First appearance "Underground Christmas" (8.11)
Last appearance "Just Business" (10.20)

Owen Reed is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Owen is the original owner of the business park on which Chloe Nolan, Mark Flint and Rosa Dupree's businesses are located. He first appears mid-way through Season 8, and clashes with the business owners after banning all holiday celebrations on the park. However, he relents and ends up forming several friendships. Owen has an adult daughter, Bethany, whom he often clashes with over her career choices. In the Season 8 finale, Owen has an impulsive tryst with Chloe, beginning a 'friends with benefits' relationship. Season 9 sees Owen and Chloe attempting to keep their trysts hidden, but it quickly becomes public knowledge, making them realise they are officially in a relationship. At this time Owen also sells the business park to Mark and Silas Nolan, but remains on the park in a consultant capacity. Towards the end of the season, Owen moves in with Chloe. The relationship comes to an end late in Season 10 when Chloe leaves Owen over his commitment issues. Feeling there is nothing left for him in Poughkeepsie, Owen decides to move back home in the Season 10 finale.

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