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"Are You Being Observed?" 1 423

Kelly deals with the news that she has a half-brother she never knew about; the eccentric recluse Charlie. Kelly persuades Charlie to become a janitor at the club to work on his social skills, but gets more than she bargained for when it becomes apparent that years of being excluded from the Kingsley family have left him somewhat unhinged. In the meantime, Maris has shelved her retirement plans but sets out to make cutbacks nonetheless. Svetlana is upset to learn the hire shop will be closing as the majority of members bring their own set of clubs, so Yuri tries prove this isn't always the case—by swiping every set he comes across. Elsewhere, Hester tries to cheer David up when his parents inform him that they are unable to afford his med school fees; while Misty comforts Rex as Lisa and Flynn prepare to leave Washington in order to move closer to their foster child.

  • Hester Crane and Charlie Kingsley become main characters.
"The Education of Charlie Kingsley" 2 424

When Kelly's efforts to integrate Charlie into society go awry, she asks Yuri and Rex to befriend him and make him feel like one of the guys. Yuri and Rex agree to take him to a bar they frequent after work. In the meantime, David is upset to learn he wasn't invited and begins analysing every aspect of his personality. Hester marches over to the bar to confront the guys and learns that they didn't ask him because he exclusively drinks Chardonnay, which the place doesn't serve. When Hester gets introduced to Charlie, Charlie cluelessly hands her a drink. As a result, the guys get arrested for giving alcohol to a minor, and an unwitting Kelly must come to their rescue. Elsewhere, Svetlana earns Misty's praise when she makes creative use of an old storage closet to build a much-requested employee lounge.

"American Psychotherapy" 3 425

When David decides to apply for a loan to pay for med school, he learns that getting one will be difficult while he is unemployed. David persuades Kelly to give him a job as a guidance counsellor, operating out of the employee lounge. Elsewhere, Yuri and Svetlana are at odds over Svetlana's desire to keep working and Yuri's dream of having a housewife; Misty is feeling emotionally unstable after she inherits some money from her mother; and Charlie is having trouble controlling his intense hatred for the stuffed-shirt club members. Their predicaments result in them seeking out David for therapy, leaving him feeling uncomfortable when he discovers several sides to his friends that he never wanted to know. In the meantime, Hester and Rex draw up a business arrangement when Hester helps Rex remove the front desk of loitering teens.

"Heiress Apparent" 4 426

Kelly invites Charlie to a dinner party Maris is hosting so she can introduce him. Complications arise on the evening when Alexander unexpectedly shows up alongside his much younger new wife, hotel heiress Shirley Ryland. As a result, Maris is in no mood to make nice with Charlie, leaving him feeling rejected once again and spurring Kelly to confront her father about his treatment of Charlie. Meanwhile, Rex is left in charge of the club and deals with an unexpected visitor from a businessman, leading Misty to conclude that he is valuing Bear Creek for a potential sale. When they hear that a hotel heiress is attending Maris' dinner party, the panicked servants crash the event in the hopes of convincing her to buy the place. In actuality, the man is a loan officer meeting with David, who is busy in the employee lounge counselling a waiter with a crippling fear of water, leaving Hester to relay the news.

"Yuri Petrov's Day Off" 5 427

When Yuri comes down with the flu, Svetlana offers to fill in for him in order to prepare things for a high-profile visit from an Argentinian golf pro. Svetlana proves herself as a competent manager and invokes Yuri's jealousy when David stops by and mentions how well she is doing. Worried he is being usurped, Yuri heads to the club in a slightly delirious state but becomes lucid shortly after and ducks into the garage to avoid embarrassment. He meets the seldom-seen club's mechanic Vince, who helps him to rediscover his love of fixing vehicles. Yuri then decides he wants to be a mechanic again just as his delirium returns, prompting him to rush to the driveway to tell Svetlana just as the golf pro arrives—and then sneeze all over him. As a result, Svetlana must prevent a diplomatic incident from taking place when the golf pro misinterprets Yuri's act as a slight against Argentina.

"Prigmalian" 6 428

Misty is shocked to learn that a stipulation in her mother's will requires her to be married before she can receive her inheritance. With the recent cutbacks looming over her, Misty is determined to access the money and promises a substantial cut to anyone who will fake-marry her. Further examination of the will also reveals that, should Misty get a divorce, 99.9% of the money will go to her husband to dissuade her from marrying for the wrong reasons. Although Misty believes any of her friends would be happy to sign the money over to her after the divorce, selecting someone she can trust to do so proves more challenging than she expected, especially when several of them start selfishly angling for the responsibility. Meanwhile, Hester tries to mould Charlie into the perfect potential husband for Misty in the hopes of acquiring the latest games console.

"Kelly of the Beast" 7 429

Kelly asks the staff to dress up for Halloween as part of an initiative to make the club more appealing to families. Yuri and Svetlana are eager to take Eduard trick-or-treating for the first time and stop by the club in the midst of its Halloween party. A major offence winds up taking place when they mistake Kelly for Maris after she answers the door wearing a devil costume. Mortified, Kelly retreats to the basement where she stumbles upon Charlie, who is boycotting Halloween due to never being able to celebrate it as a child. After finding a circuit board, some old props and a theremin, Kelly and Charlie have fun getting their own back on the guests by making the club appear haunted. Meanwhile, Rex inadvertently offends the Halloween-hating Wiccan couple Lisa and Flynn are staying with when he Skypes them in his costume.

"Grandstand and Deliver" 8 430

Svetlana is despondent as the hire shop nears closure and decides to stage a protest, but struggles to find a hook. When Hester tells her that she is one of the few girls at her school to have a job and not be pregnant, Svetlana makes her the focus of the protest with the claim that the hire shop and other places like it stabilises the lives of troubled teens. Svetlana gets more than she bargained for when Maris reconsiders the closure of the shop and brings in a group of rough inner-city teenage girls to straighten themselves out by getting jobs there. Meanwhile, David has trouble sticking to his confidentiality oath when Misty confesses that she and Rex secretly got married in the aftermath of the will debacle and are now having a great time spending the inheritance.

"Faking Care of Business" 9 431

When mechanic Vince quits, Yuri leaps at the opportunity to replace him and consequently leaves the golf club in need of a manager. While Yuri revels in being a mechanic again, Kelly isn't so happy as it means her management duties will be increased while she interviews potential replacements. However, unexpected salvation arrives in the form of the charming Josiah, who impresses a sleep deprived Kelly with his business acumen and persuades her to hire him for the role. Kelly gets more than she bargained for when Josiah slips out of sight along with the entire contents of the equipment shed, leaving Yuri overcome with guilt for putting her in this position. Meanwhile, Hester is concerned about the hire shop's lax security and tries to dress it up to make it appear as if it's well protected.

"Dredge of Seventeen" 10 432

When Maris announces that Antiques Roadshow will be coming to the club, she enlists the staff to inventory her antiques. Disaster strikes on the day when they discover the antiques have gone missing, and it turns out that Hester has smuggled them into school, ostensibly to rebel over the fact that no one remembered her seventeenth birthday. Overcome with guilt, David rallies the staff to throw together a birthday party that a vengeful Maris threatens to bungle. At the same time, the gang take the opportunity to have some of their belongings appraised; Rex has purchased a wedding ring for Misty to wear at home but their secret comes under threat when they get placed in front of the cameras. Meanwhile, Charlie relives a childhood trauma as Antiques Roadshow was all one of his foster parents would ever watch, leaving Kelly, Yuri and Svetlana scrambling to keep him calm.

"Charlie and the Chump Change" 11 433

When a golf caddy calls in sick, Kelly reluctantly allows Charlie to take their place caddying for Gregory, the privileged son of hotel heiress Shirley Ryland. Kelly stops by the golf course later in the day and is disheartened to find that Gregory and his friends have been paying Charlie to make a fool of himself performing dangerous stunts and eating gross items. As a result, Kelly becomes determined to teach them a lesson but Charlie, perfectly content with what he is doing and feeling he is getting the better end of the deal, is irked by her interference and sets out to prove that he can stand on his own two feet. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff deal with the news that Rex and Misty secretly got married, and Rex and Misty soon find that the heat has gone from their relationship without the fun of sneaking around.

"Head Games People Play" 12 434

David begins to feel unnecessary when he realises no one has needed his counselling all week and admits to Hester that he is considering abandoning his dream of becoming a fully qualified psychiatrist. Feeling sorry for her brother, Hester tries to stir up emotional dissonance around the club in an attempt to increase David's patient load. After she tells Yuri that Svetlana has been mouthing off about his career choices, an incensed Yuri confronts his wife, and Hester is overcome with guilt when the argument culminates in their separation. As it turns out, David had his sister pegged from the start and convinced Yuri and Svetlana to stage the separation to teach her not to mess with people's emotions. Infuriated, Hester sets out to get revenge, and the back-and-forth head games rapidly escalate.

"Charlie Horse" 13 435

The staff head off to the Emerald Downs racetrack in Auburn where Maris plans to unveil her latest horse. The emotional stakes are high when Kelly and Charlie discover Alexander is in attendance with Shirley; later Kelly is shocked to learn that Charlie fooled around with Shirley in the stables in an attempt to get back at his father. Kelly subsequently does all she can to stop the news getting out while keeping on top of Maris' increasingly erratic behaviour at the same time. In the meantime; Yuri and Svetlana fear they will fall back into their gambling habit and try to get themselves banned from the premises, Rex is jealous when Misty lands a date with a jockey and reacts by flirting with every woman he meets and David must settle a dispute between Hester and a hot dog vendor over the correct amount of change.

"The Flash Mob" 14 436

Maris throws a tantrum when a rival socialite boasts about the flash mob her servants staged. Concerned that her sulking will affect their bonuses, Kelly encourages the staff to put together a dance routine to perform during a birthday party for Malcolm. Rex and Misty are continuing to snipe at each other, and Rex is determined to prove that he can be fun when Misty baulks at the likelihood of him taking part in the routine. Rex soon realises he is unable to dance, so Svetlana agrees to join him in some lessons at a local community centre. Jealousy consequently consumes Yuri and Misty, who decide to go undercover in the class to make sure nothing untoward happens. In the meantime, David discovers he has no rhythm when he is enlisted to choreograph the routine, so Hester steps in to help him; while Charlie must prevent Maris from going out of town without spoiling the surprise.

"House of Carbs" 15 437

Maris places herself and the entire club on the Atkins diet, continuing her tradition of trying different types of diets each time she cools off from a binge. The staff struggle without their carbohydrates, particularly Misty, who finds herself forced to cook without it. As a result, business in the dining room declines dramatically, leaving Misty fearing for her job and determined to restore normality to the club. Svetlana feels more energetic without her usual lunchtime carbo-load, but Yuri finds it exhausting to live with and joins Misty as she launches a black market for starchy foods. In the meantime, the enforced diet prompts David to become a health hut and start performing jumping jacks in the employee lounge, causing him to butt heads with Charlie, who likes to partake in naps during the afternoon.

"Schmooze Control" 16 438

Rex is left in charge of the annual safety inspection when Maris goes out of town with Kelly. To his surprise, the club fails to pass the inspection and Rex realises it's because he is unable to schmooze government officials as effectively as Maris. Hester agrees to give Rex some tips, experienced in the matter due to many instances of talking her way out of detentions. The safety inspector agrees to review Bear Creek again as Rex prepares to harness everything he's learnt from Hester. David is dismayed by the revelation that Hester isn't taking school seriously and considers sending her back to Niles and Daphne, feeling that he has failed in his duty to be a responsible role model for his sister. When Hester finds out what David is considering, all hell breaks loose, the outcome of the second inspection comes under threat, and the returning Kelly may be the club's only hope.

"Guns of Anarchy" 17 439

When a would-be intruder is scared off by Misty's hunting rifle, Kelly's initial feeling of appreciation dies down when she realises Misty has been concealing it in the kitchen for several months without anyone knowing. Misty reluctantly agrees to get rid of the rifle, but her ranting in the employee lounge leads to a debate in the club over the staff's right to keep and bear arms. Misty is pleased to gain supporters but gets more than she bargained for when they decide to bail the intruder out and lure him back to the club to demonstrate how risky it is not to let anyone defend it with guns. Misty warns Kelly about what they are planning and the two are forced to cast aside their differences to resolve the situation. In the meantime, Rex begins to worry that the real reason Misty kept her rifle was to seek revenge on him for the way their marriage fell apart.

"Slumber Party of Five" 18 440

As David and Hester's fallout continues, Hester rebels by inviting two of her friends for a sleepover in the hire shop. Svetlana is shocked to stumble upon the scene when she returns after forgetting her purse and summons David for guidance. However; Hester, Svetlana and David find themselves locked in the shop alongside Hester's friends when Maris receives a security alert from the club's nightwatchman and has the building placed on lockdown. David and Hester are consequently forced to confront their differences, but as neither of them is willing to make the first move, Svetlana must act as an intermediary. Meanwhile, Yuri panics when Svetlana doesn't return home and is forced to bring Eduard with him to the club. When Eduard doesn't stop crying, Charlie proves to be an effective soother, but a rift is formed between the two when Yuri admits that he didn't think Charlie would be any good with kids.

"Pop Culture Reference" 19 441

Lisa and Flynn visit the club to acquire job references from Maris as they seek employment in Seattle. They soon realise Maris has a history of never providing recommendations for anyone, leading to Kelly wondering how former employees of the club coped. Along with Lisa and Flynn, she decides to throw a reunion picnic at the club, but the young couple loses their confidence when they discover that many of the employees' lives went downhill after leaving Maris' employ. Kelly becomes determined to restore their confidence by finding them a success story, which proves harder than she expected. In the meantime, Rex and Misty's repeated arguments culminate in their decision to get an annulment. Yuri and Svetlana have doubts they will be granted one, leading to a four-way debate over the definition of consummation.

"May Divorce Be with You" 20 442

As Rex and Misty prepare to square off in divorce court, Rex is shanghaied into employing Sandy Stone as his attorney. Sandy is out to get Misty's money, and Rex realises it will be harder than he thought to escape the ironclad content she had him sign. When Hester discovers one of David's home patients is a local TV producer, she leaps at the opportunity to make some money by convincing him to film the proceedings for a courtroom reality show. David is unhappy that Hester is taking advantage of his patients and sets out to put a stop to it, but soon finds himself tempted by the money on offer. Meanwhile, Lisa and Flynn's own relationship is tested when they take opposing sides in the dispute; Yuri and Svetlana worry that celebrating their anniversary will be seen as boastful, and Kelly reluctantly helps Charlie avoid Shirley, who is at the courthouse on a business matter.

"Sleepless in Chicago" 21 443

While David and Hester are visiting their parents in Chicago, arguments are quick to flair up when David discovers his med school tuition went towards their expensive new kitchen. After a heated exchange, David and Niles refuse to speak to each other again, leaving Hester to resolve the situation with Daphne. They keep David and Niles up all night, refusing to let them go to bed until the matter is solved. Hester eventually surmises that Niles has been feeling guilty for pressuring David into becoming a psychiatrist, and hoped that losing the tuition would persuade him to determine his own ambitions in life. When David begins to re-evaluate his future as a result of Niles' revelations, Hester worries that she won't included in his plans and promptly rebels by stirring up more discord amongst the Cranes.

"Widow of Opportunity" 22 444

The staff deal with the shocking news that Alexander has suddenly passed away. When Charlie expresses regret over not squaring things with his father, Kelly tries to ease his pain by throwing a wake at the club. As things get underway, Shirley's suspicious behaviour leads Charlie to conclude that she offed Alexander for his money. In his attempts to gather information, Charlie persuades the gang into playing a game of Clue with him as a way of helping him "grieve", using real life motivations and key players related to Alexander in place of the traditional methods. As the game gets underway; Lisa and Flynn's attempts to slip out quietly are interrupted by the sad news that the adoption has fallen through, leaving Yuri and Svetlana determined to cheer them up; while Rex and Misty try to patch up their differences by dealing with Maris, who has been on a sensory deprivation binge all day and is sure to go off the rails when she hears the news of Alexander's demise.

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