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"One Flew Out of the Empty Nest" 1 169

Gabriel has left for Hollywood again after a job offer from Universal Studios, leaving a position as chauffeur available. Tommy is asked by Maris to conduct the interviews, but he dismisses everyone as being unsuitable because he secretly misses Gabriel, though he refuses to admit it. At the same time, he and Sara are settling down in their new relationship. Ben makes his disdain known but hides it from Tommy. As a result, Tommy begins to feel that he and Ben have drifted apart, and he doesn't know why. Meanwhile, after Maris' heartbreak with Alexander Kingsley, she had a mental breakdown at a charity function, but after court-ordered anger management class and several sessions with a psychiatrist, she is on the road to normality. The servants find themselves forced to take turns attending therapy in Maris' place when a spot in a prestigious yoga class opens up. Ben later discovers that talking to the therapist helps him deal with his jealousy over Tommy's new relationship, and they are able to rebuild their friendship. Leo tries to help Eve keep her mind off baby Katie when, after returning to work full time, she fears she has developed empty nest syndrome.

"Seller Beware" 2 170

While working late one night at the mansion, Leo is surprised to learn that a ‘bazaar' of sorts is held in the basement fortnightly, where some of the lesser-known servants sell off Maris' rarely used possessions. Needing the money to repay a loan to his parents, Leo decides to get in on the action, but threatens the future of the bazaar after inadvertently selling the one thing Maris actually cares about: the glockenspiel Niles gave her. Leo is forced to tell Ben and Tommy what he did, and they set on retrieving the glockenspiel from the neighbour it was sold to, unaware that the house they are breaking into is actually a mafia compound. Meanwhile, Sara and Eve introduce themselves to the quiet new chauffeur, Arthur, who they believe to be hiding a secret.

"Bully Proof Monk" 3 171

The servants find themselves forced to attend a seminar on bullying in the workplace when several jokes are made in light of new chauffeur Arthur's social awkwardness. It is revealed that Arthur is training to be a monk, and must be mute for the next three months as self-punishment. This prompts a competition to see who can keep quiet the longest, with a $500 prize for the winner. Maris isn't exactly thrilled with this development as the services of her hired help are increasingly delayed due to the lack of communication. Tommy accidentally breaks his oath of silence after burning his hand on a plate, for which he deems Ben responsible. As a result, Tommy feels increasingly isolated being the only one speaking, so he seeks refuge at the local monastery and develops a friendship with a group of monks, who later come to the mansion to observe Arthur's training and make the contest more challenging. As the contest comes to a close, Gabriel makes a surprise return to the mansion, revealing his job at Universal Studios to have been nothing more than glorified janitorial work. Arthur quits to resume his training, and Tommy is pleased with the return of his friend, who becomes his right-wing man in his efforts to make some noise.

"Leave a Message After the Insemination" 4 172

Eve decides it's time she introduced baby Katie to her parents, but realises that, due to a change in their answering machine, they never actually learnt that she got pregnant. Worried about their reaction, Eve asks Leo to tag along for moral support, and they are outraged that she didn't tell them. Eve fears that her daughter's bond with her grandparents will be tainted as a result, and becomes determined to make them spend some time with Katie. At the same time, Leo is forced to pretend that he is the father, due to the parents' seemingly unjustified hate of sperm donation pregnancies. Meanwhile, Leo enlists Tommy and Ben over the phone to hunt for the answering machine at the local dump, hoping that the message Eve left will still be intact. They later find themselves in a fight with a group of homeless people who accuse them of trespassing in their territory. Back at the mansion, Sara and Gabriel find they don't have much to talk about without the others around.

"Breach for the Stars" 5 173

Gabriel is horrified to learn that he is being sued for breach of contract after leaving his much-loathed job at Universal Studios. He heads to Hollywood with Ben and Tommy to deal with the lawsuit, and they are surprised to find the fierce lawyer Sandy Stone trolling for clients. Gabriel agrees to hire Sandy because she's desperate and cheap, but the entire case is threatened when a variety of shameful secrets from Sandy's Hollywood past are leaked to opposing counsel, which brings Gabriel's character into question. Ben steps up as a character witness for Gabriel, but his returning sexual urges for Sandy and his curiosity over her secrets puts further strain on the trial. Meanwhile, Tommy is hired as an extra on The Young and the Restless after an agent spots him in the hallway, and as the days pass his role quickly evolves from a line here and there to full cast billing. The trained actors aren't too pleased with this development and set out to make his fifteen minutes of fame pass. Back in Seattle, Sara irritates Eve and Leo when she waits by the phone for a call from Tommy to maintain their relationship at long-distance, as it keeps getting them into trouble with Maris.

"Something Guatemalan This Way Comes" 6 174

It's Halloween, and the servants take the opportunity to throw a wild party when Maris goes out of town. While getting changed into costume, Sara becomes convinced that she saw the spirit of Marta, the former maid, and tells everyone. She is upset when nobody believes her, as she has claimed similar occurrences in the past. With this brings the revelation that everyone thinks Sara is kooky, so she decides to become more down-to-earth and serious. Eve feels guilty for upsetting a friend and convinces the servants to organise a séance to show her they care. However, Sara is convinced they are merely indulging her and decides to skip town and spend Halloween with Maris in her Holy Land. Eve then forces everyone to follow Sara in the Winnebago, and they have a strange Halloween experience of their own. Meanwhile, Ben is convinced that Tommy and Gabriel have been manipulating the events for their own amusement and tells them that their pranks go too far sometimes. When Tommy points out that he has had a stick up his butt about something a lot lately, Ben is determined to prove them wrong by pelting rotten eggs at the neighbouring mansions, getting them in more trouble than they ever could've imagined.

"How Green Was My Maris" 7 175

When Maris discovers that her unfriendly attitude towards the environment is making her look bad in her social circles, she decides to make the mansion "green", and forces the servants to participate. Gabriel looks into getting an electric car as an alternative to the limo but winds up being swindled into buying several classic, gas-guzzling cars at a local motor expo, forcing him to enlist the help of Leo to sell them off before Maris finds out. Sara prompts Eve to use more natural diapers for baby Katie, but their efforts to stay green may cost them their noses in the process. Ben and Tommy discover that Maris keeps all the fat that's been drained out of her over the years stored in a warehouse in Ohio. They meet up with a business associate to discuss the possibility of using her fat to line the walls of underprivileged houses, thus cutting the costs and environmental impact of central heating. Maris isn't exactly pleased with this development.

"The Name's Bond, Father's Bond" 8 176

Ben is excited for a visit from his son, Philip, who is flying in from Milan for the weekend. However, he winds up being forced to send Tommy to pick him up from the airport when he is sidetracked catering for Maris' birthday party. The following evening, Ben is surprised to learn that Philip and Tommy have developed a bond and becomes jealous because he hardly spends any time with Philip, and feels that they do not yet share a father/son bond. Tommy decides to give Ben pointers on how to deal with Philip, which frustrates Ben as he is the father, not Tommy. Ben and Tommy's friendship is further strained when Philip chooses to spend the day with Tommy, and Ben, realising what kind of lifestyle Tommy leads, decides he doesn't want a man like him as his son's role model. Ben enlists the help of Sara to go undercover and find out what activities they are getting up to. It is evident that Philip only chose to spend time with Tommy because he spends his day at amusement arcades, theme parks and various other fun activities; while all Ben had planned was a trip to a stationery store. Unfortunately, Sara's lack of surveillance skills further complicates the situation. Meanwhile, Eve debates the right time to tell Katie that she was born through sperm donation, and on Leo's insistence, they crash several adoption support groups, looking for clues on how other families handled it.

"Advice from a Caterer" 9 177

Everyone is surprised when Ben is unexpectedly fired by Maris for over garnishing her evening celery stick. Ben is prompted by Sara to enter into a catering business, and she agrees to be his part-time partner. Eve asks them to cater an affair for her son Louis' birthday party, and they excitedly agree. However, Ben soon finds that years of cooking stuff that would barely qualify for food and countless portions of pretentious swill for Maris' friends has made him unable to cook anything simple. Sara is forced to stock up on supplies at the nearby supermarket, and further delays are caused when she gets involved in a hostage situation with an armed robber who has a surprising connection to Maris. Back at the mansion, Leo, Gabriel and Tommy try to persuade Maris to reconsider her firing of Ben, and the dramatic supermarket situation being reported on TV makes her have second thoughts about firing her employees so abruptly.

"Yale of a Time" 10 178

The servants are shocked when Leo receives an invitation to a reunion at the University of Yale. Leo worries he has alienated his friends because he's had everything taken care of his entire life, while they've had to work hard to get anywhere in theirs. Determined to show them that he is still just an "average Joe", he decides to invite everyone to the reunion. A clash of the cultures ensues, and Leo is forced to decide which group to side with; his former Yale classmates or his co-workers. Leo eventually sides with Yale, leaving the servants mortified and betrayed. Unbeknownst to them, however, Leo is only trying to infiltrate their group to perform the ultimate prank after they made several unflattering remarks about his friends. Soon Ben and Tommy are in on the plan and helping out; while Eve and Sara flirt with two snooty attendees with the intention of crushing their hearts at the end of the night. Gabriel, on the other hand, is horrified to discover that a rumour which taunted him all throughout high-school was started by a nasty student in the Yale newsroom, and he becomes obsessed with finding the culprit.

"Crazed by the Bell" 11 179

In this real-time episode, Maris has just gotten a new doorbell installed, and is eagerly awaiting a package from her plastic surgeon in Zurich. Unfortunately, due to a manufacturing error, the doorbell instead plays a new and popular heavy metal song whenever it rings. The neighbourhood kids soon get hold of this new pastime and start ringing the doorbell at every opportunity, driving the servants crazy. However, Maris refuses to dismantle it in case the package arrives. Over the course of twenty minutes, many attempts on the servants' part to destroy the doorbell are interrupted by Maris, and war ensues.

"Meet the Stage Parents" 12 180

Ben is surprised to learn that a position in the prestigious Mulberry Academy in Illinois has become available, and decides that he'd like Philip to attend and become a chef like him in the future. However, convincing Kitty over the phone proves to be a difficult task, so he attempts to get Philip to like the academy before he departs for Milan in a couple of days. Worried that the academy will frown upon divorced parents, Ben asks Eve to pose as his wife, a charade that Tommy isn't altogether very happy about. Then, Ben and Eve have an argument when Eve reveals she thinks Ben is being a bit pushy and is on the verge of becoming one of those insufferable stage parents. On top of things, they are forced to compete with Dr. Ron Hardy, who is trying to get the same position for his newfound illegitimate son Justin. Desperate, Ben calls in a favour from Niles Crane to get dirt on his competitors, and the various backdoor shenanigans don't particularly impress the academy officials. Back in Seattle, Tommy is driven crazy by paranoia, so Gabriel, Leo and Sara try to keep his mind off things with a secret-sharing competition.

"Apple, Meet Tree" 13 181

The servants are stunned when young narcissist, Kelly, shows up at the mansion claiming to be Maris' daughter. Maris reveals that she had an affair with Alexander Kingsley many years before they became business rivals, later falling pregnant and putting her up for adoption, and Leo is shocked at the possibility that Kelly may be his sister. Maris forces everyone to make Kelly feel welcome while she awaits the paternity results confirming Alexander's role in the conception. The servants soon find that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as Kelly grows increasingly demanding, irritating everyone with her diva-like attitude. Sara and Eve decide to take Kelly under their wing with the hopes of moulding her into a more likeable person; while Tommy struggles to keep his usual flirty attitude with new female staff astray, fearing reprimands from both Maris and Leo; despite Leo's reluctance to admit he's even related to Kelly. Meanwhile, the recent turn of events gets Gabriel worrying that he may have an illegitimate child out there somewhere. His concern intensifies when he discovers the company that made the only condom he used in high-school went bust due to an ineffective product.

  • Kelly Crane becomes a main character.
"Is That You, Maris?" 14 182

A heat wave hits Seattle, and when Maris refuses to install air conditioning in the mansion, Kelly encourages the servants to go on a strike against their overbearing employer. Later, Tommy and Gabriel discover they can exploit Kelly's connection to Maris, and practically get away with murder. Chaos soon runs amuck at the mansion without Maris intervening. Sara begins to feel sorry for Maris when it becomes apparent that she sincerely wanted to bond with her daughter without seeming like a jerk in front of her friends. With Ben's help, she tries to put an end to the strike; a task made difficult by Tommy, who has become a messiah of sorts as he leads his fellow servants in the ultimate strike. Meanwhile, Leo is still trying to figure out how to act like a real brother for newfound sibling Kelly, and searches for a self-help book on tape with Eve. However, the closest thing they can find is The Illegitimate Child's Parental Guide, which instead makes Leo continually give Eve unwanted advice on handling baby Katie.

"Shaking Up is Hard to Do" 15 183

Kelly comes to work at the mansion as the official "director of morale", a position created by Maris to make her feel important. The servants, though initially sceptical, soon find that Kelly's advice has made their days a lot more entertaining than usual. At the latest morale meeting, Kelly encourages everyone to shake-up their normal routines and do something wild. This change results in Tommy and Sara realising they have reached a somewhat stale rut in their relationship, and they agree to part ways. Ben's attempt at routine shakeup results in a switch of vegetable suppliers. Eve gets herself lost in Maris' elaborate hedge maze after straying from her usual gardening plans; later running into Herman the hermit, who agrees to give her directions if she solves his riddle. Gabriel decides to seize the day and keeps calling into KPXY, hoping to win a vacation to Hawaii. Inevitably, none of these shake-ups end well – Tommy and Sara get into a one-upmanship contest involving another couple going through a bitter separation; the new vegetable suppliers result in disgusting food and several complaints to Ben; Eve has to take drastic measures to escape the maze, and Gabriel receives a $900 phone charge. Resultantly Kelly is blamed for the mess, and the arguments stir a surprising reaction from Leo.

"The Downside of Anger" 16 184

The servants are dismayed to find that, with Kelly around; they can no longer vent their anger towards Maris in the break room and are forced to search for alternate means. Ben and Sara soon discover that purposely getting themselves into arguments is the key, but Ben later worries that it will have a bad effect on their relationship, and he sets on ending the arguments when he finds out Sara recently broke up with Tommy. Tommy and Leo purchase a punching bag and hang it in the basement, and Tommy is dismayed to learn that he has poor depth perception after he inadvertently gives Eve a black eye. Rumours spread that Tommy ditched Sara for Eve, and is now involved in a violent relationship with her. Gabriel worried that his “thirst” for alcohol will return and get him into trouble again, decides to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and winds up confusing the Overcome Your Thirst group for the place and finds himself forced to endure a bizarre gathering of people who think they are vampires.

"Dark Side of the Moonlighters" 17 185

Ben is delighted when he is asked to cater a wedding but is dismayed to learn that, due to his connections to Maris, no catering company in town will provide him with a team to help him out. Ben reluctantly turns to his friends at the mansion to help, and they all agree, despite Maris' strict "no moonlighting" rule. When they arrive at the wedding, Ben runs into Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe and Noel Shempsky, who are on a wedding crashing tour of Seattle. Tommy, Leo and Noel get into a heated competition over one of the pretty bridesmaids; Bulldog urges the guys to go easy on Noel because he is getting over a break-up, which makes Noel angry and creates a scene just as the groom is making a toast. Meanwhile, Ben finds himself distracted from making good food when he starts thinking about the "trail", and how many people it takes for the word to get out about the moonlighting. He enlists Sara and Eve over the phone to make sure, whatever happens, it doesn't get to Kelly. However, their secretive attitude has Kelly convinced they are planning her surprise birthday party, and they are forced to play along to comply with Ben's request.

"Leave Maris Alone!" 18 186

Everyone is surprised when a video featuring Maris "rocking out" on her autoharp has become internet phenomena overnight, and after over a million comments on YouTube, Gabriel, the creator of the video, is asked to appear on The Tonight Show. Gabriel soon finds himself going up in various celebrity circles, and Tommy begins to feel abandoned as his best friend. Scorned, Tommy decides to create an internet video of his own with the help of Ben and Leo. Kelly accidentally tells Maris about the video, and in an outraged state, she busts her way onto the stage and punches the host. Maris finds herself arrested as a result, and Gabriel, feeling guilty, attempts to get himself back on the talk show circuit so he can raise bail. Unfortunately, he finds competition in Tommy, who has now become somewhat of a star himself thanks to his own video. Meanwhile, backstage at NBC, Eve and Sara are mistaken for the latest pop duo from Sweden, and they desperately try to keep up the illusion in the hopes of meeting George Clooney; while Kelly's "Leave Maris Alone!" video is the butt of jokes among the servants.

"Vegetarians in High Places" 19 187

When Maris takes a tally on the servants' food specifications, Sara is surprised to learn that she is the only vegetarian at the mansion, and is outraged when Maris refuses to provide vegetarian lunch alternatives because of this. Kelly is prompted to become a vegetarian herself, and Tommy is surprised to see just how easily swayed she can be. Tommy decides to make a bet with Gabriel and Leo that he can persuade Kelly to eat meat again; a task made more difficult when she and Sara climb on the roof to express their protest against Maris. Sara takes her protest a little too seriously, and when the local media get a hold of the story and mistake it for a suicide attempt, she decides to take her demands further and require that every cow, chicken and pig be released from the nearby barnyard. Meanwhile, Ben is outraged at his friends for orchestrating the betting since Sara and Kelly's lives could be in danger, and his attempts at getting them down from the roof are misconstrued as an effort to win the bet.

"Maris Cares" 20 188

When Maris has a near-death experience on the road, she surprises everyone when she decides to become more charitable in life and starts up her own charity organisation, Maris Cares. As usual, the servants are made to help out. Ben and Kelly must re-paint a pre-school wrought with vandalism, but they get into an argument when Ben makes a crack about Maris, and the subsequent argument has the kids using a few of their more inappropriate words. Meanwhile, Tommy, Gabriel and Leo get into a fierce competition over who can distribute the most food at a homeless shelter. Eve and Sara are made to clear up trash on the highway, and wind up being mistaken for two convicts who have wandered off from a community service group. Eve wants to set everything straight, but Sara enjoys playing the role of a criminal, especially when it gets both of them dates with a pair of handsome guys who swear they had nothing to do with the robbery they're being punished for.

"Living is Tricky with Eyes Closed" 21 189

As part of her latest Maris Cares charity venture, Maris has agreed to let several people with disabilities come to work at the mansion. This includes Ron, a friendly blind guy who becomes Ben's kitchen assistant. Ben is overcome with guilt when he inadvertently yells at Ron for dropping a salad, not thinking in advance. Maris, terrified at the legal ramifications Ben's outburst may have, seeks council from lawyer Sandy Stone, who recommends that Maris makes her servants experience a day in the shoes of a disabled person. Ben is subsequently forced to wear eye patches and he learns what it's like to be blinded. However, as Tommy experiences deafness, Leo uses a wheelchair and Gabriel communicates via a machine, Ben can't help but think that Sandy has inflicted this lesson upon the men for her own amusement, especially when Sara, Eve or Kelly aren't made to do anything. Ben encourages the guys to help him teach their own lesson to Sandy, and they set up several disasters to make it appear that she is responsible for a series of accidents that gives them the disabilities they were acting out. Ron is less than amused with this development and may be planning a lesson of his own.

"Eve's Sense of Snow" 22 190

Eve heads to Paris when she discovers Louis' step-mother Tiffany has recently died and is taken aback when Russell asks her to take Louis back to America for a few months while he sorts out her affairs. Eve agrees but winds up getting stuck at the airport when Paris suffers the worst blizzard it's seen in years. Back in America, Sara and Kelly have been swindled into babysitting Katie, and they come to believe that the snow is having a strange effect on her that is keeping her from sleeping. Sara reveals she has always hated snow and it was her least favourite part of her hitchhiker days. Eve attempts to guide the girls into getting Katie to sleep over the phone, but her suggestions raise eyebrows among the other travellers. Meanwhile, when Tommy and Gabriel design an unflattering snowman in Maris' likeness, Ben fears the consequences.

"I'm Dancing as Famous as I Can" 23 191

Gabriel is delighted when he is asked to appear on Dancing with the Stars, and when Kelly reveals she spent three years in dancing school, he insists that she goes with him to training. However, Gabriel is upset to realise that he was a last minute choice because another “celebrity” backed out, and as a result, he becomes determined to up his celebrity status before his first performance; seeking help from Bebe Glazer. His friendship with Kelly is subsequently tested when the casting director discovers she is the daughter of eccentric social recluse Maris Crane, and because of her experience in dance, he wants to sign her up right away. Gabriel hits the reality TV show circuit, participating in several unsuccessful pilots and short-lived programs, and is eventually faithful that he will be recognised. Unfortunately, he faces competition from Kelly as there is only one spot left, and a dance-off ensues. Kelly realises she never wanted to be a dancer and eventually steps down; allowing Gabriel to assume her place. Gabriel decides to leave his job at the mansion for good when he gets to the finals, fully realising his ambition to be famous. A party is thrown in his honour; where Ben tries to prove he doesn't have two left feet and Leo is determined to score with chicks by learning the tango. Tommy seeks comfort in Sara, struggling to come to terms with his friend's impending departure.

  • Gabriel Newman's last appearance as a main character.
"Hearts and Minds" 24 192

The servants gather at the hospital when Maris suffers a major cardiac arrest in the middle of her latest plastic surgery. Everyone agrees to support Kelly in her time of crisis, but soon find that personal affairs take precedence. Eve runs into Patty, the woman she met while giving birth to Katie, who encourages her to find a father figure and not leave it too late as she did. Eve winds up expressing some of her more illicit feelings for Ben, driving Ben to make the final decision between her and Sara. However, he is unaware that Sara has recently reconciled with Tommy, in more ways than one when they are discovered by the hospital nun after emerging from a broom closet. Meanwhile, Leo becomes convinced that Maris' cardiac problems weren't entirely an accident after seeing his father, Alexander Kingsley, having a heated argument with one of the nurses over a missing envelope he left for Maris. The servants are stunned when the doctor finally returns and reveals that Maris has passed away. Kelly is left devastated, but Leo's suspicion grows when he realises several leaflets for Europe have gone missing from the reception area, along with the limo. When Tommy reveals Maris asked him to wire several thousand dollars to an off-shore bank account, Leo decides to travel across Europe to find Maris and his scheming father. Eve agrees to hit the road with him, realising she needs a break from her worries. As the episode comes to a close, an uninformed Ben shows up at Eve's apartment with flowers and a smile on his face, which quickly fades when he discovers where she went and who she went with.

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