First appearance "Pilot" (1.01)
Last appearance "The Born Integrity" (3.24)
Guest appearances Roz: 9.13

Marta is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Guatemalan maid Marta originally appeared sporadically in Frasier. She was Maris' closest confidante, helping her flee from justice to her family's private island in the final season of Frasier.


Marta is Maris Crane's maid and her most loyal employee, having served her for upwards of twenty years and will always adhere to her crazed schemes. In the pilot episode, Marta serves as a guide for new employee Ben Cook. Much of Marta's storylines stem from her poor understanding of the English language. In Season 2, Marta enrols in an English language course and improves her skills. Sometime prior to Season 4, Marta passes away and is replaced as cleaner by Leo Kingsley.

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