First appearance "You Bet Your Wife" (10.06)
Last appearance "The French Reflection" (17.10)
Guest appearances 20.17

Nicolas Baudin is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Frenchman Nicolas is introduced early in Season 10. After impressing Kelly Crane and Eve Summers at a cooking event, he is hired at Maris' mansion as the new chef, replacing Ben Cook. Nicolas quickly proves to be highly opinionated and will stop at nothing to make the perfect meal. Nicolas eventually softens up and joins his fellow servants in moving to Woodinville as they get jobs at the Bear Creek Country Club Hotel in Season 14. Initially Nicolas is chagrined as he is forced to work under the equally opinionated chef Misty White, but they eventually develop an equal partnership and friendly rivalry.

Towards the end of his debut season, it is revealed Nicolas is involved in a relationship with Rupert Hunt, the editor of the Seattle Times, but their relationship comes to an abrupt end shortly into Season 11. In Season 16, Nicolas hits it off with Clyde, a friendly member of the club who enlisted Lisa Grayson to act as his "beard" for the sake of his conservative parents. Nicolas and Clyde marry in Season 17 before departing Washington to make a fresh start together in France.

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