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Season 14 of Roz contains 25 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"How to Lose a Girl in Ten Sentences" 1 311

Bonnie’s name is cleared after an elaborate scheme concocted by Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Kenny. Bonnie reveals that, during her time in prison, she had time to evaluate her life and has decided to leave Seattle to reach broader horizons. Months later, Noel and Bonnie are contacting each other as pen pals, and Noel is heartbroken when he receives a letter from Bonnie requesting to move on from each other and see other people. Bulldog, Gil and Kenny attempt to help Noel grieve, but Roz isn’t convinced that Bulldog’s idea of going to strip clubs and getting drunk is a solution. In his light-headedness, Noel writes a harsh letter to Bonnie and mails it. When his head clears, Noel’s drunken night comes back to him through short flashbacks. Remembering the letter, he enlists Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Kenny to join him in his Winnebago to travel across America in a desperate attempt to get it back before it reaches its destination. The next day, the group starts to follow the letter. Noel is determined not to stop for the night, but Bulldog eventually convinces him to pull over at a hotel. Bulldog helps Noel grieve the demise of his relationship, and has a surprise when Noel decides to let Bonnie read the letter after all. Roz worries that Bulldog has made the trip about revenge and attempts to dissuade Noel. The next morning the journey continues, and Roz feels helpless. Wanting the trip to end, Roz’s prayers are seemingly answered when the Winnebago is pulled over by the police, but Noel winds up getting arrested for alleged letter bombs. At the jailhouse, Noel refuses to call the one person who could help clear his name, while the gang get acquainted with the “one-horse” town they have become stranded in. Soon, Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Kenny are getting sick of the town since there is nothing to do, and Roz feels even more helpless over Noel’s situation. Noel finally agrees to give Bonnie a call, and it is revealed she was responsible for informing the police after her new boyfriend mistook the letter for dangerous explosives. Bonnie successfully gets Noel out of jail, and the former lovers come to an understanding about their relationship before ripping up the letter. Bonnie leaves and gives the foursome a night in a motel. The next morning, they find that their Winnebago has been stolen and are forced to hitch-hike their way home. Roz and Bulldog travel with a creepy couple who want relationship advice in exchange for their service, while Gil, Noel and Kenny journey with an attractive insurance salesman named Janet who hits it off with Noel. As Noel and Janet find all sorts of things they have in common, Noel is finally confident that he can get over Bonnie and plans to ask Janet out before the journey is over.

"The Replacement" 2 312

Roz decides it is time to replace the Restaurant Beat repeats, which took over Bonnie’s timeslot after her departure. Gil is less than happy with this news and applies for a weekend job at another station in an attempt to further his career. Soon, Gil finds himself defending separate sides for the competing radio stations, and is forced to decide who will get his full support. As this is going on, Roz is interviewing potential candidates for a new show, each crazier than the last. To her surprise, Bebe Glazer shows up, wanting to go beyond representing the stars and become one herself. Roz agrees to give Bebe a trial run on a “celebrity gossip” program, believing her to be the most qualified candidate she’s seen all week. Meanwhile, Noel asks Bulldog to teach him how to speak dirty, as per the request of his cheeky new girlfriend, Janet.

  • Bebe Glazer becomes a main character.
"Feud for Thought" 3 313

In this special episode, the characters’ thoughts are heard as they go about their usual activities. Noel is reluctant to tell people that he met Janet while hitch-hiking. Bebe’s new show is a success until she starts spreading unflattering rumours about the “celebrities” at KACL – including Gil. Bulldog attempts to find a last-minute fill-in so he can attend an interview for a job at a “mostly music, not much talk” radio station. Roz is surprised when she realises Bulldog is still angling for a better job than he’s got. Kenny has an unusual mind ritual to get himself in the DJ groove. At the same time, the gang are dealing with the rumours Bebe has spread, affecting their routines in ways they never imagined. Roz, Bulldog, Gil, Noel and Kenny come together to discuss the Bebe situation while seeking council from each other regarding their personal problems, and Bebe’s satanic mind is heard for the first time as she reluctantly tries to make amends.

"Addictionary" 4 314

When an employee checks into rehab for addiction, Roz debates whether to instigate drug tests at the station. Faced with an ethical dilemma, Roz seeks council from Noel, Gil, Bulldog, Kenny and Bebe, who each give their own input through stories of their various "addictions". In flashbacks; Bebe spends a weekend locked in her office in an attempt to quit smoking, Noel has a problem with a psychiatrist who fails to recognise Star Trek as an addiction, Gil enters a phase of eating nothing but the finest, most expensive cuisine, sending him into a crippling debt, Kenny battles an addiction to the station's new vending machine and Bulldog has a disastrous session at a meeting for sex addicts.

"Bulldog Begins" 5 315

Bulldog is picked at random to take a look at the station’s TV aerial for the break room; unfortunately, a series of miscommunications leads to him falling off the ladder and injuring his head. Bulldog is able to return from the hospital by the end of the day, but the employees become concerned when it appears he has suffered memory loss. As a result, Bulldog’s personality “reboots” and he becomes an entirely different person. Discovering his jerkier new attitude, Roz becomes determined to get the old Bulldog back with the help of Gil, Noel and Kenny. A visit to the hospital confirms that Bulldog’s memory loss will be short-term and the employees are forced to put up with it. Luckily, a negligent act by Bebe restores Bulldog’s memory, and after being informed of the feuds he has initiated, Bulldog must do whatever it takes to make peace.

"An American Wear-Worf in Seattle" 6 316

When Noel discovers that his son, Kirk, has become seemingly afraid of anything Star Trek, he is forced to remove it from the house. This causes Noel to be depressed at work; as a result, so Gil encourages the others to do something to cheer him up. Roz reluctantly allows “space day” to be held at the station, however, arguments ensue when both Noel and another sci-fi geek show up wearing Worf costumes. After discovering how much they have in common, the two of them begin a friendship that lasts until Noel learns some surprising secrets about his new friend’s devotion to the franchise. This causes him to re-evaluate his own devotion, and the KACL employees find themselves growing bored without Noel's usual hijinks. Meanwhile, tired of being her own agent, Bebe searches for a replacement but concludes that none of them has the “spunk” needed to fill her shoes; and a bored Kenny tries to prove he has what it takes.

"Horseplay" 7 317

Bebe’s first husband, a 95-year old, crippled businessman named Hiram Tanner, is at KACL in his hunt for a radio station to buy. Hiram still holds a grudge against Bebe due to an incident at their wedding when Bebe accidentally instructed one of the horses to kick him. Bebe soon realises that Hiram has no intention of talking business with Roz, and has instead come to Seattle to seek revenge. Later, an accident leaves Bebe unable to use her foot and stuck in a wheelchair for the next few weeks. Hiram is pleased that Bebe is getting a taste of her own medicine, but she is determined to prove that he orchestrated the event. Meanwhile, a recovering Bulldog returns to work after his bought of amnesia – and finds that he remembers nearly everything except how to produce Gil’s show; something which Gil finds all too convenient.

"The Airplane Show" 8 318

Roz and Bulldog are flying to Paris to visit Alice. Unable to afford first class due to a school trip Stuart is going on, Roz spends the whole first hour complaining. When Bulldog snaps and bluntly tells her to be quiet, Roz heads to the bathroom for some peace and is caught smoking by a flight attendant. Roz hands over the cigarettes and feels embarrassed when Bulldog tells her to behave. Unfortunately, the embarrassment continues when Roz and Bulldog get stuck in the bathroom together after Bulldog mistakenly thought Roz was going for another smoke. Meanwhile, Gil, Noel, Kenny and Bebe take turns in being "acting boss" during Roz’s absence and enter into a contest to determine which approach to management the employees prefer.

"Psychoatrist" 9 319

A former psychiatrist comes to KACL in search of a job. Roz hires him as a janitor but feels guilty because it doesn’t require the thought he was trained for. The employees, however, are getting sick of the man constantly analysing them and want nothing more than for him to leave. Roz tries to persuade them to give him a break but soon realises that there are some things she doesn’t want to be analysed about herself either. Roz has no choice but to confront the psychiatrist and learns a surprising secret about his career’s end. Meanwhile, after it was deduced that he was afraid to sleep with Janet, Noel decides to initiate the next move on their sixth date and goes to Bulldog for advice.

"Cliff Notes" 10 320

Roz deals with postal delays at the station after receiving several complaints and makes a call to the regional postal manager. The man agrees to meet with her in person, and Roz is surprised by his chivalry. The next morning, the manager arrives and introduces himself as Cliff Clavin. Roz recognises the name but can’t quite put her finger on it; however, they get straight down to business. Cliff challenges Roz’s claims that the postal service is slow and unreliable, making a scene in front of the employees. Roz realises that the behaviour is akin to a man Frasier once described from his bar days at Boston, and all she can do is laugh at him. Later, Roz invites Cliff to a surprise birthday party being thrown for Gil. While Cliff clashes with Gil, he is able to relax and have a beer with Bulldog, who reminds him of a friend he once had. Before leaving for his home in Spokane, Cliff promises that the post will be on time the next day. Feeling sorry for Cliff’s apparent despondency, Roz starts inviting him to the station under false pretences and they strike up a surprising friendship which Bulldog doesn’t care much for – until he and Roz learn a surprising secret about Cliff’s new life.

"Jakeing the Fall" 11 321

Attorney Jake Hoskins returns to KACL after six months in prison for fraud and wants to make amends with everyone. Bulldog is convinced that Jake is out to get him and is desperate to prove it; however, the employees believe he has changed for the better. When a janitor trips and breaks his ankle, Jake decides to help him sue the radio station for compensation and Bulldog realises that it is his final revenge. With Roz out of town, Bulldog is forced to work on his own to get KACL out of a lawsuit and comes to believe that Jake orchestrated the events leading up to the janitor’s fall.

"Spare Me That Old Time Religion" 12 322

June Archer, an abrasive religious zealot, comes to work at KACL as an accountant. When Roz discovers that June has powerful connections, she is forced to set up a small chapel in the basement to please the religious "community". June is the only one who attends the chapel and Roz gets sick of paying the minister to stand there all day doing nothing. Meanwhile, Bulldog, Noel, Gil and Kenny fight to get back usage of the basement, where they liked to unwind and play poker after a long day of work. They turn to Bebe to dig up some dirt on June, who agrees to do so if they let her in on their poker game.

"Papa's Got a Brand New Rag" 13 323

Bulldog’s father Alec Briscoe comes to town and reveals he has lost all his wealth in the stock market. Roz reluctantly agrees to let Alec stay at the house for a few days, and winds up uncovering some long-forgotten issues between the father and son. When Roz suggests that it is time Alec moved into a retirement home, Bulldog realises he is unable to do it to his father and comes up with a scheme to get him back on top. When Bebe meets Alec for the first time, they hit it off, and Bebe agrees to take him on as her new producer. However, Alec’s true motives are revealed when it becomes apparent he only wanted a one-night stand with Bebe, and things heat up between them while on the job. Meanwhile, Gil loses his voice after a minor choking incident, forcing Kenny to take his place on the air through a game of charades.

"What the Deaf Dog Heard" 14 324

When Noel is almost mugged on the street but spared by a freak coincidence, he starts carrying around protective items to make sure it doesn’t happen again. While showing off his new gear, Noel accidentally lets off an air horn right in Bulldog’s ear, making him temporarily deaf. Noel is determined to make amends while Bulldog prepares to get used to his new deficiency. To Bulldog’s delight, he is able to hear again the next day, and he plans to share the news with everyone. However, when he sees just how far Noel is willing to go to apologise, he decides to have some fun and play deaf for a while longer. As a result, Bulldog is soon discovering the advantages – and disadvantages – of people thinking he can’t hear.

"Oh, the Humanity" 15 325

Janet dies in a freak blimp accident, leaving Noel without a girlfriend and Bulldog anxious to get him back on the dating scene. Roz begins to wonder why Bulldog enjoys playing matchmaker to his friends and decides to go undercover and follow him one night with Gil’s assistance. Unfortunately Gil’s ability to keep quiet blows their cover and Bulldog is mad at Roz for her betrayal. However, he is forced to “call it even” when Roz discovers the truth behind Bulldog’s desire to play matchmaker: there is a stripper he likes to see at the nightclub he takes all his downtrodden friends to. Roz is outraged, but for all the wrong reasons: she thinks Bulldog no longer finds her sexually attractive. Roz experiments with several hair products and “looks” to get back his attention and enlists the help of an old high-school friend for stripping lessons. Meanwhile, not any closer to getting over Janet, Noel receives a surprising offer of condolence from Bebe.

"Date Episode" 16 326

Daphne Moon comes to KACL to ask Roz for advice on her son David's desire to start dating. Roz relates to Daphne with a story of Alice’s first boyfriend, and the crisis she went through trying to prevent it. Through flashbacks, the chaotic introductory dinner and Bulldog’s inadvertent sabotage of the relationship is revealed. Believing her mother to have orchestrated the events, Alice “rebelled” for the first time, leaving many outraged folks in her wake. In the present, Daphne is stunned by Roz’s story and must make a decision about David’s future. Roz, on the other hand, is left wondering if she made the right choice with Alice. Meanwhile, Gil discovers that Bonnie is getting re-married, so he, Kenny and Bebe attempt to hide the wedding invitation from Noel.

"Things to Do in Seattle When You're Wed" 17 327

Bulldog and Kenny convince Noel to crash Bonnie’s wedding with them. The three of them wind up sitting in at a Jewish wedding by accident and discover that Bonnie’s wedding has been moved across town. On the way there, Bulldog insists on stopping for a coffee, and Noel reluctantly agrees. After leaving their car outside for five minutes, it gets stolen. The guys are forced to walk the remainder of the way, and in their haste, they stumble upon another wedding taking place outdoors. It is then they realise their passion for crashing weddings, and after getting drunk and eating a delicious cake, Noel forgets all about Bonnie. Bulldog encourages Noel to have some fun and play pranks with him, and they spike several of the drinks with laxatives. The wedding reception moves to the emergency room, where the trio encounters a hospitalised couple getting married. The wedding crashing continues when a bizarre turn of events keep landing them at various ceremonies, but Noel is forced to face up to reality when the day finally leads them back to Bonnie.

"And the Winner Isn't..." 18 328

The employees are readying themselves for the SeaBea Awards, and Bebe is determined to win “best radio personality”. As the nominations are announced, Bebe finds her inner devil resurfacing as she decides to do whatever it takes to get the award. Roz attempts to convince Bebe to win the award fairly until she realises just how much she wants the “best manager” award this year. Roz and Bebe develop a highly intimidating business relationship, and people grow scared of disagreeing with Roz, making her evaluate her goal on the night of the awards. Meanwhile, Gil is dismayed to learn that he is being featured in the “joke awards” ceremony held in the basement for his chaotic appearance on Iron Chef America.

"The Legend of Rozalinda" 19 329

Roz is horrified to discover that Noel’s idea for a Star Trek villain has finally been approved, and "Rozalinda" is born. Roz is determined to stop the idea from going ahead, but soon sees the advantages of being paid royalties and allows it. However, Roz soon finds that the fame her doppelgänger character brings is exhausting, and grows sick of finding four-cupped bras in her office. Roz is forced to make a difficult choice regarding her future, and Stuart’s, who she wants to have a college tuition. Meanwhile, Noel has successfully avoided Roz’s wrath with a trip to Hawaii, where Bonnie is honeymooning with her new husband. There, he is determined to one-up her, enlisting the help of a surprisingly willing Bebe to make loud sex noises over the phone.

"Video Thrilled the Radio Star" 20 330

A former radio personality leaves the station a collection of old arcade games in his will. Gil finds himself becoming addicted to Pacman, and suffers delusions where he believes that his friends are ghosts and trying to eat him. Bulldog, Noel and Kenny attempt to wean Gil off the addiction, but through his withdrawal symptoms his delusions become worse, escalating to the point where he is discovered running his own Ghostbusters-style business in the basement. Meanwhile, Roz unwittingly gets involved in Bebe’s crazed efforts to get rid of her visiting ex-boyfriend.

"Fourth Time Lucky" 21 331

Bonnie returns from Hawaii after divorcing her husband and wants to get back together with Noel. Gil worries that Bonnie will only break Noel’s heart again and tries to dissuade him from rekindling their romance. The only way it seems he can do this is to repair Bonnie’s marriage; however, the situation spins rapidly out of control when Noel finds out and gets the wrong idea. Noel and Bonnie run off to Hawaii to finish Bonnie’s honeymoon, where it turns out that Noel has vengeance in mind. Bonnie realises that they are finished for good, and leaves for Nevada. Back in Seattle, Bulldog and Kenny take bets on the future of Noel and Bonnie’s relationship.

"Monday Muddy Monday" 22 332

When an employee complains that the suggestion box is ignored, Roz agrees to read some of them over the weekend. On Monday morning, she inadvertently drops the box into a pile of mud on her way to the station. Roz manages to salvage a few of the suggestions, and to make it up to the employees whose ideas were destroyed, she agrees to listen to theirs one-on-one. Roz is stunned by the unserious suggestions she receives and refuses to listen to anymore after speaking to Noel. A few days later, a pregnant accountant, Jeanie, reveals that it is her due date. While talking finance with Roz in her office, Jeanie goes into labour and Roz realises that the station isn’t equipped for this sort of emergency. Roz’s guilt increases after learning that Jeanie was next in line to give her suggestion before she ended it. Meanwhile, Bulldog tries to avoid hearing the football score.

"One Man and a Bebe" 23 333

Bebe is dreading a visit from her sister, Didi Glazer, who has always been the complete opposite of her in personality and lifestyle. Didi is in town applying for a prestigious position at an insurance company, and Bebe is dreading the possibility of her being around more often. To make matters worse, Didi won’t stop showing off her handsome new fiancee, making Bebe evaluate her romantic future. When Bebe is asked to be her sister’s “maid of honour”, she accepts and takes Didi out for a night on the town to celebrate. The following morning, Didi has a whole new outlook on life, and Bebe worries that she has ruined her sister’s future as a result. When Didi misses the interview and is refused a rescheduling, Bebe decides to teach her some of her “devilish” ways to help get what she deserves. Meanwhile, Noel reluctantly participates in a date auction for charity and is determined to track down a woman who bid on him then fled the building.

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" 24 334

Roz and Bulldog go to a ritzy hotel to celebrate their anniversary, leaving Stuart with one of Roz’s high-school friends. However, their romantic night out turns out to be quite the opposite when Roz suddenly remembers that her friend has a reputation for “deflowering” young men. Meanwhile, Bebe convinces Noel to accompany her on a spa day, which Noel paid for a year earlier when he was dating Bonnie. Noel spends the entire day assuring everyone that he and Bebe aren’t a couple, while Bebe delights in being pampered.

"Storm Before the Calm" 25 335

When a routine fire drill goes horribly wrong at the station, Roz arranges for a week of various activities to teach the employees how to cope with emergencies. Bulldog enjoys constructing his own crazy situations in the “improvisation” hour, making Roz angry with him as she struggles to keep everything under control. The Heimlich lessons end in disaster when Kenny chokes on a crab cake Gil made and brought in for the day. Finally, the employees come together for “earthquake practice”, and problems ensue when a power outage occurs, leaving Bebe stuck in the elevator with Noel and forced to deal with his panic attacks. For the first time, Roz must deal with a real emergency, and she realises that she has learnt nothing from the painful experience.

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