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"Australian Invasion" 1 577

The servants escort Maris to Australia, where she hopes to secure the last investment needed to resurrect her urinal cake company. Upon arrival, they are mortified to learn the only reason Maris brought them is so that they can carry her bags to her hotel room. Riley manages to salvage the situation by inviting the gang to stay on his family's nature reserve just outside Sydney. Zoe learns that Riley's wild essence pales in comparison to that of his brothers and admits to Charlie that she is using the trip to test his maturity. In a heightened emotional state after Annie's departure, Charlie becomes invested in salvaging their relationship by any means necessary. Meanwhile, an embittered Hester shows David a bag of beauty products she stole from Maris, and they run afoul of Riley's belligerent parents after a kangaroo makes off with the bag, potentially causing damage to a fragile local ecosystem. Elsewhere, Gregory and Wayne's sightseeing takes an unexpected turn when they run into Maris making a scene at the Sydney Opera House.

  • Riley Vargas becomes a main character.
"What, Me Sorry?" 2 578

The servants are surprised to find Maris' newly single sister Bree has temporarily taken over Frances' lease alongside her 14-year old daughter Clara. Maris gets into a major screaming match with Bree, demanding that she moves out. However, she changes her tune after learning that Bree received a substantial windfall in her divorce settlement, which could be the very thing she needs to relaunch her urinal cake company. As a result, Maris must face up to doing something that's never come easy to her—apologising—and she isn't above using the servants to get her message across. In the meantime, Hester regresses to her childhood when Clara reminds her of the mean girls she encountered in high-school.

"To Defect and Serve" 3 579

Sick of being Gregory's kitchen lackey, Wayne tries to finagle his way into working for Bree, only to receive an unpleasant surprise when she indicates that she doesn't plan on hiring servants. Irked by Wayne's betrayal, Gregory retaliates by demoting him to kitchen porter. Wayne meets and bonds with Clara, who admits she had hoped that her mother would hire some servants, and they join forces to persuade Bree that it is just what she needs. Meanwhile, Charlie is forced to contend with the unexpected arrival of some Australian officials, who arrive at the mansion to demand money from Maris for the damage she caused to the Sydney Opera House.

"He Ain't My Brother, He's Heavy" 4 580

Charlie is dismayed to find his half-brother Leo awaiting him at the mansion, who appears to have developed a crippling weight problem after losing contact with their grandfather. Bitter over the way Charles always favoured Leo, Charlie refuses to help him, leading to enthusiastic health nut Riley stepping in after abandoning his exotic animal business to become a personal trainer. As Riley trains Leo around the estate, their efforts quickly draw the attention of locals, who request Riley's services in exchange for a nominal fee. Riley is pleased to find his business getting off the ground but worries that its success will be short-lived when neighbourhood pariah Maris demands to be included. At the same time, Charlie begins to regret leaving things with Leo on a sad note, and Zoe feels guilty for prying Riley away from his dreams.

"Shove Thy Neighbor" 5 581

When a visit from Daphne prompts Hester to consider a career in physical therapy, David suggests she partakes in a trial run by treating a few of the infirm locals he occasionally councils. Hester worries she lacks in the patience that makes her mother a respected health worker when she snaps at a belligerent old man and consequently rethinks her career goals. However, it quickly becomes apparent that she has opened a whole other can of worms as the man she yelled at turns out to be the father of neighbourhood watch president Marcia Lloyd, who uses the outburst as ammunition in her efforts to oust the troublemaking Maris from the estate.

"Bank of Brothers" 6 582

When Malcolm visits for Thanksgiving, David and Hester are surprised to find his mannerisms have developed to resemble those of their father, Niles. David dismisses it as a coincidence, but Hester is unable to put it out of her mind and enlists the help of Charlie to investigate. Maris later announces that she has managed to secure the last investment needed to relaunch her urinal cake company thanks to an "anonymous" donation. When Bree says the donation wasn't hers, Charlie and Hester question the validity of Maris' claim and trace it to an insurance company, only to learn it was a compensation payout from a sperm bank after a cold storage incident. As a result, Charlie and Hester convince themselves that Maris kept the product of all her ex-husbands in sperm banks and that Malcolm is, in fact, the offspring of Niles. Meanwhile, Zoe and Riley panic when they inadvertently damage the antique highchair Maris loaned to them for the occasion.

"The Louts Who Lunch" 7 583

Eager to expand their career prospects, Gregory and Wayne compete for the opportunity to make Clara's school lunches after learning she has befriended the daughter of a world renown chef. Clara agrees to alternate between their meals every day before making a decision. However, their competition ends in scandal when Wayne, in a Machiavellian attempt to sabotage Gregory's chances, swaps out Clara's lunch with food intended for Maris. As a result, the school board come to believe that Clara is getting starved by her caregivers, much to the fury of both Bree and Maris, who consequently becomes a pariah in her social circles. Meanwhile, after finding out about the amount of food that goes to waste at the end of each day, David and Riley get involved with a clandestine charity organisation that pilfers the estate's excess food wastage under cover of darkness.

"Last Auction Hero" 8 584

Zoe panics that she may be out of a job when she fails to secure Maris an invitation to the Snow Ball, the social event of the holiday season. Hester offers a potential solution when he suggests that she visits a police auction, having been taken to a few of them by her grandfather in the past. Zoe and Hester make their way to the auction, only to find themselves competing with the unscrupulous talent agent Bebe Glazer for the invitation. In the meantime, the rest of the servants elect to tag along and procure some cheap gifts when Maris cancels their annual Christmas bonus. Charlie and David become convinced that a string of items being auctioned off is long-forgotten evidence from the Alexander Kingsley murder case. Hoping to make inroads with her sister, Bree insists that they bid on the items on her behalf and Charlie turns out to be an auction savant.

"Out of Africa" 9 585

When Frances returns from Africa for Christmas without Charles, Charlie worries about his grandfather's whereabouts and becomes determined to get answers. As a result of Frances' unexpected arrival, the servants find themselves shanghaied into catering a last-minute welcome home party on Christmas Eve, where Maris desperately goes out of her way to prove that she is doing just fine on her own. Later, Charlie discovers that Charles has been detained in an African jail for alleged ivory dealing, but becomes convinced that Frances was the real perpetrator and tries to get the truth out of her before the party is over. Maris, on the other hand, couldn't be happier that her mother's self-satisfied philanthropy phase has seemingly come to an end. Meanwhile, Riley has trouble adjusting to his first Christmas in a cold climate.

"Gregory Ryland's Pro Cater" 10 586

Shirley recruits Gregory to cater a launch event for her new startup business, and he enlists Charlie and Riley to help him set up. The three become conflicted when they discover that the business is a rival urinal cake company aimed at crushing Maris' aspirations. Charlie is torn between his friendship with Gregory and his continuing obligations to Maris, while Riley has trouble handling fatty foods, having denied himself the indulgence for as long as he remembers. When his presence leads to potentially damaging rumours that Maris has an unruly entourage, Gregory is irked to realise his mother only sees him as a business asset and attempts to sabotage the event by acting like the worst caterer imaginable. Meanwhile, David obsesses over why the guys aren't including him in their escapades and desperately tries to get the truth out of Hester and Zoe.

"Twin Piques" 11 587

Roz Doyle and Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe arrive at the mansion on a campaign to get their hometown twinned with a Toronto suburb, hoping it will provide a much-needed boost to Bloomer's tourism industry. Roz has learnt through the grapevine that Maris is romantically involved with a mayor's aide, who may have enough influence get the motion considered. David admits to Charlie that he used a loophole to discuss his treatment of Maris with Niles, leading to Roz finding out via the same loophole. As a result, Maris goes on the warpath, leaving them hurriedly trying to cover their tracks before anything worse happens. Meanwhile, rebellious Bulldog spurs Riley to unleash the wild side he's been suppressing since his baby was born, and a missed anniversary prompts Hester to seek relationship guidance from Roz after she learns about the legendary tapestry that is her romantic past.

"Charlie's Country Man" 12 588

Maris struggles to mask her jealousy as Frances and Bree settle into the mansion together and seemingly flaunt their bond in front of her. Determined to get on an even keel with her sister, Maris recruits some of the servants to locate Bree's husband Roger in an attempt to make them reconcile. They track Roger to a country music festival, where he is mentoring a young up-and-comer. The servants learn that his relationship with Bree came to an end when she decided not to continue her career as a country music star, putting her at odds with his dreams. Hester and Zoe are left trying to convince Roger to reconsider his goals; while back at the mansion Riley works on reigniting Bree's passion for country music. In the meantime, Charlie has a reunion with an old orphanage friend who has found success as a country musician, only to feel uncomfortable when he realises many of his songs are about the unrequited crush he had on him.

"Crane Family Values" 13 589

Maris denounces the concept of "family" following Frances' decision to join the reunited Bree and Roger on their country music tour and insists that the servants scrub any traces of their presence from the mansion. She is later faced with reversing her stance when she discovers Carl E. Cheddar, a chain of family restaurants, is considering stocking her urinal cakes at their Canadian branches. As a result, the servants are forced to undo their efforts so that Maris can maintain a family-friendly facade. David and Hester try to convince Lisa and Flynn to stop by with Malcolm, and Riley and Gregory face up to the arduous task of reclaiming the family trinkets they donated to a charity shop. Meanwhile, Zoe sets out to give Charlie the Carl E. Cheddar birthday celebration he always dreamed about having when he was a kid.

"Returning Japanese" 14 590

Gregory is summoned to a deposition when Maris gets sued for unfair dismissal by her former chef Wayne. Wayne's attorney turns out to be the legendarily sleazy Sandy Stone, who has taken it upon herself to summon even more of Maris' grudge-holding ex-employees to strengthen Wayne's claims. Maris is disheartened to find one such employee is her old gardener, Yoshi, who had the idea for the lawsuit. Faced with a considerable loss of money, Maris shanghais the servants into digging up dirt on Sandy's recruits to discredit them. Charlie is dismayed to find Leo among the employees and attempts to bury the hatchet with him once and for all when he realises he is still bitter from their last encounter. Meanwhile, Hester befriends Yoshi's scatterbrained daughter Suki, a recent high-school graduate who may offer the solution to Maris' legal troubles.

  • Suki Nakamura becomes a main character.
"The Consequent Gardener" 15 591

Suki has landed herself a job as Maris' latest gardener but is having difficulty ingratiating herself with her fellow servants due to the unconventional way she acquired the position. Gregory is initially frosty towards Suki, convinced she is litigious like her father and will sue him at a moment's notice. However, he takes pity on her when Suki confesses that she has always felt like the black sheep of the family, and had been struggling to find work for months, necessitating her dad's actions. Gregory agrees to help Suki turn their co-workers' opinions of her around. Meanwhile, David is mortified to learn that Zoe doesn't believe in psychiatry and sets out to change her mind.

"Maze Anatomy" 16 592

After observing the stress levels of the servants, Suki decides to set up a secret tranquillity garden in the depths of the mansion's elaborate hedge maze, where they can unwind away from the prying eyes of Maris. David is irritated when his friends evade his attempts to locate the garden, leading him to realise that he is responsible for much of the servants' tension due to his ever-present morals and ethics. Shocked by this revelation, David attempts to adopt a more chilled out persona. Meanwhile, Zoe is determined to get to the bottom of Riley's abject forbiddance of allowing their son anywhere near mazes, and a stubborn Gregory won't admit that maze navigation isn't his strong suit, refusing to stop and ask for directions.

"Everybody Loves Maris" 17 593

Valentine's Day kicks off with an unexpected revelation when Zoe admits that she is the one responsible for the cavalcade of cards, gifts and chocolates Maris receives every year. Realising that she isn't as beloved as she thought, an infuriated Maris insists that Zoe does her job properly and makes her liked by the public. Zoe is determined to prove herself but soon finds herself falling into her old ways when it becomes apparent that blackmail and bribery are far more efficient methods to get people to like Maris. In the meantime, Gregory and Riley open a gift shop in the toolshed and make a tidy profit selling off last-minute Valentine's presents to panicked locals.

"The Soup Nasty" 18 594

Zoe informs Maris that gaining investors for the relaunch of her urinal cake company may prove difficult as her selfish, decadent ways make her look irresponsible with money. Determined to rid herself of this reputation, Maris decides to relaunch her charity organisation, Maris Cares, and forces the servants to embark across Toronto and perform charitable acts in her name. Gregory and Suki volunteer at a homeless kitchen, where they run into Wayne while dishing out the soup. While Suki is sympathetic to Wayne's plight, Gregory believes he is, in reality, volunteering there and merely pretending to be homeless to make him feel guilty. Meanwhile, David and Hester volunteer at a blood drive, where David is forced to put his rusty medical skills to the test when Hester turns out to have inherited their father's aversion to the sight of blood.

"Home Sweet Homeless" 19 595

When the servants decide to host a fundraiser for the homeless Wayne under the Maris Cares moniker, they raise both a significant amount of money and large amounts of goodwill in Maris' name. However, complications arise when Charlie stumbles upon the guest of honour bunking in Frances' empty mansion and realises Wayne has been living right under their noses for the past several weeks. Worried about accusations of con-artistry, Charlie tries to convince Wayne to keep his situation under wraps while making sure he doesn't incur the wrath of Maris. In the meantime, Gregory and Riley get into an escalating competition over who can perform the most charitable acts; while Zoe tries to alleviate Suki's concerns that all of Maris' servants are doomed to a lifetime of despair once they finally escape her clutches, a la Wayne and her father.

"Gardens of the Gallantry" 20 596

Suki is nerve-stricken when her father Yoshi pays a visit to the mansion to survey her work in the gardens, and admits to Hester that she hopes to impress her dad enough for him to include her in the family gardening company, Nakamura & Sons. While Hester decries her exclusion from the title as sexist, Suki belays her concerns by showing her photographs of the masterful gardening displays by her brothers that convinced her dad to hire them. Noting Hester's reaction, Suki becomes despondent and believes she can never live up to her brothers' standards. Feeling sorry for Suki, Hester sets out to make her dream a reality. Meanwhile, David ponders whether his father displayed "son favouritism" when he realises Hester wasn't introduced to psychiatry at an early age as he was; and Charlie contemplates whether he would've followed his father into the family business had his life gone in a different direction.

"Bad Moons Rising" 21 597

After learning that their grandmother Gertrude has passed away, David and Hester head to Manchester for the funeral. When Niles and Daphne's plane gets delayed, the funeral rapidly descends into a typically chaotic Moon family affair without Daphne around to keep them in check. While Hester enjoys the buffoonish antics of the Moon brothers, David makes his distaste known, leaving Hester trying to prove that he has the rambunctious Moon genes buried within. Hester's prediction proves correct when David has a little too much to drink and joins the Moon hooligans for an impromptu game of soccer. When this leaves the funeral with a distinct lack of pallbearers either willing or able to carry the coffin, Hester regrets corrupting her brother and desperately tries to salvage the situation before their parents' plane touches down.

"Project Maris" 22 598

Riley faces the toughest challenge of his career as a personal trainer when Maris solicits his services in the aftermath of her latest eating binge. Maris soon proves to be an immensely challenging project, and it has a startling effect on Riley's wellbeing when he starts stress-eating as a coping mechanism. Worried about her husband's health, Zoe desperately tries to convince Maris to release Riley from her clutches. Meanwhile, Suki enlists the help of Gregory to investigate the senseless trampling of the flowerbed she particularly liked. When it transpires that Maris inadvertently trampled it in the midst of her exercise regime, Suki is relieved but remains unconvinced when she observes that Maris is unable to flatten even a single blade of grass.

"Alley of the Bowls" 23 599

With Maris on the warpath after an unsuccessful shareholders meeting, the gang duck out of the mansion for the day and go bowling. Gregory is surprised to find Wayne working as a shoe attendant, and tries to help him secure a position in the kitchens after sampling the terrible tasting food. A jet lagged David and Hester stop by on their way from the airport, only to have a very sudden awakening when they realise they have accidentally brought their grandmother's ashes home from England. After getting offended by a bowler, Charlie tries to assemble a team, play a perfect game and gain a place in the forthcoming bowling league so he can put the man in his place, all within the space of a few hours. Zoe teaches the unfamiliar Suki the ways of the game, unintentionally unleashing her fierce competitive streak in the process. Riley becomes convinced that the anonymous bowling league champ is Maris after seeing her initials on the scoreboard.

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