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Season 11 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"How I Met Your Marriage Counsellor" 1 241

Bonnie Weems returns to the station after a long period of absence to fill a newly vacant slot. Roz and Bulldog are trying to repair their marriage after Roz slept with Jake Hoskins, and Roz is annoyed when Bulldog skips one of their sessions for a job interview. Roz winds up having a long chat alone with the counsellor and comes to understand some of the problems in her marriage. Meanwhile, Gil reluctantly welcomes Bonnie to the station, but harbours a grudge against her because he wanted the time slot she was given; and Noel never leaves Bonnie's side due to the crush he has on her.

  • Bonnie Weems becomes a main character.
"The Bonnie Horror Picture Show" 2 242

As Bonnie settles in, rumours of why she left her nationally syndicated show spread. Roz is ashamed of the staff after hearing some of the stories and decides to throw a welcome party for Bonnie. The two of them end up becoming good friends, but Roz later fears one of the more wild stories she heard about Bonnie may, in fact, be true. Meanwhile, Bulldog gets a job selling romantic gifts over the phone and enlists the help of former "cool cat" Kenny when he has trouble fitting in with the predominantly young employees in his office.

"A Bicycle Made for Two-Thousand" 3 243

Bulldog worries he has destroyed his co-workers' drive when he tells them about the pitfalls of marriage. His boss orders Bulldog to pretend that marriage is great so the employees will sell the company’s products better. This proves to be harder than expected when Kenny starts bumming everyone out with updates on his collapsing marriage to Rose. Meanwhile, Bonnie agrees to surrender her time slot if Gil can beat her in a game of poker.

"Car Troubles" 4 244

When Noel’s car goes in for repairs, Bonnie reluctantly agrees to give him rides to work. Bonnie has not quite memorised the route to the station, and the two of them end up getting lost. To pass the time, they trade stories of their regrets and plans for the future. To make matters worse, Hayley has just gone into labour, and Noel’s cell phone has no reception. At the house, Roz and Bulldog are forced to deal with Hayley’s crazy demands. At the same time, they are excited because it means she and Noel will finally be moving out, but Bulldog worries their presence is the only thing keeping him and Roz together.

"Close Encounters of the Blurred Kind" 5 245

When Bulldog brings up Roz’s romantic past in counselling, she agrees to contact her former lovers to make peace; under one condition: Bulldog must do the same. The two of them are confident that doing so will resolve some problems, but they are too ashamed to admit that they don’t remember most of their romantic encounters. Meanwhile, Noel and Hayley start looking for an apartment, leaving Gil and Bonnie with their newborn son Kirk. Both wanting to do this favour for their friends, they take the opportunity to resolve their feud with each other, but Kirk seems destined to further the rift between them.

"Bulldog vs. Gil" 6 246

Bulldog is sick of his office job, and he wants to return to the airwaves. When he discovers an old personality is retiring from KACL, Bulldog is determined to fill his time slot. Unfortunately, it has already been given away to Gil, who has volunteered to put on more shows per week. Exacting his revenge, Bulldog calls into Gil’s show under various aliases, with crazy stories of his dining needs. When Gil suspects foul play, he directs the caller to a burger bar with countless health violations, and the cat is out of the bag. A rift is formed between the friends, which Roz manages to settle when she makes Bulldog Gil’s new producer, realising he has a knack for picking out the juiciest calls.

"The Joy of Flex" 7 247

The gang partake in a weight loss contest at the station; competing for the prize of two weeks paid vacation. Bulldog, Gil and Kenny hit the gym, while Roz and Bonnie try their own technique and go on an all-cereal diet. At the gym, Bulldog manages to provoke a heavyset bodybuilder, forcing the guys to find somewhere else. Unfortunately, they soon realise the man they provoked has friends at every gym in town, who make it difficult for them to exercise anywhere. Meanwhile, Roz grows tired of cereal when she starts to experience strange hallucinations. Bonnie becomes the envy of the other competitors, who are determined to unscramble her winning technique.

"Radio Daze" 8 248

A famous radio personality comes to the station for a final week of shows before his retirement. This encourages the gang to imagine what KACL might have been like in the 60s. Meanwhile, Bonnie reveals she was a wild party girl back in the 60s, making Noel, Bulldog and Kenny determined to unleash this side to her personality.

"That’s Entertainment?" 9 249

When the radio transmitter breaks, Roz is forced to cancel the day’s shows. Not wanting to send them home in case it’s repaired in time, Roz decides to arrange some fun activities to keep them entertained. Unfortunately, Roz’s idea of fun doesn’t bode well with the staff. Bulldog steps in and devises a list of adult games to play. Roz is all for it until she realises the kind of things Bulldog has in mind. Meanwhile, Noel is admitted to the hospital with minor electric shocks after he attempts to fix the transmitter, and Kenny takes the opportunity to test out new DJ personas on his friends.

"Happy New Year" 10 250

Roz decides to arrange an elaborate new year’s party for the staff and enlists the help of Gil as her official party planner. However, the night is a disaster when the two of them get stuck on the roof after Gil switches the location without telling her. Meanwhile, Bulldog, Noel, Kenny and Bonnie are among the guests waiting in the basement, where the original invitations told them to go. Bulldog grows impatient and breaks open the booze. As the party gets underway, the staff start getting hammered. On the roof, Roz and Gil decide to pass the time by launching the fireworks, which attracts Bulldog’s attention. Unfortunately, he is too drunk to comprehend the situation, and he gets himself stuck too. The night spins even further out of control when the staff, led by Bonnie, opt to take the party elsewhere. Roz worries about the impact this will have on the station, while Bulldog’s drunken plan to get off the roof proves less than useful.

"Roz Doyle Got Married" (Part 1) 11 251

Roz and Bulldog seem to be getting along better thanks to counselling. As a result, Roz is noticeably happier, causing her to focus less on work and making productivity suffer at the station. Roz becomes convinced the employees are conspiring to bring her and Bulldog apart to combat this. When their marriage counsellor decides they don’t need any more sessions, Roz fears that without their weekly meet-ups their marital problems will resurface. With another threat to contend with, Roz begins to wonder if she and Bulldog are really meant to be and becomes paranoid that fate is out to ruin her marriage. Meanwhile, Kenny sets out to give Noel and Hayley some humble pie when they continually infuriate everyone with their unwanted relationship advice.

"Roz Doyle Got Married" (Part 2)

12 252

Roz and Bulldog head to a mountain retreat in another attempt to fix their marriage, but Bulldog is convinced it doesn’t need fixing. The counsellors agree with him, but Roz is convinced they too are conspiring to end her marriage. As Roz and Bulldog start trying several marital exercises, Roz begins to see Bulldog’s way of thinking and apologises for acting so paranoid. The two of them proceed to re-light their flame by embarrassing another couple, who have been making them look bad ever since they arrived at the retreat. Back in Seattle, Kenny feuds with Noel and Hayley after going off on an extended rant about their relationship advice.

"Bonnie’s House of Horrors" 13 253

Bonnie invites Roz and Bulldog to a dinner party at her house so they can meet her husband. Roz notices a little hostility between the couple, and when Bonnie emerges from the kitchen with a black eye, Roz becomes convinced she is in danger. However, Bulldog warns Roz not to meddle in other people’s affairs. Refusing to heed Bulldog’s advice, Roz starts interviewing Bonnie’s friends to find out the truth about her marriage, eventually confronting Bonnie's husband. His story is entirely plausible, and Bulldog agrees that it checks out. Despite these reassurances, a stubborn Roz hires a detective ex-boyfriend to spy on Bonnie’s house.

"The Decline and Fall of Roz Doyle" 14 254

Noel, Gil, Kenny and Bonnie are tricked into thinking Roz is having a nervous breakdown by Bulldog, who is mad at her after they had an argument. When several clues suggest Bulldog may be right, Noel rallies the staff into helping Roz, and they stage an intervention. However, they get more than they bargained for when Roz finds out about Bulldog’s joke, and she decides to give them a scare by faking a breakdown. Discovering Roz’s change in behaviour, Bulldog fears he was right about her after all and becomes determined to help her. Roz enjoys watching Bulldog panic until she realises just how far he is willing to go to get her help.

"Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Sex" 15 255

When the employees tire of Bulldog’s inappropriate sex jokes, they go to Roz with their complaints. Roz asks Bulldog to tone it down, making him miserable. Roz comes up with a compromise everyone can be happy with and recommends that Bulldog writes a book of sex jokes. Unfortunately, the situation spins even further out of control when Bulldog starts asking personal questions about everybody’s sex life, in an attempt to get inspiration for his book. Roz manages to sort everything out, until prudish accountant Angelina threatens to sue Bulldog and the station for sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Gil and Kenny work to uncover a spaghetti sauce recipe that has enchanted him for generations.

"Scar Trek" 16 256

When Bonnie reveals she is divorcing her husband, everyone assumes it is because of the black eye incident a few weeks earlier. Bonnie assures the staff they are doing it for other reasons, but Noel is determined to uncover the truth. His investigation leads him straight to Bonnie’s home, where she comes onto him. After briefly kissing Bonnie, Noel is overcome with guilt and rushes home to spend time with Kirk and Hayley. He goes overboard in treating Kirk, resulting in an argument between him and Hayley. Desperate to escape the stress, Noel skips town with Kirk to take him to a Star Trek convention, where Kirk becomes afraid of the costumes. Bonnie and Hayley are not far behind, and the two of them are forced to wear spare costumes to gain entry and find Noel. Meanwhile, Roz continues to deal with the sexual harassment case.

"Unlike a Virgin" 17 257

Roz’s birthday is approaching, but what’s supposed to be a happy time turns out to be anything but when Roz is forced to deal with the sexual harassment case. Bulldog decides to make a formal apology to Angelina, hoping she'll drop the case. When Angelina reveals herself to be a virgin, Bulldog realises she’ll end the lawsuit if he sleeps with her. Not willing to cheat on Roz, Bulldog opts instead to find a man for Angelina; a harder task than he imagined. When Bulldog tells Angelina about Roz’s infidelity, she encourages him to get even. Taking his conflict to the gang, Bulldog is forced to endure stories of how Gil, Noel, Kenny and Bonnie lost their virginities, none of which really help the situation at all.

"The Devil Wears Maternity Clothes" 18 258

Bebe Glazer returns to troll for clients at the station, and the employees suspect she may be pregnant. Roz is introduced to Bebe’s latest husband, a young, up-and-coming twenty-three year old named Kurt, who proves to be a little lacking in the intelligence department. Roz soon discovers Kurt doesn’t even realise Bebe is pregnant and orders her to tell him. Bebe reluctantly does so, causing Kurt to skip town and drop her as his agent. Bebe is mortified, and everyone assumes it is because she doesn’t want the baby to be raised without a father, but it’s actually because Kurt was the only client she had left. Feeling somewhat guilty, Roz agrees to help Bebe find another client and lets her stay on as a receptionist at the station in the meantime, much to the staff's dismay. Meanwhile, Noel and Kenny set out to cheer Bonnie up when her divorce is finalised.

"Last Tango in Seattle" 19 259

When Roz and Bulldog are invited to a friends’ wedding, Roz is flooded with memories of their own wedding reception, where Bulldog refused to dance in fear of embarrassing himself. When Roz reveals she would’ve liked to have had a proper first dance as man and wife, Bulldog decides he owes it to her and takes up dancing lessons. Roz is excited until she realises she needs a few lessons herself. Roz and Bulldog are assigned to the same class, where they find their desire to dance with each other is overshadowed by their desire to outdo each other. Meanwhile, Noel and Kenny decide to take up dancing themselves and, to Noel’s utter dismay, he is mistaken for Kenny's lover.

"Damien Rises" 20 260

Bebe is close to re-launching her career as an agent, but she fears her hormones will put a strain on her abilities. Soon, Bebe discovers that her pregnant belly is just what she needs to get people’s sympathy during negotiations. Unfortunately, a child-hating agent isn’t swayed by her latest scheme. Bebe turns to Roz for help, deciding it is time she tried a different approach. However, chaos ensues when Bebe goes into labour in the middle of a confrontation that could make or break her latest client's career. Meanwhile, Bonnie decides to get back on the dating circuit and asks Noel to accompany her for the night. However, Noel's fear that Bonnie wants to be more than friends repeatedly ruins her chances with attractive men. Gil, Noel and Kenny throw a secret party to celebrate Bebe's expected departure.

"Gil’s Island" 21 261

Gil is amazed when he realises his god-father has left him a small Hawaiian island in his will. To celebrate, Gil invites the gang to join him for a vacation on the island, where they encounter the Chestertons. Roz is excited at the chance to meet Gil's reclusive family after so many years, but Gil is less enthusiastic. As Roz meets everyone, Gil is determined to keep an embarrassing family secret under wraps. Meanwhile, Bulldog ropes Noel and Kenny into helping him hunt for the evening’s meal. Bonnie and Hayley are surprised to find the island isn’t as private as they thought when they stumble upon a small village full of people who despise the Chestertons.

"Quiet Desperation" 22 262

Roz is surprised to learn her deaf ex-boyfriend Clint has come to the station to service the electricity. Not wanting to leave things in a bad way, Clint invites Roz and whoever she may be dating to a dinner party he is holding, but he freaks out when he realises she is married to Bulldog. The dinner party turns into a disaster and Clint is unwilling to believe Roz and Bulldog love each other. Determined not to let this pass, Roz decides to prove her feelings for Bulldog but is conflicted when an insecure Bulldog cracks several jokes about Clint. Roz wonders how Bulldog could say something so hurtful until she realises that Clint hasn’t exactly been expressing himself in a mature manner either.

"Brothers Are Doing it for Themselves" 23 263

Gil’s brothers Bill and Phil resurface at the station, and everyone is less than enthusiastic to see them. Bill wants to put on a magic show for everybody now that he is in the magician’s alliance, while all Phil wants to do is show off his beautiful new girlfriend. Gil is convinced Bill is stuck in a dead-end career and Phil’s girlfriend is only in it for the money, but he refuses to meddle in their lives. However, Gil’s concerns come true when Phil’s girlfriend vanishes, along with his credit cards. Once again pushed into helping his brothers, Gil blows a gasket when Bulldog refers to him as Mr. Fix-It and vows never to help anyone again. Later, the station comes to appreciate Gil’s busybody persona when several people realise they desperately need his advice. All the while, Bill and Phil refuse to admit they need his help.

"A Space Oddity" 24 264

Stuart is going to NASA for a school trip, which encourages the gang to think about space exploration. Noel reveals he always dreamed of being an astronaut as a child, but his lack of athletic ability made him the least likely candidate. Bonnie shares a similar dream. Feeling sorry that they never achieved their goals; Roz signs up the gang up for a day trip to space, using the money she inherited from her grandfather. The staff are initially excited about flying through the stars until they realise none of them has any clue what they need to take. Roz is forced to dig further into her savings to get them all trained. As the rocket launches, the employees bond with each other through various stories, and Gil spends the entire time criticising the authentic astronaut food they were given for their lunches.

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