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Season 7 of Maris contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Slaves of the Ice Queen" (Part 1) 1 145

After firing her entire staff, Maris has quickly found that she cannot function without them and decides to hire a whole new team. Ben, Tommy, Gabriel, Eve, Sara and Leo arrive at the mansion a few days later and realise they are among the 20 finalists invited to compete for their respective positions. Ben faces off against a chef whose power lies not in great cooking but his charm with women, and worried that Maris might fall for this ploy; he goes to Tommy for assistance. At the same time, he is still coming to terms with Eve's pregnancy, revealed to have been through sperm donation. Ben, who had hoped to settle down with Eve and start the type of life he wanted with Kitty and his son, soon finds that Tommy comes with all sorts of useful advice; as he works up the courage to tell Eve that he doesn't want to be involved in the baby's life despite his initial promise. Meanwhile, Gabriel tries to dig up some dirt on his competitors and must teach a group of teenage misfits how to drive in exchange for DUI information from his former driving instructor. Sara is dismayed to learn that one of her competitors is her new boyfriend Jacob, whom she met at the Sure Thing a month earlier and maintaining a relationship outside of work proves to be a difficult chore. Leo agrees to swap jobs with Sara for the time being, but only if she helps him to uncover the secret ingredient to a miracle cleaning product being used by his most aggressive competitor.

"Slaves of the Ice Queen" (Part 2) 2 146

The servants continue to fight for their positions. Eve worries that her chances have been ruined when her biggest competitor manages to find out about her pregnancy. Enlisting the help of Ben, Eve tries to stop this information from reaching Maris, who has been known to fire pregnant employees as she feels it affects their work. After a push from Tommy, Ben eventually tells Eve the truth about his reluctance to be involved in the baby's life. Eve understands, and they agree to stay friends. Meanwhile, preparations for the big announcement party get underway. Gabriel begins to suspect that everything is not what it seems when he discovers a script in one of his competitor's limos. It soon becomes apparent that the other "finalists" were nothing more than actors, hired by Maris to teach her "ungrateful" servants a lesson. He encourages Tommy, Sara and Leo to join him in getting Maris back and they set up an elaborate scheme of revenge. However, they soon find their competitors aren't willing to go without a fight because the gig counts on the permanent records for their acting school applications. Sara dumps Jacob for not telling her the truth but quickly realises the perks of dating an up-and-coming actor and sets on getting him back. Leo desperately tries to track down the creator of the miracle cleaning product, only to find she has been flown to Hollywood for a part in the new Maris-inspired film, Slaves of the Ice Queen.

"Life on Maris" 3 147

The servants are shocked to learn that Maris has been keeping records of them stored in her garage. One night after she retires to her sensory deprivation tank, Tommy prompts the others to take a gander at the files with him. Ben is surprised to learn that his father briefly worked for Maris back in 1973, on a layover in America while trying to establish his insurance business. When they discover the existence of a time capsule buried by former servants; Ben, Tommy and Gabriel search high and low across the grounds to find it. Ben wonders if he is doomed to work for Maris forever after finding a diary in which his father states that one week was more than enough serving the loony battleaxe. Meanwhile, Eve discovers a collection of what appears to be maternity clothes in the time capsule, and Sara convinces her to try them out. However, she is mortified to learn that the clothes actually belonged to Maris from her weight-troubled teen years.

"Give My Regards to Broadband" 4 148

The servants are excited when Maris finally decides to upgrade the mansion's old internet connection to broadband. Leo is thrown into a panic about the possibility of Maris seeing the long-winded, harsh essay he wrote about her on his Facebook account and tries to convince the newly hired "tech" team to help him hack into his profile after he forgets the password. However, this proves to be a difficult chore, and he is forced to attend the one day only comic book convention and get them everything they want. Ben, Sara and Eve are roped into coming along, and while Sara's "Nature Girl" costume raises eyebrows among the nerds; Ben is shocked when Eve tries to market Maris as a supervillain to Stan Lee, and Leo is spared no embarrassment when he runs into a judgemental ex. Meanwhile, Tommy dances around the idea of meeting a woman he encountered in a chat room, but he eventually asks her on a lunch date to Café Nervosa. Unfortunately, paranoid Gabriel goes too far in acting as his bodyguard.

"The Naked Truth" 5 149

Sara is upset to learn that her father Nathaniel has passed away, and she heads to Michigan to identify the body, with a supportive Ben on tow. While there, they find themselves becoming closer as they try to convince the cranky local judge to allow a naked funeral, as the free-spirited Nathaniel wanted. Ben wrestles with the idea of shedding his clothes in support of Sara and is further conflicted when the judge allows to the funeral to go ahead, under the condition that Ben cooks dinner for the judge's number one law firm. Ben and Sara have an argument when Ben makes an underhanded comment about Sara's relationship with her dad and while he tries to recover what's left of their romance; his need for nakedness becomes ever more apparent.

"Bad Bulldog" 6 150

Ben is surprised to learn that Roz Doyle and Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe have recently purchased the condo down the street. The servants are later invited to the housewarming party, and they stumble upon a loud argument involving Bulldog's history of pranks on the neighbourhood as a 25-year old. Ben hopes to salvage the situation by inviting Roz and Bulldog back to the mansion, where the chaos continues as everyone is forced to hide Bulldog from Maris when it is revealed he broke the gargoyle she was never able to replace. Meanwhile, Eve is disappointed to learn it is still too early to find out the sex of her baby, so, on Sara's advice, she hires a psychic. Leo finds the whole charade preposterous and makes his lack of belief known, which irritates Eve to the point where she forbids him to rub her belly, fearing he'll have a cynical effect on her child.

"Goodbye Red Brick Road" 7 151

The servants are forced by Maris to protest the removal of the historic red cobbles on her mansion's estate. They are surprised to learn that it is being orchestrated by Maris' chief social rival, Estelle; from a feud harkening back to their single days. When Eve realise the protests are getting them nowhere, she enlists the help of Sara and Ben to patch up the differences between Maris and Estelle. Unfortunately, the elegant reconciliation dinner they had planned turns into a disaster when Maris fails to show; and Estelle, thinking it was all a transparent attempt to make her change her mind about the road, decides to push the removal up by two weeks. The servants are forced to stand their ground on the cobbles when the big day arrives and Sara, Ben and Eve soon find themselves spending the night in jail. Attorney Sandy Stone later shows up trolling for clients, and they reluctantly let her represent them; while Gabriel, Tommy and Leo try to get to the bottom of the feud between Maris and Estelle.

"One Nation Divided Understudy" 8 152

The servants are surprised when they receive tickets to the premiere of Slaves of the Ice Queen in Hollywood. At the launch party, Sara is shocked to learn that her former actor boyfriend Jacob has a supporting role in the movie. Ben is uncomfortable when he notices the spark between them is still there, and things become more awkward when it is apparent that Jacob is playing the role of "Ben" in the film, which is based more on truth than anyone realised. Meanwhile, Tommy is dismayed to find that his actor counterpart is gay; Eve discovers her pregnancy has been written out of the story; Leo gives his counterpart some acting tips for the inevitable sequel, and Gabriel is in for a surprise when he finds out that he is being played by a woman. As all this is going on, excuses for their absence from the mansion become increasingly ridiculous, and Maris is in a thoroughly bad mood after failing to receive royalties for the movie's main antagonist.

"Scenes from a Mall" 9 153

When the annual Thanksgiving dinner of Maris' social circle falls under her responsibility at the last minute, she forces the servants to make an emergency trip to the mall and stock up on supplies. However, problems arise when they arrive several minutes before closing time and later find themselves trapped in the mall. It's soon apparent that it won't be opening again until the day after Thanksgiving and they are all stuck there for 24 hours. While Tommy is bummed that he won't get to see his family, Ben couldn't be happier about missing his flight to England and decides to cook everyone a dinner in celebration. Gabriel and Sara go looking for supplies, and Gabriel's childhood feud against Sara unexpectedly returns when he discovers a repressed memory of the time she got him lost in the department store. Eve is somewhat relieved that she didn't have to go home as none of her family knows about the pregnancy yet. Leo prompts her to call them or else she'll keep putting it off. Ultimately, it'll be a Thanksgiving to remember when a somewhat unstable security guard with strong ties to Maris is alerted to the servants' unlawful presence.

"Drama Queens" 10 154

Tommy begins to grow fearful of old age as his 40th birthday approaches. Ben, Gabriel and Leo try to cheer him up by taking him for a guy's night out, but they all get depressed when they don't last past 9:30 PM. Meanwhile, Eve and Sara stumble upon a box of Marta's old possessions in the basement, and Marta's estranged daughter Ester arrives to pick it up. Ester is upset that she never got to know her mother and winds up hitting it off with Tommy when they drink to their miseries at the Sure Thing. However, their relationship could be threatened when Ester discovers a waiver in the box suggesting that Marta had been “phased out” of her job due to old age, which leads to rumours that Maris had a hand in her death. At Tommy's 40th birthday party, Ester investigates; Ben, Gabriel and Leo do their best to act young by pulling pranks on the guests; and Tommy panics that he is next in line to be phased out.

"The Accused" 11 155

Ben is infuriated when he discovers the kitchen has been left in a mess and becomes determined to find the culprit. He is soon convinced that the two, youthful new mechanics were responsible but first, he must prove their guilt. However, Ben is disgruntled to learn that Maris gets away with firing anyone even if they haven't been proved guilty, and decides to fight for this entitlement. Maris reluctantly agrees to let him fire the mechanics since she is convinced they were responsible for an unpleasant smell in the limo. Unfortunately, this has a bad effect on the mansion when everyone starts blaming each other for various accidents without evidence and Ben realises he must get things back to normal; first by convincing the mechanics to give up their higher-paying new jobs and come back to work for Maris. Meanwhile; the butler uniform, the keys to the limo, the stain remover, the lawnmower, and even a child all go missing, prompting arguments between Tommy, Gabriel, Leo, Eve and Sara.

"Fat Woman and Little Boy" 12 156

Eve's pregnancy is beginning to show, just as her 14-year old son Louis visits from Paris. Eve struggles to tell him that she is expecting and instead pretends that she has gained weight. Unfortunately, this lie spins rapidly out of control when Louis tells everyone at the mansion that Eve is having weight problems, and Sara worried that it will be harmful to the baby, joins him in staging an intervention with the other servants. Eve stumbles upon the intervention and is forced to admit the truth to Louis. To her relief, he is fine with it; however, the charade is far from over when Maris calls in a favour from her former trainer; Glenda, a tyrannical German woman who acts like a drill sergeant and refuses to leave before Eve sheds a few pounds. Meanwhile, Ben is convinced that Glenda is the woman he met while briefly working in Germany and worries that his departure was responsible for her major personality change.

"Meat Maris Crane" 13 157

When Maris is unable to buy the farm land she hoped to build another house on, she cuts off her meat suppliers and bans every meat product from the mansion. Sara is pleased with this development, hoping her friends will take up a vegetarian lifestyle like hers. However, she is mortified when she stumbles upon everyone gorging out on meat in the pantry, and decides to alert Maris. The servants see this as an act of betrayal and are convinced that Sara is trying to start an alliance with Maris. They stock up on meat and lock themselves in the attic, refusing to come out until Maris lifts the ban. Later, several anti-meat organisations show up in support of Maris' decision; while Sara is determined to prove that she is loyal to her friends above anyone else. Meanwhile, Ben has been having trouble cooking food without meat and realises he has never been expected to cater to vegetarians in his entire chef experience. With plenty of time on his hands, he tries to convince Tommy and Gabriel to get him some vegetables from the pantry to experiment with meat-free meals; which threatens the credibility of their protest.

"Fake Your Own Kind of Music" 14 158

Leo decides to learn how to play the piano, sick of being upstaged by his smug, successful cousins when he visits his family. However, Leo soon finds that he is simply not born to play a musical instrument and after several lessons, his wallet his empty and his skills haven't improved one iota. Leo opts to give up but winds up agreeing to perform at a high society charity function being thrown by the Kingsleys. When Leo discovers that Gabriel has a talent for the piano, they create an arrangement for him to hide behind the stage curtains and play while Leo acts as the performer. Things heat up when they learn that Maris is in attendance, and after a well-received performance, Maris asks Leo to play at several more of her functions. Gabriel is soon tired of never receiving any recognition and his friendship with Leo becomes threatened. Meanwhile, Tommy, noticing the affect Leo's "skills" have on beautiful women, decides to find an instrument of his own to play. Unfortunately, no one has the heart to tell him that his choice of the bagpipes is less than pleasing to the ears.

"Grill More, Girls" 15 159

Ben is jealous when Eve and Sara decide to enter the Seattle All-Women Cook-Off, and enlists Tommy, Gabriel and Leo to protest the "sexist" rules of the competition. Gabriel's thirst for stardom returns and he gets excited when their protest attracts the attention of the media. However, this doesn't last long when it becomes apparent that the press seems to think they are pre-op transsexuals who were banned from the contest. Meanwhile, things aren't any easier for Eve and Sara when they get into an argument over Ben, prompting them to go their separate ways in the cook-off. The media seek an interview from Eve who, in an angry state, accidentally worsens the rumours of Ben's lifestyle, forcing him to make several uncomfortable phone calls to his family back in England.

"The Day Maris Crane Was Shot" 16 160

The servants are surprised to learn that Maris has gotten another facelift, but due to a grievous error, she locks herself in her bedroom until another plastic surgeon can be made available. Sara feels sorry for Maris, which shocks the servants and tries to comfort her through the wall. Meanwhile, Tommy discovers that the teenage hosts of a local public access TV show are offering $1,000 to anyone who can snap a photo of Maris' latest facelift as they have been following her plastic surgery stories for over six months. This prompts an all-out competition between the servants as they desperately try to claim the prize. Sara peeved at her friends for not showing any respect, decides to take Maris to hide out at her cabin in the woods. However, she soon comes to see the servants' point of view when just one hour with Maris roughing it in the wild drives her to the brink of insanity. Tommy and Gabriel, while searching the woods for the cabin, are mistaken for hunters and arrested by an undercover cop, who is determined to enforce the recent ban on hunting. Ben and Leo speak with the hosts and make a surprising discovery: the show is made by a subsidiary of MCTV, the television studio Maris owns, and she may not be the innocent bystander she claims to be.

"Boys Just Want to Have Fun" 17 161

Ben is excited for a visit from his son, Philip, and decides to take him camping with Tommy, Gabriel and Leo for his passage into "manhood". When Ben is stuck cooking dinner for Maris' latest function, he asks the guys to pick Philip up at the airport, where they are surprised to witness him behaving a little girly-like. Ben seemingly doesn't spot it, and the guys debate whether to tell him about it or not. While arguing about it in the kitchen, Tommy accidentally makes a derogatory comment about Milan and its effect on people, just as one of Maris' guests walks in, mistaking it for the bathroom. Things go from bad to worse when the guest turns out to be from Milan himself, and Maris goes on a warpath looking for the one responsible for offending her guest of honour. When Tommy steps up and takes the blame, the truth of the incident is revealed in front of Ben, and he is mad at his friends for not being honest from the get-go. At the same time, he tries to get answers regarding the transformation of his son, so he asks Eve and Sara to talk to Philip. Looking for a mothering experience Eve steps up to do all the talking but winds up making Philip upset, leaving Sara alone with him. In the end, it is revealed that Philip was only trying to impress Kitty's new boyfriend, a flamboyant fashion designer who is now living with them.

"No Paint, No Gain" 18 162

When Maris heads to Zurich for emergency plastic surgery, the servants decide to play hooky, and they visit a newly opened amusement complex. There, they are surprised to see Gabriel competing in a paint-balling tournament, and he reveals that he is somewhat of an expert in the sport. The servants decide to have a tournament of their own. Tommy and Eve team up with Gabriel; while Leo and Ben are left with Sara. Tommy becomes determined to find out why Gabriel kept his success a secret from everyone else, and Sara seeks help from a famed "paintball guru" to learn the tricks of the trade when she is disappointed that she was everybody's last choice. As the game gets underway, both sides will do whatever it takes to win while personal conflicts run rampant.

"Seed for the Gardener" 19 163

As the birth of Eve's baby approaches, the servants decide to make a pact that at one of them will be there with her in the delivery room if other obligations arise (i.e. Maris). Sara tries to persuade Eve to have a natural, drug-free birth. Tommy hopes to "borrow" the baby for a while so he can prove to a pretty servant he's interested in that he can be responsible and mature. Gabriel, still uncertain of the baby's origins, will do anything to make Eve sign a waiver allowing him to send a snapshot of the baby to New Freaky Forum. Leo is dismayed to realise he has parental stirrings of his own when he stocks up on baby stuff at the local supermarket. The chaotic goings-on reminds Ben of the time Kitty was in labour with Philip, which makes him miss his son all the more. When Eve suddenly goes into labour at the mansion, Gabriel drives her to the hospital, and she says that she had hoped Ben would be there with her. Sara prompts Gabriel, Tommy and Leo to go looking for him, initiating a desperate hunt through the sites of Seattle. On top of things, the situation has left Maris without a single servant at the mansion, sending her on a war-path against Eve, the woman she deems to be responsible.

"Pallbearer of Bad News" 20 164

With Eve on maternity leave, an oddly secretive woman named Morticia temporarily takes on the position. Sara becomes suspicious of Morticia's activity and convinces Ben to take a snoop in her "office": the garden shed. Ben is surprised to find, among other things, a coffin, embalming fluid and a hacksaw. The servants are soon convinced that Morticia is a serial killer and she has come to dispatch her victims in the mansion. These allegations are furthered when Leo reveals he went to school with Morticia, and she had always been known as the "weird kid" due to her gothic pallbearer family. Meanwhile, Morticia's personality doesn't make any difference to Tommy when he develops a crush on her, and Gabriel, still fuming over a recent prank Tommy pulled, convinces him to dress up as Uncle Fester and serenade her with the Addams Family theme tune.

"Maris is Burning" 21 165

The servants are forced to give depositions on Maris' character when two representatives from the FCC investigate a controversial program from her TV station. Eve is in no mood to be kind when she is dragged back from maternity leave a week early, and goes off on a crazed tirade about how Maris is the worst employer in the world. Meanwhile, Ben and Leo decide to rally Maris' social circle against the FCC in a protest for mature television, which MCTV has been providing ever since its conception. Sara, Gabriel and Tommy team up to convince Eve to retract her statements, fearing it'll cost everyone their jobs, and they wind up getting suckered into babysitting her newborn baby girl Katie. Sara becomes convinced that Eve has post-natal depression, certain that mothers shouldn't want to hand over their baby so quickly and the report on Maris' character worsens as a result.

"Clip Snow" 22 166

The servants are snowed in at the mansion when a blizzard hits Seattle, prompting them to recall their previous misadventures through a series of clips while they await rescue. Meanwhile, Leo and Gabriel search for the boiler room, hoping to repair the faulty heating system, and arguments arise when it turns out that Maris has retreated to her panic room, where she is hogging all the heat to herself. Further clips illustrate the many times Maris has screwed them over in the past.

"P.C. or Not P.C." 23 167

The servants are dismayed to learn that Maris is sending them to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, California after an unidentified employee made a derogatory comment regarding another race. While there, they suffer under the tyranny of the hideously perky tour guide, who turns out to be Maris' former manicurist Candi. Candi battles some intolerances of her own when she realises the connection her group of tourists have to Maris. Tommy and Gabriel hope to exploit this weakness to get out of the obligation and visit Universal Studios instead. In the meantime, Leo wonders if he is responsible for the charade after making a light-hearted joke about "Limeys" in front of Ben. Ben finds himself shunned by everyone because they think he reported Leo and he becomes determined to prove his innocence. Eve and Sara are suckered into joining a focus group for the museum's upcoming playground abuse exhibit.

"Kiss Chase" 24 168

The servants are stunned when Maris announces she is getting married, to Leo's father, Alexander Kingsley. Leo is happy that his family have finally put their feud with Maris behind them until he discovers that it is a plot to seize Maris' assets and put her out of business for good. Divided between loyalties to his family and to his friends, Leo turns to the church and winds up confessing all to June Archer, who agrees to help put a stop to the Kingsleys' plans as she likes working for Maris. Meanwhile, the rest of the servants are roped into throwing an engagement party for Maris. Ben is surprised when Kitty shows up, having flown over to market her fashion designs in America. This is bad timing as he is just getting closer to Sara, who has demanded that they make a final decision regarding their relationship, which has been on again/off again for far too long. In a moment alone together, Kitty tries to kiss Ben, revealing that she is in an unhappy relationship back in Milan and needs to keep her mind off it before her big presentation to Ralph Lauren. Ben realises he doesn't love Kitty anymore and lets her down gently. He bids her farewell and searches for Sara, who he is upset to find in a passionate embrace with Tommy. As the party gets underway, Ben gets hammered and gives chase to Eve instead, to make Sara jealous; which annoys Maris, who believes the servants are stealing her thunder with their silly personal problems. This is just as Leo and June arrive to expose the truth about Alexander's planned takeover. The servants must put their differences aside when heartbroken Maris goes on a warpath; leaving them to once again pick up the pieces.

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