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"Where There's Will, There's No Way" 1 193

The servants, sans Leo and Eve, are called to the reading of Maris' will. Ben is stunned when he inherits the entire grounds because, as Maris puts it, he was the only one whose cooking ever satisfied her. Kelly is outraged when she isn't included in the will at all, especially when she realises that it was drawn up after she came back into her mother's life. She decides to assume Maris' place in her social circles instead, with the intention of bringing down Maris' legacy. The duty of dividing Maris' possessions falls on Tommy, and he is overcome with pressure when everybody keeps requesting something they particularly want. Ben decides that he isn't ready to part ways with his friends just yet, and surprises everyone by agreeing to let them stay on at the mansion. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite thought this through when it becomes apparent that Maris didn't leave him anything to maintain the mansion or its employees. At the same time, he is dismayed to learn that Tommy and Sara got hitched in Vegas over the weekend. Meanwhile, salvation could come from Leo and Eve, who are in Rome; getting ever closer in their search for Maris and her partner in crime, Alexander Kingsley. A heated discussion over why Maris faked her own death prompts an argument between the two of them.

"Dead Women Don't Pay Wages" 2 194

The servants' payday is getting closer, and Ben fears they will have his head on a platter if he fails to come up with the money. Ben winds up getting himself in further financial debt when he unwittingly applies for a loan from a local mob operation. Desperate, he takes to hocking Maris' possessions on the black market and is dismayed to learn that he has competitors in Tommy and Kelly, who are selling off their inheritance – at more affordable prices than his. However, it won't just be Ben's head on a platter when the servants discover that Maris is most likely still alive; and Ben must put aside his differences with his rivals to get everything they sold back before incurring her wrath. Meanwhile, in Paris; Leo and Eve separately question whether their old spark is returning. They also enlist the help of an investigator to help them in their hunt for Maris and Alexander Kingsley, who turns out to be more trouble than he's worth.

"The Honeymooners" 3 195

The European odyssey of Maris and Alexander Kingsley reaches its end as Leo and Eve arrive in a remote village in Spain. However, things get complicated when Leo is mistaken for the American mayor that was supposed to be coming to help out the village's resources; then praised as a God by the local Mayans for his noble deeds. Meanwhile, Eve discovers that Maris has found work at the village chapel and confronts her in the confessional. Eve realises she finds it easier to talk to her employer this way and admits that she still has feelings for Ben, despite a renewed spark between her and Leo. Maris reveals she has been having romantic issues of her own, and that she followed a crazy scheme devised by Alexander Kingsley to save himself from bankruptcy, only to have him dump her in the days following their plot. Maris agrees to return to America as she has enough connections to make sure no questions are asked regarding her "demise". Unfortunately, persuading Leo to give up the comforts of a worshipped God's life proves to be a difficult feat.

"Night of the Returning Dead" 4 196

Maris throws a ritzy rooftop party to celebrate her "return from the dead", and surprises the servants by inviting them all as her guests, rather than the help. However, a series of disasters involving the temporary staff she hired forces them to take on their old roles as usual, and it's soon apparent that things are back to normal where Maris is concerned. Ben delights in cooking meals for Maris again due to the challenges it presents but later finds that his enjoyment of work is having a bad impact on his friends, who are thoroughly miserable once again. Ben tries to find a way of cheering everyone up, in the hopes of restoring the morale everyone had before. Meanwhile, Tommy learns of the newfound bond Maris and Eve shared in Spain and tries to exploit it by convincing Eve to talk to Maris about getting him flexible hours. Also; Kelly is surprised to learn the partygoers are doing a dance they call "the Kelly", which she fashioned during her sweet 16 years ago. When she is unable to do the moves herself, Kelly becomes determined to re-create the cocktail that made her do it successfully before and enlists the help of Leo to stock up on supplies.

"She Can't Help But Listen" 5 197

Maris is surprised when she is given power of attorney over her oldest friend, Brenda, who is permanently comatose. Unable to deal with the pressure of whether to turn off life support, Maris instead opts to give a power of attorney to her servants. Sara tries to convince everyone to have a little faith, despite the fact that Brenda is brain dead and has the slimmest chance of recovery. Ben finds that Brenda is the perfect listener when he needs someone to talk to about his concerns. Tommy considers this the perfect money-making opportunity and invites people to the mansion to air their grievances to Brenda. Ben finds this disrespectful and gets into an argument with Tommy; which Eve believes stems from deeper issues. Meanwhile, Kelly becomes determined to find an example of Maris' selfless side when she overhears Leo making fun of her spineless nature.

"Blame it on the Nun" 6 198

The servants are shocked when Anita, a Spanish woman, shows up at the mansion, claiming that Maris is responsible for her daughter's sickness; which arose after she blessed her during her time as a nun. With Maris out of town and Anita showing no signs of leaving, Leo decides to call in a favour from his father to get Anita's daughter treatment without being deported. However, Anita winds up getting Alexander indicted for helping Maris fake her death. Maris faces charges of defrauding the government, identity theft, and after stealing an airplane to get to her private island, grand theft auto. Leo seeks help from the attorney Sandy Stone and is uneasy when she reveals she is only trying the case because it is high profile and will get her job back at the law firm. Meanwhile, the servants delight in having free roam of the mansion, until the government dispatches an investigator to review Maris' assets, and suddenly life without the tyrannical boss isn't such an appealing idea when they realise their paycheques will be drastically reduced.

"Feds, Glorious Feds" 7 199

The servants are dismayed when the FBI takes residence in the mansion in a "stake-out" for Maris. However, their complaints quickly quieten down when they realise they'll be kept on in their jobs. Ben worries that his lack of confidence when dealing with police matters will make him look suspiciously like an accomplice of Maris, so he goes to Tommy for advice on keeping his cool. As the daughter of criminal socialite Maris, Kelly finds herself enjoying the media attention, but is divided between her loyalties when Maris calls her in the middle of the night, requesting help in wiring some money to her offshore bank account. Meanwhile, Leo is finding Sandy Stone to be more trouble than she's worth when she seems more interested in impressing her law firm peers than winning the Alexander Kingsley case. Eve helps Sara shop for a new wedding ring when the gift shop trinket Tommy bought her in Vegas suddenly seems less thoughtful when compared to the jewellery Kelly's been receiving from the magazines desperately searching for an exclusive.

"The Crane Witch Hunt" 8 200

Ben, Tommy and Leo decide to join a "bounty hunters" club at the local YMCA when they realise they have a lot more free time without Maris around. When they discover their first target is, predictably, Maris; Ben worries about betraying his friendship with Kelly, but at the same time, he wants to prove he can be a man by finding the target first. Kelly, however, is dealing with her own secrets; she is meeting an accomplice of Maris' at midnight under the Space Needle. Eve and Sara begin to get suspicious of her activity and decide to follow her. When the guys overhear their plot, they become convinced that Kelly, along with Eve and Sara, is part of a bizarre brainwashing cult constructed by Maris and their "meeting place" becomes centre stage for several misinformed bounty hunters.

"The Island" 9 201

Sara's suspicions over Kelly's bizarre behaviour grow, so she asks Ben to follow her one evening. They track her to the Seattle docks and are shocked to find her purchasing a yacht. At the mansion, Tommy searches through Kelly's locker and discovers a travel itinerary, and realises that she is planning on joining Maris on her private island. The servants confront Kelly, fearing their knowledge of her back-door dealings will get them into trouble with the feds. Kelly agrees to keep their involvement quiet and makes plans to set sail in the morning. Kelly is noticeably disappointed by the lack of support from her friends and Ben, overcome with guilt, decides to join her on the yacht. Sara fears she drove Ben into this due to his feelings for her and asks Eve to convince him to stay in Seattle. However, before they know it, the yacht has set sail and is on a course for the island. Meanwhile, Leo nervously awaits the start of his father's trial and tries to find a way of firing mega-sensitive Sandy Stone so they can get a competent court-appointed lawyer instead.

"Dial S for Sandy" 10 202

The trial of Alexander Kingsley gets underway, and Leo is surprised to find that Sandy Stone wormed her way onto the jury after getting fired as legal council. Worried that Sandy's bitterness over her dismissal will affect her judgement in the case, Leo asks Tommy to flirt his way into Sandy's life and convince her not to vote guilty. Sara isn't pleased with this development and is upset to learn from her co-workers that Tommy rarely wears his wedding ring at work; which intensifies her fears that Tommy is playing the field. Meanwhile, on the open sea, Kelly struggles to hide the fact that she has $5,000,000 in saving bonds stored in the refrigerator for Maris. Things get complicated when a member of the yacht club spots the ship, thinking that Maris is aboard, and Kelly and Ben must find a way of convincing him the boat is theirs before he alerts the police and exposes their role as Maris' accomplices.

"The Rules of Tourist Attractions" 11 203

Ben and Kelly arrive on Maris' private island and are surprised to learn it isn't so private when they stumble upon a small tourist town. While looking for Maris, they realise she has become somewhat of a popular face and is loved by the locals. As Ben wonders if they have the wrong Maris, Kelly panics when she inadvertently offers the town mayor the $5,000,000 from the yacht so he can increase the tourism. With the money gone, Maris realises there is nothing left for her, and she will have to face her dues back home. However, the townspeople are unhappy with this development and the mayor reveals that Maris was the number one attraction of their tourist industry and business will fall apart if she leaves. Ben, meanwhile, is determined to see this rare display of remorse in Maris through to the end and promises to help the mayor find new tourist attractions; a task he later regrets when he and Kelly stumble upon the reason for the lack of interest in the island. Back in America, Leo is relieved when his father is placed under house arrest until he realises the address he chose to be confined to – the mansion.

"The Prodigal Maris Returns" 12 204

The servants are stunned when Maris returns and is immediately taken into police custody. Their case over, the feds pack up and leave the mansion, leaving the servants with two weeks' notice. Leo attempts to convince his father to take the lease so that everyone can keep their jobs. As a result, Leo is forced to take Alexander's place in his social circles and winds up getting into a fierce bidding war for the mansion with an anonymous millionaire, who has a surprising connection to Maris' past. Kelly struggles to deal with the fact that her mother faces life imprisonment, and overcome with guilt for unsuccessfully helping her, she applies for a job as a security guard at the prison where Maris has been sent. Meanwhile, Ben, Tommy and Eve get into a heated discussion over Maris' motives and Ben is surprised when he is the only one left defending her. However, Ben once again faces a harsh reality about Maris when word gets out that, after bribing every security guard and escaping the prison, she was hit by a cab and is now comatose in a local hospital. But it seems her motives don't stop there when, while sleeping at her mother's side in the middle of the night, a stranger leaves Kelly a letter marked "plan B".

"Plan B from Out of Mind" 13 205

Maris is still in a coma and ironically sharing a room with her old friend Brenda. Kelly debates with the other servants whether to open "plan B", a letter she was left at Maris' bedside; while Tommy and Leo theorise about what Maris' next move could be. Meanwhile, Alexander makes his presence known at the mansion and slowly drives Ben, Eve and Sara insane. Eve is dismayed to learn Alexander doesn't remember her from their meeting a few years ago when she was Leo's girlfriend and is upset with the revelation that she was the least memorable of the women Leo's brought home in the past. Ben and Sara, on the other hand, are struggling to keep up their work – Ben realising that Alexander's standards are even more impossible than Maris', and Sara discovering that most women are uncomfortable with bringing their children to work as they don't trust Alexander. Now more than ever, the servants have a newfound appreciation of Maris' presence, and Ben rallies everyone to stage an intervention to convince Kelly that the letter needs opening.

"A Slip Down Memory Lane" 14 206

The servants are surprised when Maris comes out of the coma, seemingly unaware of her surroundings. The doctor reveals that she has amnesia and doesn't remember anything before her conviction. After opening "plan B", Kelly realises this is part of her mother's plot to gain freedom. As Alexander continues to impact the mansion in irritating new ways, Ben, Tommy, Sara and Eve are forced to re-dedicate Maris Cares as an "amnesiac awareness" charity, to maintain an image of sincerity to the public. Their first act of charity is rebuilding an old abandoned pre-school, and ironically, after an accident at the construction site, Tommy finds himself experiencing amnesia as well. While Ben, Sara and Eve try to restore his memories, Leo wants to make his father treat the employees better without stirring up one of his famous bad moods.

"House, M.C." 15 207

Maris has been cleared of all charges by successfully convincing the court that she was not of a sound mind when Alexander Kingsley proposed faking her death. The servants are delighted when things appear to be getting back to normal until it becomes apparent that Maris has been placed under house arrest too along with Alexander, which means no more goofing off while they're out. Kelly is driven crazy by the fact that Maris hasn't thanked her once for all her help, and too afraid to confront her, she ropes Ben, Tommy and Leo into joining her at a self-help class at the local YMCA to learn how to deal with family confrontations. Kelly is annoyed when Tommy and Leo don't take it seriously and crack jokes during the role-playing exercises, and Ben is torn between supporting her as a friend and not being a stickler to the guys. Meanwhile, soap addicts Eve and Sara find that the on again/off again romance between Maris and Alexander makes for exciting entertainment when the TV in the break room stops working.

"Firework with Me" 16 208

With Maris back in the servants' lives, things at the mansion have finally returned to normal – but Eve misses the fireworks and feels that everything has gotten into a rut. Determined to stir up some exciting events, Eve enlists Tommy and Leo to run amuck around the mansion, pulling pranks on everyone. However, Eve is overcome with guilt when they find themselves suspended as a result. It soon becomes apparent that Maris has actually warmed up to her staff due to recent events, but Alexander has been teaching her to keep a harsh dictatorship over everyone. Ben finds himself in trouble after calling Alexander "Hitler", and the entire staff is consequently forced into a seminar on inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. When it is revealed that Eve indirectly caused this mess, she becomes the focus of everyone's ire.

"The Three Caterteers" 17 209

Ben decides to go back into the catering business to pay off his rent when Maris decides against giving her employees raises this year. He enlists Tommy and Kelly as his team, and they set off for their first job. The trio is horrified to discover that it is being thrown by Maris and Alexander at a different mansion, as a celebration of their rekindled romance in front of their socialite friends; Alexander has been let out of the house for the special occasion. Providing an excellent catering service proves to be a difficult task as Maris has been adamant about her "no moonlighting" rule for many years; while earlier that night, Kelly came up with several excuses not to attend the celebration and fears Maris will catch her out. Tommy is forced to make all the public appearances while Ben and Kelly hide in the kitchen, and the strain quickly drives him insane. Back at the mansion, Leo, Eve and Sara search for the ankle bracelet Alexander wears when he's under house arrest, with the intention of getting one of Maris' nerdy computer assistants to dismantle it and hack into the house arrest database.

"Maris: The Game II" 18 210

Ben and Leo are surprised when a software company approaches them about their idea for a Maris-related video game. After her recent headline fiascos, it seems she has become the "in" thing and is the perfect money-making opportunity. Ben and Leo are hired as consultants at the development company, and they agree to hide their new venture from the others because things are finally getting back to normal. However, keeping it a secret proves to be a difficult chore when the company sends over several video game systems as a token of their appreciation. On top of that, the contract they signed without reading the small print has resulted in several Wi-Fi communities, video game related focus groups and clueless production artists arriving at the mansion. Meanwhile, Sara is dismayed to learn that Alexander has a crush on her and tries to wean off his advances by acting repulsive, and Tommy is offended when she goes to him looking for advice.

"Ruining it for the Kids" 19 211

Eve is shocked when her 16-year old son Louis shows up at the mansion, revealing he has gotten himself emancipated. She agrees to let him move in with her until he finds his feet but is quickly dismayed to learn how much her son has grown up when he starts inviting girls to the house without asking first, and is, on the whole, a lot more independent. Worried that his lifestyle will have a harmful effect on young Katie, Eve asks Ben for some fatherly advice which makes him realise that he has drifted apart from his own son Philip. Eve and Ben make a pact to devote more time to their respective sons and are mortified when Louis and Philip strike up a cross-continent friendship in an attempt to keep their independence. Meanwhile, Tommy retreats to the mansion when Sara asks him if he pictures kids in their future, and winds up forcing Leo and Kelly into a chaotic game of cat and mouse as Sara determinedly tries to track him down.

"House of Sandy and Forgeries" 20 212

The servants are shocked to learn that attorney Sandy Stone recently died of a heroin overdose, especially when they realise she has left all her belongings to the mansion. Everyone is overcome with guilt for treating her so badly over the years whenever she reared her head trolling for clients. Soon, people are wondering if they were the one who drove her to suicide. Leo remembers their last meeting when he fired Sandy as his father's attorney without so much of a warning. Determined to make her remembered, Leo enlists Ben and Tommy to convince her former law firm to put a plaque honouring her memory on the "wall of noted attorneys." Meanwhile, Sara, Eve and Kelly divide up the last of her possessions, but a discovery in the floorboards makes them convinced that Sandy faked her death and is heading to Mexico with the money collected from her life insurance. The surprises don't stop there either when it becomes apparent that Alexander has gone missing and it's revealed that he and Sandy developed a romantic relationship while he was behind bars – and have been plotting the money-making scheme all along. Maris goes on a warpath; while back at the law firm, Leo, Ben and Tommy humiliate themselves fighting for their cause.

"Car Crash Television" 21 213

The servants are shocked to learn that Maris' poor driving was recently featured in an episode of World's Worst Drivers. Tommy is overcome with guilt when she is called into traffic court as a result because he was the one who was driving the car at the time. Tommy decides to defend her in traffic court, but when she fails to show up, he has to stall things, with the help of Ben, Eve and Kelly; the character witnesses. This doesn't last long, however, and the trial gets underway without her. When June Archer shows up with MCTV to record the proceedings, Ben, Eve and Kelly fear Maris will see their statements anyway and fire them. Meanwhile, Leo and Sara get into an argument over who the better driver is between them, which culminates in a race around the grounds that does more damage than they ever could've imagined.

"Love and Maris" 22 214

When Maris receives a break-up letter from Alexander Kingsley, she goes on the warpath and the servants retreat to the basement until the storm passes. Maris' problematic history with men prompts the servants to recall their own romantic misadventures through a series of clips. In the meantime, the servants get into a contest over who knows the most about their partners; Tommy and Sara are mortified when they rank dead last.

"Maris Tussauds" (Part 1) 23 215

Maris announces that the Madam Tussauds wax sculpture museum in London has created a new figure in her likeness, and she will be taking the entire staff there for the grand unveiling. The servants are excited at the chance to see the sights in England, while Ben takes the opportunity to visit his parents when he discovers they are getting re-married. Ben encourages his friends to join him at the wedding, seriously needing their support and ability to get him hammered to survive the embarrassment. However, other obligations get in the way, and Ben finds himself left alone at the ceremony. Leo is convinced that he saw Sandy Stone and his father, Alexander Kingsley, at a pub, and forces Tommy into a wild goose chase, which culminates with them getting sent to jail overnight for disruption. To make matters worse, a drunken phone call from Ben expressing his anger towards them for not showing makes the police convinced that they are wanted for treason.

"Maris Tussauds" (Part 2) 24 216

Eve hits it off with a handsome businessman at the pub and winds up sleeping with him, making her feel dirty afterwards as she has never had a one-night stand. She eventually gets to the ceremony and is horrified to realise that the man was actually Jeremy, Ben's older brother. Jeremy tells Ben about the "babe" he met earlier, making Ben jealous. Kelly and Sara, on the other hand, have accidentally joined a tour of London with seemingly no end in sight, and after getting off at a bus stop, they realise they are lost. The next day, everyone manages to get their act together as the unveiling party for Maris' sculpture gets underway, but Ben is mad at his friends for not showing their support the night before. The servants agree to put aside their differences and make it up to Ben, and they go on a wild tour of Madam Tussauds, which ends in the Hall of Forgotten Icons with an unexpected kiss between Ben and Eve after they have an argument about her one-night stand.

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