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Season 29 of Maris contains 23 episode ideas.


Episode list

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"Ivory Long Engagement" 1 646

Charlie is visited by his half-brother Leo, who brings with him the sad news that their grandfather Charles has passed away at his home in Africa following an altercation with ivory dealers. Leo accompanies Charlie to the reading of their grandfather's will, where Charlie is shocked to discover he has inherited a controlling portion of Charles' philanthropic organisation, Kingsley Enterprises, due to Leo having "already figured his life out". Having resigned his post as a janitor, Charlie strongly considers the opportunity and decides to mull it over at a wake thrown by Frances. However, the event proves controversial when Frances unveils her luxurious new grand piano, which leads Charlie to become convinced that she involved herself in the ivory trade in an attempt to get back at Charles for abandoning her. Meanwhile, Gregory is on the verge of a nervous breakdown as he faces up to the challenge of catering to a room full of "Marises", Sandy weighs up her options after Suki's unflattering proposal and Suki attempts to put together a grand gesture that will prove Sandy means more to her than Yoshi's approval.

"Moral Kombat" 2 647

When a lawyer arrives at the mansion to finalise Charlie's acquisition of his grandfather's philanthropic organisation, Charlie learns that one last stipulation in the will may preclude him from the inheritance after all. Concerned about the toxic influence Maris holds over her servants, Charles wished to determine Charlie's moral compass before handing the reigns over to him, necessitating the administration of a test. Charlie is confident he will pass with flying colours but bungles his chances at the last minute when the lawyer discovers he has been helping Hester and Gregory steal cable. Sandy offers to help Charlie by revealing some of the skeletons in the lawyer's own closet to blackmail him, while David urges Charlie not to give into temptation and resolve things the honest way. Charlie is left struggling to come to grips with his conscience as the devilish Sandy and angelic David play tug of war with his morality. Meanwhile, Suki's attempts to break the news of her engagement to Yoshi go awry when Frances discovers the engagement ring and assumes that Yoshi is planning on proposing to her.

"Maudlin Family" 3 648

Following a disastrous engagement dinner with her family, Suki attempts to bury the hatchet between Yoshi and her brothers, whose ousting of Yoshi from the family business have created a deep rift between them. It is eventually decided that Yoshi will be welcomed back into the company as an equal partner instead of its boss. However, when Yoshi's difficulty in accepting the limitations of his new position leads to further tension, Suki is faced with a life-altering choice after coming to the conclusion that the only way to resolve the issue is for her to make every decision herself as an intermediary. Meanwhile, David sets out to sharpen his somewhat rusty family counselling skills after Suki gently rejects his offer to council her family, and solicits Zoe and Riley as his "guinea pigs". He soon realises that their family life at home is relatively conflict-free, leaving him treading somewhat immoral territory as he contemplates pushing their buttons to create the requisite drama.

"Safety Last" 4 649

With Charlie and Suki busy pursuing new career opportunities, Hester begins to worry that the group is destined to drift apart. Her attempts to keep them together by any means necessary draws concern from David, who concludes that doubts over where her future lies are making her determined to keep things from changing by any means necessary. Reluctantly admitting her brother is correct, Hester sets out to define her own career goals. She soon runs afoul of Maris, who is dismayed to learn that her servants have pipe dreams beyond the mansion and view their jobs as mere stepping stones to greater ambitions. Meanwhile, Zoe questions whether Riley settled with a job he doesn't enjoy simply because of their marriage, and encourages him to determine his own dreams. However, she finds herself feeling less guilty after discovering he has been filming stunt videos for a small audience on YouTube as his outlet from the buttoned-down rat race, in which she is disparagingly referred to as "the wife".

"Scaring is Caring" 5 650

As part of his first philanthropy venture for Kingsley Enterprises, Charlie turns Maris' estate into a "Halloween Haven" for local kids bused in from orphanages and hospitals. Maris reluctantly agrees to participate in exchange for partial credit, forcing the servants to transform the mansion into a haunted house. As the event gets underway; Charlie begins to have second thoughts about the venture when he realises how terrible he is at handling kids, Riley struggles in his attempts to build a classic Scooby Doo style rotating bookcase, Suki and Sandy must find a costume for Maris that is both flattering and appropriately spooky, Zoe's efforts to gain Maris publicity for the event prove difficult when she realises the press are only interested in negative stories about her, and David gets stuck in a somewhat inappropriate costume straight after agreeing to an emergency meeting with an emotionally fragile patient. Meanwhile, Hester is in for a real fright when she witnesses Maris and Yoshi in a potentially compromising position.

"Six Angry Servants" 6 651

When Hester's attempts to boost her profile as a graphic designer prove fruitless, she turns to Charlie for a little push after discovering he has inherited many of his grandfather's lucrative contacts along with his company. Charlie agrees to Hester's request, but later regrets it when it opens the floodgates and more of his friends start asking favours of their own. He eventually decides to grant one more request but forces the servants to decide amongst themselves who deserves it the most. Sequestering themselves in the mansion's dining room, the remaining servants' efforts to reach a unanimous verdict proves harder than expected. Charlie, on the other hand, thinks his friends' selfishness goes against the very definition of philanthropy and argues his case to the "jurors" in a pseudo courtroom; while Hester, who has benefited after gaining a job interview with a prestigious graphic design company, argues for the defence.

"Legally Pond" 7 652

The servants are saddened when Suki tenders her resignation from the mansion, but she reassures them that she will still be around as she hopes Maris will solicit the services of her family's gardening company. Maris reluctantly agrees, but takes umbrage at a 1% increase in costs and refuses to hire the company. As a result, the remaining servants find themselves forced to share the burden of overhauling Maris' beloved koi pond while Maris and Suki try to reach an agreement. Working in closer proximity to flowers than they're accustomed to, David and Hester find themselves suffering intense allergic reactions, which makes work harder than expected. David manages to salvage the situation by acquiring anti-allergy drugs from a pharmacologist he went to med school with, but the resulting high enjoyed between him and Hester puts the project in more danger than ever before. Meanwhile, Sandy is torn between representing Maris as her attorney and providing Suki with legal advice.

"Life of Riley" 8 653

After weeks of feeling bored as a personal trainer for the estate's overweight elite, Riley's waning interest is rejuvenated when he witnesses a client's marriage fall apart, and he becomes addicted to gossip. As a result, he develops a bond with fellow gossip Hester and starts dishing her the dirt she craves. When David informs Riley that Hester had an unhealthy obsession with scandal as a 13-year old that almost got her thrown out of school, Riley is faced with cutting her off at the source, so she doesn't fall too deep into her addiction. Despite her irritation, Hester agrees to stop gossiping, and Riley agrees to the same. However, Riley finds himself desperate for someone to talk to when he bears witness to the juiciest story yet: Maris and Yoshi seemingly succumbing to their attraction in the pool-house. Meanwhile, with their husband and wife spending so much time together, Zoe and Gregory elect to get to know each other better.

"Maris the Menace" 9 654

Suki and Sandy's rehearsal dinner gets off to a rocky start when Sandy is forced to defend Maris in traffic court after her rush to acquire the latest botox treatment results in her parking across an ambulance bay. Despite her vow to get through the proceedings as quickly as possible, Sandy finds herself rusty in court and soon begins to worry that she has lost her groove. David surmises that being in a relationship with Suki has made Sandy more conscious of her morals, which is making it difficult for her to carry on representing Maris knowing what a menace she poses to society. As the rehearsal gets underway, Zoe does her utmost to spin Maris' story after discovering the Caldwells are in attendance and are rumoured to have been courting other investment opportunities. At the same time, Riley and Hester set out to get Yoshi to admit that he has been having an affair with Maris, and Gregory has trouble accepting Suki's edict to enjoy the wedding as a friend and not as the help, ultimately becoming a "backseat caterer" in the kitchen.

"Maris: The Game VIII" 10 655

On the night of Suki's bachelorette party, the servants make use of the augmented reality eyewear kits given to Maris by a client, participating in a game of virtual paintball that takes place within Maris' hedge maze. As the game progresses, Zoe and Gregory grow suspicious towards Hester and Riley's continued association as they confer on what to do about Maris and Yoshi's affair. Determined to root out the truth, they engage in a little cyber espionage. Charlie is feeling despondent after learning that his takeover of Kingsley Enterprises came too late for him to have any hope of preventing the closure of his old foster home. As a result, the eyewear crossed with his fragile state of mind leaves him struggling to differentiate fact from fiction. Suki worries that she and Sandy are living in two separate worlds as Sandy has opted to spend the evening with her lawyer friends, and her fierce competitive streak makes a return as she tries to keep her mind distracted. David hopes to be disqualified from the game as quickly as possible so he can slip out for the first date he's had in months.

"iServant" (Part 1) 11 656

After a week-long snow storm brings Suki and Sandy's wedding plans to a halt, the servants are stunned when Maris surprises them with an all expenses paid trip to Japan. Despite Suki's pleasure at being able to get married amongst her family and culture, Maris' ulterior motives are quick to emerge. After arriving in Tokyo, it transpires that Yoshi has put Maris in contact with his old Japanese business partner, who has promised to cut her company's running costs in half. When Sandy and Zoe accompany Maris to a hotel staffed entirely by robots, they realise that she is considering replacing her factory workers with similar technology and a chilling fear of obsolescence begins to creep in. It's not long before the fear spreads to the other servants, who struggle to keep their minds focused while helping out with the wedding plans. At the same time, Hester is barely managing to contain Maris and Yoshi's dirty secret after a mortifying experience in the hotel, while Gregory and Riley take a trip on the bullet train to track down Suki's irresponsible brothers after they mysteriously fall out of contact.

"iServant" (Part 2) 12 657

As Suki and Sandy's wedding day begins, Charlie manages to stop Maris in her tracks by agreeing to stock her urinal cakes at his philanthropy organisation. However, he is too late to do anything about Maris' decision to test out the robots by employing them for the wedding reception. In the meantime, Gregory and Riley return after retrieving Suki's hungover brothers from a hotel, who cause a minor scandal after showing up in Geisha costumes. David manages to finagle the truth out of a traumatised Hester, and they agree that the best thing to do is to tell Suki. Suki is mortified, and the wedding is called into question when Sandy admits that she came to learn of the affair several weeks earlier, as Maris had consulted her about the legal ramifications. Uncertain about marrying someone who has to lie to her, Suki retreats to the hotel where the servants do their best to guide the couple through their cold feet. Further problems occur when Frances makes an unannounced arrival, throwing everyone into a panic when she expects Yoshi to join her in her suite as the truth of the affair comes to a head.

"Out of Japan, Into the Fire" 13 658

With Suki and Sandy away on their honeymoon, the rest of the servants return to Canada where they are forced to deal with the fallout from Maris and Yoshi's affair. As a result of the revelation, Maris and Frances' already contentious relationship has crumbled, leaving them feuding all day and long into the night. Things take a turn for the worse when a small kitchen fire breaks out in Frances' mansion, and the cantankerous woman accuses her daughter of trying to kill her. David takes it upon himself to settle the feud but is left wondering if he is dealing with his first real "lost cause" after soliciting his father's help over the phone. At the same time, Gregory worries he is a pyromaniac at heart after admitting to Hester that he stopped by Frances' to cook her dinner after feeling sorry for her. Hester surmises the two-year anniversary of his mother Shirley's death is possibly causing him to relapse into his narcolepsy but worries that he will be exploited as Maris' "fall guy" in one last ditch effort to salvage her relationship with her mother.

"Dr. Crane and Ms. Hyde" 14 659

David is pleased when Nicole, an attractive woman he met at the airport on his way home from Japan, contacts him requesting a date. Their relationship gets off to a promising start, but complications arise at David's next session when Nicole shows up, seemingly unaware they have met before and ostensibly seeking help for a different issue. David realises Nicole has a form of split personality disorder where she remains unaware of her other identity and is consequently torn regarding the ethics of dating one personality while seeing the other as his patient. As this is going on, Charlie and Zoe are forced into a bureaucratic nightmare when a bag containing Maris' most outlandish beauty products is lost by the airline. While dealing with the situation at the airport, they are surprised to find Maris' credentials grant them access to the luxurious first class departure lounge and the duo relish in making it their home away from home. Meanwhile, Riley and Gregory act as intermediaries when Frances begins the laborious process of throwing Yoshi out of her mansion.

"Ghost Story" 15 660

Maris' reputation collapses when Frances spitefully outs her as a homewrecker at their wine club, resulting in her getting excluded from numerous social occasions. Tasked with restoring her reputation, Zoe decides to take an alternative approach and encourages Maris to revel in her controversial status by writing a tell-all autobiography. The ploy proves successful when Maris releases an early extract to the press, and she finds herself becoming highly sought-after once again. Maris' plan to cement her position as the queen bee of the Toronto social scene comes to fruition at a ritzy cocktail party, where she has agreed to recite the next chapter. However, disaster strikes when Maris' ghost-writer, who had been expected to deliver the extract, seemingly disappears without a trace. As a result, the servants find themselves forced to work together in writing the chapter in time for the party, but soon find they are unable to come up with anything comprehensive. Meanwhile, Charlie and Gregory act as negotiators after discovering Frances keeping Maris' ghost-writer captive in the pool-house.

"Changing of the Gardener" 16 661

When Suki and Sandy return from their honeymoon, Suki is upset to find herself out of a job when Maris discovers IM exchanges between her and Yoshi, in which Suki pleaded with her father to end the affair. With her reputation still in tatters and her garden in need of care, Maris decides to kill two birds with one stone by recruiting an organisation that specialises in therapeutic horticulture. As a devastated Suki ponders where her future lies, her friendship with Charlie comes into question when it transpires that the organisation Maris hired is a subsidiary of Kingsley Enterprises and that Charlie gave them the go-ahead. Overcome with guilt, Charlie agrees to talk to Maris about reconsidering her dismissal of Suki, with the contingency that Frances allows the group to tend to her own garden. However, as negotiations fall apart, it soon becomes apparent that the only way to devise a solution that works for everyone is to finally settle Maris and Frances' seemingly insurmountable score.

"Frisky Business" 17 662

Riley and Zoe must face the music at a PTA meeting when Riley's stunts leave a lasting impression on their son, who has caused a ruckus at school by emulating his father's hobby. Riley vows not to indulge in his favourite pastime any longer but struggles to resist when his son's shared affinity for stunts strengthens their bond. Agreeing to keep it a secret, Riley later regrets breaking his promise when he sustains a minor groinal injury that leaves him unable to partake in his other favourite pastime without worsening the pain. To make matters more challenging, the alpha male protection of his son that he displayed at the PTA meeting has made Zoe extra frisky and plaintively brooding for another child. Meanwhile, Maris and Frances' tenuous reconciliation comes under threat when they squabble over who gets which sets of friends, forcing Sandy to set up a pseudo "deposition" to help them reach agreeable terms.

"Name Game" 18 663

Now that they are married, Suki and Sandy are left weighing up the ramifications of both sharing a surname and keeping their existing ones. They eventually agree to share, but their struggle to choose between "Nakamura" and "Stone" leads to them trying both out, getting them changed by deed poll and testing them out over a week. Unfortunately, both names throw up potential issues when Sandy is faced with representing a curmudgeonly war veteran who still has it in for the Japanese, and Suki is accused of abandoning her culture by adopting an "Americanised" surname and consequently loses potential business. Suki and Sandy ultimately agree to retain their own surnames but later have second thoughts when they start to feel like they aren't even married, leaving them with a precarious choice. Meanwhile, Gregory is mortified when Hester admits she regularly switches between "Crane" and "Ryland" depending on whichever family is proving to be more controversial in the media at the time.

"The Butler Did It" 19 664

After months of struggling to find someone who lives up to her impossible standards, a desperate Frances enlists Gregory to cater a socialite rival's dinner party with the proviso of recruiting a highly sought-after butler known to be in her employ. Gregory agrees and is later surprised to discover the butler is his estranged father, Cyril. Cyril gladly leaps at the chance to work closer with his son, but Gregory begins to wonder if he has ulterior motives following several odd occurrences. Charlie surmises that Cyril has developed a hatred of the top elite after losing his family over inane social barriers, and has launched a vendetta against them. After learning that Frances' rival has gone into hiding following a disastrous end to her dinner party, Gregory worries that Cyril is responsible for an act of social sabotage that occurred there, and it won't be long before he sets his sights on Frances. Meanwhile, Zoe and Riley contemplate having another child.

"Split Decisions" 20 665

David is pleased when his girlfriend Nicole returns after receiving treatment for her multiple personality disorder, only to discover she has had to "compartmentalise" her personalities to keep control, and now wilfully slips into each one when appropriate. David is confident that their relationship will cope, but reconsiders his views when he realises that the only side of Nicole who is actually attracted to him now exists primarily within her most abrasive and loudmouth personality, "Loretta". Feeling that he is acting elitist and there's still a chance they could be happy together, David decides to chill out and soon finds he is able to have more fun with "Loretta" than he expected. Unfortunately, the resulting personality change leads to Hester thinking David has once again inherited one of his patient's problems and may be exhibiting symptoms of multiple personality disorder himself. Meanwhile, Sandy meets her match when Maris' ghost-writer threatens to sue for royalties and uses his in-depth knowledge of Maris against her.

"Career Seppuku" 21 666

Suki is horrified to learn that Yoshi has fled to Japan, taking the family business with him. As a result, she is faced with the unenviable task of breaking the news to Maris. Upset with her father for leaving her without a job, Suki quickly loses her confidence and is unable to confess the truth to Maris. With Maris growing increasingly belligerent, the remaining servants struggle to get the truth out themselves and wind up creating a litany of excuses explaining his absence. Moved by her wife's plight, Sandy decides to exploit every skeleton in the closet she has amassed over the years, utilising her various connections to devise an excuse that's not just 100% believable, but justifiable as well. Just as Maris appears to be sliding into acceptance, Yoshi makes a surprise comeback after having second thoughts. The servants must do whatever it takes to keep him hidden so that he doesn't blow the cover story, deciding that it's in everyone's best interest if he were to stick to his original plan and leave for good. Meanwhile, Hester helps Charlie develop a new logo for Kingsley Enterprises.

"Icing on the Cake" 22 667

When her company's profits reach an all-time low, Maris decides to target a younger demographic and sends the servants to advertise the company at an outdoor rock concert. Upon their arrival, it transpires that Maris mixed up the dates and it is in actuality a country music festival, where the servants are surprised to encounter Maris' musician sister Bree, who is in attendance with her sullen teenage daughter Clara. David worries he has sold out when Maris creates a skit that features him dressing up in stereotypical doctor's gear and "prescribing" urinal cakes, Zoe tries to convince Bree to slip promotions of the company into her existing songs, and Charlie attempts to conceal the fact that Kingsley Enterprises recently elected to purchase its urinal cakes from a competing company after receiving a better offer. In the meantime, Hester's feud with Clara reignites when Clara insinuates that she has become "old"; while Riley and Gregory referee yet another screaming match between Maris and Frances, who has smuggled herself into the festival against Maris' wishes with a desire to see her two daughters reunited.

"Vive la Frances" 23 668

Maris is horrified when Charlie's defection to a rival urinal cake company is revealed and doesn't hesitate in banishing him from the grounds. Infuriated by Maris' actions over the past year and her continued indifference towards the people in her life, Hester rallies the servants to march out in support of Charlie. They don't end up getting very far when it turns out he has holed himself up in Frances' pool-house, unable to comprehend leaving his friends behind. The servants remain steadfast in their support and join Charlie in the pool-house, and engage in gaslighting tactics in an attempt to make Maris not take her servants for granted. When Maris callously responds to their actions by "auditioning" new servants right in front of them, Hester retaliates by throwing urinal cakes at her; of which Charlie had swiped his owed amount from her supplies. The warfare rapidly escalates, but things come to an abrupt stop when Suki and Sandy raid the pool-house bedroom for extra supplies, only to discover Frances has passed away in her sleep following her morning swim.

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