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Season 24 of Maris contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"There's Something About Maris" 1 533

In the aftermath of his breakup with Maris, David prepares to leave town for good after taking up a post at his father's practice in Chicago. Worried about being independent from her brother, Hester attempts to make David and Maris bury the hatchet. Maris agrees to forgive David on the condition that Gregory acts as her handsome new escort at social functions. Hester reluctantly agrees, but after being plagued by nightmares involving Gregory and Maris falling in love, she desperately tries to put a stop to the arrangement during a ritzy birthday party being thrown for Frances. Elsewhere, Annie attempts to move on from Charlie after his decision to pursue a relationship with Zoe and tries to find a date in a sea of bachelors at the party, only to find that have all been recruited as potential suitors for the lonely Frances. In the meantime, Yuri and Svetlana have been tasked with watching over Malcolm, who is staying with his grandmother for the summer.

  • Zoe Palmer and Gregory Ryland become main characters.
"The Brat Pack" 2 534

Yuri and Svetlana discover Malcolm is more down to Earth than they realised, and help him acclimatise to a life of luxury when he appears overwhelmed by his grandmother's decadent ways. However, it soon becomes apparent they have inadvertently turned him into a spoiled brat. Worried about sending him back to Lisa and Flynn "ruined", Yuri and Svetlana attempt to correct their mistake and ask their son Eduard to befriend Malcolm, hoping he will have a positive influence. Unfortunately, this causes a chain reaction of "brat-ification" across town, leaving Yuri and Svetlana in a precarious position. Meanwhile, David is dismayed to find that many of his patients believe him to be on the market and looking for eligible socialites to take Maris' place as his wife. When Annie offers to pose as his girlfriend in order to discourage their pursuit, Charlie is left thinking their romance is the real deal.

"Annie 911" 3 535

Charlie follows Zoe after work and is shocked to find she is back to representing Annie as her agent. Zoe admits she is feeling guilty for "stealing" Charlie away from Annie and wants to make it up to her. Zoe and Annie wind up developing a friendship but Charlie feels awkward when Zoe starts sharing every aspect of her life with Annie, including their romantic entanglements. David concludes that Charlie is afraid Annie's opinion of him will be clouded by Zoe's stories, leaving Charlie concerned that, somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows his fling with Zoe is temporary and is still expecting to pursue a relationship with Annie at some point in the future. His concerns become moot, however, when Annie reveals herself to be in a relationship with her former agent, the untrustworthy Luke Jones. Meanwhile, Hester is dismayed to learn that Gregory's continued obligations with Maris have left him with a taste for the finer things in life.

"Maris Poppins" 4 536

Yuri and Svetlana are repeatedly frustrated by the behaviour of Maris and Frances, who resist any time spent with Malcolm as it interferes with their social obligations. With the end of summer approaching and Malcolm's departure almost upon them, Yuri and Svetlana decide to teach Maris and Frances not to take him for granted, leading to a complicated series of lies involving a faked kidnapping staged by their frenemies, Marcia and Preston Lloyd. Marcia and Preston are more than willing to play along after Maris and Frances' combined efforts led to their dismissal from the wine club, but further complications arise when Marcia stumbles upon the truth about Maris' so-called relationship with Gregory. As Yuri and Svetlana bargain with Marcia not to spill the beans, an embittered Hester conspires with Preston to let the truths unfold, finally having had enough of putting up with Gregory's obligations to Maris. Meanwhile, David searches for a new secretary and is suggested several candidates by Maris, only to find that her influence has polluted the profession.

"Three to Tango" 5 537

Maris has agreed to relinquish control of Gregory after a few more events before staging a dramatic breakup at a ritzy Halloween gala, but Hester struggles to see the bargain through to the end and winds up nearly having a nervous breakdown. David tells Hester her health is more important and suggests she makes her feelings known. Hester responds by kicking the dramatic breakup into gear earlier than expected, recruiting Annie to pose as Gregory's spurned wife and make a huge scene at the gala. However, Hester gets more than she bargained for when Maris refuses to accept the defeat and finagles her way out of the tense situation by dragging Annie into the facade under the guise of a post-modern three-way relationship. Meanwhile, Yuri and Svetlana help Charlie get over his distaste for the holiday by taking him trick-or-treating for the very first time.

"The Thing's the Play" 6 538

When Luke Jones starts perusing the servants for dirt on Maris, Charlie grows suspicious over his intentions with Annie and later discovers he is putting together an off-Broadway adaptation of The Rise and Fall of Maris Crane, the miniseries Annie starred in a year earlier. However, he has trouble convincing Annie, who believes that Charlie is jealous. With no alternatives, Charlie turns to Maris, who has grown weary of being in the public spotlight and places a restraining order on Luke. Charlie is happy to see the back of him, until he realises that Annie, mad at him for getting her boyfriend ejected from her place of employment, has decided to support Luke's efforts to launch the show and is helping him put together a one-off performance in the park to appeal to financial backers. Meanwhile, Hester and Gregory's frosty attitudes towards each other prompts David to invite them to couples therapy, but he has difficulty maintaining his professionalism when discussions turn to the sexual.

"Salt and Catch Ire" 7 539

While perusing for kitchen utensils, Gregory is surprised to discover a secret tunnel connecting the basements of Maris and Frances' mansions. At the same time, the rest of the servants are suffering the effects of Maris' latest forced diet, when she refuses to allow anything containing salt or sugar into the house. Gregory quickly finds success in the smuggling trade, but complications arise when Maris grows suspicious over the satisfied malaise that has washed over her staff and recruits Hester to investigate, unwittingly pitting her against her husband. Over at Frances', the elder Crane matriarch's suspicions are additionally aroused, leaving it up to Charlie and David to stop her going on the warpath. Meanwhile, Yuri's acting bug is reignited by Luke when he persuades him to audition for a role in The Rise and Fall of Maris Crane. However, when it becomes apparent that Luke merely wants him to be a background extra, a disappointed Yuri desperately tries to prove his worth by staging several dramatic scenarios alongside a reluctant Svetlana.

"Play it Again, Maris" 8 540

After opening night of The Rise and Fall of Maris Crane, the servants are stunned to find it gaining rave reviews in newspapers the following day. However, complications arise when Maris, after being humiliated in her social circles for not keeping up with the arts, demands one of her servants acquire tickets for the must-see play, unaware of its content. Realising the potential consequences of Maris finding herself once again in the spotlight, the servants elect to put together a fake play in under 24 hours. Soon, everyone has their roles: David becomes the director while Hester takes on scriptwriting duties, but both find they have inherited their father's domineering attitude when it comes to creativity. Yuri revels in having a meatier acting part but no one has the heart to tell him his skills in the field have gotten rusty over the years. Meanwhile, Zoe and Annie have the difficult task of fining an audience willing to go along with the lie but Annie is preoccupied as Luke has seemingly done a disappearing act.

"Opening Nightmare" 9 541

Opening night of the fake play gets underway, with Annie and Yuri in leading roles. Complications arise on the evening when it transpires that several programs for The Rise and Fall of Maris Crane have been left scattered around the theatre, forcing Charlie and Gregory into a wild hunt before Maris can make her fashionably late arrival. In the meantime, Hester realises creativity is not her strong suit as the cast members rehearse their lines, leaving the gang worried that Maris will refuse to believe the play has been so acclaimed. Elsewhere, Svetlana reacts with jealousy when she discovers that Annie and Yuri have a kissing scene, reflecting on the crush Yuri once had on Annie. When Zoe reveals that Luke has fled town in a ploy to take the play to Broadway without Annie's involvement, Svetlana must decide whether or not to tell Annie, breaking her heart and risking the play but guaranteeing she will be in no position to kiss anyone's husband.

"A Charlie Down Christmas" 10 542

After finding out about the servants' play deception, Maris elects to spend the holidays alone, transferring her staff to work in Frances' mansion. Frances quickly proves to be just as demanding as her daughter as she insists on putting together the perfect Christmas. It soon becomes apparent why Frances is so flustered when Charlie's half-brother Leo and grandfather Charles show up for the festivities. Charlie takes the opportunity to get to know his estranged relatives, but fumbles his introduction and leaves them under the impression that he is a mere lowly servant of little importance. As a result, he finds himself lumbered with the talk of entertaining a group of children flown in from war-torn countries for the holidays as part of Charles and Leo's new philanthropy organisation. In the meantime, Svetlana and Annie take it upon themselves to help Frances "soften" her image in order to attract Charles, Zoe helps Annie get over her heartbreak by pilfering all the eggnog they can find, and Hester butts heads with David over whether they should spend Christmas with their parents.

"Frances of Assistance" 11 543

The servants are surprised to find Frances and Charles have reconciled their relationship and are planning on living in Frances' mansion together. With this also comes the news that Frances intends on hiring a team of servants for herself, no longer content to share them with her daughter. As a result, the gang become determined to retain their roles in Frances' employ, deciding that she is the lesser of two evils and therefore offers a more cushy position. Determined not to resort to nepotism, Charlie continues to conceal his identity from Charles and prove his worth on its own merits. Yuri and Svetlana have concluded through David's therapy that seeing so much of each other at work may be negatively affecting their relationship, so they agree to work in separate mansions. However, deciding who gets what employer proves to be an insurmountable task. Meanwhile, Annie is left analysing her goals when she realises committing to an employer may stand in the way of her acting career.

"The Mother Abode" 12 544

As Charlie, Svetlana, Hester and Annie make the transition to Frances' mansion; Yuri, David, Zoe and Gregory remain under Maris' employ and quickly begin to resent their friends for abandoning them when Maris gets into a seemingly endless bad mood over her mother's actions. Gregory develops a feud with Frances' confident new chef Wayne, who quickly shows up him with his performance in the kitchen. Convinced Wayne is hiding a secret, Gregory starts spying on him using the secret tunnel in the basement. Yuri worries that Svetlana will find she enjoys life more without him. Zoe is concerned that she won't be around to keep Charlie in check while he's with Annie. David has trouble letting go of his "kid sister". Conversely, over at Frances', Hester finds herself struggling to make a good first impression without her wordsmith brother fighting her battles; Annie accidentally reveals Charlie's identity to Charles; while Svetlana finds she is indeed enjoying her newfound independence, and is overwhelmed by guilt for thinking so negatively about her marriage.

"Charlie Woes" 13 545

Charlie struggles to contain his jealousy as Charles and Leo kickstart several charitable ventures and seemingly flaunt their closeness in front of him. David agrees to help Charlie confront his issues with Charles and counsels them at Frances' mansion. The duo manage to reach an accord when Charles agrees to let Charlie join his endeavours with Leo, and Charlie winds up feeling like a part of the Kingsley family for the first time. However, this newfound bliss doesn't last long when a now similarly jealous Leo reveals that he was meant to inherit their grandfather's name, but a documentation mix-up prevented this from happening. As a result, Charlie is left feeling like even more of an afterthought, forcing David to work overtime repairing this seemingly insurmountable family rift. Meanwhile, when Maris grows suspicious over David's sojourns to Frances' mansion, she recruits Yuri and Gregory to investigate and they quickly find themselves coming into conflict with Frances' new security guard; retired cop Molly, who is having trouble accepting the limitations of her new position.

"Devious Maid" 14 546

Following Annie's defection to Frances' mansion, Maris has been left without a maid so she recruits Zoe to interview candidates. Feeling disillusioned with the direction her job has taken, Zoe finds herself tempted to revert to her old ways when it becomes apparent that several of the candidates are promising up-and-coming actresses who would make perfect clients. However, complications arise when one candidate turns out to have been the understudy during the Toronto run of The Rise and Fall of Maris Crane, who threatens to spill the beans about the play to Maris unless she is hired. As this is going on, Gregory's feud with rival chef Wayne continues when Gregory discovers one of the maid candidates is Wayne's ex and promptly tries to take advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, Hester realises her rebellious streak is no longer fun without a big brother to tease. Worried she has finally fallen into the the humdrum routine of everyday life, she desperately tries to mix things up alongside a similarly bored Svetlana.

"Collision Golf Course" 15 547

When Charles decides to have a golf course installed in the gardens, Hester and Svetlana find themselves shanghaied into the acquisition of the necessary equipment when Charles discovers they had a similar role at Bear Creek. However, they soon come into conflict with Yuri, who has been commissioned to design and manage the construction of a racing track in Maris' garden. Yuri fears that building permissions will fall through if the noise is considered too intrusive for Charles' golf course; as a result, Svetlana finds herself torn by her loyalties. Meanwhile, Annie becomes convinced that new maid Jessica knows where Luke is hiding and becomes determined to get the information out of her, and she accidentally initiates a never-ending chain of favours after promising Wayne a freshly laundered chef's hat every day in exchange for his assistance.

"Roland in the Deep" 16 548

While counselling Maris, David discovers that the division of servants has created a rift between her and Frances. He elects to invite Frances to their next session in order to straighten things out, but this brings him into conflict with the new staff psychiatrist she has hired for her own mansion, who turns out to be his med school rival Roland. It soon becomes apparent that Roland has his own interests at heart as he fears that reconciling Frances with her daughter will lead to the dismissal of all the new employees she has hired. With Frances sealed in her sensory deprivation tank all day, telecommunications prove impossible, forcing David to sneak his way into the mansion through the secret kitchen tunnel. As a result, he also has the suspicious presence of security guard Molly to contend with. Meanwhile, Father's Day prompts Charlie to learn more about his late dad Alexander, leading him to seek knowledge from Charles. However, getting information out of him proves difficult as he is coming to terms with the abrupt departure of "favourite grandson" Leo.

"From Here to Attorney" 17 549

Annie is surprised to learn Maris has tracked Luke down and is taking him to court for his unauthorised Broadway production. Determined to give him a piece of her mind for the way he skipped town, Annie convinces Maris to let her sit in on the deposition. However, she has trouble keeping her anger under control when she discovers Luke's latest starlet, unbelievably also named Annie, is in attendance. When it becomes apparent that Maris' chosen lawyer is somewhat spineless, Annie worries that he won't be able to give Luke his just deserts and enlists the help of Charlie to track down the fabled Sandy Stone, Maris' legendarily sleazy attorney who went into hiding following their previous encounter. Meanwhile, after observing Charlie's continued association with Annie; Yuri, Svetlana, Hester and Gregory get into a discussion over the celebrity "freebies" they're allowed to sleep with, and quickly clash over their choices.

"Rebel Without a Pause" 18 550

A brief visit from her Uncle Frasier makes Hester panic she has left her youth behind after he remarks on her newfound maturity. Determined to recapture the feeling, she overcompensates and embarks on a pranking spree throughout the two mansions. The return of her rebellious streak concerns Svetlana, who decides to throw an intervention with some of the other servants. However, with David away at a conference alongside his father and Frasier, they are forced to do so without his psychiatric expertise, which quickly proves to be a difficult challenge. Meanwhile, Yuri is busy trying to repair the bumper of Maris' limousine after she stubbornly tried to tow a new sensory deprivation tank home. Boredom soon takes over, so Yuri indulges in a little role-play after discovering his tools have gone missing and winds up coming into conflict with Frances' suspicious new mechanic, noir-style.

"Toking Care of Business" 19 551

Svetlana worries that new mechanic Matt is a bad influence on Yuri when he comes home reeking of marijuana. Yuri admits he felt compelled to try the drug as he has never gotten high in all his years of living in America. David surmises that Yuri may be entering a "mini midlife crisis" and that Matt may have unleashed something within him. At the same time, Hester is beginning to think that the separation of the servants has been detrimental to everyone's wellbeing and she decides that they must be reunited. Problems occur, however, when Yuri's initial impression of Matt proves correct when he gets high and unknowingly allows him to make off with both Maris and Frances' classic car collections. Fearful of their employer's reactions, the gang try to cover their tracks, but the situation spirals further out of control when Frances discovers some of the marijuana on the driveway leading up to the garages.

"When You Wish Upon a Car" 20 552

Following the theft of their car collections, Frances has agreed to reassign the servants to Maris, and the gang are reunited. Charlie is dismayed as he was just beginning to reach an accord with Charles, and he leaves the servants stunned after he announces his intentions to remain with Frances. Continuing to preach the importance of staying together, Hester tries to convince Charlie to reconsider, believing that he is trying to turn Charles into someone he is not capable of being. Ultimately, however, it is Annie's impassioned plea that sways Charlie, much to the chagrin of Zoe, who decides enough is enough and calls time on their relationship before taking an impromptu trip to her hometown in Australia. Charlie is left overcome with guilt for stringing Zoe along and worries that finally starting things with Annie will be seen as bad taste. Meanwhile, Gregory and Wayne trade recipes before parting ways, but Gregory later fears he was shortchanged when it becomes apparent that many of Wayne's methods were lifted straight from a famous cookbook.

"Indecent Disposal" 21 553

With Zoe visiting relatives in Australia, Charlie finally commits to Annie and they begin their relationship anew. Obstacles are quick to occur, however, when Luke Jones makes an unexpected reappearance and promises to follow up on his pledge to make Annie famous by getting her a potentially star-making role in an HBO miniseries. It soon becomes apparent that the promise comes with a catch: he wants her all to himself for one final romantic weekend. Charlie and Annie are subsequently left in a quandary as they weigh up the advantages of the offer with the effect it could have on their relationship. Elsewhere, the rest of the servants return to Frances' mansion to pick up the remainder of their things. They quickly come into conflict with the servants they left behind, now embittered due to the effect their leaving has had on Frances. In the meantime, Svetlana is dismayed to learn Yuri hasn't quite kicked his pot habit and becomes convinced that one of Frances' staff members may still be supplying him.

"Dial Maris for Murder" 22 554

The gang unexpectedly receive invitations to a banquet being held at their former place of employment, Bear Creek. It quickly becomes apparent that their mass exodus two years earlier drove former boss Rodney Bell insane when he seemingly stages his own murder in order to frame the staff that abandoned him. David and Hester, having argued the whole way to Seattle about book smarts v. street smarts, desperately try to outmatch each other in leading the investigation. In the meantime, Charlie and Annie try to make the most of their first vacation together by taking a ride on a golf cart around the lake, but any hopes of a romantic time are abruptly dashed when they realise a drunken and somewhat bitter Zoe is also in attendance. Svetlana and Gregory accidentally get locked in the abandoned hire shop while searching for clues. Yuri hears scurrying in the air vents and becomes convinced that Rodney faked his death. As accusations fly left and right, long-suppressed arguments regarding recent events are unleashed, but everyone is forced to put aside their differences and come to the defense of their employer when it transpires that the intended target of Rodney's frame job was in fact Maris.

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