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Season 3 of Maris contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"The Father, the Son and the Hollywood" 1 49

Gabriel invites the servants to visit him in Hollywood after establishing a name for himself as the host of Freaky Forum TV. They see the sights and eventually visit Gabriel on set. A few weeks into her pregnancy, Kitty is horrified when Gabriel introduces her onstage and claims she is carrying the seed of an alien. Ben is still coming to terms with his approaching fatherhood and is annoyed when Kitty embarks on the money-making chat show circuit, thinking he won't be able to provide for the baby. Unable to find five minutes to talk in private, Ben and Kitty wind up doing so on Jerry Springer and they become major Hollywood icons. Gabriel is jealous that his friends are already doing better than him, and he no longer finds the world of paranormal activity interesting after his time on the undeniably cheesy FFTV. Gabriel decides to join an invitation to The Tonight Show, hoping to expose the truth about the show and is doubled with Ben and Kitty's segment. Gabriel is fired for breach of contract and forced to leave Hollywood; while the show's host gives Ben and Kitty some much-needed perspective on their futures, making them see they can indeed raise a baby together if they're only honest with each other. A representative from NBC purchases the rights to their alien story for a TV movie, which gives them a rather nice paycheque that Ben "gracefully" accepts. Meanwhile, after visiting the set of a popular sitcom, Tommy and Eve experience the delights of an all expenses paid hotel but soon find they can't escape Maris anywhere after learning of a long-standing feud between her and the manager. Since they're her employees, Tommy and Eve are made the target of every worker in the hotel, initiating a series of escalating pranks. Back in Seattle, Marta enjoys having free roam of the mansion, and gives the new garbage boy a rather shocking sight after indulging in a Risky Business-type escapade.

"Heavyweight Champion of the Hurled" 2 50

While cleaning out the basement, Marta comes across a box of old videotapes labelled "Maris – youth", and she invites the servants to watch them with her during their lunch hour. They are surprised to see a 16-year old Maris in a competitive hot dog eating contest, and it is apparent that her loss (and subsequent hissy fit) was the cause of her aversion to eating today. Marta tries to convince Tommy to enter the next contest and win the trophy for Maris, believing it will fix some of her more "eccentric" qualities. Tommy is reluctant because he was fat in high school and desperately wants to avoid the same humiliation. Gabriel and Ben stock up on hot dogs for the training and must hide them from Kitty, who is going through the pregnancy cravings stage. When Tommy flat-out refuses to enter the contest, Ben considers taking his place, but Kitty doesn't want him putting his heart at risk - at least until the baby's out of diapers. Meanwhile, Gabriel is having trouble saying goodbye to the perks that came with his brief fame and Eve tries to show him that life can still be fun when you're out of the spotlight. An unforeseen circumstance results in them waiting in an excruciatingly long line at the bank, and Gabriel isn't exactly happy with the reminder that he's once again just an average Joe.

"Ben There, Done That" (Part 1) 3 51

While preparing another celery stick for Maris, Ben realises he is bored with his life and worries that this feeling will be intensified once he experiences the repetition of fatherhood. With the help of Tommy and Gabriel, he becomes determined to do the things a young guy should do before he settles down, and they all set out on a series of extreme sports, starting with skydiving. In mid-air, Tommy suddenly remembers he has a fear of heights, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. Gabriel is recognised by the instructor as the host of Freaky Forum TV, and must endure an annoying barrage of questions when it turns out he is the owner of the show's largest national fan club. Ben, annoyed that he still hasn't achieved something, accepts Gabriel's offer to join the UK show Celebrity Big Brother, figuring he can tag along. Gabriel is delighted at the opportunity to get back in the spotlight, while Ben must prove his celebrity status by making Maris out to be some sort of famous figure. Back at the mansion, Eve is shocked to learn that someone has been growing pot in her greenhouse, and enlists the help of Kitty to find the culprit. In the process, Kitty discovers that her pregnancy gets results from the servants as they seem to think she's sweet and helpless. At first, Kitty is happy with this perk, until she discovers that Marta mistakenly told everyone a rather different tale about how she got impregnated.

"Ben There, Done That" (Part 2) 4 52

Ben and Gabriel enter the Celebrity Big Brother house and quickly find they're the most famous people involved. While they struggle to pretend they know who anybody is, Ben quickly becomes a hit among the viewers and is named "hottest housemate" in Teen Scene. Gabriel is angry with Ben for stealing his spotlight, and in an argument, he lets slip that Ben has gotten someone pregnant. The media has a field day when everyone tries to find out whose carrying Ben's baby. At the mansion; Kitty, Marta, Tommy and Eve religiously watch the show, and when Eve points out a possible spark between Ben and the ex-girlfriend of a senator's half-brother's nephew, she worries that he has indeed gotten someone else pregnant. Angry at his possible betrayal, Kitty rallies everyone in the mansion to vote for his eviction at the end of the week. In the house, Ben and Gabriel try to fix their fractured friendship and Gabriel reluctantly accepts the fact that he won't be famous again. They are later called to the diary room and informed that they are being kicked out for allegedly smuggling pot inside the house. This, in turn, reveals the real perpetrator of the drug gardener in Eve's greenhouse, and Tommy admits he was responsible for slipping it into Ben's luggage so he could take the edge off about fatherhood. Kitty realises she loves Ben and proposes to him as he emerges from the house. He says yes; and Gabriel – taking one last grab at stardom – signs for a $10,000 offer from Teen Scene for exclusive wedding access.

"Peeping Tommy" 5 53

While looking for his wallet, Tommy accidentally gets an eyeful of Maris in the shower. While he is quite noticeably disgusted by this sight, the rumours have everybody in the mansion thinking he is a perverted peeping tom. Forced by Maris to attend a sexual compulsion class, he becomes determined to make the most of it and winds up hitting it off with one of his classmates; a beautiful woman named Izzy. Tommy asks her out to dinner and is delighted when she accepts until Eve informs him that it is likely she is abstaining from sex. Angry because he rarely has this much chemistry with a woman, Tommy feels guilty for putting her sexual compulsion at risk and cancels the date. When she leaves several messages at the mansion, Tommy decides to pay a visit to her at her house and explain why they can't be together, but a series of communication breakdowns result in his reputation as a peeping tom rearing its ugly head once more. Meanwhile, Kitty becomes determined to get into the best Lamaze class in town, and Ben hopes to use his connections from Celebrity Big Brother to get what she wants. However, he accidentally signs them both up for a Lamaze class for drug addicts, and while Kitty doesn't want to keep up the image of a junkie, Ben is convinced that they're still getting valuable lessons for their dime.

"The Assassination of Romeo and Juliet" 6 54

Maris decides to put on a production of Romeo and Juliet starring her servants in an attempt to get on the Seattle Theatrical Directors Society. Eve is delighted when she gets the role of Juliet; while Kitty feels neglected as her pregnancy bump has forced her to take on the role of a tree. Jealousy rears its ugly head when Ben agrees to perform the role of Romeo, and Kitty decides to take on scriptwriting duties, so there aren't any kissing scenes. Kitty promotes herself to the role of Rosaline, dramatically re-writing her character as a heavily pregnant letch with the intention of killing Juliet and keeping Romeo all to herself. Gabriel, meanwhile, is excited at flexing his acting muscles when Kitty asks him to play Friar Lawrence, until he realises that he barely has two lines, instead of being killed by Rosaline in the first act for witnessing her plan to kill Juliet. The actors soon begin to regret letting Kitty take charge when principal characters are murdered left and right, and when the STDS members show up to watch the dress rehearsal, they witness a largely different "murder", which threatens Maris' place in their society. Meanwhile, Marta and Tommy work in the prop department, and when Tommy wonders why he wasn't offered a role, it's up to Marta to convince him that he's handsome enough to appear onstage.

"Passion of the Christmas" 7 55

Kitty and Eve decide to organise a Secret Santa program for Christmas. Everything seems to be going swimmingly until a mistranslation results in Marta accidentally giving all the gifts away to charity. Now the three of them must find some way of getting the servants presents, and they learn that KACL is also running a Secret Santa program for its employees. They decide to pay a visit to the station, hoping that Roz Doyle will return the favour she owes them from her last visit to the mansion. However, the KACL staff are currently feuding over who gets what present and dividing them accordingly between the station and the mansion proves to be a difficult feat, so Kitty and Roz must do some negotiating. At the same time, Eve feuds with Gil Chesterton after realising he was the one that panned the "sloppy flower arrangements" in a restaurant she worked at. Marta hits it off with Noel Shempsky, finding common ground in the fact that they are both the "joke" of their respective workplaces. One thing leads to another, and Kenny Daly finds them making out in the closet. Meanwhile back at the mansion, Ben wrestles with a $1,000 offer to appear half-naked in Santa apparel for Teen Scene magazine. Gabriel encourages him to do it, while Tommy, jealous of all the attention the "pipsqueak" is getting, signs up for a modelling agency to prove his good looks and ends up being hired to hand out fliers campaigning for Maris to get into yet another prestigious organisation.

"A Welfare Officer and a Gentleman" 8 56

Eve is looking into spending more time with her 10-year old son Louis; however, she must pass a series of tests to determine whether she lives and works in a suitable environment for a young boy. A child welfare officer comes to the mansion to observe her personality and learn about her workplace. Everyone is determined to get through the day without a hitch after a big speech from Eve earlier (who promised them each $5). Unfortunately, Maris' impossibly fussy sister Marie puts a crimp in their plans, after arriving unexpectedly and making her usual ludicrous demands. The servants soon realise that the only thing Maris and Marie have in common is their last name, as Marie's frustratingly eccentric friends take over the mansion, smoking pot and pulling dangerous stunts. When Eve learns that Maris is just as frustrated by Marie as everyone else is, they concoct a plan to get her out of the way; Maris worried that her reputation might be ruined, and Eve concerned that the child welfare officer will deem her an irresponsible parent. Meanwhile, Tommy accidentally gets high after mistaking the pot for a cigarette and Gabriel must hide him from the welfare officer. Kitty begins to wonder if she wants someone like Maris around when she and Ben are raising their child together; while Marta goes back to ESL class.

"Designing Kity" 9 57

Ben and Kitty are shocked to learn that Maris has booked their dream wedding hall on the date they wanted. They soon learn of a history involving several of her older servants getting married and later divorcing, leading to bitterness between them and eventually their resignations. Ben and Kitty become determined to show Maris that they truly love each other and they organise a rehearsal dinner to be held at the mansion, hoping their speeches will persuade her. It soon becomes clear that Maris is only worried about losing Ben because he is the best chef she's ever had, which makes Kitty question her work as a dog-walker when she realises it isn't a suitable job for a mother. While arranging the rehearsal, Kitty discovers she has a flair for interior design and becomes determined to convince Maris to hire her as the decorator. This delays her speech-writing, leaving Ben looking like a fool at the rehearsal after reading out a beautifully-written speech which forces Kitty to decide what comes first in her life. Meanwhile, Gabriel gets Tommy, Marta and Eve sucked into the world of seances and Ouija boards.

"The Woman Who Talked Too Badly" 10 58

When Marta has a slip in the kitchen and injures her ankle, the servants are mortified as it means the return of Maris' infamous attorney and Ben's ex-girlfriend, Sandy Stone. It is soon apparent that Sandy is up to no good as usual when she abandons Maris and tries to convince Marta to take her for everything she's got. Using her incredible manipulative skills, Sandy discovers that Marta has trouble with her pronouns and is back in ESL class; giving her the idea to make it seem like everyone makes fun of Marta when she's not around by use of a tape recorder. Dollar signs appear in Marta's eyes. Ben worries that Sandy's ruthless, cutthroat tactics are the result of their breakup and is faced with feigning interest in her again if it means getting Maris out of the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Tommy uncover Sandy's briefcase and discover that she isn't actually licensed to practice law anymore. Before they can tell anyone, they are distracted by something else in the briefcase: a scavenger hunt. The two quickly become invested in the hunt and Eve gets wrapped up in their determination; however, their final task is to take a picture of a disbarred lawyer, which leads them straight back to Sandy.

"The Show Where Niles Shows Up" 11 59

Niles Crane pays a visit to the mansion after an accidental run-in with a prostitute, hoping to use Maris' connections to keep him out of the headlines. He is also looking for the perfect birthday present for Daphne, something meaningful and apologetic as she was left thinking that he has developed a flair for prostitutes. Kitty agrees to help Niles search for a present at the mall, asking for a ride to her Lamaze class in return when Ben goes out of town. There, Kitty runs into Daphne, whose suspicions have caused her to her following Niles to Seattle. Unaware of her connection to Niles, Kitty becomes good friends with Daphne. After helping Niles find the perfect gift, he is mortified to learn of the friendship and does his best to stop either of them mentioning his name. Meanwhile, Ben is in Boston on a cooking course after his most famous dish was poorly received during a dinner party. He develops a reputation as a teacher's pet after outdoing everyone else and enlists the help of Tommy over the phone for tips on how to become the most popular guy in class.

"There's Something About Izzy" 12 60

Everyone is surprised when Tommy reveals he is back together with Izzy, the woman he met at his sexual compulsives group. Tommy worries he is losing his way with the ladies after various unsuccessful efforts at wooing Izzy into bed after several months of kisses on the cheek, hugs and pretty much everything except fourth base. Izzy reveals that she wants to become a born-again virgin and get married before she has sex again; driving Tommy into an analysis of his future. On the one hand, he has experienced chemistry with Izzy like no other woman, but on the other, he has trouble accepting the fact that his carefree bachelor days may be coming to an end. With the help of Ben, he decides to experiment at the Sure Thing, a singles bar, to see if he is able to settle down and say he's seeing someone. Kitty gets the wrong idea about this arrangement, thinking that Ben is cheating on her, and enlists Eve to follow the guys to the bar one night. There, they are flirted with by a couple of handsome businessmen, and a highly complicated game of one-upmanship ensues. Tommy eventually decides to break things off with Izzy and is highly surprised when she goes home with Gabriel instead.

"Where Every Geek Knows Your Name" 13 61

When Eve is called out of town for an "emergency gardening situation" in Maris' Hawaiian mansion, Gabriel is roped into taking care of her 10-year old son, Louis. At first, he struggles to find something to talk to him about, that is until Louis reveals he is a big fan of Star Trek and the paranormal. Eve returns at the end of the day and is mortified to learn that her son has been transformed into a total geek. Eve and Gabriel's relatively new friendship is then put to the test when Eve seems reluctant for Gabriel to be her son's role model. Gabriel is so angry that he decides to accept Louis' offer to take him to a Star Trek convention in Canada, forcing Eve to rent a Winnebago and cross the border with Ben, Kitty and Marta to stop him. While Ben and Kitty wonder if their child will grow up to be a little hellion, Marta feels stupid after being the only one to bother getting a costume – although no one has the heart to tell her that it is actually from Star Wars.

"The Wedding" 14 62

As the wedding approaches, Ben is delighted to learn that Maris has allowed them to use the grounds for the ceremony until he realises the promise Kitty made in return: if they have a girl, they will name it after Maris. As a result, Ben becomes determined to find out the sex of their baby but soon discovers that no doctor will tell him without the mother's permission and that Kitty wants it to be a surprise. In response, he enlists Eve to pose as the mother over the phone, hoping to fool the doctor; however, Ben is overcome with guilt when he accidentally reveals to Kitty that they will be having a boy. Despite his relief that they won't have to call their child Maris, Ben is determined to make it up to Kitty and tries to convince Gabriel to use his former Hollywood connections to get Kitty's favourite singer, Frank Sinatra Jr., to perform at the wedding. Meanwhile, Tommy is having trouble accepting Gabriel's relationship with his ex-girlfriend Izzy; while it's Marta's job to keep Teen Scene out of the mansion until the actual ceremony. When it turns out that neither Ben or Gabriel are "hot" anymore, the journalists and photographers leave, bumming them both out. Finally, as Kitty walks down the aisle, she looks forward to a life with the man she loves, despite all the catastrophes that will inevitably come attached.

"Cents and Sensibility" 15 63

When Maris announces that she has purchased another mansion in Africa, Tommy is worried that she is quickly becoming broke after being informed by his stock market brother that the family urinal cake sales have dropped dramatically. As rumours spread of Maris' potential bankruptcy, the servants start looking at alternative options. Tommy and Gabriel become door-to-door knife salesmen and are the scourge of the snooty neighbourhood. Eve and Kitty consider investing in real estate and must pretend they are a lesbian couple to get what they want. Ben accepts a weekend moonlighting gig at Isabella's, an Italian restaurant, where he desperately tries to avoid speaking his mind to an antagonistic food critic who criticised his first dish back in England. Marta is seemingly the only one not worried about the future of her job, knowing full well that Maris cannot possibly function without a maid, but is forced to re-consider her laid-back attitude when she spots Maris stocking up on cleaning products at the local 99 cents store.

"Piece of Cake" 16 64

Maris announces she has gone bankrupt and will be throwing one big fancy gala on her luxury cruise liner before leaving for her new mansion in Africa. The servants are shocked at this development and become determined to help Maris get her money back. Ben and Eve head to various hotels and places of work in Seattle, hoping to convince them to buy more urinal cakes from the family. They soon discover that everyone is now buying urinal cakes from Maris' presumed dead and faithful ex-gardener, Yoshi, who learnt the secret of the family fortune shortly before apparently staging his death. On the luxury liner, Tommy and Gabriel revel in playing pranks without the consequences, but take things too far after convincing a group of snooty partygoers that the boat is sinking. Kitty and Marta find that Maris has enough money to save one servant, and wind up battling it out for the position.

"The Dogmatic Kitty" 17 65

Kitty is excited at the chance to flex her "interior design" muscles when Maris decides to re-decorate her bedroom. She hires a decorating team, but soon finds that she isn't assertive enough to get what she wants to be done. Kitty enlists the help of Eve for tips on being assertive, and after a few lessons, Kitty realises that she can get men to do whatever she want with a few simple sentences. Maris loves her new bedroom and asks Kitty to start re-decorating more areas around the mansion, unfortunately, Kitty's confidence is shaken once again after being told that her new power over men has nothing to do with the words she chooses, but the way she chooses to expose parts of her body. After repeating her woes to Maris, the male servants find themselves forced to attend a "sexual harassment" seminar because apparently, Maris doesn't want anyone upsetting her favourite servant – or teacher's pet. When Gabriel reveals he broke things off with Izzy due to a lack of spark between them, Tommy realises that sometimes sexual banter does work, and decides to preach his cause against the seminar folk. Meanwhile, Marta begins to wonder if she was a victim of sexual harassment, recalling her first cleaning job in America.

"How Marta Got Her Groove Back" 18 66

Marta's confidence as a maid is shaken when Ben manages to get an impossible spot on the kitchen floor clean. Soon Ben becomes the "go-to" guy for tough stains and Marta, writhing with jealousy, decides to enrol in cleaning class in an attempt to get her groove back. Marta returns to the mansion a week later and challenges Ben to a cleaning contest, leaving Ben terrified because he completely forgot the secret to his success the moment this whole charade began. Tommy and Gabriel take on bets for the victor and must hide their shady antics from Maris. However, when it turns out she wants to get in on the action, they worry about the consequences for everyone if she bets on the wrong person. Meanwhile, Kitty and Eve inadvertently get involved in organised crime when Kitty tries to get her hands on some fashionable maternity clothes.

"Kennel Club" 19 67

When Kitty leaves her dog-walking duties for interior design, the servants decide to give her a "leaving present" of sorts by building new kennels for the dogs. When Kitty mocks his "handyman" skills, Ben is determined to accomplish something in the construction but is annoyed when Tommy, seemingly taking control of the whole affair, tells him to do simple things like fetching the paint. Sick of being the "fetching boy", Ben questions why everyone is letting Tommy dictate what they do and realises it's because they see him as the manliest in the house, and therefore, the best leader they have. Shocked by this revelation, Ben sets out to prove that he can be manly too and tries to get into the roughest night club in Seattle. When his efforts result in various bruises and no acceptance into the club, Ben spends the rest of the day on the floor while everyone else completes the kennels. In doing so, Ben makes a shocking discovery after seeing Tommy bend over: he wears pink underwear. Although it is likely this is just a kink Tommy and his girlfriend are indulging in, Ben is not above making fun of it, calling their friendship into question.

"Make Room for Simon" 20 68

Niles Crane comes to the mansion with his brother-in-law Simon Moon, hoping to ask Maris to give him a job as a security guard after he was blackballed across Chicago. Maris agrees to hire him on a trial basis, and Niles leaves before the servants find out. Simon soon makes an impression on everyone in the mansion; butting heads with Ben after leaving the kitchen a mess, flirting with Eve then telling everyone she's a lesbian when she rebuffs his advances, ruining Kitty's photo shoot for an interior design magazine and providing Marta with the toughest stains she's ever encountered. While everyone else seems to hate Simon, Tommy and Gabriel manage to find a lot in common with him when he proves to be a great asset in their fondness for pranks. Ben, Eve, Kitty and Marta plot to send Simon back to Chicago, and invite his on again/off again flame Joyce Kauffman to convince him.

"I Wish I Were at the Oscars" 21 69

Gabriel is delighted when he receives two tickets to the Oscars as a thank you present from Freaky Forum TV, and soon realises that his friends will do anything to get the other seat. When Kitty makes up a long-winded sob story that she hopes will garner Gabriel's sympathies, she raises the stakes. She is furious at Tommy when he points out that she is too far along in her pregnancy to attend such an event, particularly in the glamorous dress she wanted. Tommy promises to set Gabriel up with a beautiful model to put the ball in his court; however, he soon finds that the only model he knows hasn't aged all that nicely. Ben promises to drop Gabriel's name a few times in his upcoming Teen Scene interview, which will be his last involvement in his contract with the magazine. Marta is determined to attend the awards because her sister, star of a popular Guatemalan soap opera, has been nominated for an international award. Eve is seemingly the only one who doesn't want the extra ticket, harbouring a grudge against the Oscars after an incident from 1994 when the decorators for the ceremony used her prized flower arrangement without giving her credit. Everyone is mortified when Gabriel elects to take Maris instead, stunning everyone with the news that she didn't resort to bribery. Scornfully, the servants watch the ceremony from the mansion and decide to wreck Gabriel's chance at a second fifteen minutes of fame by calling all the newspapers with the story: "Famed ex-TV presenter takes a stick to awards".

"Izzy or Isn't He?" 22 70

Tommy runs into his on again/off again girlfriend Izzy at a coffeehouse, and she reveals she has graduated from her sexual compulsives class. However, they happen to celebrate her success with a quick romp in the bathroom. They agree to continue seeing each other, making up ridiculous excuses as it why it's okay. Gabriel later reunites with Izzy when she comes to collect the last of her things from his apartment, and they have a quick "goodbye romp". Soon Tommy and Gabriel are unknowingly seeing the same woman, and when they figure out what's happened, they decide to turn their anger towards each other against Izzy and raise some hell. However, Tommy and Gabriel are faced with some major decisions regarding their friendship when Izzy questions why they can't all be together at once! Meanwhile, Kitty is stunned when she discovers just how much sex talk goes on at the mansion. Not wanting her baby to be exposed to this when he's born, Kitty implements a "swear jar" of sorts, demanding that the servants drop a quarter in whenever they utter something that might be inappropriate. Kitty's list of "inappropriate" discussions quickly grows and Eve is outraged when she spots her using all the quarters to buy a pack of diapers.

"Hell Hath No Fury Like a Maris Scorned" 23 71

Maris' fierce attorney and Ben's equally fierce ex-girlfriend, Sandy Stone, returns to the mansion when Maris decides to sue her plastic surgeon after learning of the products that were used for her facelifts. As a result, the surgeon's business goes downhill rapidly, so he slashes his prices. Meanwhile, Kitty is due to attend her final Lamaze class, and after talking to some of the women who already have children, she grows fearful of never getting back the figure she had before she got pregnant. Ben is mortified when Kitty reveals she is considering getting liposuction from Maris' ex-surgeon after she gives birth, now that they are so cheap. He tries to show her that he likes her body how it is, and with the help of Eve and Marta, he attempts to put together a calendar which demonstrates the beauty of pregnant women. Kitty goes into labour in the middle of the shoot. In the meantime, Gabriel is soon tired of chauffeuring Maris and Sandy around to various law offices in Seattle, so he and Tommy decide to switch jobs for the day.

"The Born Integrity" 24 72

Ben, Eve and Marta have rushed Kitty to the hospital. Eve recalls her own birthing experience 10 years ago with Louis and doesn't help the situation when she keeps describing just how painful it was. Marta discovers she has a doppelgänger who has been stealing from the hospital and must prove her identity. After yelling at a bawling child, Ben questions his skills as a father. Late arrivals Tommy and Gabriel decide to help him by signing him up for a father/son bonding exercise with one of the babies. However Ben and Tommy wind up being confused for a gay couple when Gabriel accidentally signs their names agreeing to adopt the baby. Although mortified at first, Ben soon finds that it is the perfect chance to test his fatherhood. In the delivery room, Kitty begins to get concerned over Ben's whereabouts, so Eve goes to look for him. She gets pre-occupied when she runs into Louis' dad, who is there having a baby with his new wife. On top of things, Kitty's nurse could not be more cold-hearted when she learns of her connection to Maris, who has made several of her shifts in the hospital a complete nightmare. In the end, everyone manages to get their act together and join Kitty as she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, who she and Ben agree to name Philip, after Kitty's father.

  • Marta's last appearance as a main character.

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