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Season 1 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Pilot" 1 1

Roz develops a reputation as a hard-ass after yelling at Noel on her first day running KACL. Worried that she can’t be the employees’ friend now that she is their boss, Roz plans a party for everyone at the station to show that she is still the same woman. Things inevitably go awry when an old-fashioned game of Spin the Bottle gets out of hand due to Bulldog’s eagerness to kiss Roz, and Gil repeatedly criticises her snacks. The next day, Roz is still being called a hard-ass, so she impulsively gives everyone the day off. However, the station owner is outraged with what she has done and forces her to take over all the shows for the day, including the newly re-instated Gonzo Sports Show. As Roz wrestles with difficult callers and subjects she knows nothing about, she begins to wonder whether her new career is as glamorous as she anticipated.

"One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest" 2 2

Gil gets the flu and finds himself struggling to review restaurants for his show, no longer being able to taste. When he inadvertently gives a rundown fast food restaurant a rave review, he is so distraught that he quits. Roz is forced to audition for a replacement, but with time running out, she realises that she must convince Gil to return to KACL by helping to reclaim his dignity. Meanwhile, Bulldog loses his traditional horn and is forced to hire Noel to help him with sound effects on the Gonzo Sports Show.

"To Be or Not to Bebe" 3 3

Bulldog re-hires Bebe Glazer as his agent, but Roz is angry after finding out that he is still angling for a better job than the one he has at KACL. When Bebe gets him a spot on a television deodorant commercial, Bulldog is forced to choose between furthering his career or keeping Roz as his friend. Disgusted at the ethics he has been reduced to, Bulldog takes Gil and Noel for a "depraved" guys night out which ends in calamity. Bulldog finally turns down the commercial offer and Roz is delighted, but both find themselves faced with the wrath of Bebe as a consequence.

"Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore" 4 4

Alice is spending more time with her new friend and Roz begins to miss her. She encourages Alice to invite her friends over for a slumber party but only embarrasses her. For the first time, Roz feels truly middle-aged and becomes determined to recapture her youth. When Roz shows up at the station wearing a leather jacket and talking in lingo that nobody understands, Noel decides to stage an intervention. Bulldog loves her Roz's outgoing personality, which may be just the thing needed to snap her back to her senses. Meanwhile, Gil tries out some new dialects when a caller criticises his "phoney" British accent.

"Noel’s Arc" 5 5

Noel loses his groove after making a mistake in the middle of a show and enlists the help of Roz to get it back. As they spend more time together, Roz begins to wonder if Noel has ulterior motives and is convinced that he is trying to win her heart. Just as Noel is starting to get back his old skills, Roz spoils it by overreacting to a light-hearted comment, and he locks himself in the bathroom right before he is needed on a show. Meanwhile, Bulldog struggles to take his eyes off his new producer in the wake of a recent verbal warning.

"Motherhood of the Roz" 6 6

KACL is forced to undergo a lockdown when a mysterious substance is released into the air ducts. Roz feels guilty because she promised to watch her daughter perform in the school play. Bulldog takes the opportunity to hit on all the chicks but doesn’t anticipate their decision to team up and get revenge. Gil is forced into the kitchens to make food for the hungry staff. Noel accidentally causes further panic after spilling perfume everywhere.

"Everybody Loves Bulldog" 7 7

When Bulldog’s inappropriate comments get to be a little too much for Roz, she formulates a petition to have the station owner discipline him. In the process, she is dismayed to learn that everybody at KACL loves Bulldog and becomes determined to find out why. Roz discovers that the staff are faking because Bulldog still has access to the station records and knows many of their dirtiest secrets, so she encourages them to join her in getting revenge. As they set their plan in motion, Roz becomes more concerned about a secret of her own coming out. Meanwhile, Gil brings his cat to the station in an attempt to make it the new mascot.

"Kill Gil" 8 8

Gil grows increasingly paranoid when a series of events suggests that he is being fired. He turns on his co-workers and is banished to the midnight shift as a result. When nobody gives him a call, Gil winds up falling asleep in the booth and dreams of the KACL gang plotting to kill him. The following morning, an exhausted Gil, plagued by his nightmares, confronts the staff with his accusations. Meanwhile, Bulldog goes to great lengths to find the person responsible for writing an inflammatory message on the walls of the bathroom.

"Hey Bulldog" 9 9

When Bulldog moves in with Roz while his apartment is being fumigated, he winds up becoming addicted to one of her trashy romance novels. Roz likes it when he starts saying romantic things he picked up from the novel until she discovers his source. Meanwhile, Gil finds himself being stalked by the surly son of a restaurant owner he criticised.

"Coffee for Entertaining" 10 10

The gang gather at Café Nervosa when they learn it is changing hands. Roz is panicking about meeting Alice’s first boyfriend. Later she runs into Dr. Niles Crane and Daphne Moon, who are there arguing over something that happened at home. Gil meets the new owner at another table and tries to convince him to serve food that he likes. Bulldog and Noel have blind dates and squabble over who gets whom.

"My Dinner with Eugene" 11 11

Roz has dinner with Eugene Taylor, the owner of the station, to discuss her future. Roz makes the mistake of telling him that she doesn’t envision an extended stay with KACL, and finds herself being shunned by him at work the next day. Afraid that she’ll be replaced, Roz enlists the help of Gil to learn the art of sucking up and manages to jeopardise Eugene's marriage in the process. As Gil denies any involvement in the charade, Roz tries desperately to fix the marriage before she loses her job.

"The Station Manager" 12 12

As her six-month anniversary of running KACL approaches, Roz learns that the staff must write evaluations on her management, so she goes out of her way to make sure they're favourable. Bulldog takes advantage of the situation. Gil, annoyed that Roz cut his show down by thirty minutes, decides to write a bad review but can’t bring himself to send it, so he enlists Noel’s help. Noel, who doesn’t want to see Roz leave, sneakily changes what Gil wrote, and somehow manages to make the situation worse.

"Brainless in Seattle" 13 13

Roz is dismayed when she overhears a new employee insinuating that she is ditzy. When Bulldog manages to make her look even more brainless through his interference, Roz is distraught and realises that it is because she has a crush on the employee that made fun of her. Knowing that office romances never work, Roz seeks out a loophole and banishes him to the filing department. Although happy that she can pursue a relationship with him, Roz feels guilty for derailing his career. Meanwhile, Gil's chair breaks and he has trouble finding a replacement that suits his impossibly high standards.

"Breaking News is Hard to Do" 14 14

Alice appears on a new kid's breakfast show for KACL, but Roz is displeased when she finds out that she wants to become a permanent part of the team. Worried that Alice will turn into yet another arrogant radio personality, Roz tries to convince her to reconsider and enlists the help of Bulldog to give her some life lessons - significantly corrupting Alice in the process.

"The Producer" 15 15

When Roz is unable to find a last-minute producer for the Gonzo Sports Show, she temporarily takes the job and enjoys going back to her old producing duties. After hiring a permanent replacement, Roz begins to miss being a producer and wonders if she made the right choice becoming the station manager. When Bulldog discovers her conflict, he tries to get his producer to quit, so Roz will fill her place again. Roz soon realises what Bulldog is up to and decides not to be a producer after all, remembering how arrogant her partners can be.

"Traffic Jam" 16 16

Noel’s car breaks down, so he starts sharing rides with Gil to the station. One morning they get stuck in a traffic jam and are unable to get to work on time. Gil manages to annoy a brutish-looking driver, as well as a hot-dog vendor and is desperate to get the traffic moving. Noel becomes obsessed with an expensive car, convinced that William Shatner is inside. At the station, Roz is trying to find temporary replacements for Gil and Noel and tries to convince Bulldog to lend her his motorcycle so she can pick them up from the traffic jam.

"Abby Road" 17 17

Roz gives a lecture on sexual harassment when the coffee girl complains about Bulldog, but he isn’t about to change his ways. Realising that Bulldog has only ever acted sensibly around Abby, a woman he dated for eighteen months, Roz decides to give her a call and offers her a job in the accounting department. Bulldog and Abby reconcile and start dating again but when Abby breaks up with him, Bulldog’s heart is broken, and his personality becomes more unbearable than ever.

"Rick Returns" 18 18

Alice’s father Rick shows up to announce that he is getting married, and Roz agrees to fill in as his fiancé’s bridesmaid. When she takes Alice to the wedding, she doesn’t tell her the truth about Rick, feeling that it would just upset her. She instead pretends that Rick is her brother, and he agrees to play along with the lie. When his fiancé manages to spill the beans, Roz has some explaining to do and worries that Alice will want to go with Rick back to Paris. Meanwhile, Noel holds a Star Trek convention at the station.

"A Place at the Table" 19 19

Roz invites Bulldog and Gil to a radio conference in Boston where she hopes of joining the prestigious manager’s table. When Roz gets the honour, she wants more – and learns that there is also an exclusive club behind the scenes for managers only. Realising that she won’t get in due to her lack of management experience, Roz becomes determined to prove that she is the greatest rookie there ever was. When she eventually gets into the club, she realises that all the members are neurotic snobs and quietly leaves. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Gil abuse the company credit card in Roz's absence.

"The Old Man and the SeaBea" 20 20

Roz is nominated in the Best Station Manager category at the SeaBea Awards but finds herself competing with an annoyingly cheerful man who has won several years in a row. When she unexpectedly wins the award, Roz invites the man onstage to offer her appreciation and is horrified when he drops dead of a heart attack. Feeling guilty that she deprived him of one of the few joys he had left, Roz tries to get rid of her guilt by spending time with the man's family and is conflicted when she realises that the one thing that might help them move on is if she gives them her award.

"A Match Made in Hell" 21 21

Roz unwittingly signs up for the station's new matchmaking service and winds up hitting it off with the station’s infamous attorney, Jake Hoskins. When Jake proves to be too much for her, Roz decides to break it off with him, but he keeps using his skills as a professional lawyer to persuade her into reconsidering. Worried that she’ll be stuck in an unhappy relationship forever, Roz pretends that she has had an affair with Bulldog, hoping that he’ll be upset and leave. However, she gets more than she expected when Jake files several lawsuits against the station in retaliation.

"Waiting to Inhale" 22 22

Gil criticises one of his favourite restaurants when its ambience is ruined by the addition of a smoking area, so he seeks another hangout. When he realises that the best restaurants in Seattle are all adding smoking areas, he decides to try his first cigarette, and after being caught smoking in the bathroom, Roz agrees to help him quit - a decision she soon regrets. Meanwhile, Noel prides himself on being an ex-smoker and baulks at those who still partake in the habit, but spends the day trying to sneak a cigarette from Gil anyway.

"Raging Bulldog" (Part 1) 23 23

Roz learns that the station is being renovated for a modern look and the staff are forced to do their shows in the basement. Bulldog soon tires of his new working conditions and encourages the other on-air talent to join him in a strike. Roz is ordered by the station owner to settle the strike by the end of the day, and she realises that the only way she can get through to Bulldog is if she goes to bed with him. What's more, the intense negotiations in her hot, sealed office are making her crave just that. Meanwhile, Gil gets a cold from the basement's dust, and enlists Noel as his taster, interfering in his plans to go on a hunger strike.

"Days of Whine and Rozes" (Part 2) 24 24

Roz is disgusted with herself after sleeping with Bulldog, especially when the news spreads through the station like wildfire. On the bright side, the strike gets settled, and the gang move back into the newly renovated station, where Roz is still trying to keep her dirty secret under wraps. To make matters worse, she is considering going back to bed with Bulldog. In a state of panic, she turns to her old friend Frasier Crane for advice. Meanwhile, Gil realises his cold is the perfect opportunity to sample the spicy foods he usually avoids, and Noel starts gaining weight after ending his hunger strike.

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