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"Nepotism by Fire" 1 379

Maris reclaims full ownership of the club and moves into a nearby townhouse with Alexander and their newborn son Malcolm, but soon finds she is divided between her duties and reluctantly relinquishes control of the club to Kelly, promoting her to manager in place of Rex. While Kelly is delighted with the promotion, she feels guilty about Rex and attempts to find him another position. Lisa is furious by this shameless display of nepotism, but the realisation that she was afforded the same luxury when she was hired as a secretary has her rethinking her own future. In the meantime, Nicolas is convinced that Clyde is planning on proposing to him and enlists Yuri to practice a hypothetical proposal. Witnessing this scenario, Svetlana becomes jealous as Yuri's proposal to her wasn't nearly as romantic. Elsewhere, Flynn shows new maid Beth the ropes and is dismayed when she makes her crush on him abundantly clear; while Misty considers taking a stand when Maris forces her to work overtime cooking gourmet baby food for Malcolm.

"How I Got Into Community College" 2 380

Lisa applies to a local community college, but after realising that getting in will be more difficult than expected due to the high number of applicants, she attempts to put things in her favour by inviting the review committee to Bear Creek for a complimentary weekend. Feeling guilty about Rex's dismissal, Kelly rallies the staff to talk Lisa up to the committee members, but Flynn must remain hidden when it becomes apparent that the head of the committee is a woman he slept with and never called back. Meanwhile, Nicolas shows up at work wearing an engagement ring and admits to Yuri that he found in Clyde's desk. Realising the gravity of what he's done, Nicolas persuades Yuri to sneak out of work with him and put the ring back before Clyde gets home.

"Nanny and the Oppressor" 3 381

Rex's struggle to find a job sends Kelly on a guilt trip. Meanwhile, Alexander and Maris are having trouble finding a nanny for Malcolm due to Maris' reputation at local agencies. Alexander turns to Yuri and Svetlana to pose as a couple in need of a nanny while he and Maris hide behind the curtains. When Maris' boorish behaviour scares the candidates away, Yuri and Svetlana are ready to give up until Kelly arrives and suggests that they give Rex a trial after he expressed fond memories of raising Lisa. Rex's first day proves trying when it becomes apparent that Malcolm is already exhibiting many of his mother's worse qualities. Elsewhere, Nicolas and Misty spend the morning filling in for Svetlana at the hire shop and are mortified to learn that she has taken to serving snacks to her customers, depriving them of some much-needed sales at lunchtime.

"Severe Hire Damage" 4 382

Svetlana fears for her job in the hire shop when a golf pro known for his diva attitude accuses her of sabotaging his chances in Bear Creek's annual tournament by purposely giving him the wrong equipment. Svetlana becomes determined to demonstrate her innocence and sets out to prove that she gave him the items he asked for, and is furious when she discovers that Yuri placed a substantial bet on the competing pro, making it appear as if they were involved in a scam together. As this is going on, Flynn and Misty feel wracked with guilt over the possibility that they mixed up the stock after playing a few rounds of golf overnight. Meanwhile, Lisa cuts her receptionist job down to weekends when her community college work becomes too much to handle, and subsequently becomes embroiled in a feud with her weekday replacement when she implements a bold new filing system.

"Disengaged" 5 383

After announcing his engagement to Clyde, Nicolas asks the gang to keep it quiet as Clyde's parents are influential members of the club and don't like the idea of their son marrying the help. Kelly and Svetlana panic when a member overhears them gossiping about the engagement and must track him down to prevent the news spreading, and end up following the member as he undergoes his usual routine and dispenses the gossip to everyone he meets. As a result, the gang are forced to buy the silence of the staff who dealt with the member, offering them free services or performing favours as incentives. Meanwhile, Lisa helps Beth face a crisis when several cleaning products go missing and is vexed to learn of her crush on Flynn in the process.

"Housesitting Pretty" 6 384

Rex and Misty have an argument when Rex brings Malcolm into the kitchen. Later, Rex housesits for Maris and Alexander while they're out of town, but Malcolm won't stop crying as he has grown accustomed to Maris' presence. After making an apologetic plea to Misty over the phone, she agrees to join Rex and has to pretend she is Maris to quell Malcolm. Misty admits that she feels uneasy around Malcolm as he is a consistent reminder that she may never have kids of her own, and she and Rex wind up drinking and having a good time together. In the meantime, Kelly becomes concerned by her parents' disappearance, as they neglected to inform her of their business trip. After arriving at the townhouse, she becomes convinced that it has been broken into after hearing the playing music and prepares to confront the intruders, with Yuri and Flynn acting as her unwitting bodyguards.

"Canadian Horror Story" 7 385

It's Halloween, and Kelly is in for an unpleasant fright when Maris' outspoken mother Frances—a woman she long assumed to be dead—arrives from Canada after divorcing her husband. Kelly takes the opportunity to try and get to know her grandmother, but regrets it when it becomes apparent that she has all of Maris' worst traits, except doubled. Meanwhile, Frances' stepson Logan follows soon after, hoping to convince Frances to reconcile with his father. Svetlana takes pity on Logan when Frances rebuffs his attempts, and tries to cheer him up by inviting him to the staff's annual Halloween party. Yuri is overcome with jealousy, and argues with Svetlana when he suggests that she has always had gold-digging tendencies buried deep within her. Elsewhere, Nicolas and Misty are tasked with creating the ultimate Halloween-themed buffet but struggle to devise a menu that's both appetising and appropriately spooky at the same time.

"Appointment in Svetlana" 8 386

When a string of elderly members collapse and die on the golf course, Rex reluctantly deals with the prying eyes of detectives and desperately tries to keep the controversy under wraps. The only thing seemingly tying the members together is the fact that they all forgot to bring their personal sets of clubs, forcing them to rent them from Svetlana in the hire shop. As a result, Svetlana becomes known as the “angel of death”, leaving her desperately trying to prove her innocence. Yuri and Svetlana subsequently get into another argument when Svetlana accuses Yuri of not being supportive enough in her time of need, and the case worsens when the real reason the members died gets uncovered: their blood pressures heightened after eyeing up Svetlana's rather flattering new work attire. Meanwhile, when Flynn spares Beth the likely devastating result of allowing her father to play a round of golf, Lisa is jealous when they develop a friendship.

"Home Away from Homewrecker" 9 387

After Lisa catches Flynn chatting with Beth, they have an argument which culminates with Flynn deciding to end their relationship. After returning to her apartment, Lisa's trying day continues as she stumbles upon her father getting cosy with Misty. Rex admits he and Misty have been enjoying a casual fling for the past few weeks. Appalled, Lisa decides it is time she found her own place and agrees to let real estate enthusiast Nicolas help her out. After finding the perfect apartment, the two of them wind up getting into a oneupmanship contest with Beth, who as it turns out is searching for a place of her own. In the meantime, Flynn ponders whether he made a mistake in giving up on his relationship with Lisa and tries to keep his mind off it by putting together an exercise class for members of the club who are single, which ends up depressing him further.

"The French Reflection" 10 388

In the days approaching Nicolas and Clyde's wedding, Yuri is dismayed to learn that Nicolas doesn't plan on returning after his honeymoon and intends on making a fresh start with Clyde in France. However, the day is called into question when Clyde breaks the news that his parents have backed out of their promise to finance the wedding. Feeling sorry for Nicolas, Yuri persuades Kelly to throw the wedding at the club, and the rest of the gang agree to waive their usual pay and help out. Misty reacts with mixed emotions over the news of Nicolas' departure and has trouble flying solo in the kitchen for the first time in many years. Meanwhile, Svetlana and Lisa search for a priest and wind up dominating his time asking for advice over their turbulent love lives.

  • Nicolas Baudin's last appearance as a main character.
"Maris Christmas" 11 389

Leo pays a visit to the club alongside his grandfather Charles, who is struggling to come to terms with being a widower. Kelly takes the opportunity to invite Leo and Charles to a Christmas dinner she is hosting for Maris, Alexander and Frances. When Frances continues to bemoan her divorce, Kelly and Leo get the idea of setting her up with Charles, but the meal is a disaster when it transpires that Frances and Charles founded their respective family businesses and had been rivals ever since. In the meantime, the rest of the staff get shanghaied into catering the event. Struggling to keep on top of everyone's dietary requirements without Nicolas, Misty ends up having a nervous breakdown which forces Rex to source food from other places and pass it off as homemade. At the same time, Yuri and Svetlana continue to bicker, and Lisa reacts badly when Flynn and Beth arrive in the same car.

"The Priest with Two Backs" 12 390

Concerned about their recent bickering, Svetlana persuades Yuri to try couples counselling with Father Romick. When their first session is a disaster, Romick agrees to council them separately. It soon becomes apparent that Romick is something of a sociopath when he offers Yuri and Svetlana conflicting advice in a Machiavellian desire to analyse their behaviour. Kelly later learns from Maris that Romick was her childhood priest and she made a false accusation against him to get out of Sunday school. As a result, Romick was cast out of the church for many years and is now on a campaign of revenge against Maris and her associates. Yuri and Svetlana become determined to get their own back and have a good time doing it, bringing them to the realisation that a lack of fun was causing their recent discord.

"Male Order Snide" 13 391

Kelly is dismayed to learn of her mother's old fashioned values when Maris indicates that Malcolm will inherit most of her assets when he comes of age as he is the male of the family. Determined to prove her worth, Kelly enlists the help of Leo and is subsequently dismayed to learn that Alexander has a similar arrangement, favouring Leo above her in his own will. Driven by these heartless betrayals, Kelly goes off the rails and steals Malcolm out from under Rex's nose, barricading herself in the hire shop with him to demand equal treatment. Leo and Rex attempt to coax her out; while Lisa and Svetlana must do whatever it takes to keep the media, hungry for a controversial story about Maris after a lengthy period of inactivity, at bay. Elsewhere, Misty worries she has lost her groove as a slave-driving battleaxe when she finds herself unable to yell at an incompetent employee.

"The Masque of Zorro" 14 392

In the wake of his breakup with Lisa, Flynn becomes determined to recapture his youth after realising that being with her made him feel young. He shanghais Yuri into crashing a frat party; to their surprise, it turns out to be at the community college Lisa attends. Desperate to keep himself hidden, Flynn raids the students' cupboards for a disguise and winds up resembling Zorro. Throughout the evening, Yuri acts as Flynn's unwitting accomplice as he finds fame in doing good and preventing injustice. However, Flynn has trouble keeping his identity a secret when he and Yuri discover that Lisa is potentially the victim of sexual harassment from one of her peers. Back at the club, Rex isn't happy with the news that his daughter is attending frat parties and Svetlana does all she can to keep him from crashing the party himself; while Misty sets out to cheer Kelly up when she expresses regret over her lack of partying as a young adult.

"Teenage Nightmare" 15 393

Yuri is out of his comfort zone when Kelly signs Bear Creek up for a local high school's work experience program, forcing him to show several misfit teenagers how to work on the golf course. Yuri's inability to keep them under control sends him into a panic over his son Eduard becoming a teenager. Svetlana promises him that they won't have to worry about it for several years but ends up getting into a panic herself when Eduard has an almost teenaged tantrum for the first time. Kelly, on the other hand, worries about the consequences when the teenagers carjack one of the golf carts and wind up causing a nasty scratch on Maris' expensive Mercedes. Meanwhile, Misty regrets firing one of her wards when it turns out that they baked the best cookies she's ever tasted, leaving her faced with the arduous task of apologising to get her hands on the recipe.

"Defusing My Religion" 16 394

Yuri and Svetlana are dismayed when Father Romick returns to the club, ostensibly to make amends for his misdeeds. Believing he is truly repentant, Svetlana agrees to let Romick work at the hire shop after he admits he got fired. Svetlana takes on more than she bargained for when Romick gradually converts the shop into a full-fledged church, and even manages to gain several parishioners. The club consequently gets embroiled in a controversy over religious freedom as Kelly puts in motion plans to get rid of the church, and Svetlana realises it's up to her to usher Romick out of their lives once and for all. Meanwhile, Rex and Misty begin to have concerns that their relationship survives solely because of physical attraction and spend the afternoon trying to get to know each other's personalities; leading to extended moments of awkward silence.

"Homeless Improvement" 17 395

Jealous after witnessing the growing affection between Flynn and Beth, Lisa becomes determined to move on and find a man of her own. Knowing that Flynn prides himself on his intelligence, Lisa goes after someone even smarter than him: the mature community college professor she met earlier in the week. However, Lisa winds up making a fool of herself when it becomes apparent that the man she believed to be a professor is, in actuality, homeless and known to spend his days on a bench in the college grounds. Determined to prove she isn't superficial, Lisa makes a point of continuing to date the homeless man and ends up initiating a seemingly never-ending war between herself and Flynn over who can be the better person. Meanwhile, Yuri desperately searches for a solution when the golf course's industrial lawnmower breaks down hours before the start of a tournament.

"North of the Border" 18 396

When Maris has yet another argument with Frances and casts her out of the house, Kelly agrees to drive her grandmother back to Canada and is surprised when they run into Charles waiting at the border check. Kelly agrees to let Charles into the car, and soon learns that he and Frances had a brief romantic liaison many years ago before becoming business rivals. Realising the collapse of their romance is potentially the reason why Frances is so bitter today, Kelly takes it upon herself to reconcile their differences before the journey's end, desperately striving to prove that she can overcome the worst of her own inherited traits. Back at the club, Yuri and Svetlana are dismayed when their son's fifth birthday coincides with his first day of school. Hoping to get the date changed, they invite the school principal to the club for a weekend of pampering, but he is quick to notice their attempted bribery.

"Change is in the Airport" 19 397

Lisa is looking forward to a class trip to Rome, Italy. However, she is dismayed to learn that Rex has signed up to be a chaperone alongside Misty. Later, a sudden blizzard detains Lisa's class at the airport and Lisa's patience wears increasingly thin as she witnesses Rex and Misty's embarrassing loved-up behaviour, driving her to confront Rex over his involvement in her life. With the roads closed and the plane delayed for hours, Lisa and Rex have no choice but to deal with their issues, and the situation is tempered by the presence of Maris; busy making the airport staff's shifts a living hell from within the VIP lounge. Back at the club, Flynn persuades Yuri to join him in a series of daredevil snowboarding stunts on the golf course. Svetlana surmises that Flynn is once again trying to recapture his youth as his relationship with Lisa had once done; a theory seemingly confirmed when Flynn impulsively decides to follow Lisa to Rome.

"Malcolm in the Quibble" 20 398

With Rex in Italy with Lisa, Misty and Flynn, Kelly finds herself tasked with taking care of Malcolm while Maris is out of town and Alexander is busy working. The experience reminds Kelly of how much she adores kids and has her thinking about her future. Later, when Alexander arrives at the club to pick Malcolm up, he praises Kelly and says that Malcolm could use a good mother like her. With some prompting from Kelly, Alexander reluctantly admits that he and Maris broke up while they were out of town several weeks earlier, and have been keeping it hidden to maintain their public image. Kelly reacts with mixed emotions following this news, especially when she realises Maris has granted Alexander full custody of Malcolm: a painful reminder of her own abandonment by Maris. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana devise a series of escalating excuses when Beth repeatedly enquires about Flynn's whereabouts.

"Rome is Where the Heart Is" 21 399

When Rex and Misty return from Rome, Rex is overcome with jealousy when he discovers the bond that Kelly has developed with Malcolm. Misty tells Kelly that Lisa has decided to travel Europe with Flynn to work on defining their relationship, and as a result, Rex is having trouble letting his daughter go. Kelly agrees to let Rex spend more time with Malcolm, but is furious when Maris insists on having Malcolm to herself to make sure the public think she is as good of a parent as Alexander. Furious with her mother for using Malcolm as a commodity, Kelly becomes determined to teach her petty parents a lesson, ultimately exposing the truth about their pseudo-relationship at a charity banquet. On a positive note, the resulting outburst between Maris and Alexander leads to them spending a night in jail, granting Rex temporary custody of Malcolm.

"Bachelor Cabin in the Woods" 22 400

As the breakup between Maris and Alexander becomes public; Yuri and Rex are surprised to receive invitations to a housewarming party being thrown by Alexander in his new bachelor pad. To their surprise, Alexander has settled into the old cabin in the woods behind Bear Creek, renovating it to modern standards. Yuri becomes convinced that Alexander has finally snapped and invited them with sinister intentions; while Rex has concerns over Malcolm's wellbeing. Elsewhere, in the wake of her public shame, Maris becomes obsessed with gathering her assets and sends Kelly, Svetlana and Misty to the former site of her mansion, convinced following a sensory deprivation epiphany that she buried a box of family heirlooms there. They soon find that a timeshare company got built in the mansion's place, and the girls find themselves ushered into a seemingly endless presentation.

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