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Season 27 of Maris contains 23 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Tightfisted Firestarter" 1 600

Maris is close to relaunching her urinal cake company following years of turmoil, but first, the servants must arrange a glamorous party to woo the Caldwells, a wealthy pair of investors who will be in Toronto over the Christmas period. David is forced to duck out of the organisation to meet with Larry Hansen, a patient who turns out to have defected from Shirley Ryland's urinal cake company. David winds up dealing with a crisis of conscience when it transpires that the man leaked lucrative business secrets to Maris, and his apparent unhealthy obsession with fire gives David pause after it emerges that Shirley's urinal cake factory recently burned down. As a result of the fire, Gregory and Hester find themselves welcoming an unexpected and intrusive houseguest; Gregory's dispossessed mother, Shirley. Meanwhile, the rest of the servants are busy pulling out all the stops to get Maris in her new client's good graces.

"Alexander the Cake" 2 601

David wrestles with doctor/patient confidentiality due to his suspicions that Larry Hansen burnt down Shirley Ryland's urinal cake factory. At the same time, preparations for the client-wooing party are nearing completion. Charlie and Suki get tasked with organising the complimentary gift bags, mainly comprised of edible urinal cakes. However, Charlie is conflicted and eager for a little vengeance when he discovers that Maris has named her most highest-testing sample the "Alexander", designed as the ultimate insult towards his late father due to its intended usage. Meanwhile, Gregory and Hester are at odds over Shirley's continued presence in their home.

"Growth Stunt" 3 602

Confident that it will secure Maris the clients she has been chasing, Riley considers a return to daredevilry after learning that Parker Caldwell has a keen interest in watching dangerous stunts. He begins putting together a stunt to perform on the night of the party but insists the servants refrain from telling Zoe as he promised he would no longer put himself in danger after the birth of their child. As a result, Zoe becomes maddened when she realises everyone is hiding something from her, and she desperately tries to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, David resorts to hiding all the matches around the mansion to lessen the possibility of his patient, Larry, starting a fire. In the process, he learns that Hester has taken up smoking as a coping mechanism due to Gregory's mother, and Hester is left thinking someone is messing with her mind when she spends the entire day unable to light even a single cigarette.

"The Great Gazebo" 4 603

When a sunny weather forecast prompts Maris to relocate the party outdoors, Suki is eager to get a slice of the action and take on some of the organisation herself but feels sidelined when an oblivious Charlie unintentionally steals her thunder by ordering a large gazebo without consulting her. Determined to gain some recognition, Suki heads undercover as an "assistant gardener" at the Caldwell stately home, in a convoluted attempt to brush up on their tastes and tailor Maris' gardens accordingly for the big event. However, her efforts to remain discreet prove disastrous, and Charlie must hustle to her rescue before her connection to Maris is discovered. Meanwhile, David is chagrined when Hester bypasses his efforts to help her quit smoking, instead electing to consult a hypnotherapist.

"Couples, Retreat" 5 604

With Shirley continuing to drive a wedge between them, Hester insists that Gregory joins her in marriage counselling with David. As a result, David is conflicted between supporting his sister and his morals as a therapist, acutely aware of the circumstances that led to Shirley's arrival. However, it soon becomes apparent that things may simply play out on their own when an incensed Shirley shows up at David's office demanding an explanation for their absence, only for her to recognise David's next patient as her former employee, Larry. Larry flees, leaving David in a precarious situation as the only one to know the truth about what's really going on, and the only one who can't say anything about it. Meanwhile, after granting him permission to perform the stunt, Zoe agrees to find a glamorous assistant for Riley but struggles to find someone who is suitably unattractive for the role.

"Lip Service" 6 605

Charlie escorts Riley to the hospital after he sustains a minor injury from his stunt rehearsals, where they are shocked to discover all of Maris' servants are included on her health insurance policy due to a clerical error. This soon spreads to the rest of the gang, who promptly take advantage of the discovery by undergoing the various medical procedures they can usually ill-afford. However, their underhanded behaviour may be uncovered when Zoe has an allergic to reaction to a collagen injection just as the Caldwells visit to sample the hors d'oeuvres for their party. As a result, Zoe is forced to remain hidden by any means possible, which proves to be a difficult feat as she is instrumental in the party's organisation. In the meantime, as the only one not to abuse the policy, moralistic Suki crusades to save the gang's souls, leading to an irritated Hester trying to tempt and corrupt her.

"Charlie's Demons" 7 606

While spending the day making increasingly outlandish arrangements for the Caldwells, Charlie finds his hatred for the stuffed shirts of high society re-emerging after bearing witness to several nauseating displays of sheer opulence. His hatred intensifies when Charlie discovers that the Caldwells knew his father, Alexander Kingsley, and nearly bankrupted him with a business manoeuvre that forced Alexander to put him up for adoption. Blaming the Caldwells for ruining his chance at having a normal childhood, Charlie refuses any further participation in the party-planning, and the rest of the gang are forced to hightail it after him when he makes off with Maris' seldom-seen company credit card with intent to cause pandemonium.

"Impractical Smokers" 8 607

After the unexpected reappearance of Larry, David decides to get a smoke alarm installed in his office as a precaution. In the meantime, Hester's stress levels are reaching an all-time high when it becomes apparent that Shirley has no plans to leave her apartment anytime soon. Desperate for a cigarette, she soon finds there is nowhere to hide from her brother, whose determination to make her kick the filthy habit has resulted in the mansion being outfitted with cameras, and spies being employed to keep an eye on her. Eventually, she figures out that patient confidentiality precludes David's office from such measures, and starts smoking in there during his bathroom breaks. However, after her smoke sets off the alarm, Hester is faced with admitting the truth when David is left thinking that Larry attempted arson.

"Diamond in the Bluff" 9 608

With the party almost upon them, the servants work overtime organising the typically over-the-top invitations Maris deems necessary for such an important event. Charlie is dismayed to find that Maris no longer trusts him following his incursion with the company credit card. David and Riley are tasked with picking up an order of diamonds intended to line the invitations. Disaster occurs when they inadvertently exchange the briefcase with a man on the subway. Fearing he will endure the blame, Charlie leads the charge in resolving the situation. After a wild hunt across Toronto, the man refuses to return the briefcase despite warnings of incurring Maris' wrath. Zoe realises she hasn't done an adequate job of building up Maris' terrifying business prowess and has only a few hours to do so before the invitations are due to go out. Meanwhile, Gregory enlists Suki as his taste tester as he experiments with several dishes for the party.

"'Til Death Do Us Party" 10 609

The servants are faced with some last-minute revisions on the day of the party when it emerges that the Caldwells' spoilt daughter will be joining them. Gregory is furious when he has to replace everything on the menu with sushi as it's the only thing she will eat. At the same time, he argues with Hester, who is furious to have learnt that Shirley has overhauled their entire Christmas plans. Charlie and Suki deal with the unannounced arrival of Frances, who is furious to learn her mansion is being used as the staging ground for the party, preventing her from using it. Hoping it will appease her, they try to secure Frances an exclusive invitation to the party. Riley tries to find someone to take his place in the stunt after he sustains a repeat injury, and is conflicted when he realises that Zoe is the only one who knows the full routine. Meanwhile, David's sessions with Larry grow more intense when Larry indicates that he blames Maris for the dark path his life has taken.

"Arson and Old Plaice" 11 610

The servants face many last-minute disasters as the party gets underway. Gregory and Hester search high and low for replacement sushi after it is discovered that the quantity they purchased has expired, but their attempts to reconcile remain fruitless. Charlie is dismayed to find that Frances is nowhere to be found. Knowing full well that it could create trouble for Maris, he attempts to track her down throughout the hustle and bustle of the two mansions. Throughout his snooping, Charlie is mortified to learn that the Caldwells are aiming to bankrupt Maris, just as they did his father. Eventually, everyone comes together for Riley's stunt, which is kicking off the party. Not long after the stunt begins, the servants are shocked to find that Frances' mansion has gone up in flames and that Frances and Hester are both missing. Meanwhile, Suki tries to keep David's mind off his patient troubles by convincing him to teach her the ways of a traditional Americanised Christmas.

"The Unusual Suspects" 12 611

In the aftermath of the fire, Frances' mansion is reduced to ashes, but Frances and Hester emerge unscathed. Maris reluctantly allows Frances to move in with her. Hester reveals that she was in the midst of a major argument with Shirley, which brings the tragic news that Shirley has been killed in the fire. Though relieved for his sister, David is mortified when an additional casualty is confirmed: Larry. Convinced that Larry started the fire, David believes he could've prevented it from happening. Charlie is dismayed to learn that he is considered a suspect after his screaming match with the Caldwells, and attempts to prove his innocence. Riley decides to quit being a daredevil for good, concerned that the wheel of flames he motorcycled through may have started the fire. Unbeknownst to him, Zoe has admitted to Suki that she replaced the fire with a special effect in fear for her husband's safety. Meanwhile, a recovering Hester makes amends with the shellshocked Gregory.

"Interment Affairs" 13 612

As the servants prepare for Shirley's funeral, David is horrified when Maris insists they continue to appease the Caldwells, who will be attending the service. Driven to madness by her behaviour, David finally breaks down during the funeral, admitting that Maris had Larry steal secrets from Shirley's company. A devastated Gregory asks David to leave, while the rest of the servants debate how forgiving they should be of Maris. As the wake gets underway, David's efforts to make amends with Gregory prove fruitless, and he stuns Hester when he indicates that he has decided to give up being a psychiatrist. In the meantime; Suki is tasked with the difficult prospect of helping Frances settle into Maris' mansion, Zoe and Riley fill in for Gregory in the kitchen and Charlie makes a last-ditch effort to win over the reticent Caldwells in spite of his personal feelings towards them, believing Maris' fury is the last thing anyone currently needs.

"Tears of the Suntan" 14 613

After a heatwave hits Toronto, Suki is mortified when Frances makes her newfound free-spirited attitude abundantly clear when she starts sunbathing topless outside, which proves to be difficult to ignore as she works in the gardens. Determined for things to get back to normal, Suki decides to attend a neighbourhood watch meeting and winds up gaining the approval of Marcia and Preston Lloyd, the conservative zealots who oversee the organisation. However, this puts her at odds with Zoe, who unexpectedly decides to support Frances as she believes everyone has the right to maintain an all-over tan, which has proved difficult for herself ever since she emigrated from Australia. In the meantime, David is set on retiring from psychiatry but is having trouble finding the right psychiatrists to sign his patients over to. Hester uses the delay as an opportunity to change David's mind, convinced he is a making a mistake.

"Pay Anything" 15 614

After several months of turmoil, the Caldwells have finally agreed to invest in Maris' urinal cake company, providing a significant increase to its finances. With everyone's spirits still low following recent events, Charlie and Zoe try to convince Maris to give the servants a pay rise to thank them for their efforts over the past several months. Maris reluctantly agrees, but the promise comes under threat when it emerges that a despondent Gregory has himself been trying to woo the Caldwells into helping him revive his late mother's urinal cake company, in an impulsive act of vengeance against Maris. Meanwhile, Riley searches high and low for a new place to store his daredevil equipment after discovering the garages sustained some light fire damage and winds up competing against Suki for the only free space available.

"Hatchet and Crank" 16 615

Concerned about the worsening rift between David and Gregory, Hester decides to invite David over for dinner to make them bury the hatchet. The night is tense when David reveals that he has finished seeing patients, and Gregory seemingly passes out in the middle of an argument with him. A visit to Ryland family doctor shows that Gregory has developed a minor case of narcolepsy, which leads to the revelation that Shirley was also being treated for the condition. Gregory has trouble coping with yet another blow to his morale; while David uses the situation as means to restore their friendship, becoming his live-in physician. Meanwhile, Zoe and Riley try to prove to Suki that her young cousin is irresponsible when she insists they hire her as a babysitter.

"Social Calendar Girls" 17 616

Living under the same room proves disastrous for Maris and Frances due to the constant clashing of their busy social calendars. Zoe agrees to manage both their schedules, but when this proves difficult, she convinces them to hire an additional PA. Zoe is chagrined when the new hire turns out to be a seemingly perfect young go-getter who quickly puts Frances on the social map. Furious that her popularity is being usurped by her mother, Maris panics that her fifteen minutes of fame brought about by the fire has come to an end, and Zoe worries about the lengths she will go to prolong the ride. Meanwhile, after struggling to make the month's rent, Charlie tries to prove to Riley that men can make sufficient glamorous assistants to help him with some side jobs; but runs afoul of Suki, whom Riley promised to consider for the position.

"Yeomen of the Garden" 18 617

Suki is surprised when her father Yoshi makes an unannounced visit to the mansion. After perusing extensive newspaper coverage of the fire, Yoshi is suitably impressed by photographs of the garden and has decided it's time Suki joined the family company. Suki is elated until she realises that Yoshi was impressed with Frances' garden, which she had no input in. As a result, Suki is conflicted over whether to take credit, realising it might be her only chance to achieve her life-long dream. Meanwhile, Gregory tries to brush up on his knowledge of Japanese cuisine after Maris invites Yoshi to dinner, but his occasional bouts of narcolepsy necessitate the hiring of a sous chef. Finding a suitable candidate proves difficult due to Maris' reputation, as well as David's continued presence as his health care assistant.

"A Sleepwalk to Remember" 19 618

After Maris gains a single ounce, she blames the new sous chef for her "dramatic" weight gain and promptly fires him. Realising how vital Gregory's skills are to maintaining her figure, Maris contacts an associate at the FDA and manages to secure him an experimental drug for his narcolepsy. The drug proves useful but unexpectedly causes him to sleepwalk. This side effect is discovered when he wakes up in the middle of the night after stumbling into the lounge, where he is shocked to find Hester and David smoking together. Slightly delirious from the drug, Gregory becomes convinced that they are conspiring against him. Meanwhile, Charlie and Riley take pity on the sous chef and attempt to boost his spirits by taking him to a bar, which they are surprised to find has become a haven for many of Maris' ex-employees, where a dartboard with her picture on it is the number one pastime.

"Midnight in Maris" 20 619

Charlie and Hester are recruited to maintain Maris' social media presence when she is informed that her company is eschewing a large proportion of young business owners. Almost immediately, they are inundated with links to a video by amused Twitter users, which they are shocked to find is a softcore porn film based on Maris' life story entitled Midnight in Maris. Worried about the impact it will have on Maris' reputation and her stockholders, Charlie and Hester track down a company representative, whom Hester is horrified to recognise as her sworn rival, the unscrupulous Ernie Craft. They get more than they bargained for during the confrontation when Ernie reveals that it was one of the servants who sold him the rights to Maris' life story, and he will reveal all to Maris unless they can secure him some more juicy details for the film's planned sequel. Meanwhile, Zoe and Riley debate whether it's socially agreeable to accept side work from the ostracised Caldwells when they ask Riley to perform another stunt at an anniversary party.

"Undateable Maris Crane" 21 620

After witnessing her mother being escorted to a function by yet another handsome bachelor, an irked Maris becomes determined to find out why she has always been so unsuccessful with men. At the same time, Suki's father Yoshi is back in town for a conference. Maris elects to use Yoshi as her "pigeon" and proclaims she is carrying a torch for him, inviting the servants to sit at a nearby table so they can bear witness to their date and take notes. As the only one not clued in on the situation, Suki is horrified when she learns of her father's whereabouts and becomes determined to stop any potential of a romance blossoming between them. Believing that a happy Maris is in everyone's best interest, the rest of the gang do everything in their power to prevent her interference. In the meantime, Hester and Gregory try to rekindle their romance in the wake of recent events, but struggle to do so in the midst of their friends' trials and tribulations.

"T.O. Confidential" 22 621

David is surprised when he encounters Larry's estranged father, who is having trouble coming to terms with his son's death. David temporarily renounces his retirement from psychiatry and agrees to council Mr. Hansen as a tribute to Larry. However, he has trouble making inroads in therapy due to the man withholding practically everything from him, and he's unable to betray Larry's confidence by admitting that he already knows everything about him from the sessions he had with his son. Meanwhile, Charlie is roped into posing as Frances' latest toy boy to rid the mansion of the besotted bachelor who recently escorted her to a function.

"The Lighter Side" 23 622

The servants are stunned when the fire's point of origin is revealed as a discarded cigarette. Hester is overcome with guilt, having ducked out of the party for a quick drag before she was accosted by Shirley. A grief-stricken Gregory seeks advice from David on whether to forgive Hester, only for further arguments to break out when Gregory notices that David has a Ryland family heirloom in his possession: an old lighter belonging to his late grandfather. David calms the situation by explaining that he inadvertently swapped lighters with Hester, who, it transpires, unintentionally traded hers with Shirley in the midst of their fracas. The threesome realise that Shirley was a secret stress-smoker herself, and her relatively recent diagnosis of narcolepsy resulted in her twice falling asleep with a lit cigarette: once at her urinal cake factory, and again in Frances' mansion. David and Gregory finally make amends. Meanwhile, after enduring yet another argument between Maris and her mother, Charlie and Zoe try to convince Frances that rebuilding her mansion is in her best interest.

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