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"The Why in Hawaii" 1 25

Several of the servants gather at Maris' new mansion in Hawaii to assist in the grand housewarming ceremony. Maris treats the event like the Olympics and demands that the ribbon-cutting scissors be carried straight from her home in Seattle to the new mansion personally. Gabriel and the new gardener, Eve, are faced with the task of walking it to the Seattle airport and handing the scissors to someone else. Gabriel has trouble explaining Maris to Eve, who is noticeably confused by what she's being made to do on her first day. After a long flight, the scissors arrive in Hawaii, where it's Ben and Kitty's turn to collect them. They are trying to come to terms with their impromptu kiss last summer – Kitty would rather pretend nothing happened, whereas Ben wants to talk about it. His confusion over her lack of interest increases when he discovers that she and Jim got an annulment. Ben and Kitty's self-involvement results in them dropping the scissors and it acquiring a largely visible blunt edge. The question now is whether they can find a replacement over-sized novelty pair of scissors deep within the Hawaiian jungles in time for the opening ceremonies. Back at the mansion, Marta desperately tries to keep everything together with the help of Tommy, while hiding their resentment towards the infuriatingly perky Candi.

  • Eve Summers becomes a main character.
"The One Where They Meet a Hermit" 2 26

Ben, Tommy and Gabriel find themselves lost in Maris' elaborate hedge maze while looking for Eve. Back at the mansion, Marta and Kitty endure the wrath of Maris as a result, who is not happy that three of her servants have apparently skipped work. The guys soon turn against each other in the maze. Back-stabbing and arguments ensue in their desperate efforts to find a way out. They then meet Herman, an eccentric hermit who claims he has lived in the maze for almost 20 years, after getting lost on his first day working for Maris. Doubting his story, Ben begins to wonder if Maris is having a joke with them or if they are truly screwed. Meanwhile, Maris makes Kitty and Marta work to triple capacity, and they find Eve in the greenhouse, who parts an amusing little secret about the guys' whereabouts.

"Dead Like Maris" 3 27

Niles Crane comes to the mansion looking for a loan from Maris after he spent too much on helping his son, David, keep up with the latest school fads. However, Maris has the flu, and she won't come out of her bedroom. It's up to Marta to explain her whereabouts, and her problem with translation results in Niles thinking Maris has died. This mistake soon spreads all over the mansion and some of the most greedy servants, mainly Tommy, are determined to find out if they inherit anything in the will. The mistranslation gets further out of hand when Maris' belongings start to get moved out of the mansion, leaving only the humiliating goat painting of Niles from the Frasier episode The Ann Who Came to Dinner. As funeral preparations get underway, Niles tries to unload the painting on a willing volunteer. Gabriel has trouble finding a coffin for someone of Maris' unique stature, while Kitty, the only one who seems to understand Marta's mix-ups, is forced to set everything straight. Ben struggles with his task to create food that Maris would like for the funeral and Eve balances between trimming a hedge to Maris' likeness and looking for work elsewhere. All the while, Maris is snoozing away in her bedroom.

"Eve of the Coming Out" 4 28

Tommy inadvertently spreads a rumour that Eve is a lesbian when she doesn't fall for his usual moves with women. This presents a problem for Eve because Maris has been known to be unsupportive of such vices, leading to unfair treatment and firings. When his efforts to quash the rumour prove futile, Tommy decides to come right out and confess everything to Eve. Kitty devises an idea to save Eve's job, suggesting she publicly "comes out" to the servants as it will inspire the other gay employees to do the same. Eve winds up leading a gay rights parade on the grounds but later realises that her new followers need a lot more convincing about her lesbianism. The parade gets media exposure, and Maris has no choice but to allow it, fearing that she'd give off a bad image in front of her social circles. Meanwhile, cutthroat lawyer and Ben's ex-girlfriend Sandy returns to the mansion looking for any excuse to start messy legal battles.

"We'll Be Dead After These Messages" 5 29

Gabriel becomes a local celebrity after calling into Freaky Forum and publicly humiliating the outspoken host. As a result, the host is fired, and Gabriel is asked by KPXY to be his replacement. He excitedly agrees and prepares for his first show. Gabriel enjoys being in the media spotlight and even puts in an appearance on Good Morning Seattle. However, he soon fears that he doesn't have enough charisma to hook listeners for 3 hours, so he asks Ben to join him for the first week. Ben becomes a surprising hit and Gabriel is overcome with jealousy when the station manager decides to make them a permanent fixture together. Gabriel feels angry towards Ben for stealing his thunder; wrecking their relatively new friendship. Ben, on the other hand, feels trapped in this arrangement, mistakenly thinking that he's doing a favour for Gabriel, when in reality, he hates the paranormal. Meanwhile, Tommy and Marta have to come up with endless excuses to explain the guys' whereabouts; and Kitty feuds with Eve when she is unable to stop the dogs destroying her newly planted flowers.

"The Halloween That Almost Wasn't" 6 30

Marta has the worst night of her life when she stumbles upon a Halloween party being held in the mansion; having not been informed of the tradition while she was growing up in her Guatemalan village. She instead believes that the house has been broken into, and she gives the others a call, hoping to resolve the situation quickly. Unbeknownst to her, they are all at the party in costumes too, doing their usual jobs. A bad connection (and Marta's usual mistranslation) leads Ben to think that Marta is in the basement about to commit suicide. Still in their costumes, Ben, Kitty, Eve, Tommy and Gabriel make their way to the basement and approach Marta, giving the illusion that they are about to attack. Marta defends herself and injures Ben in the arm. The costumes come off, and Marta realises her mistake; overcome with the guilt she offers to drive Ben to the hospital, where they have a lot of explaining to do. Ben tells Marta about Halloween, and she agrees to take English lessons to stop anything like this happening again. At the party, Kitty is forced to take Ben's place in the kitchen; while Tommy, Gabriel and Eve get into a fierce competition of throwing pumpkin bits into the snooty guests' costumes.

"Doggone" 7 31

Kitty is horrified to discover that one of the dogs, Butch, has gone missing and quickly realise that he was the victim of a "dog-napping" after she and Ben find a note demanding $100. As it is such a little amount and written in crayon, they quickly figure out that the neighbourhood kids are responsible, and must go door-to-door looking for Butch. In the process, they find out more about Maris' neighbourly history and wind up volunteering her to organise the next block party. However, to get the information they need, Kitty and Ben soon realise they will have to do a lot more neighbourly acts in Maris' name. They sell cookies, wash people's cars and even help a boy rehearse for a play. None of this gets them closer to Butch, though, forcing them to look into potentially the biggest feud Maris has ever had. Back at the mansion, Eve, Tommy and Gabriel help Marta learn English each in their own bizarre way.

"Where Were They When the Lights Went Out?" 8 32

When a blackout sweeps Seattle, Maris' emergency lockdown procedure comes into effect, sealing everyone in the mansion until it passes. Ben and Kitty must confront their relationship when they get trapped in the kitchen together. Agreeing that they can't pretend their chemistry doesn't exist, Ben and Kitty elect to become sex buddies with no commitment whatsoever, blissfully unaware that Maris' security cameras are still active. Right after an ex-girlfriend tells him she might be pregnant, Tommy finds himself locked in the elevator with Eve, who reveals she gave up a baby for adoption once. Tommy decides that he will settle down and support the child however he can; until Eve corrects his apparent problem with math and says he couldn't possibly have gotten his ex pregnant. Meanwhile, Gabriel regrets accompanying Marta to her ESL class when their cars get locked in the parking garage, and he grows into a better tutor than anyone could've imagined when he introduces the students to the American art of small talk.

"A Maris Crane Thanksgiving" 9 33

Maris decides to throw a lavish Thanksgiving dinner for her large circle of friends, and the servants are more than willing to help out after a promise of triple pay. Ben is overcome with guilt for staying, revealing he hasn't been back to England since he came to work for Maris. Kitty, knowing that Ben's woes will have a large effect on his culinary skills, as usual, encourages the other servants to pool their money together to fly Ben's family to Seattle and celebrate the American tradition. However, a mistake in the tickets results in the plane touching down in Canada, forcing Kitty and Gabriel to pick them up in one of the limos and bring them to the mansion. Kitty begins to think that flying the family over was a bad idea when she discovers that Ben's parents are malicious people on the brink of divorce, and the last thing anybody needs is something else affecting his cooking. Meanwhile, Marta celebrates her first certificate from ESL class by trying out her new English phrases on the guests but winds up insulting the city mayor over his bad toupee. Eve discovers that Tommy gave Marta a joke translation book and they must stop her from insulting anyone else before Maris finds out.

"The Telltale Lily" 10 34

Eve is dismayed to learn that Maris has hired another gardener to work on flower arrangements. Angry that her flower arranging skills have been insulted like this, Eve develops an irrational dislike for the gardener, a friendly woman named Daisy who everyone else seemingly adores. Eve enrols in a flower arranging class to prove Maris wrong and graduates with flying colours. However, she is pushed over the edge when Daisy gets all the credit for a beautiful arrangement and decides to sabotage Daisy's prize winning lilies in an act of vengeance. Eve regrets this when she discovers just how sensitive Daisy is about her flowers, and is driven insane by a constant beating noise that represents her feeling of guilt – and leads her straight back to the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, Gabriel assists Tommy in his fantasy of being a 1950s Dick Tracy as they investigate the mysterious lily incident; and Kitty tries to show Ben that flowers are beautiful despite his insistence that they are pointless.

"Best Laid Plans" 11 35

Kitty is driven crazy by the new janitor, the irritating but charming Timothy. As she and Ben have been fooling around for three weeks and showing no signs of progress in their relationship, Kitty questions whether she is allowed to move on and perhaps initiate things with Timothy. She goes to Marta for advice, coyly referring to a "friend", but even a Guatemalan with pronoun problems can see right through her façade. Ben is not sure if he likes Kitty's wandering eye and makes the mistake of calling into a KACL advice show for suggestions, not realising it's the station the servants like to listen to the most. Before they know it, Ben and Kitty's fling is exposed all over the mansion, and the two of them must decide where their loyalties lie, and Ben's desire for "baby steps" in his relationship with Kitty is marked by the constant interference of their emotionally invested followers. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Tommy "follow" the rumour in an attempt to quash it before it gets to Maris, who has been known to fire employees for "inter-mansion" fraternisation; and Eve is jealous because nobody took this much interest when she was with an old boyfriend.

"Maris Grinch" 12 36

Gabriel reluctantly takes on the task of "Christmas director" for the mansion; the only bonus being that he is exempt from playing Santa. The mansion is soon decorated for the holidays, and everyone gets into the Christmas spirit. The servants are excited at the opportunity of having a wild Christmas party when Maris goes out of town, with none of her eccentric demands spoiling the fun. However, their plans are hampered when Marta receives a phone-call from Maris, who is coming back to Seattle a week early after a misguided attempt to reunite with her ex-husband. Realising that Maris will be in a Grinch-like, Christmas-hating mood, Gabriel must lead the servants in taking down the decorations before she returns. Meanwhile, Tommy is asked to hide all the presents, and he accidentally leaves them outside to be collected by the toys for orphans charity. Enlisting the help of Eve, he goes to the orphanage in a desperate attempt to get them back, but soon find that neither of them can deprive the orphans of their presents. Tommy and Eve return to the mansion, where they find a credit card in the kitchen and decide to go on an emergency shopping spree. Ben (this year's Santa) and Kitty soon realise that it belongs to Maris, and agreeing that she doesn't need another reason to hate this Christmas, they follow Tommy and Eve to the mall to stop them maxing out the card. Ben gets side-tracked at a department store when he is mistaken for the replacement Santa.

"Dial B for Murder" 13 37

When Maris takes a major hit in the stock market, she decides to rent out the mansion on the weekends and allow various functions to be held there; the first of which is a murder mystery business. Ben is asked to work the weekend and make refreshments for the players. Meanwhile, Eve is in the garden when she hears screams; she rushes into the mansion and discovers Gabriel lying on the ground, "dead". Having not been informed of the situation, Eve mistakenly thinks Gabriel really is dead and is led to believe that Ben killed him after catching him wiping "blood" (i.e. tomato juice) off a knife. Because of the mansion's large size, Tommy is forced to accompany the players, so they don't get lost. He soon realises that nobody is having a good time, and worried that the bad feedback will result in no more rentals and an angry Maris, he attempts to spice things up with the help of Kitty and Marta.

"I Don't Want Candi" 14 38

The servants are horrified when Maris' manicurist, Candi, returns to the mansion because Maris has decided she's not "Hawaii" material. Kitty, Eve and Marta decide to take her for a girl's night out, feeling sorry for her when the guys act distant. However, it is soon apparent that they had a good reason to do so when Candi's infuriating perkiness returns. Meanwhile, the guys find out more about Candi's past and come to believe she is part of a brainwashing cult that encourages eco-violence. Worried that the girls may be swindled into joining, Ben and Tommy pose as stereotypical hippies to infiltrate their "secret base". Gabriel warns the girls over the phone about the possibility of Candi's eco-terrorism, and they must find a way of ditching her without arousing suspicion. However, when it turns out that the ‘cult' is nothing more than a group of mild-mannered people who gather once a week to discuss recycling, getting the news back to Kitty, Eve and Marta proves to be a difficult task. Ben and Tommy have also left many angry people in their wake thanks to the hippie personas they so poorly upheld.

"Moonlighters" 15 39

The servants are shocked to learn that Ben has been "moonlighting" as a caterer on his days off, breaking Maris' strict no moonlighting rule. Ben agrees to stop, but when he learns that he is behind on his rent, he decides to accept one last gig: the wedding of Christopher Belle. Kitty enlists Gabriel to help her go undercover and follow Ben to make sure he doesn't do anything foolish, and they track him right to the wedding reception. Kitty meets and hits it off with Sebastian Belle, and is asked by Niles and Daphne Crane to distract him while his brother walks down the aisle with the woman he loves. Ben spots Kitty getting friendly with Sebastian, and in his anger, he accidentally puts too much salt on a dish. This just dish happens to be Sebastian's favourite, and when he samples it, Ben is accused of trying to kill him out of spite. As the party continues, Ben and Kitty are shocked to find that Tommy is also moonlighting at the party as a waiter and learn Eve arranged the flowers; while Gabriel discovers Marta is handing out towels in the bathroom. Tommy meets and hits it off with Holly Sanchez and winds up facing off to her boyfriend, Daniel Bird, who she mistakenly thought was having an affair with one of the bridesmaids. Marta accidentally blows the moonlighters' cover when Maris phones her, and the servants quickly realise they'll have to clear out before incurring the face of Maris. Niles, who doesn't exactly want to see his ex-wife again, agrees that it is a good idea and the partygoers flee like they've never fled before.

"A Day by the Pool" 16 40

On an unusually hot day in Seattle, the servants decide to spend the day by the pool when Maris leaves for her spa. Eve and Tommy feud when Tommy accidentally ruins her elaborate flower arrangement with his flare for large, splashy jumps. Marta reveals she never learnt how to swim, so Kitty decides to teach her – soon realising that Marta is an impossibly stubborn student. Gabriel reveals he has minor OCD when, after accidentally burning his right leg in the sun, he sets on burning the other one, so it doesn't look uneven. Ben tries to stop him from doing it, revealing an incident from a similarly hot day in England when he sunburnt his entire body. When Maris returns from the spa a few hours early, everyone is forced to haul ass and cover up anything that might get them in trouble; and the automatic pool-cleaning robot seems strangely adamant about alerting Maris of the dirty water.

"Someone's in the Kitchen with Maris" 17 41

When Maris hands out reviews of her employees' servitude, Kitty is upset to learn that her services to the mansion aren't appreciated, and she becomes determined to be more than a dog-walker. Kitty expresses an interest in cooking, and Ben manages to get her a place in the kitchen as his assistant. Kitty surprises everyone when she turns out to be an excellent cook, and Ben is overcome with jealousy when Maris starts requesting her dishes instead of his. Worried that he is getting "usurped", Ben challenges Kitty to a cook-off, threatening their romantic relationship in the meantime. Eve and Marta go to the local supermarket to stock up on food for the contest, where Eve tries to convince Marta to let loose when she feels uncomfortable outside her workplace. They have a play with the PA system, which lands them in trouble with the store owner; a good friend to Maris. Ben and Kitty are forced to improvise when the food is delayed, but Kitty seems less adamant about winning when she realises just how hard it is to prepare a ‘full' meal for the incredibly fussy Maris. Meanwhile, Tommy and Gabriel take on bets for the victor.

"Six Degrees of Graduation" 18 42

Marta invites the servants to her graduation from ESL class but is annoyed on the night when they all stand her up for various reasons. Ben and Kitty have just had their first major argument over whether to get Marta a present. They don't know how to handle this, so they seek help from a radio advice show. However, they soon find that this particular show is not so serious, and the columnist suggests they skip right to make-up sex and everything will be better. They reluctantly admit that this is probably a good idea, but further delays are caused because Kitty worries that their entire relationship survives on physical attraction. Meanwhile, Gabriel has to chauffeur Maris all over Seattle when she goes on a caviar binge; after dropping her off a sweet family jump in, mistaking him for a taxi service. Gabriel doesn't have the heart to turn them away, and winds up doing the same for lots of people – and making some real money from it, too. Tommy distracts Eve while she is trying to finish off her gardening for the day; he is convinced that he saw her dancing at a strip club during a bachelor party with his friends, but she denies it. All this procrastination leads to one angry Marta, and when the group finally manage to get their act together, she puts her newfound English skills to the test and gives them all a positively shocking lecture.

"Geek Occupation" 19 43

Gabriel is dismayed to learn that Freaky Forum is ending, revealing that it was the one part of his life where he felt truly confident and was able to express himself freely. Kitty tries to cheer Gabriel up by inviting his geeky friends to the mansion for a party in the show's honour, but quickly regrets it when they irritate everyone and overrun the grounds. After a horrifying hour of being cornered by a geek arguing over why Captain Kirk is better than Captain Picard, Tommy decides that something must be done. He rallies the servants to protest against Freaky Forum's closure, hoping it will remove the geeks from their occupation of the mansion. After being photographed on the picket line in an unflattering position, Tommy learns what it's like to be a geek, and after it has a dramatic effect on his sex life, he decides to help Gabriel gain some confidence in other areas. Kitty finds herself becoming the leader of the geek escapade and is quoted in the Seattle Times with a powerhouse speech about why the show should stay. However, an unfortunate typo in the column results in sleep loss, and Kitty soon finds that the geek army is just what she needs to get her point across. Meanwhile, Ben, Eve and Marta get trapped in the wine cellar after diving in to escape a very persistent geek.

"Battlecar Atlanta" 20 44

Ben, Tommy and Gabriel volunteer to drive up to Atlanta and collect a rare vase for Maris. They decide to rent a Winnebago to do it in and have fun playing car games. However, they soon begin to tire of each other's company, and Tommy and Gabriel are mad at Ben because he neglected to tell them that his driving license hasn't come through yet, forcing them to do all the driving themselves. Things become a lot more interesting when Ben discovers a stowaway in the bathroom. While Ben and Tommy get to know the stowaway, who claims to be a hitchhiker named Steve, Gabriel becomes convinced that he is a mass murdering, carjacking criminal after reading an article in the newspaper. Gabriel tries to warn Ben and Tommy without arousing Steve's suspicion. Tommy, on the other hand, believes that Steve is a spy sent by Maris to make sure they don't do anything that will cost her extra, or damage the vase. Tommy and Gabriel's stories get more mixed up, and it's up to Ben to resolve everything, but a heated argument results in him being forced to take the wheel, and shortly after they are pulled over by a police officer. When Ben is unable to present a driving license, the guys are forced to come to his rescue at the nearby jailhouse in a tiny one-horse town. They fight for Ben's release in the courthouse, where they find themselves up against ruthless lawyer Sandy Stone after she was disbarred from her law offices for her extreme methods.

"Too Little Person, Too Late" 21 45

The servants are roped into taking care of one of Maris' distant relatives; bratty 10-year old Abbie, when she and her mother leave town for facelifts. While most can't seem to get a handle on her, Eve proves to be a good role model for Abbie, and the two develop a close friendship. However, when Abbie's mother shows up to collect her, Eve enters into a minor depression. Kitty is convinced that Eve is regretting giving up her baby boy for adoption back in high-school. Kitty suggests they pay him a visit, and they pose as substitute teachers to get into the school, which Eve is surprised to learn is an exclusively stuffy academy funded by Maris herself. When she finally meets her son, a young boy named Louis, Eve is upset to hear he has been raised to hate "the little people", i.e. servants. When she realises that the school may be responsible for his attitude, Eve blames Maris, and a war breaks out back at the mansion. Meanwhile, Marta's new "open" persona prompts mixed reactions from the servants now that she can express herself more clearly. Tommy fears the consequences after he accidentally teaches Abbie a swear word.

"What Would Maris Crane Do?" 22 46

Maris is looking forward to the return of her caviar supplier, who only comes to Seattle once every five years – as are the servants, who enjoy the good mood she gets in once she has her caviar. However, when her supplier turns up a day earlier than expected, Maris is out of town, forcing Marta to pose as her, so her bad mood won't go away. Marta enjoys playing Maris but is compelled to keep up the charade for the rest of the day when the supplier has to wait for the delivery to arrive. Ben and the others soon tire of being bossed around by Marta and they decide to take action, but Marta is forced to think what Maris would do when the supplier finds out about her lie and decides to cut the mansion off from caviar permanently. With Ben, Tommy and Eve, she heads to the supplier's warehouse in an attempt to change his mind, and they wind up getting involved in a shoot-out between rival caviar distributors. Tommy is horrified to learn that an ex-girlfriend of his has fallen into the world of "caviar dealing" and is worried that he sent her down this path. In the end, no one can quite believe that things truly are better when Maris is around. Meanwhile, Gabriel is sick of chauffeuring Maris about because she never acknowledges him, so he hires a random bus driver to do the driving to see if she notices the difference.

"Benny Get Your Gun" 23 47

When the mansion is almost robbed, Ben begins to fear for Kitty's safety and considers purchasing a gun to protect her. Along with Gabriel and Tommy, he decides to requisition a gun license, and they head to a shooting range for practice. With Maris on her sensory deprivation binge, the servants are free to make as much noise as they want and the guys set up their own shooting range in the abandoned barn house. However, their fun comes crashing down to earth when Maris, in a confused frame of mind after her deprivation, blindly stumbles into the barn house and accidentally gets shot in the leg. As the servants await news at the hospital, arguments break out between the guys when nobody seems willing to accept the responsibility. Meanwhile, Eve becomes convinced that a man she saw in bandages was the one who attempted to rob the mansion and poses as a nurse with Marta to find out more.

"It's Always Rainy in Seattle" 24 48

Seattle gets hit by the rain season, and the servants are shocked to learn that the mansion is "sinking" due to unstable foundations. When flooding traps them on the top floor, they face their own mortality when the building contractor reveals the house could sink at any moment. Ben and Kitty enter the air ducts to look for a way out, and Kitty ends up cornering Ben with a discussion about their relationship, which ends with her revealing she might be pregnant. Before he can swallow this news, the two of them manage to get into a pantry, and they debate how to distribute the food among the servants. Tommy wants nothing more than to eat after a painful diet he tried to impress the sexy housekeeper. Eve faces the possibility that her prize-winning garden could be ruined, and she leads a protest against Maris with several others to petition for flood banks on the grounds. However, Maris has locked herself in her bedroom, unable to deal with the stress and her demanding employees. Eve decides that, if she gets out of this, she wants to spend more time with her son. Marta feuds with the upstairs maid and becomes madly curious about what lies behind a door she's never seen before. Gabriel is pre-occupied after a life-changing phone call earlier asking him to host the new Freaky Forum TV show in Hollywood. Ben deals with the news of Kitty's pregnancy and accidentally reveals it to everyone when rescue comes, and as the foundations are repaired, some of the servants look forward to implementing a change in their lives; while Maris gains a new perspective on hers and heads to Zurich for another facelift.

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