First appearance "Star War" (2.02)
Last appearance "Poughkeepsie" (7.22)
Guest appearances 9.19

Patrick Godfrey is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Patrick is a somewhat flamboyant stage actor. He went to high-school with Susan Harper, where he and Susan pretended to be a couple to cover up their homosexuality. Patrick re-unites with Susan early in Season 2 when he becomes her new roommate. When Susan becomes joint manager of Whirlpool with Miranda Grace, Patrick is signed up as a client, but soon finds there is little work available. Season 3 sees Patrick pursue a new career; talent scouting, but by Season 5, he has returned to acting. Patrick soon develops a friendship with page Todd Barnes, and invites him to move in when he has personal problems. Their friendship takes a surprising turn in the Season 5 finale, when they share a kiss. In Season 6, Patrick moves on with his love life, thinking it was a one-time thing, but ultimately he and Todd are brought back together when Todd finally comes to terms with his sexual identity. Their relationship hits its first hurdle in Season 7, when Patrick discovers Todd had a drunken one night stand with Chloe Nolan, who is now pregnant. They separate for a few months, until it emerges that Floyd Christian is the actual father. Patrick is able to forgive Todd for his mistake, and they get back together. Towards the end of the season, Patrick proposes to Todd, who accepts. They marry in the Season 7 finale, and are last seen embarking for their honeymoon and discussing the possibility of adoption.

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