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Season 21 of Maris contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Maris: The Game V" 1 467

Maris reels from the news that a trial has been set to determine her culpability in Alexander's death, and fears she will have to dip into her savings to deal with the legal expense. Charlie heads out in search of Maris' accountant, who has been missing for some time. The accountant reveals he has squirrelled away significant amounts of Maris' money in a secret bank account over the years, but has forgotten its password and went into hiding in fear of her reaction. The accountant recalls that he wrote the password down on a slip of paper and filed it away in Maris' old mansion. With the mansion long since torn down, all hope appears lost until Maris reveals that shortly before its destruction, she commissioned a video game company to design a perfect recreation of the mansion's interior for a VR device. As a result, the gang step forth into the game to track down the elusive slip of paper and encounter bizarre AI representations of Maris' former servants as the simulation unfolds. Yuri and Svetlana's continued bickering leads to them trying to dig up dirt on each other while rifling through a recreation of their old guesthouse bedroom. Eventually, their arguing escalates to the point where they are battling it out old-school style, trying to deplete each other's lives. David worries that his father has been having an affair with Maris when he discovers a pair of familiar looking cufflinks on Maris' old dresser. Hester quickly becomes bored of the proceedings and attempts to alter the game to make things more interesting after stumbling upon a bug in the system and is shocked to find many secrets about her friends and colleagues embedded within the code. Back in reality, Charlie wrestles with his desire to participate, afraid he will fall back into his video game addiction.

"Charlie in Charge" (Part 1) 2 468

A few months later, the gang head to Seattle as Maris prepares to go on trial to determine her culpability in Alexander's death. Maris is having trouble coping without Kelly and bemoans the fact that she has always been abandoned by family when she needs them most. At the same time, Charlie's apparent devotion to Maris raises eyebrows amongst his friends. The staff are put up in a hotel as they prepare to give depositions in the trial, but are dismayed to find that Maris expects them to continue working for her while she lives it up in her luxury suite. Convinced that Maris would never shell out for the expense, Hester investigates and is shocked to learn that Charlie paid for the hotel, having acquired a substantial cash windfall in his father's will. Charlie admits he feels compelled to take care of Maris as it's what his father requested in the will, but Maris' behaviour is making the vow difficult to uphold. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana shock everyone when they confirm their separation.

"Call of Jury Duty" (Part 2) 3 469

Yuri takes David to the hotel bar to help him get over Kelly. David winds up having a one-night stand with a woman and is horrified to learn the next morning that she is a juror in Maris' case. Charlie confronts Maris, who admits she pulled some strings and got the jury sequestered in the same hotel as her staff. David faces an ethical dilemma when Charlie prompts the gang to befriend the jurors and manipulate them into giving a not guilty verdict. When Hester starts flirting with the male jurors, David worries that years of working for Maris have finally corrupted his friends' morals and sets out to save them. However, David's meddling results in a mistrial being declared over suspected jury tampering, leaving the others feeling guilty for the way their behaviour has affected David. Meanwhile, Svetlana frets over whether Yuri is already seeing other people and stalks him throughout the hotel.

"Maid in Seattle" 4 470

Maris prepares to throw a glamorous party to celebrate her escape from justice, and the sheer scale of the event forces her to hire additional staff. Svetlana is mortified to discover that prima donna actress Lori has been employed as a waitress and is forced by Maris to show her the ropes. Lori apologises for her past behaviour, revealing her real name is Annie and Lori was an alias she used to research roles. Annie expresses her desire to move on from her acting career, leaving the others to ponder what caused her fall from grace. Annie admits she is a single mother and was fired by her agency after falling pregnant in the midst of filming a major soap opera storyline. Feeling sorry for Annie, Svetlana rallies the staff in making her feel welcome, a task made more difficult when Maris finds out about having a celebrity on her staff and eagerly prepares to trot her out in front of her guests. In the meantime, Charlie does everything in his power to keep his darkest secret—his lifelong soap opera addiction—under control while Annie is around.

  • Annie Fox becomes a main character.
"Limo Scene" 5 471

Following her acquittal for Alexander's death, Maris' social life experiences a significant resurgence, and she becomes the toast of the Seattle elite. In turn, the staff are forced to work overtime keeping her social life on track, and the pressure quickly overwhelms Charlie. When a combined, high-octane effort to get Maris across town in time to be fashionably late for a cocktail party goes unthanked, Charlie snaps and locks Maris in the limousine. After deducing that Charlie is suffering a nervous breakdown as a result of having to curtail Maris' behaviour since Kelly's departure, David councils him in the hopes of getting him to hand over the keys to the limo. In the meantime, the rest of the gang take the opportunity to re-negotiate their contracts with Maris while she is at their mercy, and can't resist angling for added benefits at the same time. However, as Maris' mood steadily worsens, it soon becomes apparent that letting her out may lead to disastrous consequences for all, resulting in a potentially never-ending stalemate.

"My Fair Charlie" 6 472

When a guest at the country club assumes that Charlie is poor and snidely derides him for it in front of his friends, Hester encourages him to get revenge by parading his newly acquired wealth in front of him. Following a disastrous attempt to fashion a top-hat and monocle, Charlie realises he is unclear on how to "act" wealthy and asks Hester to transform him into a typical, upper-class gentleman in time for a debutante ball taking place at the club. On the night of the ball, Charlie's transformation is complete, but he feels reluctant to go through with the humiliating display when he realises that his would-be bully is also struggling to stay true to himself and has been acting like the typical snob in an attempt to appease his domineering mother. However, Hester refuses to hear of it and insists that things go ahead as planned, leading to her admission that Gregory dumped her for a rich girl. Meanwhile, Svetlana helps Annie kerb her instinctual desire to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants but soon begins to wonder if it's a skill that can be learned.

"Give the Boy a Hand" 7 473

Svetlana is intrigued when she notices the tension between Yuri and Annie and becomes determined to sniff out the truth. Yuri admits to Charlie that shortly after the birth of his son, he and Svetlana entered into a long, sustained "dry patch", and some of Annie's more saucy scenes on her soap opera helped him get through the tough times. Yuri now feels guilty and is unable to look Annie in the eyes, who is under the impression that he doesn't like her. Charlie attempts to resolve the situation by getting everything out in the open but manages to make things worse when Yuri winds up looking like a pervert, and a jealous Svetlana becomes convinced that Annie was the catalyst in the deterioration of their marriage. Meanwhile, an anonymous complaint made against David for not being a fully qualified psychiatrist leads him to re-evaluate his hopes and dreams. At the same time, Hester hopes to reignite her passion for graphic design by redesigning David's newspaper ads to make it clearer that he is an amateur, unlicensed counsellor.

"The Curse of Maris Crane" 8 474

The gang struggle to line up suppliers for an upcoming banquet they are organising for Maris' birthday. After talking to an anonymous tipster, they realise that Maris has become thought of as a curse amongst local business owners due to her recent headlines. David and Annie head to a supermarket to stock up on supplies but get sidetracked when David has to counsel Annie as she wrestles with the realisation that she is getting recognised less and less. Hester puts everyone's necks on the line when she drastically overhauls the planned decor for the banquet, in defiance of Maris' strictly conservative taste. Charlie negotiates with the owner of Lakeview, Bear Creek's rival country club, for the use of their parking spaces. In the meantime, Yuri begins to have second thoughts about giving up on his marriage when his son, Eduard, indicates that he'd like to have a little brother or sister.

"Calling Dr. Crane" 9 475

David is shocked when Maris pulls some strings and gets him an honorary psychiatric degree and realises this is the latest in a series of uncharacteristically charitable acts. Later, he discovers a psychic has been providing readings to Maris for several weeks. Convinced they must be trying to fleece Maris somehow, David attempts to seek out the truth, but gets preoccupied debating the ethics of keeping the degree. Eventually, he learns Maris appears to be trying to better herself after experiencing an epiphany in her sensory deprivation tank and sought the psychic out in search of positive guidance. First on Maris' to-do list is to pay her debts, starting with David, whom she claims to feel guilty towards for calling time on their counselling sessions. As David questions whether Maris' intentions are sincere, the rest of the gang eagerly turn the club upside down searching for what they assume to be a premium stash of weed which they believe must be responsible for Maris' sudden upswing in mood.

"Cranky Doodle" 10 476

When Maris lectures Hester for doodling while on the job, an embittered Hester responds by drawing a mocking comic strip featuring Maris as the butt of the joke. The comic soon becomes a hit amongst the bored kids hanging around the club on weekends, inspiring Hester to create more. However, disaster strikes when Malcolm shows up for his twice-yearly visit and promptly takes the latest strip home to Maris. Fearing for their jobs, Hester and Svetlana head to Maris' townhouse and try to wrestle the piece away from Malcolm's clutches without arousing their employer's suspicions. Meanwhile, sleazy agent Ernie Craft returns and sets out to pitch a kids' TV adaptation of the comic strip for a local PBS affiliate. While most of the gang are quick to reject his pleas for help, Annie finds herself being swayed by the potential to revive her stardom, leaving Charlie scrambling to keep her from making a huge mistake.

"A Marta of Life and Death" 11 477

Impressed by her cleaning skills, Maris transfers Annie to her townhouse to work as her personal maid. Annie quickly finds herself lonely working in solitude but eventually develops a surprising bond with Maris when they chat several nights in a row. However, Annie begins to suspect that Maris has ulterior motives when she adjusts her uniform to be more frumpy and insists that she adopts a Guatemalan accent. Yuri realises that Maris is trying to mould Annie into her former maid Marta, whom Eve once mentioned. Annie is initially furious until David points out that Maris' intentions aren't as sinister as they seem and she presumably misses her oldest friend. As a result, Annie feels pressured into keeping up the act, and it impacts her day-to-day life in many unexpected ways. Meanwhile, after having an argument with Svetlana, Hester becomes new cook Marcus' assistant for the day and discovers a natural talent for seasoning, leaving the other kitchen staff feeling upstaged.

"Bark of the Covenant" 12 478

Yuri and Svetlana have a surprise reunion with their old dog Biscuit, who has retired from greyhound racing and become the companion of an elderly club member who has just joined. The pair finds themselves spending more time with Biscuit than they expected when the gentleman turns out to have chronic narcolepsy, and in the process they find their old spark returning. However, Svetlana brings reparations to a halt when she flirts with the gentleman's handsome entrepreneur son, a ferocious competitor at the dog racing tracks with Biscuit's puppies. Overcome with jealousy, Yuri decides to bring Biscuit out of retirement and train her up to humiliate Svetlana's suitor in his next race, but struggles to get the ageing dog onboard. Meanwhile, Hester unintentionally corrupts Charlie's childlike innocence when she is forced to break the news about the "farm" his pets got sent to during his childhood and attempts to make amends.

"Grey Matters" 13 479

Charlie makes a huge faux pas when he mistakes a visiting Frances for Maris. With Maris already emotionally fragile due to it being the anniversary of the discovery of her first grey hair, Charlie does everything in his power to prevent the inadvertent offence reaching Maris. The task becomes more difficult than expected when Frances turns out to be on a vendetta against her daughter after finding out she is having her committed to a retirement home. In the meantime, David and Hester feel awkward after being informed the person Maris sent them to look at retirement homes for is Frances, and agreeing that only the best one will suffice, their search suddenly becomes a lot more difficult.

"You've Got a Friend in Maris" 14 480

Hester is dismayed to learn her ex-boyfriend Gregory is applying to become a full-time club member alongside his empty-headed girlfriend, Portia. Still bitter about their breakup, she sets out to sabotage his chances and is surprised to find that Maris is more involved in the vetting process than she expected. As a result, Hester does the unthinkable and cosies up to Maris, becoming her best friend and confidante. The others are left bewildered by her behaviour and David, concerned his sister is falling in with the wrong crowd, becomes determined to do something about it and unknowingly jeopardises Hester's efforts when he calls in Gregory's controlling mother Shirley Ryland for guidance. Elsewhere, when Yuri helps Annie run lines for an audition, he suddenly develops the acting bug and irritates Annie when he becomes one of her biggest competitors. Svetlana, meanwhile, is concerned about the amount of time they are spending together and recruits Charlie to keep her from acting too crazy.

"The Big Libido Ski" 15 481

As Valentine's Day approaches, a bitterly lonely Maris heads to her ski lodge and brings her entire staff along with her. Yuri and Svetlana finally agree to move on and start seeing other people. They wind up meeting a feuding couple in a nearby lodge who seem set on doing something impulsive, driving them into an analysis over whether moving on from their marriage is worth wrecking another. In the meantime, Charlie and Annie attempt to attract eligible bachelors to the lodge to find a match for Maris so that they can escape her clutches. However, they wind up disagreeing over who would make the better match, leading to an argument and a kiss. Before they can process this development, Annie is horrified to realise that one of the bachelors to have turned up is her somewhat sexist and idiotic ex-husband, Nate. Elsewhere, David sets out to prove his manliness to Hester when she scoffs at his intentions to chop wood for a fire.

"Laughing Stock Exchange" 16 482

While the gang are unwiring at a karaoke night, Annie is chagrined to notice an opportunistic journalist who stalked her throughout her soap opera career is in attendance. Annie tries to ignore him and enjoy her evening, but after taking to the stage, the journalist realises her voice doesn't live up to how it was on the soap opera, and rightly deduces that she got dubbed in the iconic scenes that led to her stardom. Afraid that it will damage what little she has left of her acting career, Annie tries to convince the journalist to drop the story and is morally conflicted when he indicates that he will do so in exchange for a juicy story about Maris. Meanwhile, Svetlana's worldview gets shaken when she realises that many of the classic musicals she enjoyed during her first years in America also got dubbed.

"Maris Needs Moms" 17 483

Mother's Day sees unexpected visits from Sonya Petrov, Margaret Putter and Daphne Moon, who arrive at the club determined to spend time with their less than enthusiastic kids. Hiding in the hire shop; Yuri, Charlie, David and Hester soon realise that Maris summoned the women for her own gains: due to her recent falling out with Frances, she plans on auditioning them to play the part of her mother for the social event of the season, a Mother's Day ball. At the same time, the mothers meddle in the affairs of the gang. Yuri hides his separation from Sonya, and Svetlana feels uncomfortable playing along with the requisite displays of affection. Charlie tries to mend Margaret and Maris' friendship when Margaret gets kicked out the moment she enters her audition. Daphne meddles in Hester's problems with Gregory and goes too far in trying to land a girlfriend for David. Meanwhile, Annie must keep a furious Frances at bay when she hears about the auditions.

"Charlie Chapel-In" 18 484

An old friend of Alexander's shows up at the club and Charlie is forced to inform him of his death. Later, the man admits that he was Alexander's sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous. Overcome with regret for never getting to know his father, Charlie visits his old AA group in a church basement to learn more about him. Hester tags along for moral support, but they get more than they bargained for when it turns out that the group has since abandoned their original focus and become "preppers" for the apocalypse. When Hester reveals Alexander's death, the preppers take it as a sign of the apocalypse and send the basement into lockdown. As Charlie and Hester try to negotiate their way out, Charlie is troubled by the realisation that his father may have been well on his way to becoming nuts as a consequence of being in Maris' life. On the surface, Svetlana and Annie show up in search of their friends and wind up getting shanghaied into joining a tap class by Maris' former confidante, the religious harridan June Archer.

"Shift Happens" 19 485

Charlie decides to take a much-needed vacation, leaving the others in charge of his usual Maris-wrangling responsibilities. As a result, his friends come to appreciate how much he does for their maniacal employer. Hester leads the charge in convincing Maris to show her appreciation for Charlie by giving him a raise when he returns. However, Maris is infuriated to learn upon his arrival that he spent his vacation giving away his entire fortune to various charities, believing that the money he inherited from Alexander's will could change him too much. Charlie's friends express mixed views on this decision, as they have often struggled with finances themselves, but Hester remains steadfast in her support of Charlie and tries to help him earn Maris' forgiveness. Meanwhile, Annie is busy dealing with her ex-husband Nate, who seems determined to get on her nerves.

"The Schenkman Redemption" 20 486

Yuri and Svetlana decide to give their marriage another shot by visiting a counsellor. After disastrous starter sessions with an increasingly nutty Father Romick and a rusty David, they are close to throwing in the towel when an esteemed psychiatrist, Dr. Schenkman, approaches them with a peculiar interest in solving their problems. It soon transpires that Schenkman was the unscrupulous psychiatrist responsible for wrecking Maris' first marriage to Niles Crane. Upon learning this, David and Hester become determined to get revenge on the man they hold responsible for the darkest period in their father's life. However, they wind up getting into a feud with Yuri and Svetlana, who feel that Schenkman is the first person to have successfully gotten to the cause of their issues. Yuri and Svetlana later have second thoughts when Schenkman's self-absorbed ulterior motives begin to emerge. Meanwhile, Charlie is dismayed to learn that Annie has reunited with Nate.

"Doctors Without Hoarders" 21 487

Hester worries when she discovers the difficulties David's patients have are starting to rub off on him, the most evident of which is a hoarding problem that bars entry to his house. Yuri and Svetlana are overcome with guilt when they realise that their decision to seek alternative therapists has compounded the doubts he's been having over his career, leading to his emotional breakdown. David admits his problem and agrees to let his friends start clearing out his house, which becomes more difficult than they expected when more of David's inherited problems begin to emerge. Meanwhile, Annie ponders whether Maris is a secret hoarder when she realises she has never been asked to throw anything out and enlists Charlie's help to gain entry to a restricted area of the townhouse she's convinced is harbouring Maris' secret hoard.

"Women on the Merge" 22 488

Hester is horrified to learn that Gregory and Portia plan on getting married in a glitzy ceremony at the club and attempts to show Gregory the error of his ways by demonstrating Portia's empty-headed nature. Charlie regrets giving up his fortune when Maris demotes him back to a janitor and struggles to stand idly by while Maris' newest right-hand man, David, makes questionable choices in organising the wedding. At the same time, he debates whether to interject in what he perceives to be Nate's poor treatment of Annie. In the meantime, Yuri and Svetlana decide to "reboot" their relationship and start reliving their dating years, beginning with the wedding. Later, they find their spark returning after overhearing Maris conversing with Shirley Ryland about the potential merging of their two urinal cake companies. As news spreads, Gregory realises that he is only being paired off with Portia because she is the daughter of one of the controlling investors in his mother's company. Convinced, he flees the scene with Hester.

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