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"Bad Heir Day" 1 623

When she discovers that her son Malcolm has officially adopted the surname of his foster parents Lisa and Flynn, Maris bitterly renounces his claim to her fortune, believing he has betrayed the family line. With her daughter Kelly still flying under the radar and refusing contact, Maris elects to search for a new, more worthy heir, prompting the servants to go all out and prove their worth to get their hands on the fortune. After the near-collapse of their marriage, Hester and Gregory believe the money will help them make a fresh start elsewhere and try to get themselves in Maris' good books, but soon find she is still exhibiting some hostilities towards them due to Shirley's hand in the fire. Meanwhile, Charlie becomes concerned that the fortune will corrupt his friends and tries to prevent their greed from taking hold.

"Gone with the Wine" 2 624

On advice from his father, David decides to join a local wine club to unwind after admitting that recent events have left him feeling somewhat stressed. However, his visit coincides with Maris and Frances' long-awaited return to the club, and they immediately begin vying for the presidency, both pressuring him into assisting in their efforts. Hester takes it upon herself to rescue David from their clutches, concerned that the added stress will make him hit the wine bottle for real. Meanwhile, a bored Zoe cajoles Gregory into attending a book club with her on the nights that Riley practises his motorcycle stunts.

"Of Maze and Men" 3 625

Suki is upset to learn her family's gardening business has gone bust. However, her bigger concern is that her brothers, both of whom place the blame squarely on their father Yoshi, have returned to Japan, effectively stranding him in America. Unwilling to move him into her apartment and subject herself to weeks of judgment, Suki elects to covertly house him in the toolshed that resides in the centre of Maris' elaborate hedge maze. At the same time, Maris is on the warpath as she had only become an investor in the company a month earlier, forcing Suki to do her utmost to prevent Yoshi from incurring her wrath. Meanwhile, Charlie and Riley are tasked with making daily modifications to the maze's layout to keep Yoshi's loan sharks at bay but wind up getting themselves lost alongside a vengeful Maris.

"Truth Will Out" 4 626

The servants speculate wildly when Maris consults her old lawyer Sandy Stone over the arrangements for her will. Suki and Charlie, considered the most “personable” of the group, are elected to join Sandy at a bar in order to pump her for information. Charlie misinterprets the edict of his task and makes a fool of himself trying to flirt with Sandy, resulting in a swift exit and leaving Suki behind to face the music. Sandy admits that Maris was simply having Niles written out of her will. Upon learning this news, David and Hester are taken aback to realise that Maris remains in love with their father after all these years, and has finally surrendered to the reality that they will never reconcile their differences. The following morning, Charlie heads to Suki's apartment to apologise for abandoning her, where he is surprised to encounter Sandy making herself cosy in Suki's bedroom.

  • Sandy Stone becomes a main character.
"American Mediators" 5 627

With Maris and Frances continuing to butt heads on a regular basis, David ponders why Frances is seemingly putting off the reconstruction of her mansion. He surmises that part of her had been hoping that living with Maris would draw them closer together. With the daily arguments pushing the servants closer to the brink of insanity, David makes it his primary goal to help the bickering mother and daughter bury the hatchet. However, this proves to be a much harder task than he expected, and almost sends David insane. In his desperation, David bolts out of his office and locks Maris and Frances inside, refusing to let them out until they can settle their differences. Meanwhile, Riley plots ways of tricking Gregory into doing some exercise when he notices that his penchant for sampling his kitchen creations is starting to have an impact on his figure.

"Charlie's Web" 6 628

Following a concerted effort to contrive situations that will allow him to sue Maris again, Yoshi finds himself indefinitely banned from the grounds and Suki is faced with letting her father move in after all. Charlie realises Suki's hesitance is because she has never opened up to her family about her sexuality, and offers to let Yoshi crash on his couch instead. However, Yoshi gets the wrong idea about their friendship, convincing himself that Charlie is Suki's secret lover and immediately declaring that he is not good enough for her. Meanwhile, Riley is getting tired of Zoe barely eating anything on their date nights and tries to convince her to join his morning runs so that she won't have to watch her figure so much, but her lifelong shirking of exercise proves to be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

"Collar Bind" 7 629

When Maris' factory workers vote to go on strike over her domineering ways and pay freezes, Charlie is chagrined when Maris sends him to the negotiation table as he is her most "blue collar" servant. Maris' assumption proves to be correct and he winds up becoming an active voice of the working man, resulting in a number of unions across Toronto requesting his guidance. However, Charlie is conflicted when Maris orders him to use his considerable pull to convince her workers into ending the strike. Meanwhile, a discussion over the value of urinal cakes leads to Hester and Gregory clashing over the differences in bathroom etiquette between men and women. When David's attempts to calm the argument prove fruitless, he employs some unorthodox therapy and whisks the bickering couple away for an impromptu inspection of the neighbours' bathrooms to settle the matter once and for all.

"The L-awyer Word" 8 630

After losing a potentially lucrative lawsuit, Sandy asks Suki to help her win favour with Maris in order to become her full-time attorney once again. Suki agrees, but after hearing stories regarding the reign of litigious terror Sandy has subjected the servants to over the years, she begins to have concerns that their relationship is merely another cog in her self-serving machinations. At the same time, she is forced to confront her issues with her dad when Yoshi recognises Sandy as the attorney he once hired to sue Maris, and subsequently begins to ponder over the extent of her involvement with his daughter. Meanwhile, Zoe is hopeful that Sandy will succeed in her endeavours as the startup law firm she hired to manage Maris' legal affairs are beginning to suspect who they might be working for; a discovery which has left many of their predecessors terrified and running for the hills.

"Class Dismissed" 9 631

Gregory is surprised when his estranged father Cyril turns up at the mansion to offer his condolences after finally hearing of Shirley's death. Gregory is hesitant to make niceties with Cyril due to the fact that he walked out on the family when he was ten years old. However, he is left despising his own legacy when Cyril reveals that he was actually the Ryland family butler for a number of years, until Shirley's classist parents pressured her into ousting him from the family. Gregory later becomes consumed by the possibility of a class divide existing between him and Hester that will invariably spell the end of their marriage. Hester tries to belay his concerns by finding out whether Shirley came to regret her actions, enlisting the help of Cyril. Meanwhile, Gregory's woes prompt the other servants to reflect on their own parental issues, and Riley soon finds the gang living vicariously through him when it transpires that he is the only one to have had a healthy relationship with his parents.

"Mickey Maris" 10 632

Wayne returns to the mansion looking to utilise Hester's graphic design skills in the design of a mascot for his new line of kid-friendly vegetarian meals. After a brainstorming session, the design is finalised and Hester is brimming with confidence at finally having an outlet for her artistic passions. As a result, no one has the heart to tell her that her chosen design bears a strong resemblance to Maris, and the gang must do whatever it takes to prevent the woman herself finding out. At the same time, Gregory finds himself green with envy over Wayne's success and goes to extreme lengths to prove that cooking for Maris is a far more rewarding career. Meanwhile, Charlie and Suki plot ways to keep Yoshi distracted while Suki works on defining her relationship with Sandy, and debate the potential ramifications of playing matchmaker after convincing themselves that Frances has taken a fancy to Yoshi.

"First Rule of Book Club" 11 633

After the local community centre closes, Zoe instantly regrets promising to find an alternate venue in a misguided attempt to one-up a prissy book club rival. Desperate, she relents and utilises the mansion, convincing Riley to lead the gang in curtailing Maris, so she doesn't butt in with her theatrics. However, complications arise when it transpires that this week's chosen book features a chapter co-authored by Maris' late partner Harris Bane that delves into her juiciest secrets. With the members eager to bombard Maris with questions, Zoe and Riley's task becomes a lot harder. Meanwhile, Suki helps Sandy switch off from "lawyer mode" when she discovers something potentially incriminating about one of the book club members, whom she had battled with at a deposition earlier in the day.

"Death of a Gardener" 12 634

Maris' promise to make a financial contribution to the reconstruction of Frances' mansion is suddenly derailed when she discovers that Frances has become romantically involved with Yoshi and plans on living with him. Horrified, she retracts her promise, refusing to give her blessing for the relationship. As their arguments escalate to breaking point, David sets out to learn just why there is so much bad blood between Maris and Yoshi with the help of Suki. It soon emerges that Maris once considered Yoshi one of her closest confidantes, and was more affected by his "death" than she initially let on. This leaves David and Suki faced with the task of convincing a bitter Yoshi to make amends with Maris by telling her the truth of why he took such drastic measures all those years ago. Meanwhile, after learning that Sandy identifies as bisexual, Zoe reflects on a missed opportunity to experiment in college, and is taken by surprise when Sandy offers to "tick that box" off for her.

"Pool Runnings" 13 635

After the air conditioning breaks on a blisteringly hot day, the servants launch a collaborative effort to convince Frances that a pool is just what her new mansion needs. Frances agrees at Yoshi's behest, and a week later, construction is complete. However, this leads to renewed hostilities between Maris and Frances as the pool proves to be a distraction for her servants, and David once again finds himself playing the mediator. At the same time, Hester's pool etiquette proves somewhat patchy, leading to Zoe and Riley conspiring to teach her a few lessons. Meanwhile, inexperienced swimmer Charlie tries to wean himself off the many inflatables he insists on having, and Gregory's joke about sharks and lawyers making good swimmers doesn't go over well with Sandy.

"Apps and Oranges" 14 636

When her limousine breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Maris finally relents and purchases a smartphone after realising that relying on a servant to manage her communications has its drawbacks. She is quick to invest in the multitudes of time-wasting applications available and becomes deeply engrossed in a dating app devoted to rich people who help each other climb the social ladder. However, her interest piques when she discovers a user with a photo of Alexander Kingsley, and subsequently becomes convinced that he is still alive. Determined to prove this isn't the case, Charlie elects to "catfish" the user but manages to make things worse when he uses a photograph of Frances to achieve his means. Meanwhile, David sets out to conquer his perpetual bachelorhood by putting together the ultimate ranking of dating applications and websites.

"State of the Jungian" 15 637

After having a run of patients where he makes little progress, David asks his father Niles to consult on a few sessions the next time he's in town. Further problems occur, however, when David finds himself once again emulating his patients' problems at random intervals. With Niles stumped by the cause, Hester takes the opportunity to flex her latent psychiatry muscles, and surmises that nerves over "performing" in front of his father are causing David's issues. Niles assures David he isn't there to judge anyone but changes his tune when it transpires that David has long since abandoned a Jungian way of thinking. Meanwhile, when Gregory's father Cyril returns to the mansion, Zoe finds herself baring the brunt of Maris' bad mood since Gregory is too pre-occupied to indulge her eccentric requirements. Sandy agrees to help Zoe get rid of Cyril; in exchange for her helping get rid of Yoshi for a while, as he is interfering in her time spent with Suki.

"The Maris App" 16 638

When Maris complains that her smartphone isn't indulgent enough to her needs, Charlie is inspired to develop The Maris App, an application specifically tailored to the discerning servant-employer. With the help of a few geeks from the mansion's seldom-visited IT department, Charlie oversees the development of a prototype which he plans to show off at Appapalooza, a Toronto convention devoted to rising app developers. However, Maris is furious when she is used as the "test dummy" for the first demonstration, exposing many of her quirks and foibles to an audience of hundreds and making her appear unstable in the eyes of her company investors. Meanwhile, Zoe and Riley get whisked away to a focus group for a variety of parenting apps.

"The Sandy Clause" 17 639

Gregory becomes concerned when Sandy convinces Cyril to chase after the money owed to him by the investors in Shirley's old company. Sandy admits she is having trouble leaving her baser lawyer instincts behind and turns to Suki to help her "detox". However, Suki finds herself tempted to unleash the shark within when Yoshi refuses to include her in his plans to relaunch his gardening company due to her recent "lifestyle choices". Gregory, on the other hand, attempts to prevent his father from being "corrupted" by Maris and Frances after they catch wind of the money he may be owed. Meanwhile, after reflecting on the shame of financial disputes tearing families apart, David and Hester ironically find themselves getting into an argument over whether Hester owes David a substantial amount of money or not.

"The Immoral Dr. Crane" 18 640

David is disappointed when Maris declines to continue therapy, instead electing to consult a life coach. David soon realises Maris prefers the coach as he tells her everything she wants to hear, ignoring her culpability entirely. As a result, he begins to reconsider his own approach to his patients and subsequently decides to adopt a more cheery attitude. David soon finds his patient load increasing a substantial amount, as well as his bank balance. Hester worries that David has finally fallen to the allure of being a wealthy "quack" and desperately tries to restore his sense of moral proprietary when it proves to have a domino effect on the rest of his actions. Meanwhile, after Frances and Yoshi declare their intent to start doing things with other couples, Zoe and Riley battle with Suki and Sandy over who should be saddled with the undesirable obligation.

"Freaky Valentine's Day" 19 641

Irked by their friends enthusiastically making Valentine's plans, David and Charlie decide to go speed dating in a last ditch effort to find girlfriends. As the night progresses, Charlie grows frustrated by people making unflattering assumptions when he tells them he's a janitor; while David is annoyed with every meeting turning into a therapy session once he admits to being a psychiatrist. As a result, David and Charlie elect to "trade" their identities, which proves to be a mistake when they both meet the woman of their dreams and begin their whirlwind romances on a foundation of lies. In the meantime; Suki and Sandy have trouble making reservations due to the copious amounts of lawsuits Sandy has levelled against the city, Hester and Gregory's romantic night in is marred by the presence of a moping Maris, and an exchange of gifts gone awry leads to Zoe and Riley squabbling over whether the thought really counts.

"Return to Spender" 20 642

Tired of Frances and Yoshi disturbing her alone time in her sensory deprivation tank, Maris finally relents and agrees to give Frances a blank cheque so that she can complete her mansion's reconstruction "as fast as humanly possible". She assigns Maris to act as Frances' temporary assistant in order to make sure that she gets the job done. However, Zoe is conflicted when she witnesses Frances purchasing a priceless painting, alongside various other needlessly extravagant items. Worried about Maris' reaction, Zoe surmises that Frances is afraid Maris will never visit, so Zoe searches for a way to alleviate her concerns. At the same time, Sandy is enlisted to keep Yoshi busy so that he doesn't distract Frances from the task at hand. Taking the opportunity to get to know her girlfriend's father better, Sandy soon realises getting conversation out of him won't be easy, even for a lawyer. Meanwhile, Gregory and Riley learn that Charlie can forge Maris' signature and argue over whether or not they should abuse this discovery.

"Maris: The Game VII" 21 643

Looking for a place of refuge from Maris, Charlie is encouraged by a visiting Malcolm to sign up for a popular MMORPG. It soon becomes apparent that he is creatively challenged when he finds himself setting up a virtual mansion, a demanding employer and monotonous busywork, and quickly falls into the same humdrum routine he had hoped to escape from. When Charlie fails to show up for work the next day, Hester and Gregory visit his apartment only to find him in a semi-catatonic state, having gone down the "rabbit hole" of several virtual-mansions-within-virtual-mansions, forcing them to launch a rescue attempt. Their efforts turn into a race against time when it transpires that Malcolm also told Maris about the MMORPG, who has taken her son's suggestion to heart and set up a virtual urinal cake factory in an attempt to attract new business. Back in reality, Zoe tries to track down a treasure trove of micro-transaction money after learning that Manic Maris, the long-abandoned mobile game featuring Maris, is still making profits in several European countries.

"People in Glass Mansions" 22 644

When the reconstruction of Frances' mansion is finally completed, Frances decides to throw an elaborate launch party, and the servants are shanghaied into helping her out. However, the night proves disastrous when Frances discovers that a stipulation in Maris' financial contribution means she is allowed to use the mansion to host whatever function she desires, at any time of her choosing. Infuriated, Frances locks herself in the pool-house and refuses to come out until Maris relinquishes her claim to the mansion, forcing David into action. In the meantime, Suki and Sandy are shocked to discover that Yoshi is considering skipping out on Frances due to his concerns that she is turning into Maris, so they hurriedly try to change his mind, fearing that she will never emerge from the pool-house. Elsewhere, Riley tries to put together a last-minute stunt when he discovers Maris' demanding company investors, the Caldwells, are in attendance.

"The Bunker Games" 23 645

The servants are forced to endure a "test run" of a nuclear bunker sold to Maris by a door-to-door salesman, alongside Frances, Yoshi and Cyril. The gang get more than they bargained for when Maris places the bunker into an authentic lockdown, before retiring to the underground sensory deprivation tank she had built for the occasion. To pass the time, the servants play a few games, but soon find recent hostilities coming to the forefront. Determined to legitimise her relationship with Sandy in the eyes of her judgmental father, Suki impulsively proposes during a game of Spin the Bottle, irritating Sandy as she believes it was done for illegitimate reasons. An innocent game of Scrabble gets wildly out of hand when Gregory's resentment over Cyril's abandonment materialises in the form of several telling words, leaving Hester scrambling to keep the peace between them. David councils Charlie over a few games of Monopoly as he tries to determine a new career, having reached an impasse with his life as a janitor. Zoe and Riley are tasked with confronting Maris in her tank in order to lift the lockdown, and wind up competing in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors over who has to take the inaugural "peak" that will determine whether or not she is naked inside.

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