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Season 22 of Maris contains 22 episode ideas.


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"The British Are Coming" 1 489

In the aftermath of her failure to merge her urinal cake company with Shirley Ryland, Maris falls into a dire financial situation that forces her to sell both it and her controlling shares in Bear Creek to an eccentric British entrepreneur, Rodney Bell. A few months later, the club reopens for business, and the gang are disheartened to learn of the many changes that have occurred during their absence, including an extensive list of Britishisms Bell expects them to uphold. Yuri and Svetlana's decision to relive their dating years proves challenging when neither of them is willing to admit that it has left them exhausted. David prepares for the return of Hester and Gregory, who eloped to Vegas following their impromptu getaway. Charlie has taken to spending all his time with Annie and Nate.

"Third Wheel of Fortune" 2 490

Charlie worries that cutting off ties with Annie and Nate will lead to them becoming closer, unaware that Annie feels her relationship with Nate is too dependent on Charlie's presence and feels obligated to keep it going for her daughter's sake. Hester tries to earn David's forgiveness for excluding him from her wedding. An exhausted Svetlana keeps falling asleep at inopportune moments while working in the hire shop. Yuri winds up becoming Rodney Bell's personal caddy when it becomes apparent that his underlings are woefully incompetent.

"Bell v. Crane" 3 491

Battle lines occur when Rodney Bell puts his foot down with an increasingly demanding Maris, refusing to treat her as anything more than an ordinary guest. The gang are left debating whether they are obligated to remain loyal to their former employer. When Maris gracefully backs down, Yuri believes they haven't heard the last of her, but when nothing happens, the gang start to realise that their lives are more mundane than they realised without Maris blowing up about something every five minutes. Hester tries to make amends with Portia when she arrives for a round of golf, and it soon becomes apparent that unlike David, she hasn't inherited their father's therapeutic silver tongue.

"Foreigner Affairs" 4 492

Svetlana tries to settle a dispute between Rodney Bell and the security guards when he implements a bold new uniform, causing them to resemble British Beefeaters. Svetlana almost manages to crack Rodney's icy exterior when he admits that he was kicked out of Britain twenty years ago for shady business practices, and he has been trying to recapture the feeling of his homeland ever since. Svetlana convinces Rodney to be more accommodating, but the duo's decision to "re-Americanise" the club proves equally unpopular when many of the employees, including Svetlana's friends, cite stereotyping.

"Children of the Scorn" 5 493

Charlie is surprised to learn that Annie has dumped Nate after coming to the realisation that he will never make a good father for their daughter. Worried that he wouldn't get a look-in if Annie considered him a bad father figure, Charlie volunteers at the club's daycare to gain some experience but soon finds his white-collar roots don't gel with the equally stuffed-shirt offspring of the club's members. Rodney asks Hester to design a new logo for the club's sign, but she struggles to work within the boundaries of his extensive list of rules and restrictions. David is pleased when Maris asks to resume their counselling as she is experiencing second thoughts about the direction her life has taken.

"Catastrophy" 6 494

Hester begins to have second thoughts about marrying Gregory so impulsively when she realises all he expects of her is to be his trophy wife while he attends glitzy events. However, when Rodney Bell rejects her latest design for the club logo and instead elects to hire an outside professional, an embittered Hester decides to sample the trophy wife lifestyle and soon finds she enjoys the indulgence. Worried about the kind of life his sister is falling into, David tries to convince Rodney to give her work a second chance. Yuri's acting bug re-emerges when he caddies for a casting director who thinks he has a perfect look for commercials.

"The Telltale Starlet" 7 495

Yuri is conflicted when he gets cast in a commercial for Bear Creek's rival country club, Lakeview. Annie has trouble hiding her jealousy when she discovers Yuri's budding acting career, and in an impulsive moment of madness, she blabs on Yuri, leading to Rodney suspending him for two weeks. Annie is subsequently overcome with guilt and driven mad as it manifests itself everywhere she goes. Hester is dreading a visit from her grandmother Gertrude Moon, who is on the warpath after learning that she eloped.

"Suspension of Disbelief" (Part 1) 8 496

Following Yuri's suspension, Svetlana is forced to take on double duty at the club. Sleep-deprived, she inadvertently offends Maris after handing her a golf club that almost sprains her wrist due to its weight. Fearing the loss of the revenue Maris brings to the club, Rodney has no choice but to suspend Svetlana as well. Feeling they can't stand idly by while their friends are struggling, Annie convinces the others to join her in a strike against Rodney's reign of terror. Yuri and Svetlana find themselves bored around the house and start questioning whether they work well together until they are distracted by an apparent plot by Maris to sow discord amongst the staff in a nefarious plot to reclaim the club from Rodney.

"Admission of Defeat" (Part 2) 9 497

Yuri and Svetlana race to the club to warn their friends not to fall for Maris' tricks, but are unable to enter due to their suspension. Hester convinces a member to sponsor them for membership of the club, allowing them access on a temporary basis, but this ends up sidetracking them with a cavalcade of red tape and paperwork as they undertake the lengthy admissions process. They manage to relay the message to Hester, who convinces her friends to stand down from the strike, and in their next session, David persuades Maris to let go of her past and start enjoying her long-awaited retirement. Charlie wrestles with the temptation to become a scab worker.

"Fight Christmas" 10 498

Annie invites the gang to spend Christmas in the townhouse when Maris jets off to Spain with an unknown man. Charlie struggles to work out what Annie's intentions are, but when it turns out that Maris' mysterious suitor is Annie's ex-husband, Nate, her horrified discovery sidetracks Charlie's efforts. Hester's attempts to show Gregory how to have a budget Christmas are complicated when Portia shows up at the door carolling with her new boyfriend. Yuri and Svetlana debate whether to invite Rodney when he hints that Christmas is a lonely time for him. Disillusioned with his career, David gets drunk and becomes convinced that a local homeless man is the reincarnation of Sigmund Freud.

"New Year's Leave" 11 499

Rodney forces everyone to cancel their plans and work at the club on New Year's Eve for a party. Additionally, he reveals that new employee policies are coming into effect on January 1st. The gang succumb to paranoia as they worry what the new policies will mean for their jobs and attempt to find out by eavesdropping on the party guests. Yuri and Svetlana ponder whether Rodney is taking out his Christmas loneliness on the gang, and try to break his icy exterior by reuniting him with his equally frosty mother, who is at the party but has always neglected her family in deference to her social obligations. David learns that employee morale is a low priority in David's new policies and realising it won't be long before he's out of a job, he resigns.

"The Janitor Man" 12 500

Following David's resignation, Rodney agrees to keep him on in a custodial role, and David subsequently struggles to come to terms with being Charlie's janitorial assistant. Charlie can't help but enjoy the situation, admitting to Hester that he has always felt intimidated by David's intelligence. An empathetic Hester teaches Charlie some tricks she learnt as a child to deal with David's superiority complex, unaware that his struggles to find a direction in life is finally reaching the breaking point. Annie obsesses over a postcard sent by Maris and Nate and becomes determined to find a way of one-upping them.

"Jung at Heart" 13 501

David realises he is a psychiatrist at heart and decides to enrol in medical school. After Niles fast-tracks him a place in his old alma mater, Charlie and Yuri throw David a psychiatry-themed bon voyage party. Hester struggles to come to terms with her brother's impending departure and acts out, resembling her old teenage self. David realises his sister has been subconsciously harbouring resentment towards him for always being the apple of their father's eye and begins to question his capabilities as a psychiatrist. Realising everything David has done for them, the gang rally together, alongside Niles and Father Romick, and through their combined therapeutic methods, set out to put everything right by the night's end.

"Occupy Vegas" 14 502

Hester is infuriated to learn that Gregory has arranged a trip to Vegas with his friends, blowing all the living expenses David left for them. When the travel company refuses to cancel, Hester insists on going on the trip and promptly sets up camp outside the company's headquarters in protest. She is subsequently left surprised when she encounters Maris on her travels alongside Annie's ex-husband Nate. Hester soon realises Maris may be just what she needs to get her protest noticed, and Maris uncharacteristically agrees to help out, revealing a vendetta against the less indulgent travel companies. As the protest starts to gain traction, Hester worries that it will be doomed to failure when Nate hints at his intention to ditch Maris.

"Executive Indecision" 15 503

Charlie's spirits heighten when he meets Dexter, a new club member who turned his life around after the string of charity donations he made last year. However, when Dexter discovers Charlie is the janitor and realises what he sacrificed, he is overcome with guilt and becomes determined to return the favour. When Dexter offers him an executive position at his fledgeling internet business, Charlie is left conflicted over whether to restart the kind of lifestyle he was insistent on leaving behind. Annie fills in for Hester at the hire shop and unknowingly breaks an unwritten rule when she calls Svetlana bossy.

"Match Me If You Can" 16 504

The gang are surprised when Hester returns from Vegas alongside Nate, with Gregory nowhere to be found. Hester tells Yuri that Gregory had been detained by Vegas law enforcement after trying to cheat at a casino. However, Yuri fails to repeat this snippet of information to Annie, who subsequently becomes maddened with jealousy over the possibility that Hester has taken up a relationship with Nate. Perturbed by Annie's continued attachment to Nate, Charlie decides to find someone else and contacts matchmaker Lynne. When Lynne indicates that she is familiar with Nate but refuses to elaborate, Charlie gets sidetracked with finding out whether Nate has been blacklisted from her matchmaking service.

"Treasonable Doubt" 17 505

The club is unexpectedly swarmed with reports desperate for scoops on Maris, leaving the gang wondering what their former employer has done this time. It soon transpires that Maris has gotten drunk and broken into an army base in the Nevada desert following Nate's impromptu departure. Rodney becomes determined to make the most of the publicity and orders the employees to make the club as presentable as possible on camera. In the meantime, Hester gets into trouble after she makes jokes about Maris while on camera, which somehow leaves the press thinking that Maris is a potentially treasonous warmonger.

"From Russia with Loathe" 18 506

As Yuri and Svetlana celebrate several months of smooth sailing in their marriage, their raised spirits come to an abrupt halt when Yuri's outspoken mother Sonya turns up at the club and reveals that Yuri recently signed Eduard up for a place in a prestigious Russian academy. Infuriated, Svetlana marches onto the green and starts demolishing several of her Russian collectables with a golf club, dramatically renouncing her heritage. Realising his continued toadying to his mother's whims are interfering with his marriage, Yuri enlists Charlie for help in standing up to her once and for all.

"Once Upon a Limey" 19 507

Yuri and Svetlana have a surprise reunion with their old friend Jeremy, who is in town tending to business matters for the country club he now owns and operates in Cornwall, England. With Rodney continuing to rule over the gang with an iron fist, Yuri and Svetlana find themselves tempted by an offer to work for Jeremy in England. However, when Jeremy realises that Rodney was the boy he bullied throughout college in London, Yuri and Svetlana try to convince him to mend fences, sensing an opportunity to break their employer's icy exterior. Annie helps Hester deal with Gregory's apparent addiction to online poker.

"The Young and the Spineless" 20 508

After finding out that Nate is a known gold-digger across Washington, Annie finally tells him where he can stick it, leaving Charlie debating "rebound" rules and how long he should wait before making his move. Hester and Svetlana take Annie for a girl's night out on the town, and Annie winds up hitting it off with Dwayne, a man who is the antithesis of Nate. As Dwayne makes himself at home at both the club and the townhouse, the gang soon becomes maddened by his infuriatingly weak-willed nature, leaving them conspiring to get rid of him by any means possible. However, Annie's determination to move on from Nate leaves Charlie conflicted about going through with their scheme.

"Maris: The Game VI" 21 509

Charlie realises he can't bear being a janitor for a second longer and hands in his resignation. He subsequently takes to spending his days at the townhouse hanging out with Yuri and falls back into his video game addiction when Yuri introduces him to his latest gaming device. The rest of the gang attempt to help Charlie break his addiction, but he is steadily losing his grip on reality and soon begins to see them as enemies that must be conquered by any means possible. However, a surprise visit from Maris, on a layover in Washington, may be just the difficult "final boss" Charlie needs to overcome his addiction.

"Factory Floored" 22 510

Rodney gets Charlie a job at the urinal cake factory he part owns with Shirley Ryland. As Charlie settles in, he quickly grows accustomed to the calming repetition of a 9-to-5 routine. Back at the club, the rest of the gang are preparing to see Maris off again, and Rodney forces them to keep quiet about his business involvement with Shirley, her rival. Hester quickly tires of the farce and questions why they are still doing what Rodney tells them. Charlie is snapped back to reality when he realises Rodney is trying to worm his way into overthrowing Shirley, just as he did with Maris. In his rage over this discovery and the difficulties he's put the gang through over the past year, Charlie impulsively punches Rodney during his next visit to the factory, knocking him out cold. After a convoluted attempt at convincing Rodney that he dreamt the whole thing, the gang decide it's time to move on from the club and tender their resignations one by one, marking the end of an era.

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