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"How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maris?" 1 73

Young go-getter Leo comes on as the new cleaner after the sad passing away of Marta. Maris has realised that life is short and decided to live every day as if it was her last. This is no picnic for the servants when they are forced to see to her every demand, 24/7. Ben juggles between a chaotic home life now that he has a son and an extremely demanding job as Maris' new thirst for life has made her surprisingly hungrier than ever. After Marta's funeral, Tommy was convinced he had a religious experience and has volunteered at a local nunnery, where annoying Christian activist June Archer is determined to convince him to abandon his life of sin – i.e. working for Maris. Tommy is soon reconsidering his religious ways when he learns of the church's view on sex before marriage. Eve continually rebuffs the advances of charming but cocky Leo, and must "pass the torch" as the mansion newbie by explaining Maris in her own words. Gabriel, having lost his license after getting drunk at the funeral and almost crashing the hearse, begins Maris' embarrassing sentence of cleaning the stables for several months while he attends traffic school. In the end, Maris' energetic lifestyle comes crashing down after a traumatic experience flying coach, and Leo is welcomed into the pack when it turns out that it was his doing. Meanwhile, Kitty passes the time by decorating a room for baby Philip while on maternity leave. When she finds that her designer skills have diminished, she thinks it's because she is no longer pregnant.

  • Leo Kingsley becomes a main character.
"Maris: The Next Generation" 2 74

Kitty returns from maternity leave and is dismayed to learn that Maris has hired another designer in her absence. In an attempt to out-do the competition, Kitty decides to give the gift-wrapping room a surprise makeover, but when Maris turns out to hate it, professional meddler Leo takes Kitty under his wing and introduces her to the world of back-stabbing and sabotage. Soon everyone is afraid to double-cross their intimidating business partnership, and Kitty begins to wonder if she really wants to be seen in this light. Maris, on the other hand, is thoroughly impressed with Kitty's new business etiquette and is persuaded to fire her rival. Kitty is delighted until she realises that Maris has plans to mould her into the daughter she never had. Meanwhile, Ben regrets enlisting Tommy to help him interview nannies for baby Philip when many of them are heartbroken wrecks he's slept with and never called back. Gabriel is plagued by procrastination as he tries to complete a homework assignment for traffic school and asks Eve to make sure he doesn't leave the study; a bad idea when an irritating fan of Freaky Forum TV won't leave him alone.

"What Happens in Seattle Stays in Seattle" 3 75

Ben is dismayed to learn that his parents are getting divorced and is bummed when he realises that he can't offer his support in person because obligations to Philip mean he is unable to afford a trip to England. Kitty encourages the servants to pool their money together and help Ben out. Ben is moved by their act of kindness and leaves for the airport with Kitty and Philip. However, a mix-up results in them boarding the wrong flight and arriving in Barbados instead. When this news gets back to the mansion, everyone is left thinking that Ben and Kitty have double-crossed them and used the money to buy a glamorous vacation. Perturbed, Tommy encourages everyone to throw the contents of Ben and Kitty's locker into the swimming pool in an act of vengeance. When the truth about their mistake is revealed, the servants have no choice but to replace every item before they return. Eve questions why Tommy was so angry about the situation and pushes him into admitting that his parents got a divorce when he was very young. Meanwhile, an article printed in the Seattle Times reveals that Leo belongs to a very wealthy family and he soon finds himself the centre of attention among the servants until it becomes apparent that the patriarch of his family is one of Maris' biggest social rivals.

"On the Rocks" 4 76

One of Maris' long-time friends from the yacht club comes to the mansion seeking legal council from Sandy Stone, who is back in town stirring up trouble again. He wants to sue Noel ShempskyGil Chesterton and the KACL radio station for hijacking his boat. Kitty, who has developed a friendship with the station's owner Roz Doyle, tries to convince him to drop the lawsuit. The client promises to do so, but only if Kitty convinces Maris to elect him as president of the yacht club. In the process, Kitty finds out about the twisted, back-stabbing world of yacht ownership and quickly realises she doesn't want to be a part of it. Later, Roz, Gil and Noel show up with Roz to discuss the lawsuit. Tommy mistakenly thinks Roz has eyes for him after catching a few passing glances and debates whether to make a move as she is married. Leo does his best to avoid Gil, revealing he briefly worked for him as his cleaner and witnessed some deeply strange things during his tenure. Gabriel and Noel bicker over Star Trek. All this is going on but the lawsuit remains at a stand-still and Sandy is doing her best to milk everything she can from it. Meanwhile, Eve starts crashing funerals in an attempt to unload her flower arrangements after a particularly expensive weekend with her son.

"Tommy and Leo's High School Reunion" 5 77

Tommy invites Leo to his high school reunion, revealing he was the "class geek" in his teen years and will feel more confident if he has someone "cool" like Leo with him. Tommy is annoyed when Leo ditches him to spend time with the "cool kids", who later leave the reunion to play pranks on all their old teachers. Back at the mansion, Gabriel is ridden with jealousy over the fact that he wasn't invited, so he starts looking for a new best friend. He eventually finds one in Ben, and they decide to crash the reunion together in an attempt to embarrass Tommy; although it's Leo who's the embarrassed one when Tommy makes a scene in front of everyone that makes them out to be a gay couple. However, Tommy doesn't find this so funny the next day when his family and friends start giving him quizzical phone-calls, and he realises that once again his former classmates have the last laugh. Tommy, Leo and Gabriel agree to put aside their differences and get revenge on the people who made Tommy's high school days such a misery but are oblivious to the fact that their arguments have left Ben feeling like an outsider. Meanwhile, Kitty and Eve decide to have a girl's night in and fight Maris' efforts to join them.

"Maris in Love" 6 78

When Maris discovers that Leo is the son of her biggest social rival, Alexander Kingsley, he worries that he'll be fired and becomes determined to resolve their feud with the help of the other servants. However, Leo is deeply surprised when their meddling results in Maris and his father dating! Leo finds himself getting into Maris' good books, but worries about the consequences when Alexander tells him that he didn't see a future with her. To make matters worse, Maris is completely hung up on Alexander and is treating her employees a lot nicer as a result. Figuring that having her heart broken will intensify Maris' worst qualities, the servants agree to help Leo make Alexander hear music whenever she is around. Ben has trouble cooking a delicious meal due to both Maris and Alexander's extended list of allergies. Eve arranges a beautiful scene for their romance to take place and must make some quick adjustments when Leo reveals his increasingly eccentric father has a deathly fear of anything yellow. Gabriel is eager to get behind the wheel again after passing traffic school but is furious when Tommy steps in to take his place so catastrophes can be avoided. While snooping around Alexander's office for ideas on music, Kitty encounters a three-step scheme to eliminate Maris' fortune thus regaining his place in the Seattle elite. Getting this information to the others proves a difficult feat when she runs into Alexander's feisty secretary and confidante, June Archer.

"The Maris Crane Experience" 7 79

Everyone is shocked when Maris enters into the world of music management after her seventeen-year-old nephew Ryan forms a band with his friends. No one has the bravery to admit that his music stinks when Maris asks for an honest opinion. After a late night of gardening, Eve decides to act out a fantasy in the newly installed recording studio, and she starts to sing. Unbeknownst to her, the recording is still going, and the next day everyone is determined to find out who the beautiful voice belongs to. Eve eventually steps forward and reveals she had a brief stint as a pop singer back when she was twenty-one. Ryan surprises Eve with an offer to join his band and worried about infuriating Maris, she reluctantly accepts despite her belief that he is embarking on a road to failure. Soon the band have several songs recorded and are preparing to send their demo tapes to various music companies, but Eve's hesitance could cost them all the fame they so greatly desire. Meanwhile, money-hungry Tommy and Gabriel are determined for Eve to sign away the merchandising rights; and Leo helps the musically-dense Ben get into the latest sound.

"That Swing You Do" 8 80

Ben begins to worry that all the heat has gone out of his relationship with Kitty ever since a baby came into their lives. He convinces Eve to take Philip for the night while he and Kitty have a romantic dinner together. During the starters, Kitty confesses that sometimes she feels Ben never does anything impulsive. Determined to change this, he sweeps her off her feet and takes her on a night of "daring" fun. However, Ben's idea of impulsivity is very different to Kitty's, and she winds up feeling no better about their relationship. Ben's last resort is a "Swingers" club, which he mistakenly thinks is a dance group. At the house where the gathering is taking place, innocent Ben is wondering when the "dancing" will actually begin, and everyone is impressed by his eagerness. Kitty, who knows the real deal, decides to play along because it's the most fun she's had in months. They are shocked to find that Leo is the "host", revealing he rents his house out to various social functions to help pay the bills. Leo doesn't want to participate but Ben tries to convince him to join the fun, and the foot-in-mouth situations escalate to the point where Kitty must come forward. Meanwhile, Eve ropes Tommy and Gabriel into helping her take care of Philip and an argument over who he likes best results in him getting loose in the mansion.

"Stalk This Way" 9 81

Gabriel is surprised to learn that Freaky Forum TV is coming to an end and is jealous when he isn't invited to Hollywood for the recording of the final episode. After some investigation, it is apparent that someone has been badmouthing him all over the city and Gabriel becomes determined to find out who. However, when Leo suggests it could be a crazed stalker, Gabriel decides to hire a bodyguard and quickly finds that living his life normally is incredibly difficult with his intervention. Gabriel eventually lets the bodyguard go but immediately regrets it when his stalker arrives at the mansion and demands that Gabriel gets on the final FFTV show and apologises for claiming his UFO story was a hoax. Meanwhile, Kitty stumbles upon a solution to stop baby Philip's crying: funny faces. Unfortunately, nobody has the bravery to admit that the faces she makes look like she is experiencing sexual pleasure.

"Return of the Ex-Husband" 10 82

A major plumbing incident in the mansion results in Maris hiring Kitty's ex-husband Jim for the repair. Kitty thinks it's the perfect opportunity to achieve closure with Jim and makes a lunch date with him. However, Ben gets the wrong idea and decides to tag along. Ben's interference results in Jim storming out and leaving the plumbing work unfinished. Ben is determined to prove to a very angry Kitty that the mansion is fine without Jim, and he enlists Tommy, Gabriel and Leo to help him with the plumbing. However, when it turns out that Jim took a vital piece of equipment with him, Ben is faced with putting aside his pride and politely asking for it back. Tommy, Gabriel and Leo face their own mortality after accidentally getting sealed in the basement right after a pipe bursts and the room starts filling with water. Ben is horrified to see Jim kissing a dark-haired woman and mistakenly thinks it's Kitty, although when it turns out to be someone else entirely, he has some explaining to do back home. Eve is convinced that Kitty deliberately broke the plumbing so she could see Jim again because of an ominous fortune cookie she ate the night before.

"Maris the Entertainer" 11 83

When bitchy gossip queen Missy Darling starts deriding Maris on her daily TV segment, Maris decides to buy out the station and broadcast programmes that meet her approval. She starts by firing Missy, and transfers Tommy, Leo and Kitty, as the "best looking" of her servants, to take on various technical roles. Tommy becomes the news reader, Kitty is the weather girl, and Leo is vexed to learn that he is viewed as a "pretty, but dumb" and all anyone wants him to do is stand around looking handsome. Tommy and Kitty begin to miss their jobs back at the mansion until associate producer and Maris' latest confidante June Archer mocks their inability to work in showbiz. Soon, everyone is getting ready for the big launch night. Ben, Eve and Gabriel are "drafted" from the mansion and forced to help behind the scenes when a series of disasters occurs. Ben must deal with an irritating celebrity couple, Diana Vixen and Isaac Bradley, as Maris wants them for the station's first soap opera; Stick Figures. Eve, jealous of Kitty's "Hollywood" good looks, impulsively gets a makeover, and subsequently finds she can't win either way when nobody takes her new look seriously. Gabriel meets and hits it off with Missy, who plays him for a fool as she desperately tries to get a story that will ruin MCTV (Maris Crane Television) before it has even started. Tommy, Leo and Kitty eventually return to the mansion when they realise they're not suited to the hectic Hollywood life.

  • Back-door pilot for the spin-off series MCTV.
"Launch Night" 12 84

Everyone is getting ready for MCTV's big launch party. Maris is throwing an elaborate cocktail party on the studio's rooftop, promising the guests a meteor shower at the end of the night. After hearing numerous stories about Maris, Diana is determined to get out of her Stick Figures contract with Isaac; however, he takes this the wrong way and makes a scene in front of everyone. Missy comes to work for the ad department and quickly makes an impression on her new peers. June is less than pleased with the staff Maris brought over from the mansion and decides to do some interviewing of her own. She is delighted when she meets a relatively normal accountant, Milo, and invites him to the launch party. However, he may not be so normal when it becomes apparent that he believes the meteor shower is a front for an alien invasion. The future of MCTV looks bleak when Maris accidentally goes off on one of her famous rants when the camera is rolling for the first time, and everyone must do their best to salvage the situation; all in agreement that Maris is not someone you disappoint. Diana and Isaac must improvise the first episode of Stick Figures, which intensifies Diana's conflict over whether to quit the show, Missy has to find sponsors quickly, and Milo's crazy theories are an unexpected hit with the audience.

"Parental Guidance Enforced" 13 85

The servants are horrified to learn that Maris has decided to invite everyone's parents for their yearly performance review. Ben worries his will embarrass everyone as they can't be in the same room together anymore. Leo admits that his parents are snobs and tries to convince everyone to act accordingly, fearing they'll cut him off financially if they disapprove. Eve's mother, Lindsey, arrives a day early and wins everyone's heart with her bubbly, outgoing personality; Eve is the only one who seems to dislike it and feels she should act her age. Gabriel's parents are seemingly the most ordinary; his father works as a mailman while his mother is a home-maker. Tommy wants to use Gabriel's dad and his connections to get a hand-written invitation across the world to his own father, who is digging for fossils in Peru in a place without telephones. Kitty is upset when her parents decline to come, and later becomes convinced that they are both having affairs; her suspicion intensifies when she is informed that her Peru-bound mother and Tommy's dad hit it off during a charity function six months before.

"You Can't Do That on Television Networks" 14 86

Isaac inadvertently causes the make-up crew on Stick Figures to go on strike after insulting an artist's appearance. Maris is not happy when production on MCTV's highest rated show is stalled, and demands that Isaac makes amends with the make-up artists; first by sending him to a women's equality workshop. Everyone is shocked when Isaac makes the transformation overnight and rumours that he was brainwashed spread across the station. Trouble arises when an anonymous tipster leaks this information to the press, and the media accuses MCTV of brainwashing its viewers into watching. Missy races against the clock to edit a commercial before it hits the airwaves as it intensifies the brainwashing rumours. Surprisingly, June is convinced that they can use the crisis to their advantage and battles everyone as she tries to sell her next great marketing ploy. Meanwhile, Diana is asked to record a commentary track for the first Stick Figures DVD, but after a disastrously silent recording, she asks Milo to help her think of some interesting subjects to talk about. Suffice to say, conspiracy theories and ghost stories aren't exactly keeping in tone with a show about self-centred rich girls.

"Don't Wake Maris" 15 87

As Maris juggles between her demanding social life and responsibilities at the TV station, she starts sleeping during the daytime, which forces the servants to be silent as they go about their usual duties. As usual, fate has something different in store, as a series of disastrous events threaten to awaken Maris from her slumber. Eve accidentally agrees to let Louis and his band-mates practice on the grounds and has to find somewhere else for them to play. Ben is stuck taking care of baby Philip when Kitty takes a hard-earned day off, and he happens to have just entered a screaming phase. Tommy and Gabriel desperately try to undo a series of elaborate (and loud) pranks they set up to humiliate Maris' grumpy accountant. Leo gets himself stuck in Maris' bathroom after cleaning it and crawls through the air ducts looking for a way out. The noise results in everyone thinking that the mansion has rats… rats that need killing in case they disturb Maris. Meanwhile, Kitty grows increasingly paranoid over leaving Philip alone with his dad and continually frustrates Ben with her constant check-up calls.

"MiloCTV" 16 88

When Milo is forced to step in at the last minute for a commercial endorsing stock in MCTV, he gets a taste of fame and likes it. He abandons his work as an accountant and hires a positively strangle-worthy agent to get him on the map. June gets him a place on the newly resurrected Freaky Forum as the co-host and finds herself the target of his cutthroat agent, who is furious that she stole his gig. Milo can barely contain his excitement as he prepares for the first recording; that is until he meets his pig-headed new partner who refuses to let him get a word in edgewise. Meanwhile, Diana is uncomfortable with the charm Isaac has over his female fans and demands that he acts unappealing for a change. When Isaac fumbles a deodorant commercial by acting this way, Missy blames Diana.

"Mistrust Him, He's a Doctor" 17 89

After narrowly avoiding a large accident on the street, Maris declares she has had a religious epiphany and wants to make amends with the people she's hurt in the past. She checks herself into therapy with her ex-husband Dr. Niles Crane at the practice he works for in Chicago. The servants are consequently forced to deal with Daphne, who arrives at the mansion looking for clues after catching a glimpse of Niles speaking with a "stick" in his office. Daphne is lead to believe that Niles has reunited with Maris, and it's up to the servants to ease her mind before she does anything stupid. She accompanies Kitty and Eve on a girl's night out and awkwardly flirts with the men at the Sure Thing. Daphne soon realises she can't forget about what she saw, and the girls agree to transform her into a Maris look-a-like so she can go undercover and find out what is truly going on in the sessions. Meanwhile, a parachutist accidentally lands on the grounds and waits at the mansion for her team to pick her up. Tommy and Gabriel fight over who gets to ask her out on a date and are mortified when she shows an interest in the married Ben instead.

"Curse of the TV Station" 18 90

Thanks to June's latest marketing ploy, Stick Figures has become a major hit after a character uttered the word "shit" during a sweeps episode. June gets more than she expected when Maris announces a series of controversial stunts to be played on MCTV over the next month. When Maris unexpectedly goes out of town, June is left to make the final decision and everybody is fraught with fear when she decides to go against Maris and eliminate her plan for controversy. At the same time, she must deal with two hideously annoying FCC representatives who are determined to censor Stick Figures and everything else on the network after the incident. In the meantime, Diana worries she has alienated the majority of her fan base – young girls – when over-protective mothers across the west coast refuse to let their daughters watch. Missy has to save Diana's reputation and manages to get an autobiography written for her so she can sign copies at a famous bookstore. However, further problems occur when Diana injures herself and curses repeatedly in front of many children. Isaac and Milo get into the stock market, and Milo has trouble hiding the fact that they invested in another TV station.

"Bang the Drum Holy" 19 91

When Kitty introduces Philip to the mansion, she and Ben realise they haven't gotten around to talking about whether they want him baptised. Tommy and Gabriel are excited at the possibility of being godfather to Philip until they realise that the honour will be going to a couple instead. However, the baptising may not go ahead at all when Kitty feels reluctant about forcing Christianity upon her child and unable to get her concerns across to Ben, she enlists Eve to convince the local minister not to use holy water for the ceremony. As the baptism gets underway, Tommy and Gabriel are busy trying to score with women in their desperate attempts to find a fellow godparent. That is until Leo points out that, thanks to gangster movies, they have completely the wrong idea about what it means to be a godfather. Meanwhile, Maris is mad at the Christian church after discovering the water that runs through the mansion's pipes isn't holy water, but regular water. This forces everyone to make sure she doesn't find out about the baptism, lest she makes a few ungodly remarks.

"Law Endorsement" 20 92

Diana and Isaac head over to the KACL radio station to record some endorsements, but soon find that television workers are extremely unwelcome in the world of talk radio. Gil Chesterton is not happy that his show needs "second-rate soap opera stars" for its advertising. Kenny Daly, currently in a sex-starved phase after divorcing his wife, immediately gets on the wrong side of Isaac after trying to hit on Diana. The only one Diana manages to find anything in common with is Roz Doyle, the owner of the station. However, an unexpected connection to Roz's husband Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe from her days in acting school threatens to put a crimp in their friendship, and the foundations Maris had hoped to build between MCTV and KACL. Back at the TV station, Milo desperately tries to locate a reclusive voice-over artist in an attempt to re-create a tape he inadvertently erased and must do so before June finds out.

"Pay Your Cards Right Now" 21 93

Kitty is surprised to learn that she trusts people too much and that she has developed a reputation at the mansion as a "lender" someone who loans things to everyone and never has the courage to ask for them back. Determined to change this, Kitty ropes Eve into attending a self-confidence class with her and soon realises that her new persona will help her to get everything she owns back, and more. Ben isn't thrilled with Kitty's newfound flair for stuff, especially when it starts to dip into their savings account. He eventually responds by cutting up her credit card and suggests that, with Lent coming, she gives up her shopping binges. This proves to be a difficult chore when Maris, a frequent "binger", demands that the servants lug her stuff about, and Kitty is forced to do whatever it takes to resist the alluring temptation of sales and unbelievable offers. Meanwhile, Gabriel bets Tommy that he can't give up sex for the first month of Lent, and they both take on the challenge. To Gabriel's surprise, Tommy deals with the situation much more calmly and becomes determined to find out the secret to his success. His suspicion intensifies when he discovers their former lover Izzy is back in town until it is apparent that she and Leo have been seeing each other.

"A Drugs Life" 22 94

The stars of Stick Figures and several other MCTV productions start filming anti-drug endorsements. Maris' desire for a cleaner image for her TV station is threatened when a photograph of her in a bikini hits the tabloids. Due to her inhumanly thin figure, the press prints stories about her being a drug addict, and call MCTV hypocrites. June and Missy team up to deal with the problem when the controversy has a bad effect on Missy's ad revenue and June gets the idea of putting together a live ‘intervention' for television to convince viewers that Maris is seeking treatment. Maris isn't happy with this turn of events and decides to accept an interview with the Seattle Times editor to set everything straight. However, it is soon apparent that the editor is a rival from Maris' past, out to ruin her after she stole her chance for a facelift from the world's best plastic surgeon. Meanwhile, Diana is convinced that Isaac is a recovering drug addict when he seems reluctant to talk about his college days and sets on investigating his past with Milo. Their snooping results in Milo accidentally revealing an unflattering secret about Isaac to Soap Opera Digest.

  • Last episode to feature MCTV, which branched into its own spin-off, MCTV.
"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mansion" 23 95

Tommy and Gabriel are overcome with jealousy after learning that Leo has been seeing their ex-girlfriend, Izzy. Coincidentally, the ruthless lawyer Sandy Stone is back at the mansion trolling for cases, and Ben suggests there may be a connection. It is soon apparent that Izzy and Sandy have teamed up to claim Leo's family fortune after they were told he has a heart ailment that could kill him at any time. When Leo reveals he hasn't felt this way about a woman before, nobody has the heart to tell him the truth, and instead, the servants wind up catering a cocktail party thrown by Leo's parents – the final setting for Izzy and Sandy's twisted plan. Ben, Tommy and Gabriel hope to keep an eye on the scheming women, but soon find themselves very tempted by rumours of a large amount of cash hidden away somewhere on the Kingsley estate. Meanwhile, Maris mistakenly thinks her servants have deserted her and finds herself alone for the night. Kitty and Eve discover the joys of hanging Maris out to dry as she starts making all kinds of offers to sway them back, but get more than they bargained for when several folk arrive at the mansion to interview for a job as a servant. Strangely enough, they happen to be perfect doppelgängers, and Kitty and Eve are taken aback by this rare display of attachment in Maris.

"Servants on a Plane" 24 96

Maris decides to sell her Hawaiian mansion and sends the servants ahead of her to finalise the sale. On the plane, Kitty won't stop getting on everyone's case about handling baby Philip, who is on his first plane ride. Ben is anxious to try airplane food after everyone's stories and winds up cooking meals for the passengers after making a scene over the bad taste. Tommy runs into someone he assumes is an ex, and tries to remember her name before acting on what appears to be an invitation to the bathroom. Gabriel is hounded by a very persistent Freaky Forum fan and becomes the scourge of the flight attendants after jokingly convincing him that there is a monster on the wing of the plane. Eve is just looking forward to spending some time in the sun but gets into a thoroughly miserable mood when she is informed that it is Hawaii's rain season. Leo comforts her, and the pair acts on an attraction they've been dancing around all year. This is bad news for the rest of the servants when their bathroom antics are uncovered, much to Tommy's jealous dismay, and when the flight attendants discover the group's connection to Maris, a woman who has made many of their shifts a nightmare, all hell breaks loose.

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