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Season 15 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Fighting Fire with Fired" 1 336

The season starts with a literal bang after the radio station goes up in flames. While Bulldog, Gil, Noel, Kenny and Bebe are forced to search for temporary jobs, Roz must deal with the suspicion the incident has caused. Flashbacks detail a highly eventful summer for Roz and Bulldog after Alice was forced to move back from Paris. The finance became tight, and blame over the fire falls squarely on Roz as a result. Meanwhile, Bulldog becomes a sports commentator for the local football team and faces trouble after mispronouncing a word very similar to something else. Gil interviews for a job as a restaurant spokesperson, where he struggles to keep his resentment over the food a secret. Kenny is torn between interviewing as a DJ or as a manager. Bebe re-opens her talent agency and reluctantly hires Noel as a receptionist. When Noel discovers that Bebe has started smoking again, he looks into the possibility that she may have caused the fire. Bebe is revealed to have unintentionally caused the fire, and she is forced to pay a hefty fine and check herself into rehab for her cigarette addiction. Roz, her name having been cleared, is unable to pay the insurance expenses for KACL's reconstruction, has no choice but to sell the station to a corporate giant. Months later, the station re-opens, with Bebe coming out of rehab and the gang finally able to quit their temporary jobs. Roz has trouble adjusting to life as a regular employee, under the gaze of the company’s strict regional manager; Paula Sparrow. When Roz refuses to comply to Sparrow’s over the top dress code, she is banished to the filing department, where she stages a coup with the other employees suffering under Sparrow’s tyrannical reign. Bulldog, Noel, Gil and Kenny are busy dealing with Bebe, whose cravings have returned after encountering the smoking room.

"Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Seattle, W.A." 2 337

Due to cutbacks implemented by Mayflower Industries, many of the employees have been forced to work the night shift. Among them are Noel, Bulldog and Kenny, who are determined to find a way to pass the time on a particularly dull night. Bulldog winds up going home in defiance, but Noel is determined not to let Sparrow down because of the crush he has on her. As 4 AM approaches, Noel steps outside to watch the stars and spots what he believes to be a UFO. Exhausted and sleep deprived, Noel comes to the station the next morning to reveal his discovery, but his co-workers brush it off as nonsense. When Noel’s story hits the newspapers, Sparrow has something to say to him that nobody was anticipating. Meanwhile, Gil becomes a conspiracy nut.

"The Start of Something Nude" 3 338

Roz takes up painting now that she has more free time on her hands, and develops a friendship with her eccentric teacher. Roz is excited about a potential future in art but is less than enthused when he informs her that her skills would be best suited for erotic works. Roz reluctantly agrees to give it a try, and her teacher hires someone to pose for her first attempt. However, Bulldog gets the wrong idea after stumbling in on Roz studying a muscular naked man in their home. Meanwhile, Kenny panics when he overhears a rumour that Paula despises "typical" disc jockeys, and sets out to make his show more refined.

"Two Birds with One Stoned" 4 339

The employees are hopeful when it is revealed that Mayflower Industries may go bankrupt. Roz and Bulldog consider purchasing the station for themselves but are in for a surprise when Sparrow decides to bring in an assistant manager to help with the finance. Roz is introduced to Darren Wentz, a hardened businessman with an intimidating attitude whom everyone hates immediately. While Gil, Noel and Kenny attempt to uncover a potential relationship between Darren and Paula, hoping to exploit it and get away with doing less work, Roz surprises Bulldog with a plan of action to get the bosses out for good. As the idea gets underway, a series of misunderstandings leads to Sparrow getting “stoned off her ass” and Darren firing several people from the accounting department. Worried about the damage they have inflicted upon the station, Roz and Bulldog attempt to get everything back to normal. Luckily, their plan isn’t a complete failure when Darren decides to quit to pursue a less chaotic career.

"Sleight of Harry" 5 340

Roz is forced to take Paula’s place at a Mayflower conference in Boston and discovers just how far the business extends. Worried that she’ll never be able to get her radio station back, Roz hits the open bar and gets wasted. There, she meets an up-and-coming Mayflower executive named Harry Gittes. After one too many drinks, Roz and Harry decide to play some pranks on the snooty businessmen; Roz being unable to master the art of "sleight of hand". Back in Seattle, Noel, Kenny and Bebe inadvertently get themselves locked in Paula’s office during their investigation into whether the employees will be receiving bonuses.

"Roz and Gil Climbed Up the Hill" 6 341

It’s “charity week” at KACL, and the employees are forced to partake in various activities to raise money for a charity of their choice. Distracted, Roz asks Bulldog to sign her up for “anything” and winds up being roped into climbing a large mountain. After an unsuccessful confrontation with Paula, Roz convinces Gil to make the climb with her, and the training begins. Despite their efforts, they are unable to climb a small distance and are forced to tell Paula. That’s when Bebe comes up with a plan of action to forever obliterate charity week: sign Paula up for the most difficult, degrading activity yet, in the hopes that she’ll say no and set a bad example. Meanwhile, Kenny inadvertently promises to run ten miles instead of one.

"Seattle Legal" 7 342

When an employee has an accident on the premises, he brings a lawyer in and threatens a lawsuit. After Bulldog encounters the “victim” in the hall, he manages to talk him out of suing, and Paula discovers Bulldog’s persuasiveness. Bulldog becomes Paula’s “go-to” guy, helping her through various confrontations, but when Paula’s latest beef is with Roz, Bulldog finds himself unable to go through with the job. Meanwhile, Noel and Kenny help Bebe deal with a disgruntled former client who keeps calling into her show with bogus celebrity stories.

"One Scorn Every Minute" 8 343

Roz, Bulldog, Gil, Noel and Kenny await punishment outside Paula’s office for a prank they pulled, embarrassing her live on the air. Flashbacks reveal how Roz was roped into getting involved after a series of events resulted in Paula embarrassing her in front of everybody. Bulldog was busy trying to come up with an idea for a humiliating prank, while Gil wound up getting involved after an employee accused him of never once living vicariously. The time finally comes when the four of them are called into Paula’s office separately and asked to give their own versions of the story. While Roz maintains that they worked together, the others blame it all on each other, leaving Roz looking like a fool. Angry, Roz convinces Paula to help her get revenge on the guys with their own prank, Paula knowing the real perpetrators behind her humiliation. Meanwhile, Bebe experiments with hypnotism for her cigarette addiction.

"Snow Doubt About It" 9 344

Roz and Bulldog decide to go on a ski weekend in Aspen. There, Roz runs into a former lover, Logan, who works at the resort as a ski instructor. Bulldog feels inferior around the masculine Logan and attempts to prove his own masculinity by entering a skiing race. An accident in training results in Bulldog breaking his ankle, forcing him to sit by and watch as a potential affair between Roz and Logan unfolds. Later, the truth about Logan comes out in a surprising way. Back in Seattle, Noel, Gil and Kenny fight over the use of a new intern at KACL, who makes the best coffee they’ve ever tasted.

"Bebe Does Hollywood" 10 345

Bebe’s sister Didi resurfaces, with a depressing new attitude towards life which everybody at the station hates. Bebe attempts to cheer her sister up and encourages her to find a new path in life. That is when Didi decides to open up a talent agency, following from Bebe’s example. Bebe is initially reluctant to help her; nevertheless, she schedules some time off and goes with Didi to Hollywood. While sorting things out, Bebe encounters a former lover and is pleased to learn that his acting career is booming. Bebe is pleased with herself for having so much effect on a man’s life and starts to reconsider the agent business. Bebe talks with Didi and convinces her to let her run the agency with Didi agreeing to work as her receptionist.

"One Flew Over the Sparrow's Nest" 11 346

After Bebe’s departure, Paula holds auditions for a replacement. Realising she has a knack for gossip and would rather be a star than work in the filing department, Roz decides to audition. After only three seconds, she is turned away, and Roz is convinced that Paula has a grudge against her. Determined to get a second chance, Roz attempts to befriend Paula – and winds up stumbling upon something truly horrifying: her secret relationship with Noel. Roz tries to show her support of the relationship, secretly disgusted that “one of her own” is sleeping with the enemy. Unbeknownst to Roz, Noel plans on ending things with Paula after a series of outbursts which suggests that she has lost her marbles. The following Monday morning, Paula is nowhere to be found, and her office has been cleared out. Mayflower makes Roz “acting manager” until a suitable replacement arrives, but she gets off to a bad start after “outing” Noel to everyone about his torrid affair. To make it up to Noel, Roz agrees to let him fill Bebe’s slot with an all sci-fi programme.

"Science Friction" 12 347

Noel anxiously awaits his first day as a radio personality, but mistakenly thinks that the people of Seattle would prefer a loud, oafish moron as the host. Roz worries about what she has gotten the station into after hearing Noel’s practice tape and attempts to let him down gently. To make matters worse, Noel has promised guest spots from several sci-fi icons, forcing Roz to set the avid listeners straight. At the same time, Roz deals with rumours that she is responsible for Paula’s descent into madness.

"Homemade Christmas" 13 348

Hoping to avoid another Secret Santa disaster, Roz reveals that this year’s gifts must be handmade, so the employees don’t seek out the generous gift-givers. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to think of anything to make and winds up buying a crock from pottery barn and claiming it as her own. The guilt soon gets to Roz when she realises how heartfelt and thoughtful the other gifts are. Unbeknownst to Roz, her friends are going through similar situations. Bulldog and Noel are fighting over who gets Roz, Bulldog wanting to give her his home-made liquor cabinet and Noel hoping to give her a repulsive Star Trek set. Meanwhile, Gil takes a different approach, attempting to make his own cookies in the cafeteria. Lastly, as the gifts are given out, Roz struggles to maintain order while keeping her own rule-breaking a secret at the same time.

"Puzzled" 14 349

Roz becomes obsessed with a puzzle Stuart got for his birthday and spends her entire time at the station trying to complete it. Roz soon realises that thanks to ignoring the people who matter most to her, she has alienated Bulldog and her friends. In her attempt to fix everything, Roz starts to see her own life as a puzzle of sorts. Meanwhile, Gil protests the smaller portions at his favourite restaurant and ends up getting involved in a complicated lawsuit.

"Here Comes the Bridal Expo" 15 350

Roz agrees to let a bridal expo be held at the station after she promised her superiors at Mayflower to bring in more money without firing anybody. Noel gets to know a wedding dress model, and Bulldog encourages him to act on his crush and ask her out. Unable to express his feelings for her verbally, Noel decides to keep her company for the whole day. Later, he even agrees to put on a tuxedo and pose as the groom.The model's boss praises her and Noel for the revenue their show has brought in, and Noel is delighted when she plants a kiss on him as thanks. Unfortunately, this is just as her large husband turns up – furious after seeing a photograph of their fake wedding. In the meantime, Gil inadvertently steps on a woman’s veil, tripping her up and causing her to destroy a highly expensive cake. With Kenny's help, Gil must make amends with the woman for wrecking her dream dress, and the chef for destroying his elaborately-prepared cake.

"Bebe's Return" 16 351

Bebe returns from Hollywood after her sister Didi sold their talent agency to pursue a relationship with a wealthy older man. Roz is angry at the employees for thinking that they can come and go as often as they like, expecting a job when they return, so she demands that Bebe signs a four-year contract stating that she isn’t going anywhere. Gil, Noel, Kenny and Bulldog worry that Roz will make them sign contracts too, and they start considering their goals for the future. Noel becomes obsessed with death and writes a list of things to do before he dies, Gil thinks about how he wants to be laid to rest, Kenny questions where his career as a DJ can actually go, and Bulldog considers re-launching his radio career again. Roz realises the chaos she has created and rips up the contract, promising Bebe her job back if she helps get everything back to normal.

"Get Well Soonish" 17 352

A “get well soon” card for Paula is being passed around the station. Roz struggles to think of something nice to write because she has always hated Paula, so she decides to visit her at the institution where she is being treated. There, Roz encounters Paula’s family and becomes convinced that Paula is not crazy, just eccentric like they are. With Noel and Kenny’s help, Roz devises a plan to bust Paula out of the home, but as their scheme gets underway, she starts to get a different idea of the woman after all. Meanwhile, Gil is the last person to sign Paula’s card and inadvertently drops it in a puddle, destroying it. With Bebe’s help, Gil desperately tries to replicate the card before he is found out.

"Condomned Property" 18 353

Roz is horrified when she discovers a condom in Stuart’s room and confronts him about it. Stuart claims he is holding it for a friend, but Roz isn’t so sure. After consulting Bulldog, Roz decides it is time she had the “sex talk” with Stuart. Roz’s horror intensifies when she realises Stuart already knows all about sex, and she flips out after learning that Bebe was the one who provided his friend with a condom in the first place. Meanwhile, Gil is delighted to learn that a selection of his restaurant reviews are being printed in the Seattle Times until he discovers a drastic change to his harsh criticism of a fast food joint.

"All About Steve" 19 354

Roz reluctantly throws a retirement party for the KACL janitor Steve, and the evening ends on a low note when the man makes a speech criticising everyone for never acknowledging him. Roz thinks back to the last few years at the station and realises Steve has been there during many key moments. Steve was left to tidy up Noel's first leaving party, a raucous affair caused mainly by Roz’s lack of control after Bulldog got her drunk. Steve was also there when Roz and Bulldog were going through marital problems and even helped them out a little when Bulldog slipped up on the wet floor, and the two of them had a laugh about it. Gil is appreciative of Steve, remembering that his cleaning products always obliterated the horrible smell coming from the cafeteria. Kenny recalls how Steve helped him out while he was mourning the demise of his relationship with Rose. Back in the present, the gang have a newfound appreciation of the janitor and decide to throw him a second retirement party to adequately express their gratitude.

"Easter Party" 20 355

Roz decides to throw an Easter party at the station, but the night is a mess when a rainstorm hits Seattle. To add insult to injury, the hall Roz has booked for the party to be held in has a plumbing problem and cannot be used. Roz is forced to shift the party to the cramped station basement. Roz soon realises she’ll have a problem when more people show up and has no choice but to turn them away to the cold. Feeling guilty for rejecting the employees and their families, Roz decides to have the party spread across an entire floor – a decision she soon regrets after remembering how rowdy the staff can get. When a drunken incident leaves a radio booth turned upside down, Roz enlists Bulldog and Bebe to help her choose the least rowdy people to stay and have fun. Meanwhile, Noel dresses up as the Easter Bunny for the children and gets stuck in the costume right after Kenny tells him that the party is just for adults.

"Be Sick My Heart" 21 356

After experiencing chest pains, Bulldog is informed by his doctor that he must lead a healthier lifestyle. He throws all meat out of the house and decides to have a vegetarian family. Roz is annoyed with Bulldog for cramming his choice down her throat, and by the end of the week, all she wants is a juicy piece of meat. When Bulldog discovers Roz stuffing her face at a fast food joint, she has a lot of explaining to do. Roz also worries that Bulldog has ever alienated Stuart’s independent thought when he reveals that he wants to remain a vegetarian. Meanwhile, Paula is being released from the mental hospital and Noel volunteers to drive her home. Unsure of what she may be like, Noel asks Kenny to accompany him, but when Noel realises that all Paula wants to do is have sex, he will do anything to get rid of Kenny.

"I Dread What I'm Doing This Summer" 22 357

With Paula released, Roz worries that she will take over management and tries to convince her superiors at Mayflower Industries that she is the best choice. However, Roz is surprised when Paula reveals that she is done with the radio business and wants to get out to see the world over summer. Noel is forced to make a life-changing decision when Paula asks him to accompany her. While Roz thinks that Noel is in love and encourages him to do the impulsive act, Noel is actually worried that he will make Paula lose her marbles all over again if he says no. Meanwhile, Bebe questions her sanity after experiencing symptoms similar to those Paula exhibited, but Gil and Kenny are convinced that there is a logical explanation behind it all.

"Conspired by a True Story" (Part 1) 23 358

Roz discovers that Mayflower has found someone to take over her management duties, and is dismayed to find that her replacement is an incompetent, bumbling fool who needs to be trained. Roz finally decides she has had enough of the “corrupt radio business” and wants to get out of it. After being informed by her employers that she entered into a contract with Mayflower, Roz is forced to defend her actions in court. Meanwhile, Gil is excited when he is summoned to jury duty for the first time until he realises that he will be involved in Roz’s case. Noel, Bulldog and Kenny are at Café Nervosa where they befriend a perky guy named Chris who encourages them to get out and do wild things. Before they know it, they are skydiving, paintballing and undertaking various other activities with Chris. Bulldog gets a phone-call from Roz, who tells him about the court case. Realising that he possesses evidence that could help Roz, Bulldog confronts Chris, who reveals he was appointed by Mayflower to distract him. As the guys make their way to the courthouse, they encounter many strange obstacles, and Noel grows convinced that they have become involved in a vast conspiracy. As the episode draws to a close, Bulldog is repeatedly debunking Noel’s crazy theories, until Noel suddenly collapses and is admitted to the hospital with apparent lead poisoning.

"Conspired by a True Story" (Part 2) 24 359

Noel is recovering in hospital; meanwhile, Roz’s trial gets underway. Many familiar faces resurface to give Roz their support, among them being her insufferable mother Joanna, who embarrasses her further. Gil, on the other hand, is getting on the nerves of his fellow jurors. Later, Bulldog enlists Bebe to help him out, figuring that her devil-like tricks can be of use in the situation. They pay a visit to Mayflower Industries, where they encounter the reclusive Mr. Mayflower and his wife, who turns out to be Paula. Bebe has one or two tricks up her sleeve as she “interrogates” Mayflower for information on the conspiracy and Noel’s eventual poisoning. With just one unheard threat, Bebe makes Mayflower reveal everything: how Paula cheated on him, the truth about her psychotic breakdown and how his secret-keeping escalated to the point where his company was at risk. Bulldog convinces Mayflower that Roz is not a threat and will keep her mouth shut about the business’ shady background. The evidence is brought forward to the court, Roz is released, but Gil is peeved because he wanted to deliver the verdict. Mayflower promises to give Roz the station back in exchange for her silence, and the gang celebrate with coffees at Nervosa, with a recovering Noel joining the festivities.

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