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Season 23 of Maris contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Hester is the New Maris" 1 511

Following their resignation from Bear Creek, the gang have gone their separate ways. Hester and Gregory have settled into Maris' townhouse, becoming her tenants while she continues to travel. Hester is subsequently fraught with concerns about her mortality when several neighbourhood busybodies welcome her into their fold and begin moulding her into a Maris-esque socialite. Searching for a fresh start, Yuri and Svetlana have taken up part-time jobs at Jeremy's country club in Cornwall, England, but Yuri can't help feeling that they are repeating history. Determined not to fall into old habits, he seeks guidance from an eccentric golf pro he and Svetlana have befriended. Elsewhere, Charlie has followed Annie to Hollywood, becoming her agent as she attempts to reboot her acting career. However, he is forced to decide what is more important when he realises that Annie has a strict rule against fraternising with her agents.

"A Miniseries of Unfortunate Events" 2 512

Following his realisation that representing Annie may stand in the way of a potential romance, Charlie hands over the reigns to Zoe, an eager agent from Australia, and has trouble hiding his jealousy when she immediately lands Annie a talk with a well-known casting director. To their surprise, the director is casting actors for a potential miniseries based on Maris' life. Annie's initial excitement dies down when she realises she was not selected for her acting merit, but because she has had vital access to the skeletons in Maris' closet. Over in England, Svetlana gets into a minor fender bender after forgetting which side of the road to drive on and is forced to ask Jeremy to pick her up while Yuri is busy training for an upcoming golf tournament. Through her increasingly disastrous attempts to prove to Jeremy that she isn't ditzy, Svetlana worries that she has developed a crush on him. Back in Seattle, Hester and Gregory are discovering more of Maris' eccentric designs everyday, including a lockdown procedure used to combat unexpected visits from relatives.

"Such Suite Sorrow" 3 513

Hester and Gregory's discoveries continue as they come across a room full of switches capable of summoning locum servants in case of emergency. Realising that the service is already bought and paid for, the duo quickly become addicted to summoning servants to cater to their every whim and desire. The discovery is quick to corrupt them both, and when Hester catches herself in the mirror yelling at a busboy for bringing her the wrong coffee, she becomes determined to atone and forces Gregory to help her come up with more charitable ways the service could be used. In England, Yuri's improving skills bring him into conflict with Svetlana when she refuses to loan him a set of esteemed golf clubs from the hire shop due to club policies. However, his suspicions are aroused when Svetlana suddenly changes her mind after he goes to Jeremy for guidance. In Hollywood, Annie begins the talk show circuit to promote the miniseries, and is frustrated when all anyone wants to talk about is the troubled circumstances that led to her fall from grace.

"Pub Crawl" 4 514

After discovering Svetlana's crush on Jeremy, an irritated Yuri tries to gather his thoughts at a local pub and winds up getting shanghaied into joining an army regiment's pub crawl. Jeremy and Svetlana end up having to retrace his steps the next day when he fails to turn up for work, and eventually learn that he impulsively signed up for the army the night before. Still feeling bitter about Svetlana's crush, Yuri refuses to back out of his commitment, leaving Jeremy and Svetlana to do whatever it takes to prove that they have no intention of acting on their carnal desires. In Hollywood, Charlie is dismayed to find that the miniseries writers have taken some liberties with the truth when he realises Annie is expected to film scenes depicting Maris as a child-eating ogre. Worried that it will disillusion Annie towards her acting future, Charlie enlists the help of Zoe to talk some sense into the producers. Back in Seattle, Daphne and Gertrude Moon show up for Hester and Gregory's belated housewarming party, and have many things to say regarding Maris' continued involvement in their family's life.

"House of the Rising Damp" 5 515

Hester and Gregory are concerned when they notice a real estate agent hovering on their driveway. Worried that Maris is considering selling the townhouse, they do everything in their power to ward off potential buyers by making both their home and the neighbourhood as undesirable as possible. However, Gregory's purchase of a drum kit is a step too far when a neighbour puts in a noise complaint, leaving them to fight their case at the next neighbourhood watch meeting. In Hollywood, Annie realises her role in the miniseries isn't as large as she expected when Zoe informs her that it is her final day on set. Charlie tries to score her tickets to the premiere and after-party to make her feel like a big shot and runs afoul of the project's seldom seen financial backer, Ernie Craft. Over in England, Yuri finds his passion for golf declining, but he struggles to break the news to his mentor, whose passion has reignited as a result of his interest.

"Skypefall" 6 516

With filming of the miniseries complete but the gang still separated, Hester decides to set up a Skype viewing party for the premiere so they can all watch it together. However, divisions arise when Hester bluntly states that the miniseries stunk while Annie is out of earshot, and various text-based alliances are formed and broken as the gang try to determine whether or not to be truthful with their opinions. At the same time, Charlie has begun a casual romance with Zoe. Flirting with her over Skype, he inadvertently sends a racy message to Svetlana, causing several misunderstandings. As the arguments escalate, Hester discovers a call waiting from Maris, requesting to join the chat party. It is then Charlie realises that everyone neglected to tell Maris about the miniseries and she will undoubtedly be livid, forcing the gang to put their differences aside while they debate accepting the potentially cataclysmic call.

"Flight of Fancy" 7 517

After discovering that Maris plans on suing everyone involved in the creation of the miniseries, Charlie and Annie decide to flee from prosecution by leaving Hollywood. On the flight home, Charlie is dismayed to realise that he forgot to say goodbye to Zoe and finds his attitude towards casual dating changing when he realises that Annie, despondent over her failed comeback, will never be in the same place as him. Discouraged, he acts on an invitation to join a flirtatious passenger in the bathroom but soon discovers it to be a ruse, as the woman is actually the legal assistant of the hidden Sandy Stone. Sandy reveals she followed Charlie and Annie hoping to re-win Maris' favour by digging up dirt on them, and refuses to let Charlie out of the bathroom unless he promises to put in a good word for her. Back in Washington, Hester and Gregory deal with an influx of geeks outside the gates of the townhouse after the miniseries proves to be a cult hit online.

"The Maris Crane Exhibit" 8 518

Charlie and Annie arrive back at the townhouse, determined to put the miniseries behind them. To their horror, Hester has set up a tour of the townhouse for the miniseries' emerging fans, charging $50 a pop. The set-up quickly proves to be a success, and Hester even manages to sign a contract allowing an open top bus company to stop at the house during their Stars of Seattle tours. Annie is conflicted over becoming a star attraction and worries that she has become a typical washed-up star coasting on her past successes. Feeling guilty for his actions on the plane, Charlie tries to make Annie feel better by finding an inspirational story amongst the many visitors; a task which proves more challenging than he expected. As the days pass, the tour's numbers begin to dwindle, but Hester refuses to admit that her fifteen minutes of fame are over and does everything in her power to keep the buzz going. In the meantime, Gregory causes a ruckus after embarking on a tour.

"Tragical Misery Tour" (Part 1) 9 519

When Gregory fails to return from the Stars of Seattle tour, Hester discovers that the company was declared bankrupt within the last few hours and the bus has been recalled back to its main headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Asleep on the bus, Gregory has no clue where he is headed, leaving the rest of the gang trying to catch up with him in the Winnebago Maris bought on a whim years earlier. As the journey unfolds, Hester is determined to get back to her working class roots in the wake of her money driven, Maris-esque ventures. Unfortunately, she winds up offending a family-run roadside diner who accuses her and her friends of being elitist. In the meantime, Gregory wakes up just before passing the border patrol, and is surprised to meet Yuri and Svetlana. Yuri admits that their money had dwindled faster than expected, as it forced them to hitchhike from a backwoods airport in rural Canada. As the trio prepare to leave together, they are surprised to find Maris waiting in a nearby car alongside a familiar face—David.

"Woe Canada" (Part 2) 10 520

The rest of the gang join Yuri, Svetlana and Gregory at the border, and have an unexpected reunion with David. Hester is surprised to find her brother channeling Niles in his mannerisms and worries that a year away has made her brother the elitist she's fought so hard against becoming. When David explains that he and Maris are on their way back from visiting Maris' mother in Canada, Charlie becomes suspicious over the nature of their friendship. David admits he felt indebted to Maris after she fast-tracked him through medical school, and their relationship unexpectedly blossomed into something more authentic. Knowing the pain of feeling obligated to Maris, Charlie agrees to keep it hidden from their friends. In all the chaos of the reunion, any concerns about incurring Maris' wrath fall by the wayside, until she reveals that the miniseries made her more money than anticipated and she wants to employ the gang at the new mansion she's purchased—on her mother's estate in Toronto, Canada.

"I Saw Maris Kissing Santa Claus" 11 521

As the gang contemplate making the big move to Canada, they decide to spend one last Christmas in the townhouse together before deciding. Hester grows increasingly suspicious over her brother's behaviour, and Christmas Eve kicks off with a bang when she witnesses David emerging from Maris' bedroom in his underwear. Afraid of admitting the truth, David makes up a quick lie on the spot, proclaiming himself to be a sleepwalker. Unwilling to see the obvious, Hester accepts his explanation and subsequently forces the gang to be accommodating to her brother's difficulties. Realising he'll need to keep the act up, David "sleepwalks" on Christmas morning but winds up getting into an argument with Yuri and Svetlana, whose son Eduard is now under the impression that Santa Claus is a shirtless, dishevelled mess. In the meantime, Charlie and Gregory get into an increasingly escalating competition over who can get the most heartfelt presents, with Charlie desperate to prove that kind thoughts triumph over a hefty bank balance.

"My Neighbor Toronto" 12 522

With the move drawing closer, everyone except Svetlana is set on joining Maris in Toronto—it seems Eduard has told her he doesn't want to leave his school friends. Unable to convince Eduard that he'll be able to make new friends, Yuri informs Maris that he and his family won't be moving to Canada. However, he gets more than he bargained for when Maris, dead set against losing her prized mechanic, purchases the site of Eduard's school and proclaims her intentions to turn it into a private academy, making it too expensive for Eduard to continue going there. Shocked by this spiteful act, Charlie begins to wonder if Maris has actually forgiven the gang for their role in the miniseries. Meanwhile, Annie sets out to find out what kind of acting opportunities are available in Canada, and Hester continues to try and get to the bottom of David's apparent personality transplant.

"The Match Game" 13 523

On the night before the big move, David confesses to Charlie that he is having difficulty compromising between spending time with his friends and playing the dutiful boyfriend for Maris. Charlie convinces him to follow his heart, so David elects to travel up to Canada with Maris in her limousine. Feeling shunned by her brother, Hester grows suspicious over his behaviour and becomes determined to get the truth out of Charlie. At the same time, Charlie and Annie's on again/off again romance begins to grate on Yuri and Svetlana and they vow to put it to bed by setting up a game show style quiz to determine once and for all if they are well-matched.

"Public Relations" 14 524

After arriving in Canada, the gang learn that Maris bought the mansion next door to her mother's, and they are working on rebuilding their relationship due to Frances' deteriorating health. Dumbfounded by her behaviour, David begins to question his decision to get romantically involved with Maris. Despite her anger over David hiding the truth, Hester agrees to help him find a way of getting out of the relationship without dooming everyone. At the same time, Charlie has an unexpected reunion with Zoe, who has been hired as Maris' publicist as she tries to establish a social standing in Toronto. However, Zoe is finding the task more difficult than anticipated, and when it transpires that Frances is currently the queen of the Toronto social scene, she worries that ousting her from the position in deference to Maris will sabotage any goodwill formed between the mother and daughter.

"The Mansion Family" 15 525

Yuri and Svetlana make friends with neighbourhood couple Marcia and Preston Lloyd, and wind up leaving them under the impression that they are the wealthy new owners of Maris' mansion. While Yuri intends to set things straight, Svetlana convinces him to keep up the act so that the Lloyds will get Eduard into a prestigious local school. However, they soon realise how difficult it is to leave some of their less classy traits behind, and the situation takes a turn for the worse when Marcia arranges a home visit from the school's headmaster, just as Maris and Frances get into their latest screaming match. Meanwhile, Charlie enlists Zoe's help to negotiate with his Seattle landlord over the phone, who believes he is owed another month's payment. He soon realises the extent of her silver tongue and inadvertently builds up her reputation amongst the other servants when they start recruiting her to fight all their battles for them. At the same time, Annie begins to have concerns over the burgeoning friendship between Charlie and Zoe.

"Ethic Feud" 16 526

David is finding Maris increasingly difficult to deal with and decides to ask his friends for advice. Charlie suggests that Maris has always hated it when Frances has something she doesn't, leading Hester to conclude that David must flirt with Frances to make Maris suspect something and end their relationship. Despite his initial scepticism over performing such an immoral act, he decides to go ahead with the plan, leading Hester fearing for her brother's soul and determined to get the old, ethical David back before things get underway. In the meantime, Maris has discovered that Gregory is a dab hand at cooking food and forces him to take up a post in the kitchen until she can hire a permanent cook. With guidance from Yuri and Annie, he attempts to master the intricacies of Maris' diet but finds it harder than expected.

"A Carny Concerto" 17 527

The servants discover Frances is more charitable than they thought when she allows a local carnival to set up on the grounds of her mansion. Unwilling to be upstaged by her mother, Maris signs the servants up to volunteer at the event in a variety of demeaning roles. Charlie trades positions with Zoe as she is unhappy with her revealing outfit, resulting in him becoming the "victim" in a dunk tank game. However, he is too embarrassed to admit that he has never learned to swim and panics over the possibility of someone winning the game. In the meantime, Yuri and Svetlana are suffering through another visit from Yuri's mother Sonya, but manage to escape by volunteering for muck-sweeping duty in the horse stables. Yuri once again finds himself divided between his mother and wife when Sonya makes several offensive remarks concerning their son Eduard's interest in horses. Elsewhere, David tries to work out how to stand up to an increasingly tyrannical Maris, and Annie attempts to get back in touch with her thespian side by performing in a skit.

"Sensory and Sensibility" 18 528

Charlie is dismayed to learn that Zoe views all her jobs as temporary and is already planning her next career move. He soon realises this involves the writing of an unauthorised, tell-all memoir of Maris' life to cash-in on the brief success of her miniseries, which she fully expects will lead to her dismissal. With some convincing from Charlie, Zoe agrees to ask for Maris' permission, and to her surprise she agrees to help out by answering questions, determined to bolster her status in the Toronto scene. Eventually, a meeting place is decided upon: Maris' new sensory deprivation tank. As the questioning gets underway, Zoe discovers that the tank leaves Maris in a somewhat delirious state and she will answer any question put forth to her. This revelation quickly reaches the rest of the servants, who take joy in uncovering all the secrets Maris has kept from them over the years. Zoe is left with a precarious choice over the tone of her memoir as the gang debate whether Maris is ultimately a good person on the inside or a real unbridled villain.

"Thy Will Be Blood" 19 529

Gregory returns from a visit to Seattle with the news that the Ryland family empire has crumbled due to his mother Shirley's tax avoidance. While he struggles to come to terms with being poor, Hester tries to ensure their financial stability by persuading Maris to let them move into the guesthouse for a while. However, after only a couple of days Hester is already beginning to get nauseated over the frequent displays of affection between Maris and David, but manages to find solace in Frances, who offers her and Gregory a place in her own mansion. As David worries that his relationship with Maris is driving a wedge between him and Hester, Maris appears oddly determined to keep the young married couple under her roof and starts tempting them with all sorts of incentives, resulting in Frances doing the same. A suspicious David becomes convinced they have ulterior motives and investigates with Yuri and Charlie, and the trio ultimately convince themselves that Maris and Frances are quite literally out for Hester's blood after an almost certainly bogus rumour regarding its anti-ageing properties hits the tabloids.

"Desperate Mansion Wives" 20 530

A garden party thrown by Frances leads David to discover he is one of many neighbourhood toy boys living with a wealthy socialite, and he is welcomed into their fold with an invitation to their weekly poker game. David soon realises that the other toy boys all lead secret, more "traditional" lives away from their older girlfriends. Concerned that he has already written off the rest of his youth, David decides to step up his attempts at ending his relationship with Maris by shedding his "toy boy" status and beginning his psychiatric career anew. Setting up a private practice within the mansion, David soon finds many of his first patients are in fact the socialites his fellow toy boys are involved with, and realises his presence in their group may be the perfect bridge between solving their various problems. However, he finds it harder than expected to juggle both facades. Meanwhile, Zoe, Svetlana and Annie help Hester redecorate the guesthouse, but wind up getting preoccupied trying to build bridges between Annie and Zoe, who continue to give each other the cold shoulder.

"The Wizard of Aus" 21 531

Zoe realises she isn't as ingrained in American culture as she initially believed as the servants celebrate Independence Day with a barbeque. Yuri and Svetlana agree to help her adapt to everyone's "Americanised" ways, but wind up passing down several ill-advised suggestions. Feeling sorry for Zoe, Charlie attempts to bolster her spirits by throwing an Australian-themed party to prove that the gang are capable of being multi-cultural, but this proves equally ill-advised when Frances reveals herself to be a staunch patriot and is utterly disgraced by the alterations to such an important day in American history. In the meantime, Hester comes to terms with her change of status as she realises that, with the Rylands no longer being wealthy, she has reverted to her original position as an unnoticed servant; while Annie discovers she can't hold her liquor after sampling some of Yuri and Svetlana's patented "freedom juice".

"Crane Damage" 22 532

Charlie is surprised to receive an invitation to an off-Broadway show, and Annie discovers her old agent, who stole a large percentage of her earnings, will be in attendance. Annie insists on tagging along, but with only one extra ticket going spare, Charlie realises it's time he made his final choice between her and Zoe. David finally gains a window of opportunity to end his relationship with Maris when Niles and Daphne come to town to alleviate Hester's financial concerns. Though aghast by the developments in his son's romantic life, Niles agrees to help him out—alongside a reluctant Daphne—by tempting Maris into a compromising position that will safely allow David to end the relationship. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana are last-minute seat-fillers for a dinner party being thrown by Frances, and there are awkward situations aplenty when they come face to face with the Lloyds, who threaten to expose the facade unless they get Frances to agree to several property alterations.

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