First appearance Vintage Roz: "Roz Through the Looking Glass" (9.01)

The Deep End: "What You Leave Behind" (8.01)

Last appearance Vintage Roz: "Blind Ambition" (12.22)

The Deep End: "Just Business" (10.20)

Guest appearances Vintage Roz: 8.16, 8.17, 8.18, 8.19, 8.20, 8.21, 8.22, 15.18, 15.19, 15.20, 15.21, 15.22

The Deep End: 5.19, 11.04
Widowers: 1.16

Mark Flint is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Vintage Roz and The Deep End.

Vintage Roz

Mark first appears in Season 8 when he directs a commercial featuring Dino Luther's son, and is a main character beginning with Season 9. He soon meets and hits it off with Roz Doyle, who moves in with him and helps him to run Café Blossom. In Season 10, Mark re-unites with his estranged son, Kyle, and develops a close bond with him. He and Roz also marry. Mark is devastated in the Season 11 finale when Kyle dies from apparent smoke inhalation, and leaves Bloomer for a brief period in Season 12 to deal with his grief. Mid-way through the season, Mark returns, and is dealt a further blow when it is discovered he has developed cataracts, and may go permanently blind. Mark's frame of mind, crossed with increasing feelings of distance from Roz, contribute to his decision to leave Bloomer on a permanent basis in the Season 12 finale.

Following three years in New York, Mark returns to Bloomer towards the end of Season 15 after being informed of Roz's condition. He re-unites with Roz, and considers relocating his charity to the town to be with her. However, Roz decides she wants to see the world, putting an abrupt end to their reconciliation. Roz dies before she can depart, but Mark spends her last night with her.

The Deep End

Mark becomes a main character in Season 8. After leaving Bloomer, he establishes a charity for the blind on a business park in Poughkeepsie. By this time Mark has become completely blind. His divorce is finalised and he befriends neighbouring business owners Chloe Nolan and Rosa Dupree. In Season 9 Mark becomes co-owner of the business park with Chloe's brother Silas. He also grows closer to Rosa but doesn't express his feelings until the second episode of Season 10. Mark proposes to Rosa mid-way through the season and their wedding is held a few weeks later. However, Noel Shempsky arrives on the day of the wedding to inform Mark of Roz's ill health. Realising he is only marrying Rosa to fill a void in his life, Mark jilts the wedding and leaves for Bloomer to be with Roz. He briefly returns a few weeks later to finalise his affairs, and makes peace with Rosa. Mark makes a guest appearance in the fourth episode of Season 11, when he stops by the business park on his way to the airport. He tells Rosa he is planning on scattering Roz's ashes across the world. Rosa declines Mark's offer to join him, feeling that it is a journey he must complete alone. Mark agrees, and leaves Poughkeepsie for the last time.

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