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Season 13 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Stuck in a Radio Station You Can’t Get Out Of" 1 289

Several days later, the quarantine is over, and Roz gives everyone a few weeks off to recuperate. Gil and Noel take the opportunity to renew their friendship, which was tested during the quarantine. Gil is annoyed when Bonnie becomes a third wheel during his time with Noel. Roz feels imprisoned at her chaotic household with Alice visiting and can’t wait to get back to work. However, she fears the quarantine will have caused everyone to hate each other. Hoping to resolve any differences, Roz arranges a team building workshop, much to the dismay of her employees. Meanwhile, Bulldog repeatedly scares everyone with Mr. Whiskers, the healthy mouse he made his pet during quarantine.

"Hairstory Lessons" 2 290

Roz inadvertently agrees to shave her head in support of Joan, a friendly accountant undergoing chemotherapy. When Roz is reluctant to go through with it, the employees accuse her of being unsupportive and vain. However, there is a heartfelt story linked to Roz’s reluctance, which she has difficulty sharing. Meanwhile, having shaved her head, Bonnie gives her new boyfriend a surprise on their second date. When he doesn’t call back, Bonnie and Kenny become determined to spread the word of inner beauty at the station.

"Sometimes the Condo Breaks" 3 291

When Roz wins some cash in the lottery, she and Bulldog decide to purchase a large condo. However, a slip-up leads to them spending their first week living with the cranky former residents, who refuse to leave until their time is officially up. Roz and Bulldog are forced to sleep at the station but are in for a surprise when they realise the ex-residents have changed their minds and want to stay in the condo. They head over to the house for a confrontation, a task made more difficult when Noel, Gil, Bonnie and Kenny show up to throw a housewarming party.

"Blaming of the Shrew" 4 292

Rose returns to town, revealing her murder mystery business is in dire financial straits and proclaiming that she wants to get back together with Kenny. Infuriated that she continues to flit in and out of his life, Kenny realises that part of him wants to get back together, too, but he is concerned that she is merely trying to get a cash injection for her business. Noticing how torn he is, Roz attempts to cheer Kenny up and is inspired to get him a puppy after he falls in love with an employee's visiting dog. However, she starts to grow concerned about Kenny’s state of mind when he names the puppy after Rose. Meanwhile, Bulldog discovers the joys of getting Gil to fight with his callers.

"Above Thy Neighbor" 5 293

Roz wants to get to know her new neighbours, but Bulldog is reluctant to reveal himself because, as a 25-year old, he ticked off several condo owners in the neighbourhood with his prankster ways. Worried his shameful past will come to light, Bulldog devises a series of lies to deter Roz from befriending the neighbours, leaving Roz thinking they are an assortment of the vilest wrongdoers in America. Meanwhile, Kenny and Rose once again go to marriage counselling and get stuck with an obnoxious therapist who is more interested in running up the bill than solving their problems. Bonnie enlists Noel’s help to pose as her successful boyfriend in an attempt to one-up her smug ex-lover.

"Last Hurrah for Kenny and Rose" 6 294

Kenny and Rose try out a new approach to their marriage; bottling up their feelings. However, they soon find they enjoy the challenges their arguments bring and start doing it more often. When an argument leads to Rose kicking Kenny out of the house, Roz is left comforting Kenny once again, while Rose returns to her murder mystery business. Alongside Kenny, the gang follow Rose to the business, where their efforts to reach any conclusions about their relationship are tempered by the murder mystery everyone is expected to solve. Meanwhile, secret lovebirds Noel and Bonnie search for a place to make out.

"Messenger in Despise" 7 295

Roz discovers Noel and Bonnie making out in the broom closet and agrees to keep it a secret until they are ready to tell people. When Noel and Bonnie make Roz their official messenger to each other when they’re apart, she begins to resent it but keeps it up because she feels guilty for invading their privacy. When Noel calls her out of an important meeting with a ridiculous task; Roz decides to exact revenge, and delivers a message to Bonnie which says he loves her to stir things up. However, Bonnie is delighted, and Noel is unsure of why he is getting so much affection from her all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Gil campaigns for a new refrigerator in the staff lounge.

"Necks of Kin" 8 296

When Bulldog begins to have neck spasms, an employee recommends he sees his chiropractor, Dr. Marvin West. Bulldog reluctantly goes but is relieved to find all he needs is medication for a couple of weeks. Bulldog waits with Marvin until his next appointment arrives, and the two of them end up becoming good friends. Bulldog invites Marvin to meet his family, infuriating Roz because of such short notice. Nevertheless, she is able to whip up a delicious meal, and she forgets about her anger after meeting nice guy Marvin. As the three of them start spending more time together, Marvin’s true motives are revealed when it becomes apparent that he thinks Bulldog is gay, in denial and stuck in a loveless marriage. Meanwhile, Noel and Bonnie get caught up in a web of lies when they fail to inform each other about the numerous cover-ups they have made to keep their relationship secret.

"The Latest Story Ever Told" 9 297

Gil accidentally gets himself locked outside his house in the middle of the night, and searches for somewhere to sleep. He eventually tries Noel’s place and catches him in a compromising position with Bonnie. Gil is stunned by this revelation and plans to tell everybody at work the next day, forcing Noel and Bonnie to stay up the whole night to change his mind. They soon realise that it’ll come with a price and are eager to uncover the source of Gil’s grudge against Bonnie. Gil finally reveals the truth, when a flashback details an unseen incident which took place on Bonnie’s very first day, several years earlier. Meanwhile, a hooting owl keeps Roz and Bulldog awake; and an insomnia-stricken Kenny goes on an impromptu night tour of the city.

"My Faire Lady" 10 298

Roz asks the radio personalities to endorse an upcoming renaissance fair on their shows. Gil refuses to do so after a humiliating experience at the fair three years ago but promises to change his mind if Roz endures the place with him. There, Roz and Gil are confused for a couple, and Gil enjoys taking advantage of the old fashioned values when Roz is forced to obey him. Roz slips out for a few minutes to give Bulldog a call, who promptly shows up to challenge Gil to a joust for Roz’s honour. Meanwhile, Noel realises for the first time how much Bonnie bosses him around and seeks revenge by dragging her to the fair; and Kenny tries to get over Rose by winning the hearts of a maiden or two.

"Flight of the Living Dead" 11 299

Bulldog whisks Roz away to Palm Springs for their anniversary, and because they failed to inform anybody, Noel convinces the employees that she has gone missing and must be searched for. Roz and Bulldog return two weeks later to find that they have been declared dead, and must do whatever it takes to set things straight. Bulldog, on the other hand, decides to take advantage of his new “deceased” status. Roz tires of repeatedly horrifying the people she knows with her “resurrection” and plans to reveal the truth on the local news. However, Bulldog’s money-making schemes are ruined as a result, leaving many angry people in his wake. Meanwhile, Gil enlists Kenny's help to go undercover at a restaurant to investigate the change in its menu, having been banned for his harsh reviews of the place.

"Valentine’s Day" 12 300

Love is in the air at the station as Valentine’s Day approaches. Roz decides to throw a fabulous Valentine’s party, while Bulldog is panicked into doing something extravagant for Roz on the special day. After talking to several employees, he is convinced that having a second wedding (although technically the third) will make the perfect gift. He persuades Roz to give him full control of the party planning and arranges the perfect romantic scene. Unfortunately, the day is a disaster when the several Valentine’s cakes Roz ordered show up designed as something highly inappropriate. To make matters worse, Bonnie and Noel have picked today to announce their relationship to the staff, essentially stealing Roz and Bulldog’s thunder. Gil uses his food connections to restore the cakes while Bulldog hurriedly tries to get the focus back on the wedding, all before Roz’s arrival.

"Glazed Donuts" 13 301

Bebe Glazer returns to troll for clients at the station, and the employees are beginning to notice how bad she has become at her job. Bebe has gained weight, lost her boyfriend and is smoking again, so Roz decides to help her. She refers to Bebe’s long history of trickery to help bring out the devil inside, and Noel is roped into helping out. Unfortunately, the two of them end up making Bebe’s inner devil even worse, and now she’ll stop at nothing to give her clients the things they need. Meanwhile, Gil helps Noel find a six-month anniversary present for Bonnie, subconsciously giving him bad ideas because of his disdain over the relationship.

"Roz, the Emotion Picture" (Part 1) 14 302

Roz struggles to interpret a wedding photo in which she looks less than excited to be getting married to Bulldog. Through flashbacks, events leading up to the picture being taken are shown, on the hectic night of their wedding rehearsal. Bulldog had arrived on the scene drunk, causing Roz to go into an in-depth analysis of their future, while Bulldog and Gil were once again fighting over who got to be Bulldog’s best man. In the meantime, Kenny and Rose were frantically working to restore Roz’s wedding dress, after a careless guest spilt motor oil all over it.

"Roz, the Emotion Picture" (Part 2) 15 303

After reminiscing about her hectic wedding rehearsal, Roz ponders over her happiness and wonders if that much has changed since the photograph was taken. To ease Roz’s mind, Bulldog searches for a photo of a happy time together after their wedding and discovers one which was taken just a few years earlier. It is a success, and Roz feels better about their future. That is until Bulldog figures out that the photo was taken when Jake Hoskins was in Seattle. Once again flashbacks reveal the events leading up to the photograph, which sees Roz fretting over telling Bulldog about her tryst with Jake and a side-story involving Noel’s beloved camera.

"The Falling Out" 16 304

Bulldog’s neck starts to act up again, but he is reluctant to book an appointment with his chiropractor Dr. Marvin West after an incident a few months earlier. Roz finally persuades him to go, and West apologises for the incident and invites him and Roz to his parents’ penthouse for dinner. Roz is overcome with guilt when she inadvertently “outs” Marvin to his parents, and attempts to help them through this revelation while making amends with the angry doctor. Roz soon finds, however, that Marvin’s forgiveness comes with a hefty price. Meanwhile, Bonnie tries out a free hair dye, which tests her relationship with Noel when he fails to recognise her as she walks past him.

"Three Proposals" 17 305

Roz discovers Noel looking at engagement rings, and rumours spread all over the station. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, Roz promises raises if everyone keeps their mouth shut. Noel plans on popping the question to Bonnie over a romantic dinner, where a few employees, including Gil, hide behind their menus on a nearby table. Noel quickly realises their presence and leaves, prompting him to shift the proposal to another night. He sets up a series of romantic events for an evening in the botanical gardens, and Bulldog blows his cover after getting stung by a bee. Furious, Noel decides to get the proposal over and done with the next morning at the station, in the poorly-lit janitor’s closet. Bonnie reveals she has been onto him the whole time but accepts his proposal anyway – then the closet door breaks, showing Roz, Bulldog, Kenny and Gil to be among the many employees listening from outside.

"Road Trip" 18 306

To celebrate Noel’s engagement, Bulldog, Gil, Noel and Kenny hit the road for a weekend of wild, alcohol-consuming fun in a Winnebago. The trip is a nightmare when the Bulldog accidentally hits a deer, so Gil attempts to relieve the tension by finding them a nice dinner. However, a series of mix-ups leads to Gil acquiring pot, mistaking it for a local delicacy. As the four of them debate over what to do with the deer, the pot ends up sending them on a very different kind of trip. Meanwhile, Noel’s parents come to town unexpectedly, leaving Bonnie and Roz to deal with them in Noel’s absence.

"Boys Will Be Girls" 19 307

Roz and Bulldog debate whether to let Stuart have a sleepover with his friends. Roz is worried about the damage they may inflict on the household while Bulldog is convinced they should let "boys be boys." Roz eventually changes her mind and allows Stuart to invite three of his friends over. Bulldog is horrified when he stumbles in on the three of them wearing women’s clothing and questions his son’s sexuality. Roz fails to see the problem, believing them to be fooling around but Bulldog is determined to do something about Stuart’s possible homosexuality. He enlists Noel and Kenny’s help for a day of “straight guy” activities, while Gil feels excluded when he isn’t asked to go with them. Bonnie informs Roz of Bulldog and Noel’s quest, and they set out to stop them from corrupting Stuart’s mind.

"Wedding Invitations" 20 308

Noel and Bonnie start dispensing tasks to everybody for the wedding plans, leaving Gil feeling left out when they don’t give him a duty. To make Gil feel better, Bonnie puts him charge of the invitations, and he is delighted. However, a typo in the invitations results in the guests believing it to be a nude wedding. Bonnie thinks that Gil did it on purpose because of his dislike for her. The truth comes out in a surprising fashion at Noel’s bachelor party, a hastily thrown-together affair caused by Bulldog’s lax attitude towards work.

"Breaking Up is Hard on Your Wallet" 21 309

Years earlier when Roz and Bulldog were first dating, many employees at KACL doubted that the relationship would last. Bets were made involving their breakup, and the first victor was Noel, who had made simultaneous bets every month until their annulment. Through flashbacks, we see how the first Bulldog-run “betting ring” secretly operated in the basement – and the hell raised when Roz found out. Meanwhile, in the present day, Roz is outraged to learn that the betting ring is still going on, this time run by Bonnie and the KACL employees whom she informed of the scheme. Roz orders Bonnie to dismantle the ring, but gets in on the action when she discovers just how much money it is making. Roz becomes Bonnie’s “unseen” boss, giving orders while out of the public eye, and Bonnie begins to get sick of it. She stops taking bets and informs the employees of Roz’s involvement in the charade. Facing potential lawsuits, Roz promises everyone their money back and is forced to stage another breakup with Bulldog to make that happen.

"You Are Cordially Indicted..." 22 310

Noel and Bonnie’s wedding day hits a minor snag when Bonnie is accused of insurance fraud and arrested. At the police station, Bonnie reveals a hidden part of her past; when she worked for a former lover, Steve Sherman, at his insurance company. Noel worries that Steve is out to get Bonnie for the messy way their relationship ended and after hearing Steve’s side of the story, he begins to reconsider the marriage. When evidence suggests that Bonnie has indeed been framed, Noel teams up with Kenny to come up with a plan of rescue. Things get off to a shaky start when Steve links Noel to Bonnie’s case, and it’s only a matter of time before he is sharing a cell with Bonnie. Gil and Bulldog are dealing with a crowd of hundreds waiting by the station for the ceremony. The season ends with a cliff-hanger as the trial gets underway; meanwhile, Noel awaits his fate.

  • Bonnie Weems's last appearance as a main character.

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