First appearance "Hopelessly Demoted" (1.01)
Guest appearances Maris: 4.11, 4.12, 4.14, 4.16, 4.18, 4.22

Missy Darling is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off MCTV.


Missy first appeared in Season 4 of Maris as a bitchy TV personality on Seattle Public Access Television, the network which preceded MCTV. When Missy started gossiping and making mean-spirited jokes about Maris, Maris responded by buying out the network and firing her. Not long after, Missy was re-hired to work in the ad department after Maris came to the realisation that she underestimated her cutthroat ability.


As MCTV begins, Missy has resumed her work as a TV personality and instigates a feud with Vivian St. James, a rival talk show host. The two of them are later shocked to realise they are half-sisters. After making an effort to be civil to each other, Missy and Vivian learn they have more in common than they think and join forces for a new chat show, Sisterly Gabbing. Throughout the series, Missy feuds with Vivian on several occasions, often resulting in them temporarily parting ways. In the Season 2 finale, Missy is enraged by the merging of MCTV with a rival network when it results in a third "sister", Christina Williams, being added to the show. Feeling that Christina is nothing more than eye candy being used to hook viewers, Missy makes her discomfort known but eventually welcomes Christina and forms a friendship with her that lasts until Christina's departure in Season 4. Sometime between Season 4 and 5, Missy bids farewell to Vivian, who departs MCTV to try and make her own way in life. Missy soon realises she can't carry Sisterly Gabbing alone and puts in a request to re-tool it, making it a late-night celebrity chat show entitled Darling Tonight. Missy enjoys a brief time in the limelight before Maris announces that she has sold MCTV to a company which plans on turning it into a 24-hour shopping network. In the Season 5 finale, Missy re-unites with Vivian at the wrap-up party and they agree to continue working together, which comes to fruition in Season 6 when MCTV is relaunched as a web TV service.

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