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Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Viral Staircase" 1 555

After his pimped out vehicle collection went viral over the summer, Yuri is surprised to receive an invitation to work as a Russian politician's executive mechanic after his pride and joy, a recreation of the Kremlin, makes waves in his homeland. Yuri is subsequently torn between making more of his career or his continued pursuit of the American dream. With their son Eduard finally settling down in Toronto, Svetlana is reluctant to upheave their lives again, ultimately coming to blows with Yuri at an engagement party being thrown for Frances and Charles. In the meantime, David sets a personal challenge for the event: he is not to interfere in any arguments, as he is having trouble striking the right balance between friendships and personal bias. However, this proves difficult when a jealous Maris gets into a bitter screaming match with her mother over the developments in her life. Hester tries to help Zoe get over Charlie, whose relationship with Annie is getting more intense. Gregory faces the biggest test of his culinary career when the combined dietary requirements of Maris and Frances send the kitchen into overdrive.

"Requiem for an American Dream" 2 556

Svetlana has trouble facing the realities of a long-distance relationship when Yuri takes off for Moscow. Hoping to keep her mind off things, she takes up Frances' offer to organise her upcoming wedding. As arrangements get underway, it soon becomes apparent that, without Yuri at her side, much of the Americanisation Svetlana has undergone over the years is gradually diminishing, leaving her original abrasive persona free to emerge. Hester sets out to get the old Svetlana back, coming into conflict with Zoe, who has similarly embraced her Australian heritage following her sojourn home and believes no one should be made to follow the American dream. Meanwhile, Maris continues to exhibit jealousy over her mother's engagement and demands that the servants find her an even better suitor than Charles, but her litany of expectations makes the request tough to uphold.

"A Match Made from Heaven" 3 557

With her mother continuing to make wedding plans, Maris' belligerence worsens even by her standards, so the servants step up their efforts to find her a suitor. Gregory is surprised when Stanley, his meat supplier, indicates that he has a male client whose eccentric dietary requirements equal Maris'. Realising this man has the potential to be the perfect match for Maris, Gregory tries to get a name from Stanley, only to find he has collapsed dead from a heart attack on the driveway outside. As a result, the servants panic that Maris' bad mood might never end, but Hester refuses to remain beaten and shanghais Gregory and Charlie into attending Stanley's funeral where they desperately try to finagle a name out of his mourning relatives. Back at the mansion, Svetlana clashes with Matt when he fills in for Yuri in the garage. David concludes that she blames Matt for setting Yuri down the path of a midlife crisis, leaving Svetlana determined to prove him wrong by befriending Matt: a prospect more challenging than she anticipated.

"Mother-in-Law Abiding Citizen" 4 558

Svetlana's mood goes from bad to worse when Yuri's battleaxe mother Sonya makes an unexpected reappearance, intending to collect several of Yuri's things before joining him in Moscow. As a result, Svetlana becomes convinced that Yuri has finally got what he always wanted: to be the doted-upon mama's boy with no wife to answer to. David tries to convince Sonya to put Svetlana's mind at ease, but has trouble getting through to her as Sonya believes she has witnessed several incriminating flirtations between her daughter-in-law and new mechanic Matt. Meanwhile, Charlie begins to have concerns that Zoe may be pregnant after she has a nauseous reaction to the wine being sampled for Frances' wedding. Seeking answers without overstepping his boundaries, he turns to professional busybody Hester to talk Zoe into dishing the dirt on her recent time away in Australia.

"Australian Dad" 5 559

Charlie and Annie are left bewildered when Zoe confirms her pregnancy, but are relieved when a prenatal examination reveals Charlie is not the father. Zoe explains that the father is a brash adventurer she reunited with in Sydney who disappears for months at a time. As Zoe comes to terms with her approaching motherhood, she exhibits a sudden surge in mood swings, becoming a lot more emotional than usual, and an empathetic Charlie gets himself into a precarious position when he inadvertently promises Zoe that he will support the child as its surrogate father. Worried about scaring Annie off, Charlie tries to get out of his accidental obligation by finding a way of making contact with Zoe's nowhere to be found old flame. Meanwhile, Gregory turns to David for moral guidance when he is asked to cater the events of several people he met at Stanley's funeral two weeks ago, concerned that he is cashing in on the tragedy.

"Hester Does Thanksgiving" 6 560

Svetlana is dismayed to learn that Yuri has elected not to come home for Thanksgiving, leaving her concerned that he has officially left his Americanised ways behind. Hester tries to cheer Svetlana up by inviting her to a Thanksgiving dinner she is cooking for herself and David, as their parents are visiting their British relatives in England and Gregory is busy dealing with his erratic mother. Svetlana soon regrets not listening to David's subtle warnings when it becomes apparent that Hester's cooking skills are much like her mother's infamously unpopular delicacies. Meanwhile, Charlie and Annie reluctantly agree to invite Zoe to their Thanksgiving dinner, feeling guilty about leaving a pregnant woman alone on the holiday. However, navigating the seemingly never-ending roads of her pregnancy nausea makes food preparation a difficult challenge.

"Nookie Blue" 7 561

Charlie has trouble keeping his carnal desires in check when he realises that he and Annie haven't done the deed in almost three weeks. It soon becomes apparent that Zoe's situation has made Annie afraid of getting pregnant and determined to avoid the possibility entirely. Worried about the ramifications it will have on their relationship, Charlie tries to convince Zoe not to worry but winds up getting desperate and luring her to a therapy session with David under the pretence of a friendly coffee. Annie is furious, leaving David to conclude that having her dirty laundry dragged out has been a painful reminder of the years everything in her her personal life were ostracised by the media during her soap opera stint. Charlie subsequently tries to make amends by getting one of the newspapers involved to issue a symbolic apology, only to make things worse when he is forced to turn to Maris to utilise her connections. Meanwhile, Gregory badgers Svetlana to select him as caterer for Frances' wedding.

"Rehearsal of Fortune" 8 562

When Svetlana leaves for Russia to spend Christmas with Yuri, the rest of the servants find themselves tasked with organising Frances' rehearsal dinner. However, difficulties arise when the plans Svetlana left behind turn out to be written in Russian, forcing them to start from scratch. As arrangements get underway, David is shocked to find he is a dab hand at floral arrangements and desperately tries to keep it a secret after he was emasculated in front of Charlie and Gregory while moving heavy furniture. Zoe finds her pregnancy allows her to get away with doing as much or as little as she wishes, and can't resist taking advantage of the situation with Annie. In the meantime, Charlie is chagrined to learn Charles hasn't given him a place in the wedding and winds up going on a drunken rant during the rehearsal dinner over his unwillingness to form a familial bond. Gregory tries to lift Charlie's spirits by convincing Frances to let him walk her down the aisle, only to run afoul of Maris, who had been secretly vying for the responsibility.

"Do Svidaniya, Petrovs!" 9 563

Christmas Day afternoon gets off to a surprising start when Svetlana announces via Skype that she has elected to remain in Russia with Yuri indefinitely. Hester has difficulty coming to term with the news, as she has always considered Svetlana her best friend. Having spent the morning butting heads with Zoe while the gang unwrapped presents together, Annie becomes determined to be Hester's new best friend, only for her rivalry with Zoe to continue when she vies for the position. Meanwhile, David, Charlie and Gregory take it upon themselves to package up the last of Yuri and Svetlana's things to FedEx them the next morning. However, after they indulge in a play fight with bubble wrap, they inadvertently damage what appears to be a priceless Russian heirloom, leaving them desperately scrambling to fix their mistake before the boxes are collected. Later, when it transpires that the Skype camera remained active the whole time, bemused witnesses Yuri and Svetlana bid farewell to their colleagues.

  • Yuri Petrov and Svetlana Petrov's last appearance as main characters.
"Parachute to Kill" 10 564

New Year's kicks off with the unexpected arrival of Riley, the perennially adventuring father of Zoe's baby, who makes a stylish entrance after parachuting onto the grounds. Charlie takes an instant disliking to Riley, convinced he is trying too hard to be everyone's buddy, and is frustrated when no one agrees with him. After Annie expresses her concerns that Charlie is still attached to Zoe, he admits that he will always care about her happiness and is perhaps too overprotective of her. Charlie attempts to put his doubts behind him by joining David and Gregory while they go skydiving with Riley. However, it becomes apparent in mid-flight that he may not be of sound mind when he suggests making things more interesting by sabotaging one of the parachutes, Russian Roulette-style. Down below, Hester becomes frustrated by the nerve-stricken Annie and Zoe's "girly-girl" nature and sets out to prove she doesn't conform to gender stereotypes like them.

"Scenes in a Marriage" 11 565

On the day of Frances and Charles' wedding, Charlie faces up to the task of keeping Maris' tantrums under control. However, he has trouble focusing when he discovers that Charles has elected to name Leo as his best man, making him once again feeling unappreciated in his family. In the meantime, the rest of the servants are shanghaied into undertaking a madcap hunt for the traditional something old, new, borrowed and blue after Frances almost has a meltdown over forgetting about it. Gregory tries to "borrow" something from Frances' kitchen, running afoul of Wayne, whose lack of invitation to the wedding only makes him harder to deal with. Hester and Annie try to convince Maris to part with one of her old heirlooms, but to do so they first must convince her that the day is really all about her. With time running out, Zoe and David have no choice but to merge "new" and "blue" and nearly come to blows over their item of choice.

"Soiree, Not Soiree" 12 566

Hester and Gregory are tasked with housesitting for Frances and Charles when they jet off on their honeymoon. However, problems are quick to occur when Frances' servants fail to recognise their authority and decide to throw a wild party. Worried about the ramifications, Hester realises she'll have to channel her inner Maris, something she has learnt to suppress over the past few years, in order to resolve the situation. With Frances out the picture, Maris takes the opportunity to pilfer some of her more impressive servants, starting with maid Jessica. Zoe is sent to discuss terms with Jessica, but has difficulty convincing her to take up the post as she has vowed never to work for "old money" again. In the meantime, Charlie and Annie have their first major argument, leading them to seek guidance from David; but he is beginning to get concerned that his friends' reliance on his therapy are interfering in things taking their natural course.

"Romancing the Crone" 13 567

After receiving a postcard from her mother, Maris goes on a warpath of jealousy and resentment, resulting in her asking David to resume their therapy. David agrees, but later worries that being alone in close quarters may lead to them rekindling their romance. Deciding such an act would spell disaster for all involved, he enlists the help of Hester to interrupt the sessions every ten minutes in order to stop anything transpiring. However, the agreement comes under threat when Hester starts to consider the potentially traumatising things she might walk in on after Zoe opens up to her with an alarming story from her own childhood. Hester quits her obligations, and thus new arrangements are necessitated. As the gang steadily exhaust all options, David is faced with telling the uncomfortable truth after all. Meanwhile, Gregory privately hires security guard Molly to take up a post outside the kitchen when he becomes convinced that a bored Wayne is trying to steal recipes, but later worries that the two still share an allegiance to each other.

"Her Locked Homes" 14 568

After returning from their honeymoon, Frances shock everyone by announcing her intention to downsize and live a more normal life with Charles and none of their servants. Maris becomes convinced that her mother has been brainwashed and shanghais her servants into throwing an intervention late at night in the mansion. However, this turns out to be a ruse when Maris sends the mansion into emergency lockdown and refuses to let Frances go, believing Charles isn't good enough for her. David thinks that Maris is worried she and her mother will drift apart again, but is going about expressing it in her usual dramatic, over-the-top manner. In the meantime, the rest of the servants come face to face with their night shift counterparts, who had expected to begin their shift before the lockdown was initiated. Tensions are quick to flair up when Hester discovers that many of them get paid more than the day workers. Elsewhere, Gregory finds himself in an awkward situation after narrowly avoiding the lockdown, when he gets cornered by a despondent Wayne and many of Frances' other unceremoniously dismissed servants.

"Daredevil's Advocate" 15 569

Charlie is chagrined when a drastically mellower Riley returns to the mansion after a brief stay in the Betty Ford clinic. Riley professes his desire to be a part of his baby's life and Zoe agrees, but Charlie doesn't think he will be able to leave his daredevil ways behind. Enlisting the help of David, he decides to stakeout the van Riley lives in with his motorcycle, in order to monitor his actions. However, Charlie is overcome with guilt when his interference leads to Riley having to make a daring motorcycle escape from his van after it starts to roll down the hill, resulting in Zoe telling him to leave. As a result, Charlie is faced with the arduous task of swallowing his pride and convincing Zoe to take Riley back without revealing his involvement. Meanwhile, Gregory is dismayed to learn that Maris has hired Wayne as her new pastry chef, claiming sweet food has never been his speciality. Determined to prove her wrong, Gregory spends hours every night making pastries, driving sweet tooth Annie mad as he seeks to offload his creations every day.

"Making a Maris" 16 570

The servants are surprised when Maris agrees to participate in a fly-on-the-wall documentary when the miniseries based on her life becomes an unexpected cult hit in Germany. Hester becomes maddened by Maris' domineering ways when she refuses to let Gregory have the night off for their wedding anniversary. Lusting for vengeance, Hester sets out to make sure the documentary fails to show Maris in a flattering light, but it soon becomes apparent that some underhanded tactics will be necessary as the director has his own vision of how Maris should be portrayed. In the meantime, Riley tries to sneak in product placement for his new business; bringing exotic creatures to kid's birthday parties. Zoe, who isn't too keen on this development in his career, does everything in her power to combat the product placement so that the company will fail to get off the ground.

"The Social Berserk" 17 571

The servants panic when Maris finally caves in and registers a Facebook account. Concerned that she will be able to snoop on the disparaging opinions they have left, Hester rallies everyone to set their profiles to "private". However, that is far from the end of it when Maris sends everyone a friend request, leading to an extensive debate as the servants weigh up the potential ramifications of both accepting the requests and rejecting them. In the meantime, David becomes convinced Maris has an ulterior motive behind her move onto Facebook and investigates with Charlie and Gregory. It soon transpires that Maris is considering relaunching her urinal cake business in Canada and her advisors have suggested she develop a social media presence. There is relief all around when Maris admits that she has hired someone else to manage her social media operations, but this brings further problems when she insists the identity of the person remains a secret.

"Maris Python" 18 572

The servants spring into action when Riley inadvertently unleashes a python in the mansion intended for use at a kid's birthday party. David has to coach Charlie when it transpires he has a crippling phobia of snakes. The incident makes Zoe have concerns that Riley isn't mature enough to raise a child, so she considers issuing a blanket ban on all exotic animals. However, she has second thoughts after learning how much money Riley's business rakes in, and is subsequently fraught with shame for being so blind-sighted by the allure of the almighty American dollar. Meanwhile, after Maris steps up her efforts to develop a business reputation in Canada by inviting a reporter to interview her for a local magazine, Hester and Gregory must do whatever it takes to stop the python crossing their paths.

"The Brood Wife" 19 573

As Zoe and Riley ready themselves for the baby, Hester is horrified to catch herself feeling broody despite having always disliked children. Determined to nip the feeling in the bud before it becomes a real problem, Hester decides to visit old friends Lisa and Flynn at the daycare centre they run in Spokane, hoping that the high volume of kids there will dissuade her from any rash decisions. She shanghais David, Charlie and Annie into joining her, but they quickly get preoccupied with their own problems. After a disastrous attempt to council a troubled girl; David tries to practice his dialog with children, Charlie feels like he has never really grown up after getting into an altercation with an older boy who reminds him of the bullies from his own childhood and Annie makes a fool of herself trying to find out if Charlie was angling for them to have their own baby by inviting her along. Back in Toronto, Zoe and Riley barter over the extent of gear they need to take for their hospital visit.

"Keeping Mom" 20 574

The servants work overdrive preparing the mansion for a lavish dinner party Maris is throwing in order to attract potential investors in her new urinal cake enterprise. At the same time, Frances and Charles are about to embark for another of Charles' philanthropy endeavours in Africa. When David realises that they will be out of contact for several months, he becomes determined to convince Maris not to leave things unsaid, convinced she will regret it. However, Maris refuses to acknowledge the news, believing that her mother has abandoned her integrity. As a result, her slave-driving ways increase tenfold, much to the servants' chagrin. As this is going on, Zoe realises she can get out of as many obligations as she likes by pretending she is going into labour, leading to Hester trying to scare her with the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, telling her that she will regret the lies eventually. Gregory and Wayne's rivalry continues as they bake urinal cake shaped cakes in the kitchen and clash over the best recipe, resulting in an impromptu taste test.

"The Longest Yard Sale" 21 575

The servants have been shanghaied into packing up Frances and Charles' belongings, but a series of miscommunications result in everything being left on the lawn, leading to an impromptu gathering of neighbours under the mistaken impression that a yard sale is taking place. The gang are left scrambling to undo their mistake, only to encounter unexpected resistance from Charlie, whose resentment over his exclusion from Charles' life unexpectedly blows up with an act of sabotage when he sells all of Frances and Charles' clothes. In the meantime, things take a turn for the worse when Zoe suddenly goes into labour and she is faced with giving birth amongst a sea of people in the dense furniture jungle. When Hester is sidetracked, a reluctant Annie is forced into an uncomfortable position as the fill-in birthing coach for her frenemy. Gregory and David, on the other hand, are tasked with tracking Riley down; a difficult proposition as the crowds escalate.

"The M Factor" 22 576

Maris' moods reach bizarre new heights when she reacts with excessive ambivalence following her mother's departure for Africa. At the same time, Frances' mansion goes up for sale, but with Maris' reputation it soon becomes apparent that getting it sold may prove an immense challenge. Determined to get it sold and scrubbed of all her mother's memories, Maris recruits the servants to nominate potential buyers and the gang quickly come to blows over their respective nominations. Gregory suggests his mother Shirley so that she can rebuild the Ryland empire from the ground up, but David wants his parents after they briefly comment about moving to Canada to keep an "eye" on Maris, much to the horror of Hester. Charlie, on the other hand, has decided to wash his hands of the Kingsleys once and for all, and thinks about pursuing a bond with his estranged mother, Margaret Putter, after learning that she has left the mental institution, married a wealthy entrepreneur and is now looking for a more glamorous home. Annie ends up fighting against a nomination at a neighbourhood watch meeting when she discovers that Luke Jones has been eyeing up the property.

  • Annie Fox's last appearance as a main character.

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