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Title Season # Series #
"There's No Place Dislike Home" 1 97

Ben and Kitty decide it's time they moved out of their small one bedroom apartment, and they start looking for a house. After weeks of unsuccessful hunting, they realise they'll have to stay put; that is until their landlord reveals he has already given the apartment to someone who offered more money. With only a few days left to leave, Ben is desperate to find somewhere for his family to live and impulsively rents a place that she saw advertised in the newspaper. To their surprise, it turns out to be a portion of Maris' mansion, and they quickly realise she has a very different idea of what "small" is. However shortly after settling down, Ben and Kitty find they can't unwind from a hard day's work without leaving the grounds, and with Maris as their very controlling landlord, they get closer and closer to losing it. Meanwhile, Tommy, Gabriel, Leo and Eve are unaware of Ben and Kitty's new living situation, and come to believe that a burglar is striking the mansion on a nightly basis when several items go missing throughout the mansion.

"Night at the Mansion" 2 98

When Maris catches Eve and Leo fooling around in the storage closet, she banishes them to the "night shift", for a month and they discover a whole different team of servants who couldn't be less welcoming. Leo is determined to prove that he is "one of the guys", and winds up competing in a juvenile series of prank calls against the day workers. Eve is left analysing whether Leo is mature enough for her; while campaigning for a brighter light bulb in the gardens. Meanwhile, Ben and Kitty are kept up by the night shift's prank calls, which disturbs baby Philip – and consequently every other tenant in the building. Gabriel believes he has developed insomnia after a few sleepless nights and bestows an unusual request upon Tommy.

"Rhapsody in Lego" 3 99

The servants are shocked to learn of Gabriel's interest in competitive Lego-building. Maris decides to sponsor him in the upcoming tournament to get her name back on the map after the urinal cake stock crisis. Tommy rallies everyone to help Gabriel in his plan of building a large replica of the mansion. The next day, Gabriel is horrified to find their work in ruins and sets on finding the culprit before the tournament. Maris is exhibiting suspicious behaviour, leaving Gabriel thinking that something is incriminating in the mansion that she doesn't want to be represented in Lego form. Meanwhile, Leo mocks Ben for his approach to the practical side of construction, making Ben determined to prove that he can get his hands dirty. Kitty is on a personal vendetta against Lego after Philip almost swallowed a piece and feuds with Eve when she suggests that it's not the company's fault Philip wasn't being watched at the time.

"History in the Faking" 4 100

Maris forces the servants to organise a lavish party to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the mansion's construction. Everyone agrees to make the party "history" themed, with rooms based on the culture of each era. Ben and Kitty look into the mansion's history and become convinced that Maris descends from a family of bandits who stole the mansion out from under its rightful owners. Eve, who is mad at Maris for making her miss her son's piano recital, plans to expose the truth at the party. However, Ben thinks this is a bad idea as Maris could be forced to give up the mansion, which means they'll all be out of jobs. When Louis refuses to speak to her at home, Eve instead invites the descendants of the mansion's rightful owners, with the intentions of letting things unfold on their own. It later becomes apparent that the family weren't the sharpest knives in the drawer back in the 1800s, and to this day they still aren't. Meanwhile, Tommy wonders if anything he ever does will be remembered over a century down the line, and decides to leave "traces" of his presence around the mansion with Gabriel. Leo is in attendance at the party with his father and Maris' chief social rival, Alexander Kingsley, who has an unexpected connection to the mansion's history of his own.

"Sex Degrees of Separation" (Part 1) 5 101

When Eve worries that her son Louis is already having sex, Ben and Kitty speculate over what Philip will be like when he's a teenager. However, a simple discussion over how they'd handle a case like Eve's escalates into a massive argument, when Ben believes Kitty is undermining his parenting skills, and Kitty becomes angry over his inability to commit and talk about the future. Tommy persuades Gabriel, Leo and Eve to play hooky, so they aren't made to take sides with Ben or Kitty, which angers Maris. They are pleased to learn from an inside source that Ben and Kitty are having a calm discussion in the kitchen, so they head back to the mansion, where calmness turns into object-throwing. Tommy, Gabriel, Leo and Eve eavesdrop as Ben and Kitty come to terms with their relationship, in agreement that things haven't been great for a long time, and they discuss living arrangements for Philip. On top of things, Eve still doesn't know how to approach the sex topic with Louis.

"Sex Degrees of Separation" (Part 2) 6 102

Ben and Kitty feud over living arrangements for Philip. Things escalate to the point where Ben calls in a favour from Sandy Stone and asks her to represent him in case the battle goes to trial. June Archer visits from MCTV on Maris' request and sets up a confessional in the break room when Ben and Kitty's situation has a surprisingly dramatic effect on employee morale. In separate sessions, Ben and Kitty confess they aren't out to upset each other, and they would like to reach a satisfying compromise. Meanwhile, it's up to Gabriel and Tommy to stop Sandy meddling as it becomes apparent that Ben won't need her services. Leo gives Eve a book to help her broach the sex topic with her son, unaware that it is from the 1950s and has a very different attitude towards the dirty deed.

"Acrobat Man Begins" 7 103

Eve decides to set Leo up with one of her friends, Cindy, when he admits that he has trouble with women because their interests only lie in his family fortune. Leo opts to take a different approach with Cindy when she turns out to be one of the most beautiful women he's ever seen. A quick lie results in her thinking that he belongs to a family of travelling acrobats. When Cindy expresses an interest in seeing his moves, Leo is faced with either telling the truth or learning acrobatics, fast. As Cindy demonstrates several redeeming "qualities" in the bedroom, Leo leans towards the latter option. Meanwhile, after successfully matching Leo, Eve offers to find girlfriends for Tommy and Gabriel, but later regrets making the promise when the singles scene proves to be slim pickings for their impossibly high standards. Ben wrestles with asking Eve to find him a date, wondering if it's too soon after his separation from Kitty; who, as it turns out, is debating over the same thing.

"In the Doghouse" 8 104

When the servants unknowingly poke fun at a visitor to the mansion, Maris is horrified because he was a potential investor in her falling urinal cake business and they have now put him off the idea. Maris responds by announcing everyone is to be sent to an "etiquette" class, so they treat visitors with respect. However, to everyone's surprise, the class turns out to be for dogs, not humans. Ben discovers that Kitty has adopted four more dogs ever since their break-up, and is convinced that she is trying to fill the void. She is just missing her days as a dog-walker, though. Tommy and Leo vie for the attention of a pretty dog owner, but then try to pawn her off on each other when she turns out to possess similar "qualities" to her canine. Gabriel reveals a slight fear of dogs, which Eve promises to help him overcome. She later regrets this promise when Gabriel adopts a family of pit bulls and tries to convince Maris to use them as her new guard dogs. At the same time, everyone is determined to ace the etiquette class despite its intended audience.

"Lucky Fifteen" 9 105

The servants are the subject of a new reality show for Maris' TV station. Kitty soon tires of the cameras following her around everywhere and decides to take a stand with the people who share her disposition. However, Kitty is forced to re-evaluate her cause and respected standing amongst the servants when she discovers her on again/off again relationship with Ben is the highest rated part of the show. Figuring that potential fame and fortune will help their son get into Harvard and be a success in life, Kitty encourages Ben to accept some chat show deals with her and indulges in their fifteen minutes of fame. A controversial photo shoot soon makes Ben reconsider his decision, especially when it has a bad effect on the friendship he and Kitty have tried to maintain since they separated. Meanwhile, Tommy is jealous when Gabriel gets more fan mail than him; and Leo and Eve try to convince a cameraman not to include their sexual exploits in the show.

"The Plight Before Christmas" 10 106

After Maris accidentally drives over a nativity scene, destroying baby Jesus and two reindeer, she forces the servants to do her community service for her. Ben and Kitty are arguing over who gets to have Philip for the holidays, until a compromise is reached, they will both be spending Christmas with him at the mansion. When Maris asks Ben to do her first task: reading to old people at a retirement home, he becomes convinced that Kitty badmouthed him so she could have Philip all to herself. Tommy and Leo help the schoolchildren re-build the nativity scene, and disagree with the "politically correct" additions to the play. They are invited to a PTA meeting where their argument is discussed. Tommy and Leo are happy to finally be getting something done until they realise that the PTA mistakenly thinks they are the gay, adoptive parents of an orphaned schoolchild. Meanwhile, Eve is surprised to learn Gabriel always gets fake Christmas trees because of an incident in his childhood with a real one. Eve decides to help him get over his problem, and she signs them up for Maris' next community service; cutting down Christmas trees. Gabriel doesn't quite understand how chopping down trees serves the community, but he appreciates Eve's help all the same. However, curiosity gets the best of Eve, and she desperately wants to get to the bottom of the "tree incident".

"Bringing Down the Penthouse" 11 107

Leo decides to introduce Eve to his parents and invites her to a dinner party in their penthouse. However, Eve's nerves get the best of her, fearing she'll come across as "common" in front of his high society, hoity-toity family. Out of desperation, she invites Ben, Kitty, Tommy and Gabriel to join her. Problems occur when the Kingsleys mistake Kitty for Leo's girlfriend, and Eve, in a moment of panic, forces everyone to play along as if it were true. In result, Eve becomes Kitty's "special" friend; and Tommy and Gabriel's conflicting stories about the relationship raise a few eyebrows. Meanwhile, Ben feuds with the chef after inadvertently spoiling his famous sauce.

"A Weekend of Epiphanies" 12 108

Ben and Kitty decide to try marriage counselling when they realise their separation is having a strange effect on Philip. They head to a marriage retreat; a suggestion from their old friend Roz Doyle, who recently fixed a few marital problems of her own there. They are shocked to learn that the weekend is being funded by Maris, and worried that she might blab about their problems, they use fake names. Unfortunately, another troubled couple, whose paranoia is causing issues in their marriage, rats Ben and Kitty out to the police, mistaking them for escaped convicts. When time comes for the final test, Ben and Kitty not only have to combat police sniffing around, but also their nerves. Continually seeking council from Roz and Bulldog over the phone, they come to an understanding about their relationship and realise that it cannot survive based solely on their child's feelings. Back in Seattle, Tommy and Gabriel join Eve's book club to meet pretty, available women, but soon find they have a lot to live up to from their usual choice of erotic novels.

"The Importance of Being Tommy" 13 109

Tommy begins to get fed up of doing such a thankless job and is convinced that no one, not even Maris, respects him. Ben, Leo and Gabriel set out to prove that he is depended upon and considered important amongst the hired help. Leo learns from his parents that their butler is leaving town to attend a butler convention in New York City. With a push from his friends, Tommy agrees to attend, as long as they go with him. At the convention, Ben and Gabriel are surprised to find how little butlers are going for these days, and argue over a newly available one. Leo runs into an ex-girlfriend and begins reconciliation, unaware that she now works as a naked butler. Eve is upset to learn that the nanny she had as a child has passed away and is suspicious of murder after talking to her widowed butler husband.

"Apocalypse Maris" 14 110

When Maris buys out the Seattle Times, Gabriel is convinced that she is trying to build an empire, and is plagued with nightmares of a post-apocalyptic, dystopian, Maris-run society. In his next dream, Gabriel, Eve and Ben have joined a rebel alliance, determined to restore order to America. Enlisting the help of a rogue bounty hunter, Tommy, they begin an arduous journey to the centre of Maris' operation: the Sensory Deprivation Dome. Along the way, they must fight off "Shakers", a group of barbaric, once-human creatures who devolved thanks to Maris' enforced protein shake diet. Among these lost souls are Kitty and Leo, who agree to help the rebellion if they can destroy Maris themselves. However, the Shakers soon appear to have intentions of their own, and the alliance's plan of destroying the Dome's CPU with a "binge" virus proves to be fruitless against their power.

"Ben's Kitchen Nightmares" 15 111

Eve is surprised to learn that her son, Louis, doesn't have a work ethic after he refuses to turn in a wallet he found. She decides to get him a job as "lunch boy" at the mansion, hoping to show him a thing or two about the workplace. However, she is dismayed to find at the end of the day that he has become Gabriel and Tommy's "third" in their usual prank rituals. Eve isn't happy with the role models he's found and asks Ben to teach him the ways of the kitchen for a day. Eve is delighted when Louis expresses interest in becoming a chef; though Ben isn't happy with the competition when Maris samples one of Louis' creations and loves it. Meanwhile, Kitty is finding it hard fitting in at PTA meetings without a husband and to get her voice heard again, she hires a man to pose as Philip's father, unaware that he is actually an escort.

"Nice and Izzy Does It" 16 112

Tommy asks everyone to attend his graduation from sexual compulsive's class, but on the big night, he is dismayed to learn that it is actually his final test and must not succumb to desire in front of his peers. This proves difficult when his on again/off again girlfriend Izzy shows up to oversee the test, having graduated from the class herself a year before. When Tommy fails the test, he decides to plead his case with the founder of Sexaholics Anonymous, Rod Biggins. However, it turns out that Izzy is involved with Rod and he is nothing but a corporate puppet for her latest scam. With the help of Gabriel and Leo, Tommy becomes determined to expose S.A. for the fraud it is. Meanwhile, Eve's son Louis comes on as the apprentice chef and Ben is having trouble hiding his resentment towards him; nevertheless keeps up appearances for Eve when she expresses her gratitude. Kitty grows concerned that Ben and Kitty's friendship might blossom into something more and signs Ben up for S.A., hoping to dissuade Eve. When her scheme is found out, Kitty wonders if she still has feelings for Ben since she's pulling stunts like these.

"Valentine's Day" 17 113

The servants prepare for Valentine's Day. Ben decides it's time he moved on from Kitty and asks Tommy to set him up with one of his friends. Ben winds up enduring the blind date from hell when the woman turns out to be an obsessed, neurotic mess named Shelly. Unable to work up the courage to end it, Ben decides to "crash" his friends' Valentine's dates to get rid of her. Shelly manages to spoil everyone's plans: Gabriel's night at the movies with a girl from his Freaky Forum board, Tommy's patented "romance dance" at an Italian restaurant, Leo's unbearably snobby dinner party with Maris, his family and the debutant they're trying to set him up with, Eve's plot to make her new boyfriend and her son friends and Kitty's evening at a karaoke bar with a man she hopes to impress with her singing debut. The next day, Ben is shunned by his friends as they try to repair the fallout from the night before.

"The Wrong Kiss Goodnight" 18 114

The servants panic when, after a dinner party, Maris is admitted to the hospital with food poisoning. When Ben realises that Louis was the one who caused it, he decides to accept responsibility to save him and Eve from dismissal. Thankfully Maris is riddled with drugs at the time of his confession and the next day she doesn't remember a thing. Nevertheless, Eve is mightily impressed with Ben's kindness, and Kitty is shocked when she comes in late one night to get her purse and spots them kissing by the coy pond. The next day, as Ben and Eve are just trying to work out whether they would be better staying friends, Kitty is unable to hide her worry, and in an act of jealousy, she kisses the next guy she sees: Gabriel. With all the kissing going on, gossip at the mansion is at an all-time high and the servants are soon having trouble keeping up with it. Ben and Eve eventually decide they work better as friends and are surprised when they find their not-so-secret behaviour has inspired a "kissing" contest among the other servants. Meanwhile, Louis loses his courage after the poisoning and Leo decides to help him get it back by volunteering his parents' loathsome, snobby friends as the new "test subjects".

"Soft Touch" 19 115

The servants are shocked to learn just how far Maris' competitiveness goes when she volunteers her staff to play in a softball game against a rival urinal cake company. Gabriel grows determined to prove his manliness when his desire to join the team provokes mixed reactions. Ben, Tommy and Eve become batters; and Leo has to choose sides when it turns out the rival company is owned by his father, Alexander Kingsley, Maris' latest competitor in the urinal cake market. As the game gets underway, the servants are perturbed when Maris doesn't bother to make an appearance and conflicts are raised as everyone tries to decide whether or not to throw the game to teach their spiteful employer a lesson.

"The Truth About Maris and Dogs" 20 116

Kitty is upset to learn that Wilfred, the dog she walked on her very first day at the mansion, has died of old age. When nobody seems interested in her stories, Kitty storms out and Eve, feeling guilty, encourages everyone to throw together a wake for Wilfred to show Kitty that he will be remembered. To everyone's surprise, the news hits Maris the hardest, and Kitty winds up sharing a moment with her. At the wake, rumours begin to spread about Maris' compassionate side, which intensify when Kitty reveals that Wilfred's death affected her so much because he was the last dog left from her time with Niles. However, Maris isn't happy with this "caring" person Kitty has painted her out to be. Meanwhile, Ben samples all the refreshments, and becomes enamoured with an oddly-flavoured meat, until a comment from Gabriel makes him think that it came from Wilfred! Tommy and Leo know the real story about the odd flavour (the sauce) but aren't above playing a few mind tricks on the horrified Ben.

"Kill Mill" 21 117

Ben is surprised to learn that people are afraid of criticising his food because of rumours that he is unstable and will crack if someone doesn't like his work. Ben traces the rumours to Kitty, who reveals she spread them during a moment of weakness in the weeks after their break-up. Ben decides to retaliate by spreading rumours that Kitty used to be an axe-wielding murderer. Soon the rumour mill is getting out of hand, and it's not just Ben and Kitty who are receiving the brunt of it. As a result, people think Eve has had 1,000 plastic surgeries, Leo is sleeping with Maris, Tommy isn't well "endowed", and Gabriel is involved in a very confusing "love octagon". It's up to Ben and Kitty to set these rumours straight, while they fight their own embarrassments at the same time.

"12 Angry Voters" 22 118

When Maris learns how many people in her circle of friends have received Lifetime Achievement Awards, she becomes determined to get one of her own and forces the servants to spread her good name around Seattle and kiss-up to the voting committee. Ben, Eve and Tommy are made to convince the 12 board members of Maris' charitable side, with clips from past episodes illustrating their argument. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Leo turn Maris into a merchandising icon when they plaster her faces over watches, lighters and other tools in an effort to bribe the committee with gifts.

"How to Dismantle a Novelty Alarm Clock" 23 119

When Maris goes out of town, Leo comes across the keys to her yacht, and still angry that he was made to work last weekend, he encourages Tommy, Ben and Gabriel to join him for a ride. The guys are horrified after Ben discovers what appears to be a bomb on the yacht, and they quickly make their way back to the shore. However, before they can tell anyone, Leo reminds them that they took the yacht without permission and snitching will give them away to Maris and likely get them fired. Ben is unable to sleep knowing there is a bomb onboard and eventually decides to place an anonymous phone call. The bomb squad is called in and reveals that it was nothing more than a novelty alarm clock an old boyfriend of Maris' bought. Ben is relieved but neglects to tell Tommy, Ben and Gabriel of his discovery, leaving them open to terrorist accusations. Meanwhile, Eve and Kitty learn that the other servants have certain "traditions" whenever Maris goes out of town, and become determined to find a tradition of their own.

"Kitty Doesn't Live Here Anymore" 24 120

Franco Belmont, an eccentric fashion designer, arrives at the mansion to design a new wardrobe for Maris. It's not long before he's irritating the servants with his constant intrusions in their daily lives and Kitty eventually decides it's the last straw; going off on a loud tirade against Franco. Franco decides he likes her "spunk", and offers her a job at a prestigious fashion company in Milan, impressed with her designer work around the mansion. While Kitty wonders if her skills in interior design will cross over to the world of fashion, Ben is worried that she will take the job and leave America with Philip. Prepared for a custody battle, he calls an attorney. Meanwhile, Eve is roped into throwing a leaving party for Kitty "just in case", and must interview potential new decorators at the same time. Gabriel is worried that Kitty's leaving will have a profound effect on the group, believing she's always been the "gel" that keeps everyone together, and he blames Franco. Tommy and Leo are determined to outdo each other in naming European countries when Franco mocks them for being uncultured. Sandy Stone, the attorney Ben called, stirs up trouble. On the night of the party, Ben and Kitty come to blows in the main lobby, unaware that everyone is hiding behind furniture waiting to yell "surprise". As a result, the servants are forced to listen as Ben and Kitty reach an understanding about their relationship and work out a schedule for Philip before Kitty leaves for the airport. A despondent Ben is consoled by his friends as the party is hastily packed up before Maris arrives to model her new wardrobe.

  • Kitty Barker's last appearance as a main character.

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