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"The Spy Who Bullied Me" 1 121

When Maris discovers that many of her employees bring their children to work with them as a last resort, she decides to set up a daycare centre in the mansion, concerned over the possibility of lawsuits if the children injure themselves. This results in the arrival of a nanny, Sara, who immediately has an impact on the mansion with her free-spirited attitude. Eve and Leo are roped into throwing a welcoming party for Sara, and they contact a few of her former employers to find out what sort of stuff she likes. When none of them seems to know who they're talking about, Eve and Leo become convinced that Sara is a spy hired by Maris to investigate the recent decline in productivity. Ben's future at the mansion looks bleak when he realises he orchestrated the decline due to his despondency over Kitty's departure, forcing Eve and Leo to do whatever it takes to convince Sara not to bring this information back to Maris. Meanwhile, Gabriel has a seemingly unfounded grudge against Sara. A push from Tommy makes him reveal that she was the neighbourhood bully during his childhood, despite her being several years younger than him and, even more embarrassingly, a girl.

  • Sara Fielding becomes a main character.
"A Plumbing We Will Go" 2 122

Ben and Tommy construct a role-playing scenario to help Gabriel and Sara get over their childhood feud. It is revealed that Gabriel actually orchestrated the whole thing when he stole Sara's sticker book of famous '90s celebrities. Gabriel tries to make it up to Sara by re-constructing the book and seeks to exploit Maris' connections to get a hold of a few rare photos that are no longer in print. Their work is soon complete, but Sara's happiness is short-lived when Gabriel remembers she tipped his parents off about his book of "handsome celebrities", and in an act of anger, his dad flushed it down the toilet, destroying the neighbourhood's plumbing system. Gabriel and Sara try to get over their feud once and for all by installing new toilets for everyone in their old neighbourhood, where they soon find that their presence, now referred to as "the dark times", was not forgotten so quickly. Meanwhile, Eve begins to miss having a gal pal around and successfully makes a new friend, Mary, at a local cocktail bar, and makes a surprising discovery: she is Leo's ex-fiancé.

"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Idiocy" 3 123

When Maris' stress levels reach shocking new heights, Tommy becomes convinced that she is going through the menopause, and encourages the others to skip town with him in his Winnebago for a road trip while she "unloads the crazy". Tommy becomes possessive about the wheel, refusing to let anyone take control as he believes his friends are prone to catastrophes. This causes everyone to argue about who is the most clumsy, which makes the overwhelmed Tommy drive off the road and into a ditch. Forced to hitch-hike their way to the nearest motel, Ben is surprised to learn that Sara was once a frequent hitchhiker and seems to know everyone at the rest stops. A beads seller, Doris, offers to let them all sleep in her tent and Tommy calls Triple-A to pick up his Winnebago. He is horrified when Doris tells him he left it on one of the worst crime-ridden parts of the highway, and forces Eve, Gabriel and Leo to join him as he hitchhikes all the way back to protect it against criminals. Eve pesters Leo for the dirt on his ex-fiancé Mary. Ben finds himself enjoying Sara's company in the tent but later grows suspicious of Doris' warm welcome.

"It's Raining Menopause" 4 124

Maris' apparent menopause creates bizarre mood swings, resulting in an impulsive trip to Las Vegas with her servants. When Eve and Leo hit the slots, Eve reveals she has a slight gambling addiction harkening back to her gardening days in Atlantic City. Leo, unsure of whether their on/off relationship extends to interventions, enrols in a questionable self-help course. Meanwhile, Ben discovers the joys of a paid-for hotel mini-bar and drinks to his misery over Kitty's departure. Sara encourages him to get over it and do something spontaneous, and they discover the joys of crashing the tacky, impulsive weddings that are happening all the time in Vegas. Tommy and Gabriel are mistaken for a duo of travelling con artists, and desperately try to prove their innocence. However, before they know it, they have been swindled into playing poker for the shady casino owner, who, convinced of their con-artistry, grossly overestimates their gambling abilities. As all this is going on, Maris has cooped herself up in her hotel room and refuses to come out after an incident at the blackjack table.

"Weekend at Benny's" 5 125

Ben is excited for his first weekend with Philip since Kitty took him to Milan and sets up several activities for them to enjoy together. A comment from Tommy makes him wonder if he should make everything seem perfect for Philip, so it'll leave a mark in his memory and make him want to keep coming back. Before anyone knows it, the mansion has been transformed into the perfect kid's playhouse. While Sara tries to teach Eve and Leo to unleash their "inner child" and soak in the fun, Gabriel worries about the consequences if Maris finds out and becomes a loathsome dictator in a desperate attempt to keep everything under control. Ben is mad at Gabriel when his "war on fun" has a dramatic effect on Philip, and the first thing he says is that he wants to go home.

"There's Got to Be a Mourning After" 6 126

Sara is upset to learn that Ralph, the travelling storyteller she met during her hitchhiking days, has passed away. Knowing that he didn't have any family, Sara heads to his workplace to pick up his things. Ben tags along for support and is surprised to find that he worked at KACL, under the alias Grampa Ralph. Sara feuds with Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe over possession of the last of Ralph's stories, as Bulldog wants to use them for his replacement show, Bulldog's Story Hour. Ben reunites with Roz Doyle and agrees to cook the employees a selection of well-received meals as they are grieving over Ralph's passing, though he can't help but wonder if they are putting it on for special treatment. Disaster occurs when a hair mysteriously appears in a soup and Ben's groove as a chef is dramatically shaken. The employees of KACL are left wrongly thinking that there is an epidemic at the station and it was the cause of Ralph's death. Roz contacts two of her oldest friends, Niles and Daphne Crane, to help guide the station through this crisis; meanwhile, Sara and Bulldog's feud escalates.

"Disparate Housewives" 7 127

When the mansion suffers a minor burglary, Maris insists on changing all the locks and asks Gabriel, Tommy and Leo to do it for her. Ben is angry that he wasn't asked and is dismayed to learn that Maris views him as her least manly servant. Determined to prove her wrong, he takes over the work and successfully changes every lock; however, problems occur when Eve and Sara come to work and find themselves locked outside when Ben loses the only key to the front door, having neglected to make any copies. He directs them to another entrance, unaware of the security system that Maris just had installed, and is overcome with guilt when it results in Eve breaking her ankle. Ben volunteers to help her around the house and take care of Louis while she recovers, and this truly makes him feel like a housewife.

"My Fair Avon Lady" 8 128

Leo is surprised when his ex-fiancé, Mary, shows up at the mansion as the new Avon Lady. Sara has invited her in, deciding she needs makeup to attract potential suitors and is deeply disappointed when she realises that every product being sold has been tested on animals. Eve is determined to get the dirt on Leo's relationship with Mary and later discovers that it was a marriage of convenience to avoid deportation. This news spreads like wildfire around the mansion and Leo is overcome with guilt for telling Eve when an immigration officer arrives to investigate their divorce. It is soon apparent that Maris and the immigration officer are old friends and she blabbed to keep up her social standing with him. Leo is now faced with the decision of re-marrying Mary, who he still likes as a friend; and Eve tries to find an ex-boyfriend to set her up with. Meanwhile, Gabriel pretends he is a vegetarian to please Sara, who he has developed a crush on. He has explaining to do when Tommy returns from McDonald's with his "usual".

"Hired Help from My Friends" 9 129

Eccentric filmmaker Barry Woods decides to film a documentary entitled Hired Help, a look at the servants in America, after meeting Maris at a cocktail party. Tommy and Gabriel sneak into the laundry room, where he set up his office, and decide to take a look at the unfinished product. They are dismayed to learn that Woods has presented them as "miserable slaves" with no hopes or dreams. While initially angry at this representation, Tommy begins to realise that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life serving someone and quits his job at the mansion. This results in a desperate job hunt around Seattle, and as Tommy comes to realise that he has no qualifications for the 'real world', Ben encourages Leo and Tommy to join him in making some edits to the film that tore their "family" apart. Meanwhile, Sara does her best to avoid Woods' camera and Eve is convinced that she is in a witness relocation program.

"The Most Turkeyful Time of the Year" 10 130

When the servants realise they will all be spending Thanksgiving alone this year, they decide to pool their money together and throw a dinner at the mansion. Sara is excited, revealing she has never had a proper Thanksgiving due to her complicated family history. However, a series of bizarre circumstances threatens to cancel the dinner. Ben has been invited back to England, promised an exciting announcement regarding his parents. Emily, the beautiful woman who only comes to town during the holidays, has become available, and Tommy is desperate to re-ignite their annual tryst. Gabriel was invited to Los Angeles by the 'Hollywood family' he befriended during his stint on Freaky Forum TV, with the promise that he may be asked to appear on the Christmas special. Leo has to put up his parents for a few months when his father suffers a significant loss in the stock market and asks Eve to help him throw together a family-style Thanksgiving dinner, which they've never been very good at. However, guilt is soon on everyone's mind for abandoning Sara, unaware that she is having a great time back at the mansion with her kooky nature-loving friends.

"Resident Evel" 11 131

Eve is surprised when Louis' father Russell joins the monthly visit until he drops the bombshell: he wants to relocate Louis and his new wife and baby to Paris with him for a new life. Eve is conflicted, knowing that it is a great opportunity for Louis, but is saddened by the fact that they won't be spending as much time with each other. Eve promises to get back to him within the week with an answer, and she seeks council from her friends at the mansion. Adding further complications to the mix, she and Ben sleep together after a night of drinking and commiserating over their kid problems. The next morning, while trying to make heads and tails of what she did, Eve suddenly remembers that she left a drunken message on Russell's home phone saying how much she hates him for taking Louis away. Determined not for him to hear it, she rushes to his apartment with the intent of erasing the message, but runs into the entire side of his family just after they have played it his bon voyage party. Eve eventually comes to terms with the incoming changes, after a little push from party-crashers Gabriel and Leo. Meanwhile, Ben seeks help from an expert in the subject of one-night stands, Tommy, wondering how to end whatever it is he has with Eve; much to the disgust of Sara.

"Black Eye for an Eye" 12 132

Tommy and Gabriel are asked by Maris to pick up the latest addition to her Gargoyle collection. As a result of Gabriel's clumsy partnership, Tommy ends up getting a black eye. Tommy is surprised to learn that the black eye gives him extra attention from the female servants, who feel the need to take care of him. Gabriel is jealous and becomes determined to get a black eye of his own. He sets out to get himself in an accident and then tries to get into a fight with every guy he sees when he realises he has missed the definitive "manly" right of passage. Gabriel's determination results in Sara getting a black eye too and rumours spread suggesting that they are involved in a violent relationship. Maris hopes to combat potential lawsuits by sending everyone to a domestic violence seminar, where Tommy's lucky streak with the ladies comes to an abrupt end after the actual reason for his black eye is revealed, and Gabriel gets more than he bargained for with the heavyset produce supplier.

"All's Fair in Love and Price War" 13 133

Everyone is surprised when Maris announces that she is giving up the urinal cake market and has sold the company. The servants are shocked at the possibility of Maris being around the mansion more often, and they decide to come up with various business ideas to convince her not to enter retirement just yet. Maris, mistaking their selfish desires for genuine concern, decides to make it a competition and promises she will turn the best idea into her next business. Ben sets on making the next great kitchen utensil, but remembering his lack of handyman skills, he invites Tommy to be his business partner; a decision he later regrets when Tommy turns out to be as handy as he is greedy. Sara tries to improve a "substitute mother" device she attempted to market during her early years as a nanny, but an unfortunate defect results in it being the most hated invention in a baby-themed focus group. Gabriel hires Sandy Stone to help him with a lawsuit against the website YouTube for refusing to remove an embarrassing blooper from his time on Freaky Forum TV, afraid it will damage his credibility as an inventor (despite not having any ideas). Meanwhile, Leo, sick of Maris' floor-cleaning, "thunder-stealing" robot, angrily kicks it down the stairs and must put his own inventor skills to the test by fixing it before anyone finds out. Complications arise when Eve catches him in the act; then Maris mistakes the robot for his own invention and excitedly asks him to market it, unaware that she bought it herself during a recent spending binge.

"Maris: The Game" 14 134

Maris starts renting the mansion out again for various weekend functions after giving up the urinal cake business. The servants are forced to organise a Wi-Fi meet for Game Over, an exclusive Seattle video gaming community. While on break, Gabriel is surprised to learn he has a talent for competitive gaming and is prompted by Tommy to enter the annual video game tournament for a $10,000 prize. However, he is angry when he discovers that the game designers used his likeness for a continually frustrated and loathsome character, due to a feud started during his Freaky Forum TV days. Meanwhile, Ben and Leo seek their own fortune by trying to convince Maris to sign away the rights to her life story for a biographical video game. Sara helps Eve protest video game violence when her son sends a letter requesting an inappropriate beat ‘em up for his birthday.

"Fantastic Flower" 15 135

When Eve believes Maris doesn't appreciate her work in the gardens, she decides to quit her job at the mansion and open up a flower shop across the street. Her business is a rousing success when the nearby funeral home starts purchasing all her flowers. However, Eve quickly finds that she can't flex her designer skills because funeral flowers are too straightforward and bland. In a desperate move, she accepts business from a party planning agency and enlists Sara, Ben and Gabriel to help her out at a big society ball. Unfortunately, this ball just happens to be funded by Maris and the servants are forced to hide in fear of getting fired. A comment from one of the partygoers prompts Maris to boast about her 'brilliant and impossible to book' gardener. Eve overhears everything and, mistaking it for genuine praise, she is moved. This is just after she and Ben have climbed into a birthday cake to avoid Maris, and when it's wheeled out, they have some explaining to do. Meanwhile, Gabriel becomes the target of a bizarre valet after hiding out in a limo.

"Logan's Run" (Part 1) 16 136

Maris learns that her mother is getting remarried, so she heads to Canada for the wedding. The servants take the opportunity to goof off around the mansion until it is apparent that a mix-up has resulted in the new side of Maris' family coming to stay. Sara hits it off with Logan, a smooth operator from New York and the groom's son. Ben doesn't like his style, and after acting a little too over-protective, he wonders if he has feelings for Sara. Ben's concerns turn out to be well-founded when Logan skips town with Maris' identity. The rest of the family aren't much better, either. Eve has to deal with Logan's excruciatingly stupid girlfriend Precious. Leo and Gabriel decide to play a prank on the groom's insufferable middle-aged cousins who act like they're in a college fraternity; while Tommy wrestles with the idea of dating a pretty bridesmaid who is part related to Maris. Ben steps up as a leader and encourages the servants to join him for a road trip in the Winnebago to bring Logan to justice and ultimately get the family out of their lives.

"Logan's Run" (Part 2) 17 137

After embarking on a road trip in the Winnebago, the servants stop off at a diner to work out their plan. Gabriel chats with a couple of guys who are actually undercover agents looking for a family of mobsters. Gabriel's misery over Maris' new "family" results in them thinking he knows something, and they bug the Winnebago. While on the road, Tommy is determined to have a go behind the wheel and is surprised to learn that everyone thinks he is a reckless driver. Leo tries to persuade everyone not to cross the border into Canada as he doesn't want to re-live an embarrassing incident from his high-school years with the long-time border guard. Sara frustrates everyone when she decides to videotape the trip; while Ben goes to Eve for advice about his feelings for Sara and inadvertently leads her to think he wants to sleep with her again. The next day, the Winnebago arrives at the Mountain Peak Motel in Toronto and learn that the wedding of Maris' mother is about to commence. The servants are relieved to find that Logan was only bringing Maris' passport and identification so she could join the honeymoon. However, they have some explaining to do for the very angry (and very Maris-like) bride.

"An American Family in Paris" 18 138

Eve decides to visit her son in Paris, and Ben agrees to tag along to keep her company. They make a pact not to act on any sexual feelings they may have for each other and just be friends. However, Louis' new step-mother Tiffany manages to irritate Eve to no end, and by the end of the day, she just wants some "relaxation". The next day, Eve, Ben, Russell, Tiffany and Louis visit the Eiffel Tower, where a comment about the tower's resemblance to a certain part of the male anatomy pushes Eve over the edge, driving her to make a scene in front of everybody. Ben runs into a former employer, whom he briefly worked for in Paris years earlier while travelling. Ben has trouble letting him down when he discovers his restaurant is going out of business; at the same time, he deals with his split feelings for Eve and Sara.

"The Honeymoon's Over" 19 139

Maris is due to return from her mother's honeymoon any day now, and Tommy decides to step up and make sure everything's under control by the time she arrives. When nobody listens to him, Tommy is dismayed to learn from Sara that he isn't well respected amongst the servants because of his humiliating romantic misadventures in the past. Determined to gain their respect, Tommy decides to settle down with the next woman he meets, which proves to be an immensely difficult chore as it is revealed that his latest girlfriend has a split personality; one delightful and sweet, the other a total nightmare. Tommy must weigh up the options, but when it becomes increasingly difficult to work out which personality she is channelling, he seeks help from Gabriel and Leo to stage the perfect break-up and must make sure he isn't seen as the villain this time. It is during this charade that her surprising third personality is revealed, which sets in motion a series of chaotic events just as Maris' plane touches down in Seattle.

"Driving Mr. Kingsley" 20 140

After Leo gets into an argument with his parents over their involvement in his life, he is dismayed to learn that they are depriving him of his benefits. He reluctantly reveals to Sara that he never got a driving license because he's had a chauffeur all his life. Sara agrees to help him pass traffic school. On the big day, he gets into a fight with Gil Chesterton, who is also trying to pass his driving test to cover a car show on KACL. As a result, Leo fails the test, and he becomes determined to bring Gil down with him. Meanwhile, Gabriel feels disrespected by Leo after he made a derogatory comment about chauffeurs. He ropes Tommy into attending the annual chauffeur's conference with him; meeting Leo's former chauffeur and realising that maybe his insults weren't completely unfounded.

"Everything Has Gone to Pot" 21 141

After two weeks seeing the sights in Paris, Ben and Eve are on a flight home and struggling to hide their sexual urges. Making up various excuses, each more implausible than the last, they seek refuge in the bathroom and contact both Tommy and Sara for advice. An aggravated passenger, fuming that he was bumped to coach class, becomes suspicious of Ben and Eve's frequent trips away from their seats and they later find themselves accused of being terrorists. And when Eve's cell-phone raises a loud alarm for being low on battery, the situation spins further out of control. Meanwhile, on the ground, Sara finds herself jealous of Eve's romance with Ben and retires to the greenhouse for some peace. Leo mistakenly thinks that Sara is growing pot in the greenhouse and tries to acquire some for his new girlfriend, who has vertigo. Sara is so amused by this mistake that she inadvertently stumbles backwards and destroys several plants. Fearing people will think this was an act of aggression against Eve for stealing the guy she likes; Sara enlists Gabriel's help to replace all the plants; while Leo's attempts to look for alternative pot sources land him in hot water with Maris.

"The Bermuda Love Triangle" 22 142

The mansion is currently undergoing a "dry rut", and Tommy becomes determined to stir up some entertainment with Leo and Gabriel. They are surprised to learn of the rapidly growing love triangle between Ben, Sara and Eve, and decide to make things more interesting by joining forces with each of the key players. Soon Tommy is advising Ben to enjoy the fact that two women are interested in him; Gabriel helps Eve decide whether it is true love or simply sexual urges she has with Ben; and Leo tries to break Sara's pride and get her to admit she has feelings for Ben. The triangle spins further out of control when Tommy opens a betting ring, and the servants start gambling on the outcome, and to everyone's surprise, Maris decides to get in on the action. Ben eventually squares things with Eve, and they agree to stay friends; prompting him to start things with Sara finally; while Tommy faces the wrath of Maris when this conclusion bankrupts their betting ring.

"Rise of the Clocking Out Machines" 23 143

Maris announces that she is aware of her servants clocking out early, sometimes up to half an hour, and she reveals that anybody who does this from now on will face a $100 deduction in their paycheque. On the first evening of this new rule, Maris has already retired to her sensory deprivation tank and the servants have nothing to do. However, with 20 minutes left until the end of their shifts, they are faced with waiting the entire time. Tommy, Gabriel and Leo try to help everyone pass the time by having a poker game. However betting cents can only go so far and everyone quickly becomes bored again. Poker turns into truth or dare, and Ben gets mad at Tommy when he asks a question regarding his feelings for Sara. As it is still the early stages of their relationship, Ben feels awkward around Sara, and Tommy tries to make it up to them by volunteering to let Ben go and clock out for him when the time comes. Meanwhile, Eve finds herself the source of the servants' irritability when it is revealed that her grandfather designed clocking out cards until it is apparent that she may have a way of getting around them.

"Close Encounters of the Fired Kind" 24 144

The servants are shocked when Maris announces that due to her retirement from the urinal cake business, she can't afford to keep all her servants and will be letting one of them go at the end of the day. Paranoia drives the servants crazy, and everyone does their best to prove their worth to Maris. Ben worries that he has bungled his chances when Maris sprains her wrist on his painstakingly prepared "diet" meal. Sara tries to start the next baby boom by convincing the female servants to get pregnant through sperm donation so that Maris will continue to need her for child care. Tommy wears the humiliating outfit Maris has been trying to make him use since his first day at the mansion. Gabriel gets tipsy and joyrides around the mansion in a limo, running over Eve's beautifully prepared flowers and making her think that it was an attempt to make her look bad. Leo finds himself the target of everyone's anger as he belongs to a wealthy family and doesn't really need his job and he becomes determined to prove that he is one of them. Tensions rise when Maris reveals she has thrown a party to make the big announcement and backstabbing, blackmail and betrayals run rampant. Rumours that Sara may be pregnant spread around the mansion after Tommy found several brochures on sperm donation in her locker, until Eve surprises everyone by revealing she is the one who is pregnant. As Ben speculates whether the baby is his, a random sperm donator or someone else entirely, Maris' announcement plays second fiddle to Eve's news, which makes her jealous and drives her to fire everyone instead.

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