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"Once Upon a Time in Seattle" 1 445

A few weeks after Alexander's wake, Maris is taken by the police for questioning. Due to financial concerns the club is closed indefinitely, prompting the staff to move themselves into Maris' townhouse while they search for new jobs. Kelly has trouble accepting the fact that her mother may have killed again and tells Yuri and Svetlana that she is considering leaving. Spurred by the death of father, Charlie becomes determined to track down his estranged mother. David gets a part-time job counselling patients at a nearby mental institution and finds that one of his patients may be Charlie's mother. David agrees to oversee the first meeting between mother and son, but the situation is complicated when it turns out that Charlie's mother is Maris' former best friend and current social rival, Margaret Putter. Elsewhere, Hester's senior year of high-school starts with a bang when Maris' antics hit the headlines and she is swarmed by students eager to bombard her with questions, while Rex and Misty clash when they unknowingly give Flynn and Lisa conflicting advice over their adoption difficulties.

"The Mole Nine Yards" 2 446

A few weeks later, Maris summons the staff to Seattle to act as character witnesses when she and Shirley engage in a custody battle for Malcolm. After Charlie's liaison with Shirley becomes known, he is accused of bias by Shirley's lawyer and dismissed. Kelly believes that a mole is leaking information to opposing council and tries to uncover the traitor. At the same time, Yuri and Svetlana are shocked to find that Hester has recently begun dating Shirley's son Gregory, and he's been coercing her to dish out dirt on the gang. Yuri prepares to confront Hester, but as Gregory is Hester's first proper boyfriend, Svetlana insists they be more tactful due to the sensitivity of the situation. Meanwhile, Lisa and Flynn are busy launching a second adoption attempt but are concerned that their continued association with Maris may bungle their chances.

"The Maris Crane Affair" 3 447

When Maris and Shirley are deemed unsuitable guardians while under investigation, Lisa and Flynn are awarded temporary custody of Malcolm, invoking jealousy from Rex. Kelly is shocked to learn that Maris is back at the police station for questioning as traces of the liquid found in her sensory deprivation tank were found on Alexander's body. After visiting her at the station, Maris confesses that she and Alexander were having an affair in the weeks before his death, and the tank was their preferred meeting place. Meanwhile, Yuri, Svetlana and Misty attempt to boost Hester's spirits by finding her another suitor after her breakup with Gregory, but get into disagreements over the candidates.

"Diagnosis: Maris" 4 448

When Niles returns to provide a psychological analysis of Maris, the death of her former lover Esteban is dredged back up and Hester is horrified by the revelation that Maris has killed before. Panicked that she may try to off her dad, she hires two heavyset orderlies who work at the insane asylum to act as Niles' bodyguards. In the meantime, Lisa and Flynn are steadily growing attached to Malcolm, but news about Maris' indiscretions result in Flynn having nightmares about Malcolm turning evil like his mother. When Niles concludes that Maris is a danger to society and should have been committed a long time ago, Maris breaks down, admitting her accidental role in Alexander's death. After being taken to the jailhouse, Maris confesses to Kelly that she regrets many of her past actions, and asks her to take care of Malcolm. Kelly agrees, but later defies her mother's request and grants Lisa and Flynn full custody of Malcolm, telling them to get him as far away from his mother's destructive influence as possible.

  • Lisa Grayson and Flynn Slater's last appearance as main characters.
"Bellyaching Over the Asylum" 5 449

Kelly has trouble deciding whether or not to forgive her mother, who inadvertently killed Alexander after dosing him with natural virility-boosting remedies that reacted to a chemical in her sensory deprivation tank. Maris' confession has landed her on an indefinite hold at the mental institution, where David enjoys counselling her once again due to the challenge she brings him. He soon fears he has caused irreparable setbacks after Maris comes face to face with her frenemy Margaret Putter and learns of her connection to Alexander. Charlie winds up having to help David deal with the bickering pair, but David concludes they are a lost cause and quits the institution to council people in the townhouse instead. In the meantime, the rest of the staff are tasked with looking after Maris' interests while she is incarcerated, but Rex and Misty are having trouble working within the confines of a reduced shopping budget mandated by her situation.

"In Maris We Trust" 6 450

Yuri and Svetlana attempt to make peace with God after Eduard is kicked out of Sunday school for making offensive remarks. However, they have difficulty finding a church that will accommodate them due to their connection to Maris, who has been excommunicated. Infuriated, they decide to create a church that celebrates their employer's free-spirited behaviour, and enlist the help of Maris' former religious confidante June Archer to put together a place of worship in the local community centre. As plans get underway, Yuri and Svetlana begin to have concerns when it becomes apparent that years of being phased out of Maris' social circles have corrupted June, who spitefully sets Maris up as a Satan-like figure in the church. Meanwhile, Charlie and Hester bond over a penchant for gossip and decide to run the church confessional together, but have trouble convincing its visitors to part with their secrets.

"Bossed in Disgrace" 7 451

Rex is dismayed to learn that Kelly persuaded Lisa and Flynn to leave with Malcolm. At the same time, a power struggle is beginning to emerge in the townhouse when Kelly confronts Hester about the loud music she's been playing, leading Hester to question who has the right to be in charge. Still annoyed by Kelly's actions, Rex challenges her for the position of head servant and they take their competition to the institution, where Maris acts as a judge. Hester tries to convince David to participate, secretly craving power by proxy. Yuri and Svetlana's suggestion that everyone is treated like an equal leads Charlie to conclude that they come from communist backgrounds. Meanwhile, Misty is beaming with pride after being asked by the institution to cook frozen meals to suit Maris' complicated requirements, but feels guilty when she realises her hiring has resulted in the beloved patriarch of a large family being dismissed from his position.

"Hail to the Chef" 8 452

Misty is chagrined when the gang seem more impressed by the KFC Hester brought home than the lavish meal she's laid on for everyone. Frustrated, she refuses to set food in the kitchen any longer and leaves everyone to their own devices. Things quickly get out of hand when Yuri becomes addicted to junk food without Misty's intervention, inexperienced cook Svetlana inadvertently decimates the microwave, and David is out of pocket as Hester starts to heavily rely on fast food. Desperate to restore normality, David contacts his grandma, Gertrude Moon, who arrives a few days later and promptly gets to work in the kitchen cooking meals for everyone after observing the chaotic situation. When her eccentric English delicacies yield mixed results, Rex leads the charge in convincing Misty that she is appreciated. Meanwhile, Kelly and Charlie try to resolve Maris and Margaret's differences, only to find themselves turning against each other due to their mothers' twisted influence.

"Camera Obscurer" (Part 1) 9 453

When Maris grows frustrated with being out of the loop she gets several cameras installed in the townhouse and tells the staff she will be observing them from the institution. The gang struggle to hold their tongues, having grown accustomed to bemoaning their maniacal employer in their spare time. Svetlana fears the consequences after inadvertently badmouthing Maris, but learns that the footage takes at least twenty minutes to process before being broadcast to Maris. With the help of eager saboteur Charlie, Svetlana desperately tries to track down the elusive processor. David is forced to council patients in the bathroom to preserve patient confidentiality. Misty fears Maris will find out she isn't as honest about the ingredients she uses as she lets on. Meanwhile, Hester is furious when everyone forgets her birthday for the second year running. Determined to teach them a lesson, she contacts her producer friend Ernie Craft and convinces him to use the captured footage for a Big Brother style reality series.

"The Charlie Show" (Part 2) 10 454

Charlie is alarmed when he is recognised on the street and asked to pose for a selfie. Returning to the townhouse, his concern increases when he hears electronic buzzing coming from the walls. Charlie becomes convinced that he is part of a Truman Show style experiment and tries to make everyone believe him. Worried that Charlie has lost it, Kelly asks David to analyse his behaviour, leading to them agreeing that he should be committed. The duo are consumed by guilt when Charlie's claims turn out to be true after Yuri and Svetlana indicate that they were also recognised. As a result, David and Yuri are forced to keep the men in white coats at bay while Kelly and Svetlana try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Hester admits her role in signing everyone up for a reality program. The staff immediately want out, but get more than they bargained for when they realise the contract Hester signed means the cameras will be with them for another six months. Meanwhile, Misty enlists Rex as a taste tester as she tries to cobble together several new meals in the wake of her admission.

"Keeping Up with the Cranes" (Part 3) 11 455

After being told that the reality show will last another six months, the gang agree to act as dull as possible in order to make it lose viewing figures. Ratings fall exponentially, but Kelly is in for a surprise when she discovers that Maris will be moving back into the townhouse following a joint effort between Ernie Craft and his lawyer Sandy Stone to get her released from the mental institution. Maris' sudden presence proves to be a highly effective ratings ploy and the gang realise they may have to see the six months through. However, when a controversial remark from Maris forces Ernie to make an apology on Twitter, the gang set out to multiply Maris' worst qualities to the point where she is behaving so appallingly that the show will forced off the air. Meanwhile, Charlie is dismayed to learn how close he was to getting committed, and Rex pretends to be sick to avoid having to taste anymore of Misty's food.

"Spa Wars" 12 456

Following her release from the mental institution, Maris decides to take an extended vacation but is dismayed to learn that the stipulations of her release mean she is forbidden from leaving the state. Determined to relax, Maris commissions a drastic addition to Bear Creek; a luxury spa. A few weeks later, construction is complete, the club reopens for business, and the gang return to their old jobs. Kelly and Rex are frustrated to find that Maris expects them to divide their management duties between the club and the spa without increasing their pay. Svetlana and Hester struggle to cope with the heightened temperature in the hire shop as the new steam room has been built nearby. Misty deals with the monotony of spa food and has a breakdown after making her hundredth batch of cucumber sandwiches. Forced to move his sessions back to the club, David fears setbacks with a patient who loathes change. Yuri and Charlie find that Maris has installed the same brand of sensory deprivation tanks that killed Alexander and become convinced that she is planning to off her future spouses.

"David Meets His Match" 13 457

As Valentine's Day approaches, Maris goes off the rails when Harris Banes' ex-wife Lynne returns to town to re-launch her matchmaking business. She forbids any of her staff joining, still mad about losing several of Harris' most valuable assets to Lynne. At the same time, a lecherous patient leads David to realise that his love life has been lagging for far too long, and he sets out to find a girlfriend. Hester prompts him to join Lynne's service and he agrees despite feeling ethically bound to Maris. David is shocked when Lynne's computer program brings Kelly up as a potential match, and he is driven into an analysis of their friendship; unaware that an eager Hester is already playing matchmaker herself and setting them up for a romantic evening at an Italian restaurant. Elsewhere, Svetlana is chagrined to find that Yuri believes Valentine's obligations stop a few years into a marriage, while Charlie considers getting in touch with an old flame, only to question whether she is real or if he made her up.

"Maris: The Game IV" 14 458

The gang are forced to protest the mobile game Manic Maris, which Ernie Craft has re-released after acquiring the rights to her likeness. Yuri is shocked to find that Charlie has never played a video game due to not having them in his childhood, and insists that he plays it. Charlie winds up harbouring an addiction to gaming that gets wildly out of hand, leaving Yuri to help break his habit. Unwilling to comply, Charlie barricades himself in the employee lounge, constructing a fortress out of consoles and smartphones in a maniacal attempt to make up for lost time. Yuri is forced to turn to Kelly and David for help, and is surprised to learn of their recently kindled romance in the process. In the meantime, Svetlana is the only one whose heart is truly in the protest when her son Eduard racks up a massive bill from the game's microtransactions; while Rex attempts to get in Maris' good graces by single-handedly bringing down Ernie himself, videotaping Charlie as an example of how dangerous Manic Maris can make people.

"The Maris Complex" 15 459

David and Kelly head to Chicago to formally announce their relationship to David's parents, and take Hester with them. Niles confides in Daphne that he is concerned David is repeating the same mistakes he made by being with someone potentially like Maris. Daphne convinces him to get to know Kelly first before making any judgments, not anticipating Niles' decision to subject Kelly to a series of intrusive questions in an attempt to find out whether she has inherited Maris' less desirable qualities. David is furious, forcing Niles to reveal his intentions. David calls his claims ridiculous but begins to have second thoughts as Niles re-counts several of the girlfriends he had prior to meeting Maris, who sound very similar to some of David's own girlfriends. David is horrified by the revelation that he shares his father's taste in women, while Kelly goes overboard in proving she is the anti-Maris. In the meantime, Hester starts to worry that David is planning on leaving her in Chicago after he makes a few disconcerting remarks.

"Chambermaid of Secrets" 16 460

When Kelly and Svetlana team up to train new chambermaid Lori, they are dismayed to find she would rather avoid work as much as possible and barely lifts a finger. Kelly's immediate response is to dismiss Lori, only for Maris to intervene and say under no circumstance is she to be fired. Kelly and Svetlana are subsequently desperate to find out why Lori is immune from Maris' usual wrath and seek help from the rest of the gang. Eventually, Charlie admits that he recognises Lori from a porno and Kelly concludes that she must have ties to a production company Maris is financially involved with. However, when it becomes apparent that Lori is actually a film actress researching a role and Charlie got his movie titles mixed up, Kelly fears the disastrous consequences as several of the staff begin to approach her with highly inappropriate questions about her "porn star" past. Meanwhile, Misty and Rex try to uncover familial connections of their own in order to attain contractual immunity from Maris.

"The Man in the Iron Toque" 17 461

A rave review of the club's cooking results in Misty deciding to enter a local Iron Chef competition, where she is surprised to encounter her former co-worker, Nicolas. Misty and Nicolas enjoy catching up, but their old rivalry is quick to rear its ugly head when Misty discovers that Nicolas is using one of her recipes as his signature dish, in the belief that he came up with it. An embittered Misty complains to the judging committee, who promptly kick Nicolas out of the competition. Misty's feeling of guilt intensifies when she discovers that Nicolas has recently separated from his husband Clyde, and the competition was all he had left. When it turns out that Clyde is attending the contest to support a friend, Misty turns to David for help in counselling and re-uniting the pair. In the meantime, Svetlana tries to acquire some more interesting recipes when Yuri inadvertently admits that he is bored of her cooking, while Rex and Hester have a difficult time filling in for Misty back in the club's kitchen.

"Don't Go Broke in My Heart" 18 462

Kelly is surprised when Shirley Ryland and her son Gregory show up at the club in search of a place to stay after Shirley's father gambled away his hotel empire in a poker game. Feeling it is what her father would want, Kelly agrees to give Shirley and Gregory a room in the hotel until they get back on their feet. Knowing that Maris would oppose the idea, she keeps their presence on a need-to-know basis but fails to inform Rex, who consequently double books the room. To make matters worse, the guests expecting to receive a room are friends of Maris, forcing Kelly and Rex to do all they can to keep them from blabbing. In the meantime, Hester takes the opportunity to give Gregory a piece of her mind over their turbulent relationship. When Gregory apologises and says that money has a corrupting influence, Hester takes pity and agrees to resume their relationship. Determined not to let his sister get hurt again, David enlists the help of Yuri and Svetlana to test where Gregory's loyalties lie by convincing him he's won the lottery.

"Prom Night of the Living Dead" 19 463

When Kelly and David volunteer to chaperone Hester's prom night, they find themselves tasked with organising the entire function after the committee members unexpectedly come down with colds. When their choices are met with unimpressed sneers from Hester, Kelly starts to fear she has become old. Determined to recapture her youth, she drastically alters her wardrobe and starts talking in lingo nobody understands. As the prom gets underway, Kelly's efforts to integrate herself with the teens proves fruitless, and David must slap some sense back into her when she does the unthinkable and contacts Maris' plastic surgeon for a facelift. In the meantime, Hester has asked Gregory to be her prom date but he is having trouble leaving his privileged ways behind. When this makes them the butt of jokes amongst the students, Hester enlists Charlie to help her show Gregory how to live like an average Joe.

"Patients is a Virtue" 20 464

Charlie is shocked when Margaret shows up at the club escorted by her therapist and realises he has been unwittingly signed up to act as her caregiver while she's visiting for his birthday. As Charlie's birthday was several months ago, it is apparent that Margaret only wants some time away from the mental institution. Feeling sorry for his mother, Charlie decides to indulge her but gets more than he bargained for when he learns that Margaret's therapist got dismissed by the institution for "fraternising" with her, and they have run away together. At the same time, Maris becomes determined to get Margaret sent back to the institution upon learning of her visit, still fuming over the fact that she had a dalliance with Alexander in their youth. The staff end up in a cat and mouse chase as Maris, alongside two vehemently determined orderlies, try to track Margaret down. Meanwhile, Rex must make up a series of increasingly ridiculous lies to cover up the absence of Misty's Iron Chef trophy, which he inadvertently damaged.

"The Americanization of Eduard" 21 465

Yuri is shocked when his battleaxe mother Sonya arrives at the club and Svetlana is driven to madness as the woman dislikes her for no apparent reason. When David observes how Yuri indulges his mother's every need, he surmises that Sonya hates Svetlana as she has always encouraged him to be independent. David suggests to Svetlana that she bears down and let Sonya have what she wants. Svetlana agrees, and to her surprise Sonya begins to act more affectionate towards her. However, their newfound amicability is short-lived when Sonya criticises Yuri for "Americanising" Eduard and he responds by completely changing their son's identity in an attempt to restore his Russian heritage. Eduard is clearly unhappy with the change, leaving Svetlana stuck between a rock and a hard place as she tries to determine whose happiness is more important. Meanwhile, Kelly and Charlie pay a visit to Alexander's gravesite alongside Maris and wind up brokering a feud between Maris and the nearby church owner over the quality of his gravestone care.

"Maris Redux" 22 466

When Maris rejects an offer from Lisa and Flynn to visit with Malcolm, Kelly is aghast by her attitude and they get into a massive argument that culminates in Kelly declaring she wants to leave town for good. When David manages to calm her down and convince her not to do something she'll regret, Kelly spontaneously proposes to him. Elsewhere, Niles and Daphne are visiting Hester as she prepares to graduate. Kelly and David agree to announce their engagement at the ceremony, which quickly descends into a chaotic family affair when Maris shows up to confront Niles about having her committed. Kelly and David agree to keep their news under wraps for the time being, and David manages to calm everyone down long enough to watch Hester accept her diploma. As a post-graduation party gets underway at the club, Charlie is shaken by rumours that Kelly may be leaving and strives to prove he can fill her shoes by performing her usual Maris-wrangling responsibilities. Maris' lack of maternal instincts prompts a discussion between Yuri and Svetlana of what it means to be a parent. They wind up at different conclusions, with Svetlana realising she wants more children and Yuri thinking the opposite. Rex and Misty have been tasked with keeping the rowdy kids' table under control and hate every second. When the various predicaments lead to David and Niles honing their skills and "therapising" everyone, Kelly is shocked to witness the similarities between father and son and panics that she and David are doomed to repeat Maris and Niles' trials and tribulations. David rebukes her concerns until he realises that they are in the same place now as Niles and Maris were years ago. Concluding that they don't want to have a similarly bad marriage, the two agree to call off the engagement and Kelly leaves, masking tears. The following morning, the gang return to the club and are surprised to find a letter of resignation from Kelly. The letter explains that for the past twelve years she has been defined by Maris and she has decided it's time to form her own identity in pastures new; and Charlie leads the charge in dealing with what is sure to be a Maris tantrum of epic proportions.

  • Kelly Crane, Rex Grayson and Misty White's last appearance as main characters.

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