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Season 10 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Smells Like Lean Spirit" (Part 1) 1 217

Thanks to a chance occurrence, Roz has been able to finagle her way into becoming the owner of KACL, but a few months into her new position, ratings are at an all-time low, and she worries that her tenure will go down in infamy. Bulldog is stuck at home, taking care of a heavily pregnant Alice after his show's cancellation. Noel has trouble getting over his fifteen minutes of fame after spending the summer working on a Star Trek film with Hayley, which eventually got shelved and caused the dissolution of their relationship. Restaurant Beat, a once reliable source of ratings, is rapidly going downhill when several restaurants refuse to allow Gil in after he wrote a chain of scathing reviews about them as a freelance writer for the Seattle Times. Roz becomes determined to prove herself as owner and rallies the staff into regaining the old KACL spirit.

"Smells Like Lean Spirit" (Part 2) 2 218

Roz finds herself struggling to make decisions now that she is more aware of the impact it will have on the station's finances. At the same time, she tries to help Gil make nice with local restaurant owners, as well as helping Noel get over his 15 minutes of fame. Gil is eventually given leave to review a new Italian restaurant, but is rusty and fails to express his hatred for it in a composed manner. At home, Bulldog balances between taking care of a screaming Stuart, getting his radio career back off the ground and catering to the demanding Alice's every whim and desire.

"Bulldog Ate My Homework" 3 219

Bulldog is close to getting back into the radio business, but he struggles to convince Roz when she is afraid of what might happen. Flashbacks reveal an unseen incident; when Bulldog was worried that Roz was planning to dump him following a heated argument. Determined not to endure the humiliation of being dumped, Bulldog rallied Noel and Gil to help embarrass Roz on air. They had no hesitation to do such a thing because she had just given them pay decreases. As the scheme got underway, Roz begun to suspect something was amiss and uncovered the truth in Bulldog’s poorly hidden notes, initiating a prank war between them.

"The Boat Show" 4 220

Kenny returns and gets a job at the station. Rose has left him, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. To make up for his absence, Kenny invites several of the employees to a free boat show after receiving free tickets from his marriage counsellor. However, they are dismayed to learn it is nothing more than a sales pitch in a stuffy boardroom. When Roz steps out to use the bathroom, she returns to find Bulldog has been convinced into buying an expensive yacht. Roz orders Bulldog not to go through with the purchase, but it has always been his dream to sail the high seas. After escaping from the boardroom, Noel and Gil discover the keys to a ritzy boat docked outside. Acting on words from Kenny, the two of them decide to take a little ride on the boat, not anticipating that the man they hijacked it from is sound asleep inside.

"Six Centimetres Under" 5 221

Roz is surprised to learn her dad’s latest wife has died and reluctantly goes with him to the funeral. However, disaster strikes when Alice goes into labour in the middle of it all. With the nearest hospital an hour away, Alice is faced with giving birth in a funeral home. At the same time, Roz is struggling to divide her support between the two people she cares about. Meanwhile, Bulldog has returned to the airwaves but is dismayed to find he has more restrictions than he did under the previous ownership. Chagrined, he decides to shake things up a little with Noel and Gil's help.

"Girl’s Night Out" 6 222

The guys are excited about going to a bar after work, and Roz feels left out because she is a woman. When Bulldog explains it is a guy’s night out, Roz is determined to prove that she can have a girl’s night out anytime she wants. This leads her to realise she doesn’t have any female friends, which makes her question her femininity. Roz tries various spots around Seattle in an attempt to find a companion but ends up sitting miserable and alone beneath the Space Needle. There, she meets Joan, a woman in a similar predicament. Roz and Joan hit it off and hit the town together, running into Bulldog, Gil and Noel on their pitiful night out. When Joan leads Roz to a transvestite’s night club, Roz discovers the truth about her and feels awkward. With this realisation, Roz is left wondering where the night will go next until Joan reveals she made a similar mistake.

"Raising Willa" 7 223

When Roz is called out of town for a conference, the guys are forced to take shifts helping Alice with her newborn daughter Willa. Bulldog is tired of having another baby to take care of so he hands the job to Gil. Gil does the same to Kenny, who then leaves Noel with the chore. When Willa doesn't stop burping, Noel fears something is wrong, and the four of them are forced to work together to resolve the crisis. Luckily, Alice’s instincts kick in, and she sees herself as a mother for the first time. Roz returns shortly afterwards, revealing she was too worried about Alice to care about a conference and has been sitting at the end of the road all this time.

"Lawyer, Lawyer" 8 224

KACL goes to court when Gil is accused of making a woman fat from his fine dining recommendations. In her search for a lawyer, Roz reunites with former KACL attorney and brief boyfriend, Jake Hoskins. When Roz realises Jake is the best lawyer the station can afford; she hires him. However, she is forced to feign romantic interest when he refuses to co-operate under professional circumstances. The lawsuit goes surprisingly well until Jake starts to suspect Roz may not be sincere. Meanwhile, Gil meets with the woman who is suing him, and she makes a surprising request.

"The Mask of Noel" 9 225

Noel is invited to a ritzy costume party being held by a couple he was friends with during his brush with fame. He is dismayed to realise it was a pity invite and that his former friends have turned their backs on him. Annoyed, he spends the night watching the stars outside. A costumed woman later joins him, and they hit it off. However, Noel is conflicted when he realises the woman is his ex-girlfriend Hayley in disguise. Noel opts not to reveal his identity, resulting in a series of escalating lies. Gil, Kenny and Bulldog later crash the party in less-than-appropriate costumes, and the charade spins even further beyond Noel’s control.

"How the Roz Stole Christmas" 10 226

A chain of stressful events at work leads to Roz banning Christmas from the station. The employees fight to get it back, resulting in a strike. Bulldog is convinced there is a psychological reason behind Roz’s hatred for Christmas. Meanwhile, the Christmas party shifts to Gil’s house instead. As the employees trade many ill-thought gifts, Gil, Noel and Kenny begin to see Roz’s way of thinking. Bulldog, surprised by his friends’ lack of enthusiasm, decides to do something to make them like Christmas again. Bulldog arranges a second party, with alcohol, and the employees have a much better time. It is then Roz realises the true meaning of Christmas: it’s an excuse to drink.

"Spare Me" 11 227

When Noel complains that the employees never have company outings, Roz agrees to take them all bowling. However, the night turns out to be a disaster when Roz’s lacklustre bowling skills result in her injuring the bowling alley’s owner. To avoid a lawsuit, Roz agrees to have endorsements of the bowling alley air on KACL every day, but she soon fears that she has lost the respect of her employees and friends. Roz opts to get out of the lawsuit another way: by challenging the owner to a bowling game. Roz enlists the help of Kenny, Gil and Noel as her personal trainers, which turns out to be a bad move.

"Bebe’s Back and Better Than Never" 12 228

Roz is mortified to discover Bulldog has re-hired Bebe Glazer as his agent, hoping to negotiate a higher paycheque. However, there are more surprises to come when Bebe reveals she has found religion. Roz is convinced Bebe’s religious persona is nothing more than a front for an evil scheme – and she will do anything to uncover the truth. When Roz has nightmares involving Bebe luring Bulldog to a church and unleashing her monster within, she asks Bulldog to fire her. Bulldog gives Bebe the news over the phone, and she invites him to a local church so he can do it in person. Roz’s nightmare has begun. Meanwhile, Gil, Noel and Kenny fight over control of the thermometer, which has been acting up ever since Bebe’s arrival.

"Apocalypse Later" 13 229

When Gil injures his foot, he is forced to spend a couple of weeks on bed rest. However, he is determined not to let his fans down, so Roz arranges a miniature studio to be set up in his bedroom. Gil finds the home touch improves his show, and after his foot heals, he opts to make it a permanent change. As the weeks pass, Gil begins to get sick of watching the world progress without him, so he decides he wants to return to the station. Gil walks out of his house to find the Earth in ruins: he has sat right through the apocalypse. Stunned, Gil starts to build a civilisation and faces his inner demons in the forms of his colleagues, in this epic adventure of biblical proportions.

"Dial 'K' for Murder" 14 230

Kenny reveals his love of murder mystery weekends, and with the anniversary of his first failed marriage to Rose approaching, the others decide to arrange one for him to cheer him up. Bulldog is determined not to be the murder victim, after betting Noel he’ll figure out the murderer’s identity before him. Kenny turns out to be a mastermind on the subject, and eventually, everyone is determined to one-up him. Kenny is convinced they are conspiring to make him the murder victim and will do anything to expose their scheme.

"Gambled Eggs" 15 231

With Roz away on business, Bulldog seeks the opportunity to set up a casino in the station's basement. Unfortunately, a series of miscommunications leads to him gambling the entire station in a poker game and losing. With just one night to learn how to be a poker expert, Bulldog is determined to win the station back, scared of Roz’s reaction more so than anything else. Meanwhile, Noel takes his duty to keep unwanted guests out a little too seriously.

"Funeral Crashers" 16 232

The death of a beloved radio personality has everybody thinking about their own mortality. Noel takes to crashing funerals to understand it all, and depresses everyone with his stories. This leads Roz to organise her own funeral and has several arguments with Bulldog over the details. Kenny takes it upon himself to cheer everybody up, and arranges a company outing as a celebration of life. Unfortunately, a road accident outside a bar they decide to attend makes them even more depressed. Roz runs into the radio personality’s daughter Caitlin at the bar, and after talking to her for a while, she starts to feel a little better about the circumstances. Caitlin encourages the group to discuss how they’d like to die to let their feelings out, not anticipating their bizarre responses.

"RD-13" 17 233

Roz feels guilty when Alice berates her for watching a PG-13 rated movie with Willa in the room. Hoping to make it up to her, Roz decides to organise a child-friendly puppet show with a reluctant Bulldog’s assistance. However, a bizarre turn of events leaves Willa terrified of puppets, and Alice gets madder. Concerned she is no longer capable of taking care of kids, Roz decides to take a parenting course at the YMCA. As Roz listens to various stories about parents’ struggles with their kids, she begins to realise she is not like them at all, and is confident in herself as a mother again. Unfortunately, Alice is less than convinced.

"A Stressed Man’s World" 18 234

Roz decides it is time she got to know her employees a little better and starts spending time in the “boring” departments. When a male employee remarks she doesn’t know a thing about accounting, Roz is determined to prove him wrong and offers to do his work for the day. Roz winds up becoming entangled in a massive web of lies and deceit and has no idea of what to do. Enlisting the help of Noel, the situation turns for the worse and Roz is unwilling to go down without a fight. The employees are having a laugh riot watching Roz struggle; at the same time, this intensifies her fear that she is no longer a fun boss. Meanwhile, Bulldog is in trouble with his sponsors after praising a sports star who got arrested for speeding and comes up with a surprising plan of action to save his career.

"Smotherhood" 19 235

Alice has decided to move to Paris. Roz is having trouble saying goodbye to her firstborn, consequently smothering Stuart. As Alice prepares to leave for the airport, the group slowly say their goodbyes, all except Roz. It turns out Roz is on a road trip with Stuart, heading to Disneyworld. Now it’s up to Bulldog to make everyone happy before Alice's plane departs. Meanwhile, Alice’s desire for a family life inspires Noel to start thinking about his own future, and he stuns everyone at the bon voyage party by announcing his intention to adopt a baby.

"Adopt a Hayley" 20 236

Noel runs into his ex-girlfriend Hayley at the adoption centre, and is surprised to find she is doing the same. They agree to have a baby together, and rekindle their old romance. After numerous attempts at trying for a baby, it is confirmed Hayley is pregnant. However, Noel worries something may be wrong with Hayley when she claims her baby is an alien. Meanwhile, Roz decides to throw an early baby shower for Hayley, because she never had one for herself. Noel’s crisis delays the party, and when the impatient guests leave, Roz grows upset. Kenny, Gil and Bulldog start rounding up random people on the streets, offering them $20 to attend the shower – a decision they soon regret when they make off with all of Noel’s furniture. With no other choice, Roz reluctantly agrees to house Noel and Hayley.

"Roz of the Caribbean" 21 237

With Noel and Hayley living at the house, Roz starts spending more time in her office to get away from it all. She is surprised to meet the attorney Jake Hoskins, who makes her a surprising offer: his sister is selling her radio station in the Bahamas and she needs someone to buy. Roz is forced to make a difficult decision regarding her future and realises she’s always wanted to live in paradise. Roz opts to take Bulldog and Stuart to the Bahamas for a week so they can see it, but the three of them wind up getting stranded at the airport due to delays. This doesn’t help Bulldog’s mood one bit, and by the time they get there, he already hates the place. However, Roz begins to see Bulldog’s way of thinking when she sees just why Jake’s sister is selling up so fast.

"Gil Goes Bananas" 22 238

When his doctor informs him he needs to shed a few pounds, Gil goes overboard in dieting techniques. Later, he introduces healthy fruits and vegetables to the station, ridding of all the fattening foods in the lounge. Bulldog and Kenny are soon missing their snacks, and they opt to help Gil lose weight another way. Gil finds their verbal abuse technique amusing, and it doesn’t help his weight situation at all. However, an off-hand remark from Bulldog threatens to test their friendship and the future of the station. Meanwhile, Noel and Hayley are taking care of Stuart for the day for the experience.

"20,000 Leagues Under the SeaBea" 23 239

The staff are looking forward to the SeaBea nominations, unaware that KACL is now exempt due to a feud the previous owner had with the head organiser of the ceremony. Roz is determined to find out why, and discovers the former station owner had a rivalry with the creator of the SeaBeas, Myron Gate. Roz decides to make peace with Gate, only to find he is on his deathbed. Roz appeals to Gate’s distant daughter for help, and unwillingly gets involved in another feud. Meanwhile, Gil, Noel, Kenny and Bulldog arrange their own awards ceremony in the station’s basement, which becomes a surprising hit.

"The House That Roz Built" 24 240

When Roz realises the station is at risk of bankruptcy unless she makes a few cutbacks, she has no choice but to fire some of the employees. Gil, Noel and Kenny are all fearing they will be among the poor souls fired; however, Bulldog is confident he’ll be alright because he is married to the owner. Unfortunately, Roz is aware Bulldog’s show generates the least revenue and is forced to fire him. The others are spared, but the fear of additional firings divides them. Noel hassles Roz at the house, trying to get her recognition and praise, while Bulldog completely ignores her. Roz worries she has destroyed her family by ridding of their financial security and considers re-hiring Bulldog. The staff are strongly against it, fearing for their own jobs. Nearing a nervous breakdown, Roz decides to cool down and have a few drinks at a bar. There, she runs into Jake Hoskins again, and it is apparent he still has a crush on her. When Jake offers to give Roz a ride home, she doesn’t decline.

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