First appearance Roz: "Pilot" (1.01)

Vintage Roz: "For a Few Dollars More" (11.01)
Widowers: "Welcome to Shady Glades" (1.01)

Last appearance Roz: "Noel Place Like Home" (16.15)

Vintage Roz: "Bon Voyage" (15.22)

Guest appearances Roz: 18.07, 18.18, 19.04, 20.09, 22.21, 22.22, 27.22, 29.08, 30.15, 30.16, 30.22, 30.24

Vintage Roz: 1.11, 5.10, 8.21, 10.17, 10.18, 10.20, 10.21, 10.22
Crane Life: 8.09, 9.16, 11.02 The Deep End: 9.05, 9.17, 10.07, 10.16
Maris: 3.07, 4.04, 8.17

Noel Shempsky is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Roz, Vintage Roz and Widowers.


Noel Shempsky is a painfully geeky Trekkie who keeps an autographed picture of William Shatner as Captain Kirk on his desk and is fluent in Klingon. His station nickname is "Noel the Mole." He is also good friends with Bill Gates, offering a Vulcan salute to Gates when he appears on Frasier's show. He works in sales at KACL. From early in the series he is in love with Roz Doyle, who does not feel the same way about him.


Noel's geeky tendencies continue long into Roz, and he remains ever determined in his quest for Roz's heart. Noel also develops friendships with Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe and Gil Chesterton, in contrast to their relationship on Frasier when he would annoy them.

Noel's role in the first five seasons is mostly minor. At the beginning of Season 6, Noel wins the lottery and quits his job at KACL. However, just over a year later, he is forced to return after blowing his entire winnings on Star Trek collectables, and refusing to sell them. During the summer after KACL's near-closure, Noel attempts to make it big as a Hollywood director, but ultimately joins re-joins the station in Season 10. Noel's thirst for fame and recognition never really dies down as a result. Towards the end of Season 16, Noel departs the station for the last time in order to pursue a relationship with Bonnie Weems.

Noel's love life on Roz remains as stagnant as it was in Frasier, until he meets Hayley, another Star Trek obsessive, in Season 8. After a brief separation period, Noel and Hayley come together again as they both want a baby. Hayley gives birth to Noel's first son, Kirk, named after his hero. However, Noel and Hayley begin to drift apart the following year and eventually he is served with divorce papers. Noel adjusts to life alone again until Season 13, when he and Bonnie enter into a relationship. When Bonnie is falsely accused of insurance fraud at the end of the season, she re-evaluates her life and returns to her hometown, Nevada. Despondent, Noel gets involved with Mayflower Industries employee Paula Sparrow, who runs the station for a brief period in Season 15. Paula experiences a lapse in sanity and ultimately retires to Aruba. Noel remains lost until halfway through Season 16, when he is inspired to follow his heart and join Bonnie in Nevada. Eventually, they marry and have a daughter together, Uhura.

Vintage Roz

Noel makes several cameos in the first ten seasons of Vintage Roz, before becoming a main character at the start of Season 11. Having divorced Bonnie, Noel attempts to build a new life for himself in Bloomer. He becomes the acting town sheriff, and clashes with many of the residents over his perceived amount of power. In Season 12, Noel harbours a crush on Lola Gouldenstein, and has a brief fling with a visiting Poppy Delafield, which later pans out to be little more than an attempt by Poppy to have her first child. Despite his initial reaction, Noel relents and provides the "means" for Poppy to do so before she departs. Noel is dismissed from his role as sheriff early in Season 13, and finds a new career as a postman alongside Laurence Post. During this season Noel finds himself growing closer to Roz, and their friendship takes a bold turn during a ballroom competition when they mutually share a passionate kiss. Noel and Roz enter into an on again/off again relationship in Season 14, which Noel ends when he realises Roz doesn't envision the same future as he does. At the end of the season, Noel has a temporary re-union with Bonnie, which comes to an end early in Season 15. After a brief absence from Bloomer, Noel returns and takes residence in a boat, but is able to stay friends with Roz. In the series finale, Noel re-unites with Poppy, who introduces him to their son Jamie, and explores the possibility of entering into a relationship with her.


Roz's death hits Noel hard, and some time after the conclusion of Vintage Roz, he makes the decision to move into the Shady Glades retirement community. Around the same time, he reunites with his old friend from KACL, Kenny Daly, who decides to move into the home with him. The two spend most of their retirement goofing around.

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