First appearance "And They Call it Klingon Love" (8.01)
Last appearance "The Show Must Go On" (9.24)
Guest appearances 6.03, 6.09, 6.17, 6.19, 7.12, 7.18, 7.19, 7.20, 13.04, 13.05, 13.06, 13.14, 17.21, 20.18, 30.15

Rose Daly is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Roz.


Rose Daly first appeared credited as "Kenny's Wife" in an eighth season Frasier episode, when she and Kenny Daly were undergoing a separation.


Rose is a demanding wife and always manages to rope Kenny into helping her, even when he doesn't necessarily want to. However, Rose also has a powerful and intelligent side, which Kenny finds attractive.

Rose first arrives on Roz early in Season 6, and it is clear that there is still a strong attraction between her and Kenny when they re-unite at a grocery store. They are ready to move in together when Kenny catches Rose making out with a deliveryman, ending their newly restored relationship. In Season 7, Rose falls pregnant and still manages to get Kenny involved in her life when her boyfriend deserts her. Eventually in Season 8 they re-unite, when Kenny realises he misses the family life. Halfway through the season, Rose and Kenny are inspired to open a matchmaking service together; a poor financial decision which results in its closure less than a year later. At the beginning of Season 9, Rose and Kenny re-marry in Las Vegas and are seemingly happy for the remainder of the season. However, sometime before Season 10, Rose and Kenny start visiting a marriage counsellor and eventually separate, citing irreconcilable differences. Rose re-marries and is seen in Palm Springs towards the end of Season 17, but she still has a lingering attachment to Kenny. Rose makes one last appearance in Season 20, once again running a matchmaking service. She makes her feelings for Kenny known, but he declines her advances, and they part on friendly terms.


Over fifteen years since her last appearance in Roz, it is learnt in Season 1 of Widowers that Rose has passed away, and she bequeaths several unusual antiques to Kenny in her will.

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