First appearance "Meet the Knights" (10.01)
Last appearance "Golden Opportunity" (14.20)

Robin Knight is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Robin is an aspiring actress who becomes Chloe Nolan and Owen Reed's new neighbour when she moves to Poughkeepsie in Season 10. Initially living with her father Toby, it is first assumed that she never managed to jump the nest, until it is revealed that he is in fact visiting from a psychiatric hospital, where he lives most of the time due to a psychotic breakdown following his divorce. Robin signs up for Nolan Talent, becoming one of Chloe's very few clients, but her career fails to gain any real traction. In Season 12, she considers pursuing a career as a comedian, but reconsiders after rediscovering her love of acting. Wanting to be taken seriously, Robin enrols in a drama school in Season 13, and graduates with flying colours in Season 14. By the series' end, Robin's acting opportunities remain few and far between, but she finds herself in a happier place.

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