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Season 16 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Money, Money, Money, Not Very Funny" 1 360

After reclaiming the station, Roz promises the employees a fresh start and a better approach to its management. Despite her efforts to make work “fun” and less chaotic, Roz is dismayed to find that the staff preferred it when Mayflower Industries ran things. Roz investigates to see what made Paula so popular and makes a surprising discovery about her rapport with the employees. This leads Roz to the revelation that Paula blew several thousand dollars in dead-end investments, forcing her to pause everything until the financial situation is resolved. With Gil, Bulldog, Kenny and Bebe all fearing for their jobs, they arrange a charity drive, agreeing to partake in humiliating challenges every time someone donates. While Gil and Bebe both struggle to keep up their end of the bargain, Bulldog enjoys receiving the attention and humiliates Roz. The charity drive ends on a downbeat note when Roz announces that she is making several cutbacks: Kenny is forced to give half his time slot to an annoying radio personality, and to everyone’s horror, coffee will no longer be served for free. The charity drive being a failure, Roz worries she has become alienated from her friends after they give her the cold shoulder. With the financial crisis far from over, Roz considers travelling to Aruba to visit Paula and plead for her advice.

"Bebe Needs a Kidney" (Part 1) 2 361

Bebe discovers she needs a kidney transplant after being admitted to the hospital with minor symptoms. As the station employees gather for support, Roz starts to wonder just how much anybody knows about Bebe and the life she leads. Posing as three plumbers, Kenny, Bulldog and Gil decide to go undercover in Bebe’s apartment to gain information. Discovering some redeeming facts about the woman’s life, the guys feel guilty for snooping around and attempts to make amends. At the hospital, Roz continually argues with Bebe’s frustrating sister Didi, and in her desire to get rid of the guilt she inadvertently volunteers to give Bebe her kidney. Roz admits she has always feared hospital procedures, and a part of her wants her body to be complete, causing mixed reactions amongst her friends.

"A Better Person" (Part 2) 3 362

Bebe’s kidney transplant is a success, and she is back to work within days. It seems she has also suffered a complete transformation in personality after her stay in the hospital, which the staff find less tolerable than her usual self. Roz notices the change herself and is convinced that the one to blame is Didi. Arguments commence, escalating to the point where Didi returns to Hollywood. Roz is overcome with guilt as a result and tries to salvage the situation by restoring Bebe’s former personality, which doesn't go down well with the people who were less favourable towards Bebe's devil-like nature.

"Bye-Bye Bebe" (Part 3) 4 363

A recovering Bebe makes plans to join her sister Didi in Hollywood, so the gang put together a last minute bon voyage party. Several of the personalities who Bebe represents react unfavourably to the news, fearing that their careers will hit a dead-end without someone like her around fighting their battles for them. Roz tries to prove she has what it takes to fill Bebe's shoes by acting like Bebe for the duration of the party, much to the amusement of her employees. As the party unfolds, Roz is horrified to learn that Bebe plans on faking her death to unburden herself of her worthless clients and familial obligations, and discovers just how far this long con of hers actually extends.

  • Bebe Glazer's last appearance as a main character.
"Take Your Daughter to Work Day" 5 364

It’s “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”, and Roz feels left out because Alice has been in Paris ever since the event was implemented. Hoping to make Roz feel better, Bulldog suggests she jokingly take Stuart to the station for the day, and is happy with her reaction. That is until Stuart acts a little too daughter-like for Bulldog’s liking. Meanwhile, Gil plays a prank on Noel by constructing a fake memo informing him that he has an illegitimate daughter. Inevitably the prank gets out of hand when Noel requests time off to go looking for his long-lost offspring, forcing Gil and Kenny to take preventative measures.

"A Sentence of Sorts in Seattle" 6 365

Roz decides to attend night school to improve her English skills after a poorly-written memo is passed around the station. Under Bulldog’s advisement, Roz starts writing everything down instead of speaking in a unique way of memorising the information. When a spelling mistake results in Roz developing an unflattering reputation, she desperately tries to make peace by writing an apology letter. Realising she has learnt absolutely nothing from the experience, Roz throws away her whiteboard and starts speaking again. Taking the opportunity to give the people who annoyed her a piece of her mind, Roz ends up saying a little too much, and her reputation becomes a lot worse. In a twist of irony, Roz loses her voice when flu season hits and is forced to write everything down after all.

"Bulldog's Birthday" 7 366

Bulldog’s birthday is approaching, and Roz throws him a surprise party in the station basement. Bulldog is surprised at the number of gifts making light of his age and becomes obsessed with a book of age-related jokes. Roz worries that Bulldog is overdue for his mid-life crisis and desperately tries to prevent any problems by showing him that he is young. On a day of “young man” activities, Bulldog throws his back out, further adding to Roz’s concerns. Meanwhile, having bought Bulldog a ridiculously expensive gift, borderline shopaholic Gil is forced to take out a loan and enlists Noel and Kenny's help to cut up his credit cards.

"The Pursuit of Unhappiness" 8 367

Roz becomes suspicious regarding Bulldog’s frequent trips to a new book store. She follows him one night to discover that he has been going to the hidden “adult books” section. Roz soon realises he is simply trying to spice up their sex life and refuses to admit that things have been shaky in the bedroom as the result of something bothering her. Meanwhile, Noel starts dating a cashier from the bookstore, who reminds him of Bonnie. The woman isn’t pleased about filling the void of what she thinks is a dead woman, which threatens their romantic pursuit.

"Lost in Parking Space" 9 368

The gang are dismayed to learn that Café Nervosa is being closed permanently to make way for a multi-storey parking lot. Roz attempts to lead a protest because it means something to her but soon discovers that she is the only one who really cares. While Gil, Noel, Kenny and Bulldog start searching for an alternate hangout, Roz’s protest escalates to the point where she chains herself to the building. The debacle soon hits the news, with the guys seeing it from Hooters, which Bulldog has declared as their new hangout. Seeing things from Roz’s perspective, Bulldog rallies the employees and several waitresses to help Roz out. Eventually, Roz is called to negotiate with the contractors, who make her an offer too great to refuse: the fate of Nervosa is resting in her hands.

"Christmas Card" 10 369

Roz decides to write a Christmas card to her family, informing them of her eventful year. When the family comes back with a better-looking card, detailing how wonderful and successful everyone is, Roz becomes jealous. This causes her to analyse whether she is truly happy with her life, and to make matters worse, her mother and her new step-dad are staying for the holidays to inevitably flaunt their success in her face. Meanwhile, Gil volunteers to read this year’s Christmas story on the air, but a mispronunciation results in mass controversy amongst the Christian community, further adding to Roz’s stresses.

"A Plague of Doyles" 11 370

Denise resurfaces and drops a bombshell on sister Roz – she is moving to Seattle to establish her new pet makeover business. Roz struggles to be a supportive sister, secretly horrified that Denise will be around a lot of the time; and also concerned that her business won’t get off the ground. Not wanting to make Denise feel inadequate, Roz starts giving her “anonymous donations”, from a pet-lover. When Denise decides she wants to meet the generous person, Roz must come up with a lie quick and ends up asking an accountant from the station to act the part. Unfortunately, accountant Jill’s acting skills prove to be a little less than she claimed, and Roz’s charade is found out almost instantly. Roz apologises for not giving Denise the support she needs and offers her a job at the station until she gets back on her feet. Denise reluctantly accepts, giving Roz the usual excuses to make herself feel superior. Meanwhile, paranoid Noel is plagued with dark fantasies of the “wicked Doyle sisters” taking advantage of him.

  • Denise Doyle becomes a main character.
"A Tale of Three Cities" 12 371

When a catfight emerges between Roz and Denise, passers-by are forced to tell the story in their own words when Denise decides to take KACL to court over a minor injury. Among the witnesses are Bulldog, Noel, Kenny and Gil, who each tell a very different version of the events. In Gil’s story, Roz and Denise did not fight at all; instead, they used witty lines and snappy comebacks, to his amusement. Noel, on the other hand, believed they were arguing over something as trivial as Star Trek, while Bulldog is convinced a wrestling match took place in a nearby jello pit. Meanwhile, Roz refuses to do the one thing that could help: apologise.

"Big Shoes to Phil" 13 372

Gil is invited to his brother Phil’s wedding, a small affair to which Bulldog and Noel invite themselves to. Gil meets and hits it off with his brother’s fiancé, a frumpy computer expert named Michelle. Meanwhile, Bulldog, Kenny and Noel are busy trying to integrate themselves with the guests and steal the refreshments. Gil becomes suspicious of Michelle’s intentions when he catches her sneaking a look on his parents’ computer in their bedroom. After some snooping around, he becomes convinced that Michelle is planning on stealing the Chesterton family bank account, but Phil is too naïve to believe anything Gil says. After his meddling gets him, Bulldog gets himself, Noel and Kenny thrown out of the house, leaving Gil to do whatever it takes to stop his brother from making a huge mistake by marrying Michelle.

"Tear Down These Walls" 14 373

Roz is dismayed to learn of the walls between the station’s departments when Denise informs her that the accountants loathe the radio personalities. Roz is determined to make everyone get along and plans a large outdoor gala. The day is a total embarrassment when Roz realises that Denise told her a little white lie to spare her feelings: the accountants only hate her. Roz desperately tries to find out why and ends up being more hated after an unpredicted rainstorm ruins everyone’s specially bought “fancy” clothes. Meanwhile, the Bulldog-run scavenger hunt gets himself and several others lost in the woods.

"Noel Place Like Home" 15 374

Noel believes that everyone around him is either in love or getting married, and starts thinking about his own romantic future. Adding to his panic, Noel’s train breaks down on the way home, and he winds up getting stranded with a group of very odd people. One cart contains several passengers who can’t keep their hands off each other, while the other is full of miserable older folk who seem to be sitting alone. Noel must decide which cart to sit in and sees it as a life-altering decision. Before he can make a choice, the train starts moving again, and Noel arrives home. The next day, Noel impulsively decides to leave Seattle to reunite with Bonnie in Nevada. Kenny and Gil throw a quick “bon voyage” party for Noel, but they forget to invite the guest of honour. It is also revealed that Roz had wanted to fire Noel all these years because his job wasn’t actually necessary, but she never had the heart to go through with it.

  • Noel Shempsky's last appearance as a main character.
"Denise the Menace" 16 375

When Denise is kicked out of her apartment, Roz reluctantly allows her to move into the house. Denise’s presence quickly throws things out of control and Bulldog wants nothing more than for her to leave. With Gil and Kenny's help, he decides to investigate the reason why Denise was kicked out, and they meet with her landlord. The guys soon find themselves involved in a highly complicated love triangle, with Denise in the middle of it all. Meanwhile, Roz tries to repair her relationship with Denise by having a “slumber party” like when they were kids and is surprised to learn what her sister really thinks of Bulldog in a game of truth or dare.

"The Soapranos" 17 376

Stuart is going through a phase where he refuses to bathe, forcing Roz to deal with complaints from various school teachers. After Roz is unable to resolve the situation, she questions her parenting skills and decides to enrol in a voluntarily parenting course. Roz picks up several techniques from the other course-goers, but Bulldog isn’t pleased with her new approach to mothering. Bulldog eventually takes matters into his own hands by forcing Stuart to have a bath, and Roz is annoyed because she felt her techniques were working and Stuart should’ve made the decision himself. Meanwhile, Kenny discovers the mutual sexual banter going on between Denise and several male employees, and mistakenly believes it to be harassment.

"Southern Exposure" 18 377

When a plumbing system catastrophe results in a massive bill, Roz discovers the insurance won’t cover it. Unwilling to fire anyone, she decides to accept a two-week “gig” in Mississippi, running a radio station for a small backwoods town. This necessitates the permanent selection of an interim manager before she departs. In a Northern Exposure parody, Roz is surprised to find just how remote her temporary home is, and is determined to make the best of it no matter what obstacle is thrown her way.

"Fan-Tactless Four" 19 378

Kenny has been selected as interim manager, and he discovers the joys of slacking off when Bulldog, Gil and Denise try to avoid work by teaching him to have some fun. Before they know it, the foursome is partaking in a series of escalating dares across town; however, things inevitably spin out of control, landing them in jail. Kenny manages to get them all out on bail, using the station funds. Bulldog later approaches a law firm, hoping to have the situation dealt with quietly, but is forced to do some work of his own when he realises that one of the attorneys is an old friend of the absent Roz – just the woman Bulldog doesn’t want finding out about the predicament. Meanwhile, Gil repeatedly annoys everyone with stories of his time in jail and how “tough” he was for surviving it until a couple of warehouse employees decide to put it to the test.

"One Character in Search of an Author" 20 379

Gil is determined to get into the exclusive Seattle Author’s Club and is dismayed to learn that the members don’t think highly of radio critics. Not willing to give up, Gil contacts a friend at the Seattle Times and manages to secure a small column in the Sunday newspaper. Gil soon realises he is unable to express his thoughts through writing and hires an assistant to do it instead. He is accepted into the club after his first article is printed, but is faced with getting kicked out after it is discovered that someone else did the work for him.

"Spy Hard" (Part 1) 21 380

Roz returns from Mississippi and agrees to hire Kenny as a permanent manager. The employees are happy that Kenny gets to stay on, but Roz totally misperceives it and believes they prefer his approach to management. Hoping to prove that she is the better boss, Roz enlists a reluctant Bulldog to stage a scene in front of everybody, showing how nice she can be. Meanwhile, Kenny is enjoying being among old friends again, but something is clearly on his mind. Gil and Denise decide to uncover the truth, and in the process, Gil discovers that Denise has a crush on him. Things become awkward between them, and as a result, they miss a vital clue in their investigation; as it is revealed that Kenny may be working undercover for Mayflower Industries.

"Spy Hard with a Vengeance" (Part 2) 22 381

Kenny explains he was shanghaied by Mayflower into helping bring KACL down from the inside, and Gil is appalled with his old friend’s betrayal. It seems Mayflower has some potentially incriminating information about Rose’s murder mystery business that could ruin her life. Denise advises Kenny to tell Roz about it, and he reluctantly agrees. In the meantime, Roz is busy in her efforts to be the more popular boss but fails to see that she is making a fool of herself. Kenny saves her from an embarrassing situation, and she promises him a favour, which he acts on immediately by revealing the truth. While shocked, Roz is unwilling to go down without a fight, so she and Kenny set in motion a plan to stop Mayflower’s sinister scheme. Meanwhile, Gil tries to find a way of telling ditzy Denise why he can’t be with her, and Bulldog struggles to clean up the mess Roz made.

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