First appearance "Sophomore Slump" (2.01)
First appearance "Cancelled" (5.13)

Olivia Gardener is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off MCTV.


Olivia first appeared in the Season 2 premiere as Isaac Bradley's new agent. Olivia serves as the primary antagonist of the season, when she manipulates Isaac into leaving MCTV to work at a rival network, SBN. When Isaac subsequently breaks his contract and returns to MCTV, Olivia loses her job at SBN but is quickly snapped up by Maris to work in the ad department. Eventually, Olivia gains the acceptance of her co-workers which calms her manipulative ways as a result. In Season 5, Olivia is promoted to assistant manager of the network and finds herself forced to take on more work than she can handle while June Archer deals with personal problems. In the season finale, Olivia interviews for a position at a top ad agency after MCTV is sold to an overseas company. After getting turned down, she takes out her grievances on a portrait of Maris.

Olivia has a romantic history with Victor Kennedy. They rekindle their romance at the beginning of Season 2, but their relationship presumably comes to an end between Season 4 and 5 when Victor departs MCTV.

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