First appearance "Pam Am" (13.01)
Last appearance "Golden Opportunity" (14.20)

Pam Gates is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Pam is the younger sister of Chloe and Silas Nolan, and the daughter of Adelaide Nolan and Harry Gates. She first appears in the Season 13 premiere, where it is immediately apparent that she has a frosty relationship with Chloe due to the fact that they both sided with a different parent during Adelaide and Harry's divorce. Pam agrees to put the past behind them and gets a job at the Top Banana, the café Chloe owns and runs in Poughkeepsie. In Season 14, Pam's feud with Chloe resurfaces following an incident that places the Top Banana in financial danger. Midway through the season, Pam receives a substantial amount of money in a friend's will, and uses it to buy out the Top Banana, effectively making Chloe unemployed. However, the two are brought together by the unexpected news of Harry's Alzheimer's, and they make amends. In the series finale, Pam permanently takes over the Top Banana after Chloe moves to Seattle.

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