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"Tales from the Spinsterhood" 1 401

In the aftermath of his divorce to Maris, Alexander has moved to California, taking Malcolm with him. As a result, Maris fully embraces spinsterhood and becomes a bitter lush, spending her days drinking and starting fights with everyone at the club. Kelly tries to calm Maris down and sets on contacting her ex-husband Dr. Niles Crane for assistance. Wanting nothing more to do with Maris, Niles sends his 23-year old son David; an aspiring psychiatrist who is eager to put his burgeoning skills to the test. During his visit, David manages to get on everyone's nerves by pointing out their issues; correctly surmising Svetlana has been keeping her unhappiness hidden from Yuri, and implying Rex and Misty are not a good match. On the plus side, Maris mellows after a few hours on the couch with David, forcing Kelly to make a difficult choice between her mother's happiness and that of her friends.

  • David Crane becomes a main character.
"Arrested Elopement" 2 402

Rex receives an unpleasant surprise when Lisa and Flynn return, escorted by the police after a string of arrests across Europe for indecent exposure. His anger intensifies when he discovers that Lisa and Flynn got married while in Paris. Accusing Lisa of trying to shut him out, Rex refuses to be a part of her life any longer but is faced with retracting this decision when the disbarred lawyer Sandy Stone returns, still harbouring a grudge against Maris and eager to re-establish her career by building a case against Lisa and Flynn in court. Meanwhile, after David decides to stick around for a few months to continue counselling Maris, Yuri and Svetlana agree to help him practice working with couples in the hopes of resolving their recent issues for free.

"Dean with Envy" 3 403

After neglecting to inform him about her impromptu trip to Europe, Lisa attempts to make nice with Edgar Whelan, the dean of her community college. When it becomes apparent that Whelan is lonely, Lisa invites him to a dinner party being thrown at the club to celebrate her marriage to Flynn. However, complications arise when several of the guests pull out at the last moment, leaving Lisa alone with Whelan and giving him the illusion that they are on a date. Despite Flynn's frustration, Lisa worries that correcting the mistake will get her kicked out of college. In the meantime, Kelly is feeling guilty that her mother's spiteful behaviour has once again left Rex unemployed. As a result, she becomes determined to find him another role at the club, but when her relentless persistence intrudes on his personal life, Misty grows frustrated with having to compete for her boyfriend's time.

"Indemnity Crisis" 4 404

After being warned that the club's insurance policy only covers staff or members, Kelly is forced to inform Rex that he is no longer able to hang out at the club. A dejected Rex agrees to leave until Misty creates an unofficial position for him in the kitchen without Kelly's consent. As a result, the insurance policy lapses, leaving the club without cover. With a big golf tournament about to get underway, Kelly desperately tries to prevent any disasters from occurring. In the meantime, Yuri is pleased to learn that one of his old sports heroes from Russia is participating in the tournament, but when he turns out to be a self-involved jerk, Svetlana does all she can to stop Yuri finding out. Elsewhere, David struggles to keep himself awake during his sessions with Maris and regrets downing several gallons of caffeine when Kelly locks the toilets in fear of a plumbing disaster; Flynn and Lisa have been tasked with setting up port-a-potties but are struggling to comprehend the poorly written instructions.

"Remains of the Daycare" 5 405

When Kelly sets up a daycare for the club, Flynn gets shanghaied into watching over the kids when traffic delays the employees. Flynn ends up having a better time than he expected and finds himself yearning for his former career as a children's entertainer. However, his reaffirmed obsession with kids results in Lisa believing that he is angling for them to have a baby. Although initially sceptical, Lisa suddenly finds herself bombarded with maternal pangs, leading to her impulsively quitting community college to devote her time to becoming a full-time mother. When Flynn discovers the extent of the misunderstanding, he worries he has jeopardised Lisa's future and that correcting the mistake will end their relationship. In the meantime, Rex panics over the possibility of becoming a grandfather, while Misty has an altercation with the daycare manager over whether to serve healthy or fun snacks.

"Relationshipwrecked" 6 406

Flynn is preparing to leave Bear Creek to become a children's entertainer; while Lisa plans on returning to Europe. Realising that neither Flynn or Lisa are happy with these developments, Rex finally gets over his objections to their relationship and concocts a plan to bring them back together. Elsewhere, Malcolm arrives at the club for Maris' pre-agreed bi-monthly visit. Kelly is dismayed when Maris skips out her responsibilities to attend an appointment with her plastic surgeon, resulting in a major screaming fit from Malcolm. Rex's plan is a disaster, but salvation comes at the last minute when Flynn and Misty successfully calm Malcolm down together, reaffirming their bond. Subsequently, they decide to fly Malcolm back to California to figure out how they get on with childcare and see where things go from there. Meanwhile, David enlists the help of Yuri and Svetlana in developing a smooth, calming voice for use in his psychiatric sessions.

"Growing Cranes" 7 407

David is surprised when his 15-year old sister Hester arrives in a bus after having a fight with their parents back in Chicago. David agrees to let Hester crash in his room while he straightens things out with Niles and Daphne over the phone, but feels awkward when he realises the invitation extends to Hester's unseemly boyfriend, Andy. David soon realises Andy was the catalyst of the argument, and feeling uncomfortable about keeping an eye on his kid sister; he enlists Kelly to hang out with her. David gets more than he bargained for when Kelly, empathising with Hester's desire to escape the control of an unreasonable parent, persuades her to get herself emancipated, landing himself in hot water with Niles and Daphne and calling his potential as a psychiatrist into question. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana are struggling to balance work with Eduard's school schedule.

"Irrational Man of Misty" 8 408

Misty is upset to learn her mother has passed away and attends the funeral with Rex; afterwards, a wake begins in the club's dining room. Rex feels awkward throughout the service when he notices that all of Misty's sisters are married to older men like him. As a result, he becomes self-conscious about his and Misty's age difference and becomes determined to prove his youth. At the same time, Misty is feeling that everyone in her family has settled down and it's time she did the same, leading to her deciding that she will be more mature from this point on. Consequently, Rex and Misty's different decisions lead to various misunderstandings at the wake. With Misty occupied, Yuri and Svetlana take charge of the kitchen, while David is eager to council his friends about death, only to feel chagrined when he realises everyone has already come to terms with it.

"Cranestorm" 9 409

Hester decides to stay with David indefinitely when she hears her parents will be moving to China for six months after Thanksgiving. Kelly is dismayed to learn that Maris would rather spend Thanksgiving sealed in her sensory deprivation tank with a turkey flavoured protein shake. David asks Kelly to spend the day with him and Hester. Kelly gets more than she bargained for when Daphne shows up, hurt that both David and Hester have blown off their usual family celebration. As a result, Kelly must put years of expertise dealing with her mother's tantrums to the test. However, the group are forced to put their differences aside to resolve a dilemma when Maris' protein shakes fail to arrive, sending her on the warpath. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana worry they have abandoned their heritage after a visit from an old Russian friend, prompting them to throw a Russian-themed Thanksgiving with Rex and Misty.

"Maris is Missing" 10 410

As the new year kicks off, the staff are concerned when it becomes apparent that Maris' drinking has worsened over the Christmas period. Kelly and David decide to set up an intervention for Maris, but she fails to show up. The gang's realisation that she has gone missing leads to a wild hunt across the bars and restaurants of Woodinville: Yuri and Rex get forced into a participating in a mechanical bull riding contest at a cheesy diner in order to attain information from its chipper owner, Svetlana and Misty open up to each other about their drunken misfit youths while perusing the bars and Kelly's panic that Maris has truly lost it this time prompts an unexpected reaction from David. Meanwhile, Hester is left to her own devices at the empty club and subsequently has to take charge when a scheduling mix-up results in the arrival of a senior citizens' golf troupe.

"Assisted Career Suicide" 11 411

With Maris in court-appointed rehab, Kelly discovers her mother did more for the club than she realised when her workload doubles overnight, resulting in her seeking an assistant manager. When Rex applies for the position, Kelly promptly hires him and is subsequently accused of favouritism by the other candidates, who launch a joint lawsuit. It soon becomes apparent that the candidates are being represented by Sandy Stone, out for Maris' blood once again. Rex later finds that Sandy is working alone as no law firm has the guts to go after Maris, forcing Kelly to keep up the pretence that her mother is still around in case word gets out that Maris is in rehab, providing Sandy with the opportunity to gather allies. Meanwhile, after Misty expresses her disappointment that Rex will no longer have time to cook her meals, David is surprised to learn that she has never eaten anything she's cooked.

"Seeing Other Therapists" 12 412

Yuri and Svetlana decide to bring their occasional counselling sessions with David to a close after reaching the conclusion that their marriage has come to a better place. Elsewhere, Father Romick returns to the club once again having qualified as a fully licensed therapist. Romick is eager to put his skills to the test and Svetlana, still feeling a close affinity towards him, persuades Yuri into attending a session with him. To their surprise, Romick's therapy proves highly effective, and they agree to keep seeing him. However, David is distraught when he finds out, and his friendship with the Russian couple is on the line as he asks them the question they dreaded to hear: "who is the better therapist?". Meanwhile, Misty helps Rex train for some hypothetical situations when his skills prove a little rusty on his first day as assistant manager.

"Lawn and Order" 13 413

The club eagerly anticipates the arrival of a local mayoral candidate and it's Yuri's job as director of the golf course to keep the lawns up to code. However, on the day of the visit he is horrified to find that a large crop circle has appeared in the grass, ostensibly made by opposers of the candidate. The club subsequently gets swarmed by alien and paranormal enthusiasts desperate to see the crop circle, forcing Yuri and Kelly to do everything they can to unload the place of "nut jobs" before the candidate arrives. Meanwhile, when Hester fails to show appreciation for the money he gives her, David decides to teach her the value of a dollar by getting her a job in the hire shop as Svetlana's assistant. Svetlana takes the opportunity to try and bond with Hester but is highly offended when Hester insinuates that they'll have little in common due to their "vast" age difference.

"Toy Boy Story" 14 414

Rex and Misty decide to call it a day when they realise that the romantic side of their friendship has faltered in recent weeks. Rex is subsequently dismayed to find that Misty has gotten involved with Brad, a handsome 18-year old fresh out of high-school. Misty admits to Svetlana that she is taking the breakup harder than she expected and is trying to get over it by going in an entirely different direction to her usual choice of men. Overcome with jealousy, Rex reacts in a similar fashion, except he chooses a woman over twenty years his senior: his old babysitter. The situation is complicated further when it turns out that the woman is Brad's grandmother. Creeped out, Svetlana turns to David for help in getting everything back to normal. Meanwhile, Yuri becomes the scourge of the daycare when he leaves Eduard there for the first time and repeatedly checks up on him.

"The Great Unescape" 15 415

Kelly and David head to rehab to catch up with Maris; Kelly needs Maris to sign off on some documents while David is eager to resume their counselling. After their visit, Kelly and David are shocked to find Maris has successfully escaped after stowing away in the trunk of their car, and worry that they will get indicted as accomplices. It soon becomes apparent that they'll never convince her to go back, but Kelly persuades Maris to cool off in her sensory deprivation tank. Yuri manages to resolve the situation by phoning the builders that renovated the golf course and convincing them to move the sensory tank back to the rehab centre—with Maris still inside—a task which proves more challenging than anticipated. Meanwhile, when Misty takes out her post-relationship blues on her underlings in the kitchen, a guilt-ridden Rex tries to put them off their desire to unionise.

"Ain't That a Psychic in the Head" 16 416

Svetlana is surprised to learn that, much like her mother, Hester is under the impression that she is a bit "psychic" and shares the anecdote with David expecting him to laugh about it. To her surprise, David has always taken his sister and mother's psychic gifts seriously, believing it has helped guide his career. Back at the shop, Hester becomes chagrined when Yuri lets slip that Svetlana has been gossiping about her psychic skills with David, and mistakenly believes that he has been humouring her throughout her whole life. Incensed, Hester launches a torrent of abuse at her brother, climaxing with her stating that he will never make a good psychiatrist. As a result, David abandons his career goals, and Svetlana feels overcome with guilt. Meanwhile, Misty can barely contain her frustration when Kelly asks her to cook several frozen meals for Maris as she refuses to eat anything from the rehab centre's kitchen.

"Misty Makes an Assistant of Herself" 17 417

Kelly is dismayed to learn that a scheduling slip-up has resulted in her being in important meetings all week. As the first meeting begins, Kelly struggles to exhort any confidence, so she seeks help from Misty. Misty encourages her to soften her image since a feminine appearance can help in business; as a result everyone Kelly meets seems to be under the impression that she is a ditzy blonde whom no one takes seriously. Sensing Kelly's desperation, Misty agrees to pose as her assistant so she can sit in on meetings and offer her advice from the sidelines. However, they get themselves into a difficult situation when a wealthy entrepreneur decides to invest a substantial amount of money in the club, forcing Misty to keep up the assistant act at several inopportune moments. Meanwhile, Rex deals with the intrusive Hester while he performs Kelly's usual duties at the club.

"The Comeback Kidnappers" 18 418

Lisa and Flynn make a return to the club and shock everyone when a four-year-old named Scott accompanies them. While Rex is shocked by the latest development in his daughter's life, Hester is bedridden with a cold and quickly finds herself becoming addicted to channel surfing when she discovers the club has cable. Hester subsequently becomes convinced that Scott is a child that went missing from California after catching a brief glimpse of an image on a news channel. When David informs Rex of Hester's discovery, Rex desperately tries to uncover the truth by asking Scott a series of questions. In actuality, Lisa and Flynn have decided to become foster parents after coming to the realisation that they love kids, but the resulting media frenzy may jeopardise their future chances. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana are reluctant to leave Eduard in daycare amid the kidnapping rumours.

"The Kids Are All Fight" 19 419

While Lisa has decided to become a stay-at-home mother to focus on fostering children, Flynn gets a job in the daycare and subsequently finds himself watching over Scott on his first day when Lisa has a dental emergency. During the day Flynn is surprised to find that Yuri and Svetlana's son Eduard is something of a bully, and encourages Scott to stand up to him if they cross paths. As a result, Yuri and Svetlana have a score to settle with Flynn when Eduard cries and says that Scott has been bullying him. Kelly is forced to mediate the resulting dispute but struggles to reach a conclusion without favouring one pair of friends over the other. Meanwhile, Misty and David butt heads when David accuses Misty of recently over-using a particular ingredient that causes him to burp frequently while going about his day.

"Angered Management" 20 420

Rex resumes his job hunt when he learns that Maris will be returning from rehab in a few weeks, and the rest of the staff feel betrayed when he gets an interview at Lakeview, a rival country club on the opposite side of the lake. When Rex learns that Lakeview has a unique interviewing process which involves observing applications at work, he panics and pretends that he is the club's full-fledged manager. Kelly agrees to play along but gets more than she bargained for when Rex's bottled up bitterness over the downfall of his career unexpectedly spills out, resulting in him going on a power trip and implementing all the changes he's fantasised about in recent months. Meanwhile, Hester convinces Lisa and Flynn to let her babysit Scott for $5 an hour while they have a quiet dinner, but complications arise at the end of the evening when Hester informs them that she has decided to charge interest for every minute they were late.

"Nothing Ventured, Nothing Craned" 21 421

As Kelly prepares for Maris' return, David is dismayed to learn that she has decided to quit therapy, leaving him to ponder where his future lies. At the same time, Niles and Daphne are visiting from China and are quick to voice their concerns about David and Hester's new lives. In the meantime, Hester seeks advice from Svetlana regarding a boy she likes in school and is distraught when he turns out to be the son of a member and proves highly unpleasant up close. Feeling helpless, Svetlana asks David to console Hester. David puts his experience with Maris over the past year to use and provides his sister with therapy that makes her feel better, impressing Niles and Daphne and quelling their concerns. David subsequently decides to remain at the club indefinitely while he resumes his training. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana try to cheer Lisa and Flynn up when they learn that Scott will soon be returning to his mother.

"Wine Some, Booze Some" 22 422

Maris returns from rehab and shocks the staff by announcing she is retiring from business and will be making cutbacks accordingly. Rex is pleased as it means he can remain assistant manager but quickly realises there is a bigger problem to deal with; informing Kelly that, in a moment of madness during his recent power trip he covertly hid a massive amount of alcoholic beverages around the club in a Machiavellian attempt to send Maris off the rails. As a result, Kelly, Rex and a reluctant Misty do all they can to track down every last drop of alcohol. Complications arise when Leo shows up and reveals that Alexander has gotten re-married; news that is sure to make Maris hit the bottle. The surprises continue when Leo informs Kelly that he has learned some amazing information while sorting out his father's affairs: they share a previously unknown half-brother. In the meantime, Lisa and Flynn contemplate their future as foster parents; Yuri and Svetlana argue over whose job between them is more important, and Hester complicates David's interviews with various med schools.

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