First appearance "The Golf War" (14.01)
Last appearance "Maris Redux" (20.22)
Guest appearances 13.24

Rex Grayson is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


First appearing in the Season 13 finale, Rex is the downtrodden manager of the Bear Creek Country Club Hotel. Having spent many a weekend catering to regular guest Maris' every whim, Rex's outlook on life is relentlessly bleak. His daughter, Lisa, works at the club as a secretary. Rex is unexpectedly replaced in his position by Kelly Crane when Maris reclaims full ownership of the club in Season 17. After a brief bought of unemployment, Rex becomes a child-minder for Maris' son Malcolm after developing a rapport with him. This lasts until Season 18, when Alexander Kingsley takes Malcolm and leaves Washington. Once again finding himself out of a job, Rex manages to finagle himself into a familiar role, becoming assistant manager to Kelly. He remains in this position before quitting for good after Season 20.

In Season 17, Rex enters into a casual fling with the club's chef Misty White, but feels uncomfortable for much of it due to their age difference. This contributes to his decision to end the relationship midway through Season 18, but the two find themselves drawn together once again in Season 19 when they secretly marry in order to satisfy a stipulation in the will of Misty's mother. The fun of sneaking around soon proves to be the catalyst of any enjoyment in their relationship and they break up for good once the marriage is exposed, but commit to staying friends.

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