First appearance Roz: "Casablancas & Delafield" (21.01)

Vintage Roz: "P.S. I Love Oil" (5.01)

Last appearance Roz: "Same Time Next Year" (30.24)

Vintage Roz: "Total B.S." (7.22)

Guest appearances Roz: 19.10, 19.11

Vintage Roz: 2.08, 4.20, 8.21, 10.14, 12.13, 12.14, 12.15, 12.16, 15.22
Widowers: 1.14

Poppy Delafield is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Roz and Vintage Roz.


Poppy was an intern at KACL in the seventh season of Frasier. Her mother owned the station for a short time. Working with Frasier, she launched a short-lived arts show and eventually departed without explanation.


Poppy is an avid chatterbox, often driving her colleagues to despair when she corners them. She is able to talk about one subject for hours on end, and only relents to other people's input after being prompted several times. Over the course of the series, her chattiness calms down, but she often regresses back in order to control her emotions at the time.

Poppy first shows up on Roz mid-way through Season 19. Having been cut off by her mother financially, she is in search of a job and winds up suing the station for unfair dismissal after briefly working as a secretary. Roz Doyle is able to defuse the situation by resolving Poppy and her mother's differences, and Poppy isn't seen again until Season 21, when she once again becomes a secretary in an attempt to prove to her family that she can be independent. Shortly after her arrival, Kenny Daly leaves KACL and she applies for his management position. To the dismay of her colleagues, she is hired and remains in a management capacity until the end of Season 30, when she feels under-appreciated and takes up a job in the mayor of Seattle's office. Nevertheless, she keeps in close contact with her friends and ultimately gets work in the White House.

Poppy's love life is often problematic due to her tendency to fall in love with any man that gives her attention. Poppy goes on a date with Jack Casablancas early in Season 21, but it doesn't lead anywhere until the end of Season 23, when they share a passionate kiss following several misfires. After a brief sexual relationship in Season 24, Poppy and Jack decide to remain friends, but towards the end of the season they are forced to confront their intense attraction for each other, and they agree to become sex buddies with no strings attached. They are eventually exposed by Ed Piper, so they come clean to the station about their relationship and move in together at the start of Season 25. Their relationship comes to an abrupt end when Jack leaves Seattle after risking his job with KACL, but Poppy is able to move on and she finds herself growing closer to Ed. Despite a few kisses, Ed leaves for a job in China, disrupting any further chances of romance. In Season 28, Poppy enters into a relationship with Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe's illegitimate son Aaron, but is later left at the alter by him at the beginning of Season 29 due to his criminal activity. Dejected, Poppy embarks on a destructive relationship with her driving instructor, which comes to an end when he can't handle her instability. She briefly rekindles her romance with Aaron in Season 30 but dismisses any chance of full reconciliation. At the close of the series, Poppy remains single.

Vintage Roz

Poppy moves to Bloomer prior to the start of Season 5, having resigned from her job at the White House. Her relationships in Bloomer prove to be just as complicated as they were in Seattle, beginning in the Season 5 finale when she sleeps with Dino Luther. In Season 6 Poppy is delighted to discover she is pregnant, but tragedy strikes when she loses the baby mid-way through the season. Things between Poppy and Dino become strained as a result, and their relationship comes to a definitive end when his fling with Debbie Simmons is uncovered. Poppy seeks renewal in China and returns to Bloomer in Season 7 with her new-age therapist. She and Dino manage to reconcile their differences and stay friends. Poppy departs Bloomer at the end of the season to resume her political career, returning for sporadic guest appearances in subsequent seasons; most notably in Season 12 when she is impregnated by her old co-worker Noel Shempsky following a lengthy quest towards motherhood, and again in the series finale when she introduces Noel to Jamie, their three-year old son.

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