down, Yuri enjoys no longer having to kiss up to snooty members but winds up feeling emasculated when he realises Svetlana lied about getting Maris' permission and the job isn't real. Feeling guilty, Svetlana manages to make the situation worse when she approaches Maris about letting Yuri manage golf course operations, emasculating him even further when Maris accepts. Meanwhile, Nicolas and Misty spend the day arguing over whose turn it is to be head chef.

"The Sum of All Beards" 17 373

Lisa has grown tired of Rex interfering in her love life by offering to set her up with various men. After overhearing Nicolas and Svetlana gossiping, she discovers the concept of "beards"; men or women hired by celebrities to off-set rumours about their sexuality. Nicolas agrees to help Lisa find a beard of her own and introduces her to Clyde, a friendly gay man who needs her to act as his girlfriend in front of his conservative parents. In turn, he agrees to pose as her boyfriend so that Rex will quit interfering in her life. The charade gets out of hand when Clyde admits he has a crush on Nicolas and Flynn approaches Lisa about giving their relationship a try, and it'll take a lot of improvisation to put everything in its rightful place. Meanwhile, Yuri struggles to enforce his authority as he begins his new job managing the golf course.

"The Wrath of Con" 18 374

Svetlana is horrified when her new shop assistant turns out to be Beth on a second chance program for ex-cons. Svetlana is overcome with paranoia but feels better when Yuri points out that Rex installed security cameras in the shop following the crime spree by Beth's father. Svetlana's concerns become a reality when a substantial sum of money goes missing from the cash register. When she and Rex review the security tapes, Svetlana is shocked to witness herself sleepwalking and stealing the money, after taking a nap in the back room. Overcome with guilt for pinning the blame on Beth, Svetlana realises she must do something that's never come easily to her: apologise. In the meantime, Yuri becomes concerned that Svetlana's sleepwalking is the result of their recent financial woes.

"Date Misbehavin'" 19 375

As Lisa and Flynn prepare to go on their first date, Rex has trouble accepting the fact that his daughter is romantically involved with a womaniser. Hoping to keep an eye on them, he shanghais Misty into following them to an Italian restaurant, where she poses as his date. Rex and Misty encounter difficulty in keeping themselves hidden when the waiting staff incorrectly sing the happy birthday song to them. After being left in charge of the dining room, Nicolas gets an unusual request from a diner and discovers the recipe for it is missing. Believing Misty will know its location, Nicolas heads to the restaurant and manages to confuse the situation even further. Meanwhile, Kelly enlists the help of Svetlana and Lisa to put together a Lamaze class for Maris when she gets kicked out of her own.

"Baby on Bored" 20 376

As the birth of Maris' baby approaches, Bree and Roger make a surprise visit to the club to give her a box of their daughter Clara's old clothes. When Bree talks about how Maris is inexperienced with children, Kelly is disheartened to find out that Maris never even held her when she was born. Kelly subsequently refuses to be a part of Maris' pregnancy any longer, believing her mother never actually cared for her. Bree and Roger turn to Rex and Lisa for help in patching up Maris and Kelly's differences but soon find their preferred methods of therapy differ significantly. Meanwhile, Misty is disheartened to learn that her mother has gotten kicked out of the historical society due to her declining health, and Nicolas does everything in his power to keep her from sabotaging their annual get-together in the dining room.

"Maternal Damnation" 21 377

After remaining defiant for several weeks, Maris finally caves in and goes on maternity leave, reluctantly leaving Kelly in charge of the club. At the same time, Yuri is shocked to learn that the club's golf course got declared by the Seattle Times as one of the worst places to play due to its boggling design. Kelly agrees to hire an architect to come up with a new design and it soon becomes apparent that he is a strange young man eager to make a significant artistic statement. When Kelly baulks at Yuri's claims, he begins to worry that she is subconsciously trying to sabotage the club to defy Maris, whom she is still feuding with on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Nicolas has an awkward dinner with his boyfriend Clyde's parents, who are only just beginning to come to terms with their son's recent revelation.

"Mall in the Family" 22 378

It's Mother's Day, and Maris is in a foul mood as her baby is over a week late. Against her staff's advice, she decides to have a girl's day out at the local shopping mall, taking her entire female staff with her. Kelly is upset when Maris rejects her attempts to spend the day with her and becomes determined to make things right between them. Misty reunites with her annoying twin sister Amy, who sets out to develop a sisterly bond with her. Lisa and Svetlana run into Adele and are forced to deal with her attempts to ruin the day when she learns of Lisa's relationship with Flynn. Trouble arises when Maris goes into labour in the middle of a particularly convoluted department store, and the girls face up to delivering the baby themselves when the complex layout delays the paramedics. After the baby is born, the day is complete when Kelly returns alongside Alexander, who has decided to forgive Maris for her indiscretions. Back at the club; Nicolas, Yuri, Rex and Flynn are out of their element as they are forced to organise and run a child beauty pageant.

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