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Season 12 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Scavenger Hunt" 1 265

KACL are competing in a scavenger hunt against KPXY, but encounter several obstacles. Roz and Noel must find a picture of a cranky radio personality smiling, something which he rarely does. This challenge is made increasingly difficult when Noel accidentally touches on a sensitive subject, causing the man to cry non-stop. Bonnie is forced to overcome her fear of heights with Kenny's help when one of the challenges requires her to find an opened parachute. Bulldog agrees to accompany her on the plane but winds up being roped into making the jump with her. Gil has to persuade a former radio star to leave behind his life of luxury and come out of retirement.

"The Lying, the Rich and the Wardrobe" 2 266

Bulldog discovers Roz always dreamt of marrying a millionaire and feels ashamed for not living up to her expectations. Determined to fulfil at least one of her desires, Bulldog sets on putting together her dream wardrobe and devises several get-rich-quick schemes. His quest escalates to the point where Roz stumbles upon Bulldog holding a pyramid scheme in their basement. Roz orders him to put an end to it, but they find themselves up against a loan shark who turns out to be more annoying than he is a threat.

"Whine Dining" 3 267

After hiring an agent, Gil is asked to replace a retiring food critic on public access TV, but a slip-up forces him to audition for the part. When he learns the producers would rather have an all-American guy, Gil asks Bulldog and Kenny to teach him an American accent, but the two disagree on their approach. Meanwhile, Bonnie starts dating a fashion designer whom everybody at the station thinks is gay.

"The French Disconnection" 4 268

Roz heads to Paris for Alice's wedding. At the ceremony, she is surprised to find Alice is not getting married to Willa’s father as she initially thought, but an older, wealthy man. Roz tries to convince Alice not to marry someone she doesn’t love and discovers what her daughter truly thinks of Bulldog in a heated argument. Back in America, Noel fills in for Roz during her absence and becomes a power-mad dictator.

"Fear and Clothing" 5 269

Roz inadvertently gets a subscription to a trashy women’s magazine and has difficulty in trying to cancel it. Soon, Roz is fighting off an unwanted reputation at the station, and even Bulldog believes the rumours. Determined to quell the rumours, Roz takes drastic steps that end up making the situation worse. Meanwhile, Kenny becomes fascinated with a model in one of Roz's magazines who resembles his ex-wife, Rose.

"The House of Haunted Gil" 6 270

Gil reluctantly allows a meeting to be held at his house while the conference room is being re-carpeted, and discovers the employees use the meetings as an excuse to get drunk and play games. Noel believes Gil’s house is haunted after he encounters something strange in the hall, and manages to gain several believers. Bulldog and Bonnie search for the truth and begin to doubt Gil’s intentions for the night when they stumble upon several unusual items.

"Least Likely to Succeed" 7 271

Roz uncovers her high-school yearbook and recalls her outrage over the time she was voted "least likely to succeed". Determined to prove her ex-classmates wrong, Roz makes plans to attend a reunion to rub her success in their noses. When the night arrives, Bulldog is horrified to learn Roz has hired a male escort to pose as her handsome, successful husband, because she is too afraid of what her classmates may think of him. Seeking vengeance, Bulldog crashes the reunion under the alias Buzz Dudemeister, a deliberately obnoxious and annoying jock. Meanwhile, Kenny looks up his high-school friends on the internet and organises his own reunion in the station basement.

"You Bet Your Life" 8 272

Roz travels to a radio conference at a casino in Vegas, where she runs into Jen, the former KACL secretary, and her husband, Andrew Webber. Roz becomes jealous of Jen’s overnight success and has to make a life-changing decision when Jen offers to buy KACL from her for a large sum of money. Back in Seattle; Gil, Kenny and Bulldog squabble over who should be Roz's temporary replacement, in light of Noel's recent reign of terror.

"The Bald and the Beautiful" 9 273

A made-over Bonnie has everybody at the station concerned about their own appearances. After their poorly made toupees are insulted, Bulldog and Noel decide to go into business and make their own. Soon, their designs are a hit among bald men all over Seattle, and Bulldog is excited about the money-making opportunity. When Noel refuses to leave the station to market the toupees in other states, Bulldog searches for an apprentice to take his place. At the same time, he must handle the investors awaiting his presentation in the basement. Unfortunately, the presentation is bungled when Noel, angered about being replaced, connects an unrelated outbreak of lice to Bulldog’s product. Meanwhile, Kenny and Gil delve into the world of girdles.

"The Stung" 10 274

Attorney Jake Hoskins returns to troll for clients at the station, and Roz is reluctant to do anything about it because of their tryst. Bulldog takes the opportunity to give Jake a piece of his mind but is dismayed to realise he is actually a nice guy and regrets sleeping with Roz. When Jake offers to take Bulldog to a basketball game to make up for his misdeeds, Bulldog happily accepts, and the two of them become friends. However, Bulldog has some explaining to do when Roz finds out about it. Bulldog refuses to listen, but when Jake takes off with half of the station’s money, he reluctantly turns to Roz for help, and they come up with an elaborate sting to get back the money.

"A Day at the Opera" 11 275

Noel becomes addicted to soap operas after coming down with the flu. A disturbing dream unfolds as Noel wakes up in a horrifying soap opera world, where everybody is cheating on their loved one and hiding juicy secrets. Determined to escape this nightmare, Noel realises he must help his friends overcome their issues and enlists the help of a dream traveller who looks remarkably similar to Frasier Crane. Back in reality, Roz searches for a temporary replacement for Noel but fails to pinpoint his actual responsibilities at the station.

"Shame" 12 276

Gil makes an appearance as a celebrity judge on Iron Chef America and revels in his fifteen minutes of fame. Gil soon finds fame is exhausting and begins to loathe his celebrity status. Hoping to diminish his reputation, Gil signs up for the show's celebrity edition as a contestant. Aware of his poor cooking skills, Gil loses the contest spectacularly when one of the judges chokes on his meal and lands in hospital, which leaves Gil's status in a much worse state than he anticipated. Meanwhile, Bonnie asks Noel to get her tickets for the next show, and Noel regrets promising to utilise his connections when he realises he no longer has any.

"Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Brain-Dead" 13 277

When Bebe Glazer resurfaces for the SeaBea Awards; Bulldog, Noel and Gil wind up being roped into taking care of her son Nathan for the night. Roz deals with the responsibility of reading Gil’s pre-written speech in the event of his victory. When Roz notices Bebe getting a little tipsy, she takes her back to the station and decides to teach her how to be a good mother. Unfortunately, this is just as the guys have managed to let Nathan slip out of their sight. Meanwhile; having never attended the SeaBeas before, Bonnie accidentally sits in on a disturbing play and does her best to get out of it without offending the emotionally fragile star, and Kenny frantically searches for an award he is eligible for after getting shafted in the usual categories.

"The Race" 14 278

Bonnie discovers her dad has passed away and heads to Nevada with Noel to identify the body. There, she encounters her estranged uncle, who helped her learn about cars when she was young. Bonnie decides to enter the annual cross-desert race in memory of her father, while Noel becomes involved in a corrupt betting ring. Noel later heads into town and is roped into seeing a psychic, who predicts a highly unexpected outcome for his journey home.

"Hypochondriacs 'R' Us" 15 279

Roz must deal with the consequences when a children’s radio personality dies on the air. While hunting for a replacement, Roz is surprised to learn the staff are due to come under health inspections to prevent repeat catastrophes. Roz feels guilty for putting her employees through humiliating tests and orders the doctors to leave. When another personality has a coughing fit in the middle of his show, Roz panics about the chaos it will cause, and regrets sending the doctors away. Meanwhile, Bulldog becomes the temporary host of Grampa Ralph's Story Hour, but his lack of fresh material doesn't sit well with fans.

"Crude Awakening" 16 280

Gil is diagnosed with a minor case of narcolepsy, causing him to fall asleep on his show and outrage his fans. Roz is forced to find someone to take Gil’s place and hires Hank, a snooty food expert whom everybody hates. However, Roz soon finds Hank’s dining recommendations are received extremely well, and allows him to stay on for a while. Meanwhile, Gil is left reeling at home because Hank is his biggest rival and becomes determined to get him off the air. Unable to do anything because of his situation, Gil stirs up a series of disasters from over the phone, leaving many angry listeners in his wake.

"Appy Days" 17 281

Roz returns to Paris when she discovers that Alice is in hospital with appendicitis. She soon takes a great disliking to Alice’s husband, who seems to be more concerned about maintaining his reputation than Alice’s wellbeing. When Roz catches Alice's husband fooling around with a nurse, her relentless desire to be believed threatens to get them all thrown out of the hospital. Back in Seattle, Bulldog sets out to "help" Kenny when it transpires that he never had chickenpox in his childhood.

"A New Position for Gil" 18 282

Noel returns, bringing with him the news that Bonnie has decided to stay in Nevada for a few months. This initiates a search for a replacement, but none of the candidates know very much about cars. After recovering from his bout of narcolepsy, Gil is dismayed to learn Hank has been brought in full-time due to an increase in ratings. As a wedge is driven between him and Roz, Gil volunteers to fill Bonnie’s timeslot and promises to learn about motor vehicles if it gets him the position. In his haste to get to his auto repair class, Gil accidentally drives onto a graveyard during a burial and has his license revoked. In the meantime, Roz is overcome with guilt for firing Gil, knowing full well that he'll be a disaster on Bonnie's show.

"Bulldog in Flight" 19 283

Jen and Andrew invite Roz onto their private jet so they can discuss business, and they reluctantly allow Bulldog to join her. However, Bulldog neglected to mention he has a crippling fear of flying, which he thought he could overcome. The entire trip is spent taking care of Bulldog and business isn’t discussed at all. When they finally arrive at their destination, Bulldog is feeling much better. Unfortunately, Jen is furious at Bulldog for ruining the trip and refuses to let him and Roz into the club. The two of them are forced to make the long trek back to their house, encountering many strange obstacles along the way. Roz spots a psychiatrist’s office and convinces Bulldog to get something done about his fear. Bulldog reluctantly agrees, but as the session gets underway, he begins to wonder just how qualified the psychiatrist really is.

"Car from the Maddening Crowd" 20 284

Gil juggles between attending traffic school and auto repair class. At the station, the employees are getting tired of Hank’s snobbish attitude. Noel and Bulldog are among those rallying for Hank's firing after they come to the realisation that Gil was slightly less annoying. Roz realises she’ll have to make a decision if she wants to keep the peace among employees, and reluctantly lets Hank go. However, she is in for a surprise when Gil refuses to come back as he wants to see his class all the way through. With Hank gone, Roz is forced to take his place, but as she knows nothing about fine dining, ratings plummet. While studying for his final exam, Gil reluctantly admits his chances are slim, and after tuning into Roz's show, he comes to her rescue. Gil agrees to work for Roz again on the condition that she helps him pass traffic school.

"U-Turning Japanese" 21 285

Roz is struggling to help Gil through traffic school, so she decides to give him some tips behind the wheel. However, when Bulldog reveals Roz has never been much of a good driver, she hires a professional instructor for Gil to learn from. Gil ends up being stuck with a cranky old woman of Japanese descent, whose teaching methods prove to be a little more extreme than Roz anticipated. Meanwhile, Kenny comforts Noel after he is served with divorce papers at work, although the big surprise comes later on when Noel reveals he didn’t even know Hayley had left him in the first place.

"SpirituNoel" 22 286

After divorcing Hayley, Noel begins to think he is destined to be with Bonnie. He becomes a believer in soul mates and the paranormal, even attempting to develop psychic abilities. Worried about Noel’s frame of mind, Roz phones Daphne Moon to set him straight. However, Daphne ends up supporting Noel’s desire to be psychic and agrees to help him make contact with Bonnie. It is then Roz realises Daphne believes Bonnie is dead and takes advantage of the situation by setting up a fake contact situation. Daphne is horrified and gives up being a psychic, making Roz feel guilty for taking away the one thing that made her unique. Meanwhile, after graduating from traffic school, Gil becomes an insufferable traffic cop at the station and comes into conflict with Kenny over a perceived parking lot violation.

"Natural Born Cowards" 23 287

Bulldog, Noel, Gil and Kenny go on a guy’s only camping trip, but begin to question their masculinity when they resort to high-tech luxuries from home to get them through the weekend. When Bulldog catches Gil asleep in their truck with the heating on, he throws out anything man-made to make the trip authentic. However, he regrets throwing away the cell phones after it is revealed Gil drained the car battery keeping his gourmet food warm. Once again devoid of any female companions, Roz searches for her own entertainment.

"Mice Capades" 24 288

The station has a mouse problem, and Roz is willing to have the pests removed anyway she can. Bulldog offers to catch the mice humanely for a small, $500 fee. When the health inspector reveals the mice may be carrying a deadly disease, the station is put into quarantine. Roz struggles to keep everything under control, and Bulldog doesn’t give up his efforts to catch the mice. Meanwhile, Gil and Noel are forced into close quarters, and for the first time, they realise how little they have in common. Bonnie later walks in on the debacle, having returned from Nevada. Her fear of tiny creatures is revealed, and Noel takes the opportunity to comfort her, hoping for a kiss in return. Gil is appalled with Noel’s motives and escapes from quarantine for some fresh air. Roz is reprimanded for not being able to keep her employees under control when Gil is escorted back onto the premises by police, and the future looks bleak as it becomes apparent that the quarantine has no end in sight.

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